West Covina RB/DB Chris Solomon out this week, maybe next, with sprained ankle … QB Najera and WR Franklin also out …

West Covina running back/defensive back and reigning Tribune Player of the Year Chris Solomon will miss Friday’s game against Loyola and possibly the following week’s game against South Hills with a sprained ankle.

Solomon injured himself in the first half of West Covina’s win over Covina on Saturday night. He took himself out of the game and did not return. Also injured for West Covina on Saturday night was receiver/defensive back Aaron Franklin, who suffered a fractured foot and will miss 2-4 weeks, and quarterback Jonathan Najera, who sustained a concussion and will also be held out this week.

Aram’s take: Hurts.

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  • Bulldogs have bite

    Ouch! Get well soon guys!

    I wonder if this opens the door for an early “Noodles” call up. He played QB for the frosh team and lead them to a 54-26 victory over Covina’s frosh team. From what I have seen, and keep hearing from others in Bulldog country is that he’s something special.

  • Dan

    The combination of losing Solomon and Franklin is a big loss, Franklin as most saw on Saturday has the Jerry Rice type of run after the catch skills that could open things up for the run game, Solomon is a work horse who gets stronger as the game goes on, Frazier, Salgado and Sandoval are all solid running backs who can get the job done, The biggest thing is losing those guys hurts the depth that we will need against a powerhouse like Loyola. Hopefully with a game under their belt, the O-line will mesh a little better on Friday. What could really help would be the clearance of Justin Hornsby, then if they run away from Meaders like Covina did, Hornsby would be there
    Bulldog, Antonio Hull is a good one, but putting in a freshman on varsity against a Pac 5 team like Loyola could be asking a bit much.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    I agree with you 100%. Throwing Hull to the Loyola Cubs as an offering is not what I had in mind. But we are thin on QB’s and will need some depth. Who knows, Loyola may be caught off guard with such a mobile QB at the helm for a few series here and there. Remember, Matt Barkley of USC started as a freshman for Mater Dei in the Trinity league and we all know he took some lumps that year but it worked out in the end for both Barkley and Mater Dei. It’s just a thought.

    Also….it was a touchdown.

  • jcaz

    What makes this thread so funny is that on Fred’s blog, some coach or parent, threw Dan under the bus for revealing that Soloman was going to be out this week.

    And yet, heres Aram, posting it on his blog. Tooooo funny !!


    Damn Covina laid the wood on WC; sounds like it was hard hitting game!

  • westco

    Yea Dan. Keep your player comments too yourself. Don’t come to practice if you are going to announce everything about are depth and antonio at varisty is a joke get real. I saw the kid and on varisty he would not help at any position.

  • Dan

    I don’t think you understand what you read, read my post again carefully.
    By the way, did you notice the headline above, now think carefully, how do you think Aram found out about Solomon and Franklin? I learned about it when I read the headline above this morning, see you at practice, whoever you are.

  • CO Alum

    Seriously, did you guys think you had a chance against Loyola even with your injured players? Be real. At best you would of lost by 2 touch downs.

    Now you’ll be lucky not to get mercied.

    CO is the team in the SGV. Even Amat will lose to Loyola this year in league.

    Go Chargers !

  • Bulldogs have bite

    CO Alum,

    You have no right to comment on another team’s non-league schedule. You talk about being one the big boys in CIF football, yet every year you guys fail to schedule any of the big boys. West Covina has scheduled in the past few years Pac-5 teams like Mater Dei and Bishop Amat and went 0-4. 2 of those games were atleast competitive even though we still lost. WC annually schedules tough games because they are not afraid to compete with anybody, and see just exactly where they’re at on the CIF landscape.

    Until CO actually plays somebody, we will all continue to roll our eyes when one of you guys claim to be the best. You do not earn respect from posturing and boasting, it is earned by accepting challenges and facing them win or lose.

    West Covina does not schedule opponents based on whether we think we can beat them, rather based on if we think the other team will provide us a challenge to meet head on!


    Just an observation and not trying to stick my Lance where it doesn’t belong BUT…Bulldog w/bite – Nicely done. Valid points and very well put.

  • COChargerfan

    Ok, I’ve had enough of the WC talking heads. Here’s a refresher Bulldog fans of your last three years with CO in your division. In 2007, WC played Mater Dei and got hammered 58-6. But I’m sure that loss made you better…well, maybe not. Because, later that year CO beat WC twice; 55-28 and 40-21. BTW, you got beat that year by that team on COs weak schedule, namely Rancho Cucamonga, by a score of 42-21. In 2008 you didn’t face CO because Diamond Ranch spanked you in the playoffs 39-7…then CO went on to decisively beat DR for the title. Met up again in 2009 with CO winning 35-10. So that’s 4 spankings in the last four meetings. Enough said???

    And NO ONE has ever said that CO is one of the “big boys” in CIF football, but neither is WC. And youll never be one simply because you play against the best schools…there’s no such thing as “greatness by association” nor is there a “big balls award for playing teams that are much better than you. Think about the flip side, which is Mater Dei knows that they scheduled a weak WC team so they could thump them without much effortso you were their whipping boy. And later that year COs whipping boy times two. Every one wants to argue that Big Lou runs from competition but I say hes a realist who plays similar competitionagain, what exactly did the 58-6 beat down by Mater Dei in 2007 get WC? Absolutely nothing, thats what.

    CO is a 1900 kid school in a single high school district that was very successful in FOOTBALL only against its contemporaries so much they were kicked out of the division by their fellow schools who did so because they didn’t want to compete against them anymore. And per CIFs enrollment criteria they do not belong in the Inland Division competing against not only 3000-4000 kids per school but, additionally, there are multiple high schools in these districts which allows certain schools to stack teams via intra district transfers. Does CO really belong against a Vista Murrieta with 3500 kids plus there are 7400 high school kids in the district (2 other high schools) to choose from? When one looks at the past year, the answer is no as most of COs teams did very poorly. Bad news for WC, expect CO to serve out this last year in CIFs jail and then be transferred back to WCs division.

    You need to get real about who WC is, namely, a 3000 student high school competing in a division against other schools that are mostly in the 1500-1900 kid rangeat 1500 kids Covina High has half of your enrollment. Yet, despite this big enrollment advantage, you have one Football title in recent years and it came last year after CO was kicked out. Even with this huge enrollment advantage, your basketball and baseball teams are awful as are most of the rest of the other sports.

    Looking at the big picture, it seems to me that you are the one that shouldnt be talking about another teams schedule.

  • Hmmmm

    Me thinks thoust does protest too much…..

  • Amat Bully

    i hope that his injury doesn’t result into two loses

  • Bulldogs have bite


    I never called West Covina one of the big boys, and I never posted that WC is the best in the SGV either. So you guys had success against us in the past, it means nothing in 2011. Funny you bring up Rancho Cucamonga because they are surprisingly the only decent team you guys put on your schedule.

    But if you are trying to say we won last year because you guys got moved to the Inland division. Let me take a page from your book and jump into the hot tub time machine and take a closer look at 2010.

    CO vs Glendora 28-21 (Glendora)
    WC vs Glendora 33-28 (WC)
    CO vs Santa Fe 17-0 (CO) offensive onslaught by CO!
    WC vs Santa Fe 47-7 (WC)
    CO vs SHills 34-31 (CO)
    WC vs SHills 42-27 (WC)

    Other game of note

    Bonita vs Claremont 42-20 (Bonita)
    CO vs Claremont 35-32 (Claremont)

    We may not have played CO last year, but clearly we were on atleast the same level. West Covina winning the Southeast Division was not because you guys were no longer in it. The data shows you guys may not have even reached the finals in 2010, WC or Bonita would have stomped you guys long before then. You guys won 3 Inland division games last year, West Covina won 2!

    Using your logic when it come to scheduling. It is better to cry like your coach instead of manning up. I guarantee Maggiore would not have cried about enrollments and travel etc. Like your coach. He would probably welcome the challenge and get his kids on the mindset that it was unfair for the Inland division that WC got moved up and not the opposite!

    So tell me…Do you have more respect for the kid who stands up against a bully and still get’s beat? Or the nerdy kid who is too afraid to even make eye contact with the bully and walks the long way across campus to avoid him, then rationalizes to himself that it was the most prudent course of action?

  • Amat Bully

    Bulldogs have bite
    Game comparisons means nothing how about the head to head matches with CO against WC try that out. And Rancho is not the only tough team on CO schedule if you look at the inland rankings you will see that Roosevelt is #6 and Rancho #5 here is CIF rankings
    1. Centennial/Corona (Big VIII) 00 DNP DNP DNP
    2. Vista Murrieta (Southwestern) 00 DNP DNP DNP
    3. Upland (Baseline) 10 Won San Bernardino 6314
    4. Redlands East Valley 00 DNP DNP DNP
    5. Rancho Cucamonga (Baseline) 10 Won Silverado 520
    6. Roosevelt (Big VIII) 00 DNP DNP DNP
    7. Norco (Big VIII) 00 DNP DNP DNP
    8. Redlands (Citrus Belt) 10 Won Wikeva (FL) 217
    9. Charter Oak (Sierra) 10 Won Glendora 176
    10.Chino Hills (Sierra) 0-1 lost Bear Creek (CO) 38-34

  • Amat Bully

    Bulldogs have bite
    What im saying is comparing scores doesn’t really give you an outcome of what might happen. there has been times when CO would barely beat a team and D-Ranch would blow them out but when D-Ranch play CO we all know the results every. team comes with a different game plan for different opponents and we all know when it comes to CO teams bring there “A” game but when it comes to WC (no offense) but you practice to shut down a (wing T offense) which is difficult to stop but with a few passes out of it and WC blows the game open except against CO who’s 5-1-1 against WC. So even though CO struggled to a few teams WC blew out doesn’t mean WC would had beaten CO. And if you go off of your comparison method then Monrovia would had beaten WC even though they lost to Glendora but beat Whittier Christian who beat Covina who beat WC, do you see how game comparisons is a bunch of crap, head ups is what counts and so far CO owns WC in head up matches.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    I’m not disputing the head to head, we beat you guys on our way to the 04 title. Had a few close losses, then got steamrolled by the Muema/Allen teams. Your program is solid.

    The two points of emphasis I am trying to point out are non-league scheduling and the 2010 CIF title was not a defacto title due to CO no longer being part of the division.

    COchargerfan says playing the big boys and getting beat by them does not make you one of the big boys by association. HE’S RIGHT! You don’t become a big boy until you start beating some. In order to do that you have to SCHEDULE them. In that regard, WC is atleast not afraid to make that attempt. Our day will come soon, because much like your school was earlier in this century, West Covina is on the rise!

    Adding Roosevelt and playing Rancho Cucamonga are definetely steps in the right direction. Win or lose those games and the respect is earned for stepping on the field to compete with those programs. Yeah we lost to Mater Dei 58-6, but the year before we gave them a pretty good scare losing 28-10, and the final score was not indicitive of how tight the game was. That 58-6 pounding a year later was Mater Dei’s way of saying we know who you are now and they did not overlook us.

    Second point of emphasis, been beat like a drum already. WC won the Southeast last year, and probably would have still won that division with CO still in it. WC does not get sucked into that “this team has our number” mindset. We compete period. 5-1-1 past history means nothing to kids who were in 5th grade. Again, 2010 was our year in the Southeast and CO was just not their best that year. Comparative scoring is not the best method. But it certainly is more applicable than head to head records that consist of alternating rosters and up years and down years etc.

    If CO, WC or Bishop Amat bring home a win friday, it is great for everyone who grew up in or lives in the shadows of the beautiful San Gabriel Mountains!

    Go Bulldogs!

  • NINEteen95

    Darth Vadar is coming…!

  • Lance Skywalker

    Remember what happened to Darth Vadar? What was beneath that mask?

  • henry solomon

    Go Bulldogs!!!! Chris get healthy and showcase your talent in league play! Hope you feel better soon.

  • COLT76

    Tribune player of the year out with sprained angle,QB possible concussion,who else is out Frazier.Covina was never in the game!!Maybe next year you can pass on this game!!There is a saying “Minimum input Maximum Output”

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