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Editor’s note: Yes, you can learn a lot from sitting in your car eating King Taco. And to the investigative genius who claimed I only watched San Dimas for one series against El Monte in the SGV Shootout, since you’re so good at tracking people, can you tell me whether Coach Zernickow and Coach Mustain went to the locker room at halftime on Thursday night or did they stay up in the booth? I was on the field with Time Warner’s Reg Miller, who was waiting to get some footage of Coach Z as the teams came out to the field after halftime. But we never saw him. Did we simply miss him or did he not go to the locker room at halftime?

Was Bonita that good, or is San Dimas that bad?

That’s the question area fans will be asking for the next few days after Bonita’s 40-20 win on Thursday night at Citrus College in the Smudgepot Game. And the answer is quite simply some of both.

It’s hard to explain away what the Saints did on Thursday night. San Dimas’ coaching decisions were a second-guesser’s paradise, from an ill-conceived failed two-point conversion after the team had taken a 6-3 lead in the second quarter to rarely being able to curtail a Bonita offense that was very limited and seemingly ran the same few plays all night while shielding it’s sophomore quarterback Tanner Dieblold from dangerous situations.

I’m no coach, but I’ve always felt teams shouldn’t go for two unless they have to. San Dimas did not have to when it staked its only lead of the game early in the second quarter on DeVonte Brown’s 88-yard touchdown run. But as a spectator on the field who tried to defend Saints head coach Bill Zernickow’s decision put it to me, “It’s the Smudgepot.” Common sense be damned.

For me, that play was the turning point. San Dimas quarterback Shawn Kennedy was stuffed by three Bonita defenders before he reached the goal line and the ill-fated attempt to razz the Bearcats totally backfired. From that point, Bonita went on a 30-0 run that had half the fans at Citrus College heading for the exits early in the fourth quarter.

Prior to Thursday, the last time anybody saw Bonita in game action, the Bearcats were on the losing end of a heart-breaking loss to West Covina in the Southeast Division championship. Missing from this year’s team was last year’s dynamic senior class. Bonita was definitely vulnerable fresh out of the box on Thursday night, but only for a little while.

The Bearcats played it conservative. They relied on their defense, which is going to be a force this year. They didn’t put Diebold in dangerous situations. They kicked field goals when they should have instead of going for it on 4th-and-goal, like the Saints did early in the game … getting stuffed and missing a chance to put Bonita on its heels even if it was just a 3-0 lead.

Eventually, Bonita was a lock to figure out what San Dimas trying to do on offense. Smart coaches know how to a stop Wing-T, or a Wing-Z, but it’s up to their players to figure it out on the field. Once Bonita did that on Thursday night, it was like cracking the code to a safe. Whatever is inside is yours and you can walk right out the door.

Bonita walked right out the door with a huge run that turned a 6-3 deficit into 33-6 lead early in the fourth quarter. There was even some talk of a running clock, not that half the fans would have noticed anyway because they were already in their cars.moments after Bearcats receiver Garrett Horine made it a 27-point game on a 10-yard touchdown.

For the past week, opinions varied leading up to the Smudgepot renewal. Some felt that San Dimas was fielding an offense capable of matching what the past two Saints teams did. Others, myself included, felt that the Saints weren’t near that level of skill talent. You needed only the first three quarters of Thursday’s game to find out who was right and who was wrong. And San Dimas’ DeVonte Brown did everything he could to plead his team’s case.

Had Brown not busted that 88-yard run and had San Dimas not put up a couple late cosmetic scores, the conclusions would be more bleak.

As you might expect, both teams have a lot of improving to do. Bonita won’t enjoy nearly the same success in the Hacienda League or Southeast Division if it can’t be more threatening on offense. San Dimas won’t challenge Covina for the Valle Vista League title and bid for another big postseason if the Saints don’t find somebody beside Brown on offense to put up big plays. But you can also pin plenty of blame for Thursday’s fiasco on a coaching staff that’s too good to have its team look like a deer in headlights right after halftime.

San Dimas only trailed 10-6 at half, but a 90-yard kickoff return by Bonita’s Tourre McCulley to start the third quarter kept the snowball rolling and Bonita was in the end zone seconds later. Then came an interception on San Dimas’ next possession that eventually led to a 23-yard touchdown from Diebold to Horine. The Saints then fumbled on the first play of their next possession and Bonita cashed it in with a Brandt Davis field goal. You get the point.

Fortunately for San Dimas, a long season lays ahead, but it’s time to start being honest about the talent level on hand and realizing that the swagger from 2009’s CIF championship is long gone and a new one needs to be found.

You see, that’s the difference. Bonita clearly got that message. The Bearcats didn’t enter Citrus College on Thursday as the 2010 team. They entered as the ’11 version that’s ready to claw and scratch for everything it gets. And for that reason, the Smudgepot is staying put.

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  • SD #1

    Did you see SD long snapper? that is why going for 2 makes all the sense in the world. Every punt was an adventure.

  • SD #1,

    Really? Is that why Corona drained the two extra points on SD’s fourth-quarter TDs? They obviously had no problem with the snap on those extra points. What’s the diff? Was Lane Kiffin not in the coaches booth at that point?

  • I hate to say

    I hate to agree with someone like Aram, but where was Coach Z? We never saw him either. Nice to know that when the boys need a little direction, thier main man, so to speak can’t give a few words. But, you can’t point the finger at the players, there is a lot of good talent on the field, just needs to have some better push to get it going.

  • MonroVian

    Dear San Dumba** Aints,

    How do you like playing at Citrus now? One more thing, that isnt the only time a team wearing Green and White is going to whoop on you! Its going to be a LONG YEAR FOR YA’LL! Oh man “You Dont Want No Green and White”

  • progress

    I sat a few feet away from you on the bonita side Aram. I Saw the same thing…The Saint’s look small, slow, and Kennedy is not a accurate passer. He had some chances to take some shots down field, and he missed them. They could have scored at least two tds that way. San Dimas is used to having one down hill runner like Evans, and Darlington, then scat guy like Taylor. This year they have neither. Brown was impressive, but has no help. Corona is just average to me…Turner looked better. After watching this, its clear to me how much Monrovia, and Covina have seperated themselves from the rest of the Division. Especially Monrovia! Covina is better than Bonita this year. I expect a similar score in that game. I also expect Monrovia to score 40 + points in that game. I expect them to finish 2nd in league, but I think once playoffs come They won’t sneak pass a Arroyo or Maranatha. Is it me or is coach Z look like he does not want to be there? There are a lot of schools in the area that would love to have him. Walking out I heard Sd parents bad mouthing him. I honestly think this years SD team should be running spread. They look like they have some guys who can catch. Kennedy can make the short to intermediate passes, thats where they had their most success. They don’t have the physical team to run the wing. They should also think about giving brown some Direct Snaps. Anything to spice up their offense. Over all you were right, They do not have the talent they have had in the past few years.

  • Aaron

    I think this year’s schedule is not as tough as last year’s especially next week with Claremont because they lost Simko. It’s not a weak one though, like last year’s it will prepare Bonita for when it gets to league, the path is laid out for them to grow and become really really good.

    As far as the non league schedule is concerned I’m not sure what to expect from LA Marshall as they were 8-3 last season. Playing WesCo and Diamond Ranch up front may be the best deal but it would have been nice if they were a week later in the schedule.

    As far as San Dimas is concerned…have fun with Azusa next week.

  • Class

    YO MonroVian, are seriously going to come on here and make a post like that! Have some class and show a little respect to a team that has beaten you in a Championship game, and then came back and won you in the begining of the season last year. Citrus, oh yeah that’s were you also lost at to SD…

  • Those who can’t…report

    Do you have the courage to post my previous post Aram? At least respond privately to me. I would love to hear your response.

  • Coach Slayer

    Podley did not even have to open his massive playbook. He relied on hie defence to set the tone of the game and if you looked it all you could tell early on the Bearcats hit harder and were better coached. Nice to see Podley active on the sideline obviously feeling much better after a very tough last year. On that point zernikow has to stop playing god and floating in the clouds while his team is on the field getting whipped with their so-called leader no where to be seen or heard. That is indeed strange.If he thinks he is better coaching from a birds nest then perhaps he should stay there. He certainly tries to take all the credit he can for winning a ring but he also should take the credit on the field when is team gets its ass-crunched. He reminds me of an asian warlord sending his warriors into battle while he himself sits in a luxurious perch sipping fine wine and being fed grapes while his men are getting skewered.

  • Those who can’t…report

    So….it’s okay for Aram to take shots at high school coaches, but it’s not ok for someone to defend them? How can you sensor my post. No profanity, no smack talk. Just an honest opinion on Aram’s opinion!

  • idea

    Those who can’t…report. Here’s a thought, why don’t you go on twitter and say what you really want to say!

    SAINTSR4REAL??? Has ARAM 86 you, from the blog?HAHAHAHAHAH…

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Hey King Taco (Aram),

    You missed Coach Z. running to the locker room while you were in line for MORE SNACKS!
    You’re right, you don’t know squat more about football than the average joe.
    I will give you credit about Coach getting outcoached and making bad decisions.

  • Those who can’t report,

    I haven’t censored anyone’s post. Are you sure you didn’t have an error in posting it? If there’s a question, I will gladly answer it.

  • MonroVian

    You are so pissed right now Blah blah blah who cares that you fools got lucky twice! NEVER AGAIN!!! And you know what you San Dumb A** Aint, fool, I will only bad mouth one team and that is your “aints”… I have all the class in the world trust, but you guys did so much trash talking after you beat us by a combined 5-6 points (Pathetic) in those games that I will make it my Job to talk as much trash as I can, because I CAN! It will be a long, LONG, TIME that you guys will give us Mighty Wildcats any competion! We are going to kick your A**, put that in your pipe and smoke it! And tell your QB to start training now, becuase he is going to be doing a lot of running from Big Ellis, he is going to Eat him Alive! Hahahaha oh man see you in Wildcat Country week 3 for your Whoooooooooopin! You dont want no Green And White! & V for VICTORY!

  • BOHI 88


    Just had to ask.Didn’t #52 on San Dimas play Offensive Center the last two seasons? Why would the coaches move him to Offensive Guard?

  • Mid Valley Fan


    Wow, you sound like a kid who just smoked some crack and had to exert all his energy on a blog like this.
    Keep it up, All Arams successful post are based on guys like you who rant on for days, but filled with trash.
    So far you’re this blogs #

  • WTF?

    BOHI 88 – Offensive Center? Really? Does anybody call it that? Maybe my 80 year old grandma or some guy from Sweden who read Football For Idiots to sound infomred at a Super Bowl Party. What’s your excuse? Oh, wait you graduated from Bonita in 1988. Most guys who played for them back then actually pretended to play football. I don’t think they had one football player on that campus back then.

  • BOHI 88

    The question was for Aram. Still sore for the lost last night WTF!! get a life. I’m sure the Aints will win a game this year.. I thouht I saw a putty cat. Sorry what would you call an offensive center? I’m sure you never played or wore a jock strap (Water Boy)

  • MonroVian

    Mid Valley Fan, aka bitter San SuckA** Aint fan!
    Hahaha you sound like a pathetic cry baby. Wah wah wah… And what the hell gave you the impression that I was a young kid that just smoked crack! Dude come with something better than that….. You sound like a pathetic, bald, Dbag that still has his V card and lives at home with his mommy! Leave Aram alone, his blog is great! Keep it up Aram, You said it the best” San Dimas needs to face the facts”!!!!!
    3 more things Mrs. Mid Valley fan, 1.) You dont want no Green and White, 2.) “V” for VICTORY & 3.) where did I put my Crack pipe? HHahahahahahaha…
    Best Regards,

  • New York

    We still need to get our first win of the season. Glendora, San Dimas and South Hills each lost their season opener–this only hurts our strength of schedule. True Monrovia fans should want our opponents to do well. Their success makes our season stronger.

  • Poor Billy


    You called it! I still wondering how a coach could even think this year team is better than the past one or for that fact the past five. The wing is truly set up by the middle guy and then maybe the miss direction works because they have to contain the beast in the middle first. I went back and looked at some numbers and it appears the 07 and 08 teams were just the best in running it.

    Thursday was truly a lack of a beast in the middle and when you get behind in a wing style offense, very hard to play catch it. Especially when you don’t have an arm under center. Sd is in serious trouble and listening to the coach cry about school size is a ridiculous excuse. IT’S BILLY BOY AT HIS BEST. Was he crying in 07,08, 09 when they won it three straight? Man its truly sad when a punk like this guy can’t give congrats and move on.

  • SD Fan


    Kennedy did throw the ball great and is accurate downfield. He probably overthrew 1 pass early as his adrenaline was pumping. How many balls did the SD receivers drop, 8 I think, right in there hands at that…. please if SD receivers could catch we would have moved the ball more. The open guy downfield should have caught that ball also,if it’s at your fingertips, make an attempt to catch the ball better than he did. He’s a new receiver and will make those catches as the season goes on. Best of luck to SD!!!

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