DENIED: CIF rules La Habra QB Clark Livingston ineligible

CIF has ruled Clark Livingston, who transferred from Orange Lutheran to La Habra last week, ineligible for the upcoming football season.

Livingston, a senior, threw for 1,055 yards last season and was in line to be under center for O-Lu again this season before abruptly transferring to La Habra in a move that sent shock waves throughout Orange County (and Whittier).

The Highlanders were and now remain in the market for a quarterback after last year’s starter Cody Clements graduated and is now at Washington State.

La Habra had been auditioning Cole Wolterman and Sean Sparling for the position this summer.

  • Jefe

    This is one of the most blatantly obvious athletically motivated transfers there’s been so CIF’s ruling was not surprising in the least.

  • Whats the rule

    When CIF denies these kids the transfer, do these kids still have the option to return to the school that they transfered from and be eligible? Because this kid’s parents really screwed the pouch on this one. I could never understand why people would make such a high risk discision.

  • Aram


    I’m gonna ask Simmons that tonight on the show.

  • Norco

    I wonder if this applies…

    Loftus brothers return to Servite
    June 06, 2008|By Property of The OC Register
    The CIF-Southern Section today approved the transfer athletic eligibility of Michael and Connor Loftus at Servite. The brothers, football players, had transferred to Orange Lutheran earlier this year, but were ruled athletically ineligible at Lutheran because their transfer violated a CIF-SS rule. The Loftus brothers have returned to Servite, where they still retained athletic eligibility, but still needed to complete paperwork to confirm their athletic eligibility at Servite.

    CIF-SS spokesman Thom Simmons said assistant commissioner Rob Wigod signed the Athletic Transfer Eligiblity Applitcation-Form 207 that had been submitted to the CIF-SS office. The completed and signed form verifies the athletic eligibility of the Loftus brothers at Servite. As the Loftus brothers had not participated in interscholastic athletics at Orange Lutheran in the previous 12-month period, there was no obstacle to their resumed athletic eligibility at Servite.

    The Loftuses had been ruled athletically ineligible at Lutheran because of a violation of CIF rule 25, section 5, part d, which states that a transferred student cannot be athletically eligible for one calendar yar at a school at which a coach of that student’s sport has relocated from the the student’s previous school. Assistant football coaches Greg and Joe Cicero went from Servite to Orange Lutheran during the summer of 2007.

  • Rules

    IF this is a T-transfer and both schools sign off on it CIF approves it, end of story. If OLu doesnt side off on it, they state why and the othere school respones. Then CIF makes the decission.

    In the past just about every school would sign off on it and the transfer is approved the same day, like what probably happened with the qb to Colony.

  • Colt74

    “Because this kid’s parents really screwed the pouch on this one.”

    This is the kids fault. 100% NOT THE PARENTS. They just went along with little spoiled Johnny.
    Let the kid go back to Olu and hope the coach benches his butt for the entire season. That’s IF the coach would even take him back. I wouldn’t.
    Couldn’t happen to a nicer primadonna.

  • Rules


    Your such an a@@, you don’t have any of the details on this situation. You pull some scenario out of your a@@ and go with it. Why don’t you talk about Covina only then we can keep this blog positive.

  • Joe Amat

    From what I understand, you;re always residentially eligible somewhere. There was a time when Jeremy Smith left Amat at the semester (due to grades) improved his grades at Monrovia in the Spring and re-enrolled at Amat in time for the next football season. If I’m not mistaken – he did that twice!

  • Colt74

    You know nothing about what I KNOW and have heard more than I ever wanted to hear from my BEST FRIEND who’s son PLAYS for a La Habra.
    The kid RAN from disciplinary action at Olu. Period. FACT!

  • Play the Monkees


    “The kid RAN from disciplinary action at Olu. Period. FACT!”

    What’s that got to do with his eligibility at La Habra Mr. factoid?

  • Colt74

    Play the Monkees,

    Mr. Livingston was suspended for one game at Olu. Ruled “ineligible” to play football for one game. He did not wish to serve his suspension at Olu and tried to circumvent the suspension ( and demotion to scout squad ) by trying to play for another school.
    If you don’t understand then PLEASE contact:

    CIF Southern Section
    10932 Pine St.
    Los Alamitos, CA 90720
    Phone :
    Fax :

  • Dan

    Play the monkeys,
    Leaving your school and going to another school to avoid diciplinary action has every thing to do with his eligibility, 74 is on the money with this.

  • Rules


    Colt74 would be on the money if his information was correct?

  • Dodging Bullets


    I know of more than half a dozen freshman kids who were (wrongfully) suspended by then, head coach (weasel) Felipe Aguilar, at Los Altos, from playing football during their sophomore year. The players were notified of this decision (ambush) during the last week of their freshman year. I believe all but one of these players transferred out to other schools in the area to avoid this “penalty”. They are now seniors in their respective schools. So, I’m not buying that the ruling by CIF is for his trying to evade “punishment”.

  • Colt74

    My information is not correct?
    You’re not “buying it”?

    Are you buying it now ??????
    The OC Register got it wrong too????

  • Realist

    He was not suspended for just the first game. Olu is playing in a National/Regional showcase at Mission Viejo HS. This was guaranteed Exposure for a scholarship don’t think the Parents were not upset but not seeing their son on TV. Can you imagine the announcers saying he was suspended on TV. You know they would and that looks bad to Recruiters. I am sure His Parents knew this

  • Realist

    It was not just any Game he was suspended for. This is a National/Regional showcase on Foxsports. A game a kid like Livingston needed to play in in hopes of a schollie. The announcers would have had a lot to say on the broadcast and now that he is ruled ineligible they are going to be really talking about it now. You have to believe the Parents knew this and were pissed he was not going to be playing on the tube. Clark was a PT starter last Season so he needed a strong Senior Campaign in order to increase his chances of a schollie. They were most likley pissed that he was not going to play in this Big Event. Calling a kid a Fag or cussing this was a high price to pay. Olu is a different bird than the other privates keeping it real

  • Dodging Bullets


    CIF-SS spokesman Thom Simmons said the section office would not reveal any reasons for ruling Livingston ineligible.

  • Colt74

    Dodging the truth :
    Dolt74 Really? That’s the best you can come up with? You seem too stupid to comprehend anything that is said so this will be my last post on the subject.
    Bottom line. The kid was being punished for what he did ( I can’t grasp that ) and he thought if he ran to his 3rd school he could go around it. Well guess what…before you can be released by school A you have to have all accounts settled. He had an outstanding punishment and got it stuffed.
    This kid has had NUMEROUS outbursts and run ins with the coach. Last time I checked it was the coach that runs the team. Just maybe the coach had all he was going to take? Go ask the coach.
    Now go ask someone from 3rd grade to explain that to you.

  • Just The Facts Maam
  • AP

    The problem is not why or how he ended up at La Habra. The larger issue here is the total lack of consistency on the part of CIF when it comes to determining who is allowed to play and who is not, when determining who is transferring for athletic reasons, who had “undue influence”, etc……… There is simply not clear cut rule, so each and every one of these ruling is arbitrary at best. Until the CIF, or better yet, the schools that make up the CIF-SS, get their collective heads out of their collective a@@es, this is going to continue…

  • Paul

    earlier this year, i was asked by a parent what i thought about his kid going to another school because he wasn’t going to get to play a certain position, i told that parent to stay where you are because there is no guarantee that he will be allowed to play is he switched schools the kid stayed, and wound up earning the spot!, i also get that at the JAA level , a parent told me that if his son wasnt going to be the QB that he would take him elsewhere, i told him to take him now!

  • bigfatfan

    I hope the kid enjoys playing Tidley Winks at his new school. its going to be painful for him to watch the football season unfold without him being part of it.

  • Mustafa

    Recent weeks have seen a large amount of transfer activity, with some transfers approved and others denied, and some hardship waiver attempts granted with others turned away.

    Did the rules change? No. But there has been an area of new emphasis that was initiated, as are all CIF State and CIF-Southern Section rules and regulations, by CIF member schools.

    Language was added to CIF rules statewide that informs, regarding a transfer, “there can be no evidence that the move was athletically motivated.”

    Let’s be honest here. An overwhelming majority of good athletes who transfer from one school to another are doing so to move into a better athletic situation, whether that situation offers more playing time, a better chance to be on a winning team, or for a better opportunity to acquire a college athletic scholarship.

    What is wrong with that? Keep in mind this is the United States of America. The freedom to choose where we live and work should include the freedom for parents to choose schools for their children, and the freedom to choose a change of schools if such a change is rewarding and leads to better opportunity for success.

    Of course there should be some restrictions attached. One of what could be included on a list of examples: No football student-athlete should be allowed to transfer in October, when his team has a 0-5 record, to the rival school that is 5-0.

    There is much confusion among Orange County athletic departments about transfer rules, including this new emphasis on athletically-motivated transfers. There should not be.

    Available at the CIF State website is a link to “Administrative guideline for CIF member schools” that includes a sample eligibility checklist. On that checklist is this question: “Is there any substantiated evidence of athletic motivation regarding this transfer?” If a coach, athletic director or other administrators thinks it is possible that the “yes” category would be checked off there, an investigation is worthwhile.

    The CIF-Southern Section Blue Book, available to view or download at and as a hard-copy version at the CIF-SS office in Los Alamitos (heck, the section office will mail one to a school athletic department upon request), has several pages dealing with transfer eligibility. This school year’s Blue Book has, because of the State Federated Council’s actions, a lengthy and detailed passage regarding athletically-motivated transfers on page 76.

    The fault as to why many, it seems, coaches and athletic administrators were unaware of the State Federated Council’s passage of the additional language regarding transfers is shared.

    School personnel need to be more diligent when it comes to reading the Blue Book and monitoring what is going on at CIF-SS Council sessions and at State Federated Council meetings. Last month, the CIF-Southern Section held eligibility workshops in different areas, including one at Beckman High on Aug. 17.

    And the CIF-Southern Section and CIF State offices could be more helpful in reminding or informing its member schools when such potentially powerful changes have taken place. There should be a prominently-displayed notice on the state and section website that reads, “Click here for important changes regarding transfer eligibility” or “Click here for important 2010-11 Blue Book changes.”

    But really, it all comes down to the member schools. CIF member schools proposed and passed changes in transfer rules. Only member schools can undo them,
    Ok, colt74, and you don’t have to take this to a 3rd grader to explain it to you, simply because you already think like one. So im sure you get it…