PrepXtra Rewind: South Hills coach Steve Bogan talks WestCo, Aram has pointed words for “Stangs” fans, Miguel, Fred and Stevie R. break down Week 2 …

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  • Colt74

    If anyone does not like Coach Bogan they just are beyond words. This guys outlook and philosophy is incredible. One heck of a coach.

  • Jims on me anytime!

    I <3 Aram Tolegian. If your a real Muir fan you've gotta listen to what Aram has to say at the 12:02 minute mark. Aram that is so damn true and thanks for saying it! If I ever see you at Jims your pastrami and grape soda are on me brotha!

  • Was just there last week. Aram’s standard Jim’s order is double cheeseburger, small chili cheese fries and jumbo grape lemonade. Although sometimes I get cherry lemonade if I’m feeling dangerous.

    However, Jims has changed ownership. The Asian family isn’t there anymore, which sucks. And I have to tell the new peeps to put the slice of cheese on the chili cheese fries and not the shredded cheese. They maintain it’s the same, but I don’t buy it. And even if it were, I like still prefer a nice even melt that you only get with a slice.

  • Inland Competition…

    Please tell me why this interview turned into a pity party towards the end? Poor little South Hills has to play in the big bad Sierra and Inland… Another question, how is it that Fred talks about the Sierra league competing in the Inland and high CIF divisions and he fails to once mention Chino Hills?? They have been to the Semi’s 2 years in a row and both times lost to the eventual champions, Upland and Centennial. These school went on to say that Chino Hills was thier toughest competition and both games were well fought and close. Lets get the facts straight and keep the reporting/interview accurate with the true stories.

  • Coach Slayer

    So Bogan wants “like school against like school” What got his team into division II is the all-out recuiting from outside his like-school area that he did so aggressivly. How does that figure in? Now he has to play against teams that recuit as he does and he don’t like it.Like the now very quiet coach at Diamond Ranch he cannot win with the hand he is dealt but needs to pull an ace or five from his sleeve to win a pot. Sorry coach no sympathy here.

  • Jims on me anytime!

    Now that’s a helluva order! And everyone misses the Asian Family and the “one-fry-down” lady. Keep on keeping it real Aram!

  • rewind

    Coach Slayer – he doesn’t recruit. He said he just plays with the players that God brings him. play it back

  • Inland Competition…,

    After long consideration I have come to the conclusion Fred and Aram can’t be that stupid to believe that Charter Oak and Bishop Amat are better teams than Chino Hills. It comes down to money and Chino Hills don’t purchase the tribune so you can win a CIF title and they still wouldn’t rank you number one. You are really wasting your time with these guys.

    Hopefully we can do better than Bishop Amat did against Servite next Friday when we play you guys.

  • Just The Facts Maam

    Bishop Amat : 48.8
    Charter Oak : 37.7
    Chino Hills : 36.5

    After a 1 second consideration I have come to the conclusion of how stupid YOU have to be to not understand rankings.
    Higher numbers are BETTER.
    That means on rankings that BOTH Amat and Charter Oak are BETTER teams than Chino Hills at this point in the season. Rankings change, but this is the reality at this point in time..

    Chino Hills 62
    Pomona 0

  • Inlandrules

    Chino Hills sounds like Bonita, but still onle a bridesmaid at best..

  • I’m assuming you got those numbers from the same rating system that has Pomona ranked 4th in their division.

    If you are validating that system then you would have t admit that Pomona is the 4th best football team in the mid valley division are you willing to make that call.

  • football fan

    As of this point Pomona High has played weak teams and is lucky to be 2 and o.
    Chino Hills is a good team that will show your weaknesses. Ok, you might be in the game for the 1st qt. after that it will be over. Pomona WITHOUT a QB and your players going both ways Pomona will run out of gas. Facts…

  • all the facts

    Just Facts…..this is bishop amats problem, so content with being the best team in the SGV. Here are the serra league ratings. If you going to put so much weight on the ratings Bishop is projected to finish last in the Serra. How about those facts?

    Crespi 61.2
    Alemany 61.1
    loyola 51.1
    Notre Dame 51.9
    Bishop amamt 48.7

    Bishop Amat is not too far off in power rating, in comparison to the SGV top teams. As the season goes on the ratings will get closer and closer. By the end of the year you may be rated lower than these teams below.

    Claremont 38
    Monrovia 37.9
    Charter Oak 37.8
    Chino Hills 36.5

  • Football Fan,

    Chino wasn’t a weak team. Take a look at who they played so far. Us and we beat them by 4 points. They played Diamond Ranch and beat them by 14. Diamond Ranch then losses to Damien by 7.

    Now Chino Hills is an excellent team and can blow us out. Hell we don’t play a against Bloomington they can beat us.

    As a team Pomona needs to get better we have.some great players on our team, bit we aren’t their yet. Even if we play with Chino Hills and loss the SGV is still going to talk crap about both.teams.

    As far as respect for Pomona that is going to have to wait for Covina and San Dimas games. But it is fun watching these knuckle heads that call themselves reporter attempt to validate their ratings.

  • Just askin’

    All the facts- while you do point out that Amats #s are double digits more than the top valley schools, those numbers also indicate they are about as close to the top of the Serra as the valley is to Amat. If your willing to say those valley teams are “close” to Amat – you also must be willing to say Amat is close to the top of one of the best league in the nation?

  • Just askin’

    All the facts- while you do point out that Amats #s are double digits more than the top valley schools, those numbers also indicate they are about as close to the top of the Serra as the valley is to Amat. If your willing to say those valley teams are “close” to Amat – you also must be willing to say Amat is close to the top of one of the best league in the nation?

  • Facts

    Real simple Amat just got destroyed by Servie, those numbers don’t lie. So no Amat isn’t close to the top teams in the state or nation.

    They just played one did you see what happen.

  • Anon

    C’mon “Facts” you can’t have it both ways. Either it means what you’re saying or what you’re saying don’t mean Squat!

  • Math Major

    Facts – if you’re going to use these numbers to try to prove anything, then yes, Amat is about as close to the top of the Serra as CO and CH are to Amat. Of course if you’re only as good as your most recent head-to-head result against those teams then Amat has the edge vs everyone but Alemany in their league and we know how bad the last Amat/CO matchup was.

    I don’t think anyone would say that Amat has not improved since that time more than CO has. Those two beatdowns came in .500 or non-playoff years under previous coaching staffs and CO won the Miramonte both years. I’d suspect the same results would happen today.

  • Inland rules,
    Who is your team? Unless you are a Westco fan…….you have nothing to say. Chino Hills has made it to the Semis the last 2 years and played the eventual champs closer than anyone else they played.

    I expect a much closer game than last year. Rice seems to have all those transfer kids playing well. We will not overlook you guys. Glad you beat Chino…sure took them down a notch or too. Their coaching staff was getting arrogant. Good luck against Bloomington…hope your are 3-0 when we play you.

  • Facts

    That is my point. We know that Bishop Amat can’t compete against Servite. We don’t even know if Servite is an Elite program only week two.

    In summary we can say Bishop Amat isn’t a top tier team, no rating is going to chance the fact that they lost to Servite and how they loss.

  • Miracle in La Puente

    This is not a bishop hate fest. Bishop Barely beat garfield, and garfield won’t beat SGV top 5. BA’s offense avg 14 pts. Is Garfield’s defense as good as Servite’s? The Answer is no. I think that Bishop Line is just smaller than it’s ever been. They can’t hold anyone. However, Servite took their foot off the gas pedal. You can ask Fredj. They could have scored 60 pts in that game. Amat on the other hand had two hail mary deep type passes. They were great plays and that’s how they scored. Any of the top teams in the SGV played servite, maybe they get shut out, but they too could have thrown Hail mary passes and got on the score board. Any of the top teams could play servite and lose by 49-14 margin. We really can’t say how good BA is this year. I know they beat all the sgv teams in the past, but this year they are running on E. This La Mirada game is going to be a dog Fight…I think La mirada smells blood, They played two tough teams well. This game is their season, Friday night could be one of those Miracle friday nights. You heard it here first

    La Mirada 20 Bishop Amat14