Problem solved? Orange Lutheran starting QB Livingston transfers to La Habra …

UPDATE: And if you think our blogs are bad, then you may want to check out the comments on this story. Even Register columnist Steve Fryer is jumping in.

So much for the QB battle to replace Cody Clements at La Habra.

The Highlanders scored a major coup this week when Orange Lutheran starter Clark Livingston transferred to La Habra, according to the Orange County Register.

Livingston, a senior, threw for 1,055 yards last season, according to The Register. He is already practicing with the Highlanders and has joined the battle (wink wink) with Cole Wolterman and Sean Sparling to be the starter.

Strangely, La Habra plays O-Lu on Sept. 23 at Cerritos College.

Aram’s take: Yeah, I had a strange vibe something like this would happen. Only I thought it would happen like in May or June … not late August. But, smoke ’em if you got ’em. Adding Livingston makes LH pretty scary on offense with standout WR Brett Bartolone and what coach Frank Mazzotta has called one of the best WR corps he’s had at the school. Too bad we didn’t know about this BEFORE the preview issue went to press.

Former Wilson head coach Brian Zavala joins staff at Montebello …

Former Wilson High School football Brian Zavala, who resigned from Wilson this past offseason after two years on the job, has taken a teaching job at Montebello and will become part of head coach Pete Gonzalez’s staff.

Zavala had been coaching at Gladstone this offseason as the defensive coordinator with hopes of landing a teaching job. Although nothing materialized at Gladstone, a job did come free at Montebello and Zavala was able to take it.

Aram’s take: Good to see BZ land on his feet. He should be a huge addition to Coach Gonzalez’s staff. If you listened to Coach Gonzalez on last night’s PrepXtra Live, then you’re aware he’s got the Oilers program on the upswing. Gonzalez said he’s got 95! players out between varsity and JV. Those are excellent numbers in this day and age.

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Lots of gamesmanship going on with this week’s scrimmages …

OK, first things first. My duty is to you, the readers, and not the coaches. But I want to respect the coaches’ wishes as well. Why am I starting with such a heart-felt opening? Well, because I’ve witnessed a lot of gamesmanship this week from several area coaches about not wanting their scrimmage times and places being made available to the public for fear of being scouted.

Valid concern.

Heck, in Glendora’s case, the Tartans won’t scrimmage at all this week for the specific reason that they know that nobody quite knows what they’ll be doing yet under new coach Todd Quinsey and defensive coordinator Roger Armijo. Can you blame them? Leave Charter Oak guessing. That’s a good strategy.

“We have one week to have an advantage on somebody like this without having any film exist,” Glendora coach Todd Quinsey said. “Hopefully, Charter Oak hasn’t found anything from the Northview years.

“(Charter Oak defensive coordinator) Roger Lehigh does a great job and he’s a big proponent of having film, so when he doesn’t have any film, he gets frustrated. After next week, everybody will know what we’re going to do, but they (Charter Oak) don’t need any help.”

Quinsey did say there’s likely to be an onlooker or two from Glendora when Charter Oak scrimmages Chino on Friday. But he’s not surprisingly having trouble nailing down a start time for the Chargers scrimmage in Cowboy country.

Another area coach didn’t want me to post the time of his team’s scrimmage because he didn’t want his team’s first two opponents to get a looksy.

Beyond that, I’ve heard several requests among coaches have gone something like this “let’s keep it very vanilla … no blitzing … QBs can’t be hit.”

These are all valid concerns and requests. But myself and presumably my readers and area fans want to watch. So I ask you readers and area moles, to feel free to post on this thread in the comments section when, where and what time your team is scrimmaging (and against who).

I can already tell you this:

West Covina at Claremont, 7 p.m. — No idea on the script
Damien at Bonita (varsity around 6:30 p.m.) — Will be very scripted.
South Hills vs. Covina (at District Field), 6 p.m. — No idea on the script
Charter Oak at Chino (no idea about what time) — No idea on the script
Baldwin Park hosting Ganesha and Arroyo Valley (maybe one more team) — No idea about the script.
El Monte at Pacific

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