Sunday Morning Quarterback: Thoughts and notes about the week that was …

Los Altos is now 2-0. I don’t care about the competition. If you knew how bad things were in recent years, the Conquerors players who have stuck things out and new coach Dale Ziola deserve all the praise in the world. Wilson is 0-2 but you don’t hear/read nearly the same uproar on the blogs about the Wildcats’ shortcomings this year compared to last. Why would that be? Here’s a clue: Pomona is 2-0. Call me crazy, but I like Bishop Amat’s nonleague results this year a lot better than last year. The Lancers will be a much better team for it come November. Call me crazy again, but West Covina’s season is teetering already. Injuries don’t heal during the season, they linger. South Hills will be taking no prisoners this Friday. Speaking of teetering, Glendora may be in deeper trouble than you think. The Tarts, as Charter Oak’s PA announcer likes to call them, have scored a total of 22 points in eight quarters, but only SEVEN of those 22 have come in the second half. Comments from new coach Todd Quinsey after losses to Charter Oak and Monrovia are nearly identical “I couldn’t have scripted it better in the first half,” Quinsey said after the Charter Oak loss. Following the Monrovia loss it was: “We completely outplayed them. We gave up that TD in the last minute. We probably should have been up 14-0 at halftime.” Yes, the second half has been a problem for the Tarts. The seven points they’ve scored in the second half this year came long after Monrovia had put the game away. Like I said earlier this season, once you crack the code of the Wing-T, which CO and M-Town obviously did sometime in the second quarter of their respective games, it’s all gravy from there. The flipside for Glendora fans, though, is their first two games came against the Trib’s top-ranked team and the Star-News’ top-ranked team. Speaking of Charter Oak. Don’t knock the Chargers because Roosevelt QB Aaron Crone played only one down on Friday. The Chargers’ offense did damage against Roosevelt’s defense and that had little to do whether or not Crone played. And the secondary I hyped all this summer had four picks. Jason David texted me to say that Aaren Vaughns could develop into one of the most exciting Charter Oak has had in years. That’s a scary thought. In case you haven’t heard, Pomona is 2-0. Arroyo QB Steven Rivera is building his case to be the Tribune Player of the Year. The senior has 10 TDs through the air and two on the ground. Huge bounce back by San Dimas against Azusa. Arcadia had a very nice showing in a tough loss to St. Francis. Now Apache and Monrovia fans can spend the week arguing about whether a loss final-minute loss to St. Francis is better than a big win over Glendora. Bad timing: I referred to Damien QB Gage Pucci as Kevin Pucci in my game story for Damien’s win over D-Ranch. No, his pops didn’t throw the TD pass. It’s kind of odd, but I was impressed by D-Ranch on Friday while not impressed by Damien. Is it possible to do both? Anyway, Hacienda League beware: the Panthers are better than I thought talent-wise and you can tell this team is going to be dangerous when it puts it all together. And signs are the Panthers are slowly getting better. I can’t tell whether Damien was that bad on offense or D-Ranch that good on defense. Still, Sparty needs a lot more out of its passing game. Muir is 2-0, and if the Mustangs aren’t the flavor of the week in what’s becoming a wide-open Southeast Division, they ought to be … for now. Claremont is 2-0 in the post-Matt Simko era. Montebello is 2-0 after taking care of Rosemead. You were warned all August long on this blog that Pete Gonzalez was putting something together down there. The scary part of La Habra’s schedule is set to commence. Schurr misses Aaron Cantu, obviously. And who wouldn’t?

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  • New York

    I tell ya, Glendora’s coach does not seem very gracious in the eye of defeat. “We outplayed them”??? Does that mean Monrovia “outplayed them” during the 29 consecutive points starting in the second quarter? “We gave up a score”?? It is not as if Monrovia threw a hail Mary pass at the end of the first half. What’s wrong with saying “we played hard against a good team and learned a lot and will improve….”??? Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. New coaches often take their lumps.

    I’m impressed with Monrovia’s coaches. They developed a first-time starting QB to generate more second half points against Glendora than Charter Oak did. That tells me that Coach Maddox made some nice half-time, and probably real-time, adjustments during the second quarter. Basically, we had a first-game starting QB and a #1 RB who had not played in a year. It’s clear that it took them a bit of time to settle in.

    Anyway, Monrovia needs some more wins before we can establish a trend. Charter Oak now has two wins, so it is easier to justify awarding them the #1 ranking. It is tough to gauge where Bishop Amat is, because they played such a ridiculous opponent. WestCo’s injuries might be reminiscient of how banged up they got in 2006. I hope they recover quickly.

    Monrovia has a tough opponent this week. Arcadia has some great ball players and a strong coaching staff. We play at Arcadia, but will be in the visitors’ lockers this time (as compared to home last December). It seems that the Apaches got some scores from special teams and defense early. So St. Francis seemingly contained their offense. Hopefully Monrovia will be able to do the same.

  • Observantcat

    You picked that up too NY?.. seemed as though Glendora’s coach was saying that his team beat us at every punch. His demeanor seemed to be very angry at the outcome of us winning the way we did as opposed to them losing in the way they did. They completly lacked a passing game and could’nt get behind our defensive secondary to save their necks. As an athlete I always liked week 2 where you know you need to show where you feel as though you need to prove where you belong in the lineup. Monrovia has several atheletes that will develop a taste for winning as this season progresses.


    Observantkitty, New York,

    Why must you take what and how the Coach says something out of context. All he said is what he said.

    Both of you are DRAMA QUEENS….funny!

  • New York

    Mid Valley Fan,

    You speak of context…the context was a post-game recap. After Charter Oak beat Glendora, Quinsey said “I” “could not have scripted it any better.” After Monrovia beat them he said what he said about outplaying Monrovia and giving up a score. Those are certainly very subjective assessments, and they stray from how most successful coaches handle themselves. It is along the lines of Matt Leinart not converting against Texas and then saying “the better team lost today.” Show some class in post-game remarks.

    Drama? I did not bring it up until Aram pointed out the consistency of Quinsey’s remarks after both the Charter Oak and Monrovia games.

  • New York

    I like the poem until the end…disturbing anatomical reference for this board.

  • Coach Slayer

    t the Bonita game. I’am sure Bonita QB Burgett is a wonderful kid but the position Podley put him in is unacceptable. A 5′ 4″ QB cannot run a spread offense period. I don’t care if you are Eddie Lebaron. If you don’t have a taller qb then you look your team over and make one. In basketball if your center is hurt do you put in a 5’4″ guy when you got much bigger guys on the bench. Do you force him to jump center? That’s just crazy. He made this poor kid throw when he had no chance of completing it, he just could not see the receivers. The defence and special teams were great but the defence cannot be expected to win all the games for you. It seems though that is what Podley expects. He must design a new scheme if this qb is to be at all successful or find a taller qb.

  • Colt74

    New York,
    Agreed. Tried to use an old Navy joke and transfer it over but in retrospect it was not a good idea. Sent Aram message to delete. Sorry..didn’t think it through all the way. Sorry for being brain dead this am.

  • SilenceisGolden


    My god, you’re an idiot. Just because a new thread pops up, doesn’t mean you have to get your name in on it. What was that old saying about keeping your mouth shut?
    Yea, a little late for that, huh?

  • Colt74

    I have already apologized for my poor lack of judgement. I asked for my post to be deleted. If there was an edit function to this board I would have done so 5 minutes after I posted. But there is not. My intentions ( however misplaced ) was to try to inject some levity into a blog that has been taken over with:
    1. Fire this loser coach
    2. This player sucks
    3. Your team sucks
    4. If you disagree with me you suck
    5. The Tribune sucks
    6. The reporters suck
    7. Your an idiot

    and so on…..

    We refer to our players as young men but in reality they are still kids. I realized that too late after the fact, and was also reminded by New York. I can do no more than apologize for my lack of firing brain cells when I posted. And this I do. My intentions were harmless, although acknowledged in poor taste. But again, if I upset or offended I am TRULY sorry. I take full blame for my stupidity.

  • Observant Cat

    The fact of the matter is that Maddox approached the situation with a fair analysis of the game from a humbled approach. Maddox could have said something in the way of De Shawn’s first touchdown was called on a late penalty resulting in a touchdown taken away,weras the Glendora coach seemed to make an argument of the missed opportunitys that his team could not accomplish. The score could have been a lot worse had Maddox decided to leave in his first string guys in the late third and full fourth quarter.

  • football jones

    Advice for LA,

    A bit of advice, just ignore the predictable Wilson negative comments.

    Even though their blogging leader (King of the Idiots) has moved on to more blighted pastures, theres plenty of stupidity, delusion, and poor logic on that side of the Heights.

    Coach Bert is a dignified man with 50 years of coaching experience, but unless he can block and tackle, theres only so much he can do.

    Wilson Bloggers vilified last years staff, blamed them for everything under the sun, and ran the evil doers out of townfine.

    Hey Wilson, how are things looking this year?

    ..PS – Next week things could get ugly.

  • quiet as kept

    Quiet as kept, Monrovia’s win over Glendora, was the first step to 14-0, Midvalley Champs and State bowl DIII game selection. Don’t take my word for it here is the the proof…

    Now watch the haters scramble! Let’s go Wildcats!

  • MonroviaCATS

    Why does glendora keep making excuses. I hear after the beating we gave them they are hurting at multiple positions!!! They had a few good players, but we smacked them around! I feel bad for them the next few weeks especially if they are hurting at some positions!!Good Luck Tarts!

  • Dan

    Friday night was kind of a rough way to start the weekend if you were a WC Bulldog, Amat Lancer, or a Walnut Mustang fan, but there was a sliver lining in store Saturday night as a few former SGV standouts were on TV playing for UCLA. Albert Cid formerly of West Covina made his Div. 1 debut and had a nice game
    his first time out at right guard, played briefly in the first qtr. on UCLA’s first scoring drive, then played the whole second half. He was a spark plug to the Bruins run game cause whenever Derrick Coleman was making his big runs for the night, it was usually behind Cid who cleared out some nice holes in the San Jose St. defensive front. Also playing in their second games of the season were 2nd year starter Sheldon Price who has put on a little muscle this year and has had a couple of nice games at corner, and also former Walnut standout, Sean Sheller, I believe he is left tackle, he was part of the Mustangs CIF semifinal team in 2004. Other local players getting some playing time for UCLA are Dietrick Riley formerly of St. Francis at Safety, and last week I saw Anthony Barr from Loyola, he was catching a pass when I noticed him.
    Charter Oak fans had the pleasure of watching former Charger standout Keith Smith playing inside linebacker for San Jose ST., he was in on a lot of tackles.

  • Dan

    I forgot to mention,
    I talked to former WC runningback Ricky Johnson at the Loyola game and asked how his first game went over at Citrus College, found out he ran for over a hundred yards and also had over a hundred in recieving. He was
    good for over 200 yards of offense in a win over another Community College in the LA area.

  • 626 Football

    Dan, it seems you’re a WC fan, but if you’re interested, we have a Facebook page dedicated to local college football players called 626 Football. Currently, it only covers players who grew up or played in Pasadena/Altadena (31 in all, not including the JC guys), but we’re considering expanding in the future if there’s interest. Feel free to check it out. You too Aram! Thanks.

    626 Football