• Amat Bully

    Man you two talk a lot…..Aram be honest your favorite team is Amat keep it real. And fredj kill that noise CO hasn’t had any major hype, all CO has been getting is a lot of hatred from the bloggers. sometimes Aram would show CO some love here and there but other than that all you read on the blogs is how CO won it all in a jaa division and since they had one sub par year since they moved up now can’t compete. Well i say when the season start flowing and CO is on top and then win the sierra i hope you guys don’t try to get on the band wagon because its already full. And please enough with the complementing of the CO players bodies its starting to become a little weird don’t you think. And of course Aram would give Glendora a shot only because i think he would love to see CO fail. (just my opinion)

  • Jefe

    CO by 10-14.

    2-Minute Drill is back!

    HS football season is here.

    Damn I’m stoked.

  • It’s ur fault

    Amat Bully, 90% of the hate geared towards CO is do to you dumb remarks. I said it once and I will say a million more times ur an embarrasment to the Charger Nation.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I like Amat Bully because he’s the one only running around saying I’m an Amat homer. I’m sure the Amat peeps don’t agree with that. Most people (Fred) think I’m a CO homer. But if everybody thinks I’m somebody else’s homer, then I’m doing my job.

    By the way, not enough CO fans do the “CeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” thing anymore at games.

  • D-Mo

    It’s ur fault,
    there have been CO haters for the last decade. We’re used to it. Even Aram paid no quarter to the Chargers in the early Aram days. Glad to see him give some support to this team. As for Amat Bully, well he knows how to push the right buttons, of even the Charger faithful. Why get all butt hurt over it?
    Hey, it’s zero week and anything can happen, but I know the Chargers are looking to win the trophy back, but more importantly to start the season with a bang. No doubt they have worked out hard. Now it’s time to show off…..NO CHARGER TURNOVERS!
    Let’s make some noise Friday! CEEEE OOOO!

  • http://www.swingandamiss.com Swing and a miss

    You guys missed this one bigtime.
    Arim you forgot to mention chris gilchrist and travis santiago?!?!?!
    They are the reason charter oak is going to win and win big.
    Glendora is small and will be lucky if they have more than two wins this season.
    The one thing Arim is right about is the fact that Tartantown is going to be a tough place to be around this season.