Prep Xtra Live Postgame: Fred and Aram talk No. 1 after CO falls and Amat wins, Stevie R. debates La Habra or St. Paul and former Coaches of the Year Maggiore and Zernickow join the show …

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    Highlights/ interviews from Bonita’s 50-22 win over LA Marshall… Sophomore QB Tanner “Sunshine” Diebold throws for 285 yards and 5 TD’s in one half of play while Garrett Horine states his case for Tribune POY w/ 5 receptions for 191 yards and 4 touchdowns… Is there anyone that means more to their team’s success than Garrett Horine?.. (Billy Livingston/ Steven Rivera maybe..) Either way, a big win for Bonita to get the…. Watch the video and Bonita coach Eric Podley will tell you why!!! Thanks!

    — Tyler Drohan

  • Dan Fastrup

    Garrett Horine is a beast.

  • Keep It Real

    Easy there Bonita Horines! It was L.A. Marshall, not La Serna!

    How many guys did L.A. Marshall have on that team? And they managed to score 22 on you? Wow, your right, time to celebrate!

  • football fan said

    Hey Steve, Let me help you a bit about who should be number 1# between La Habra or St Paul. maybe you should take into consideration that St Paul has been playing with out their fullback David Cabral and running back Michael Ortega. For the Last two games and their still winning big!

  • Dan Fastrup

    Keep it real, Yes and what your point?

  • Dan

    Big Cid making a difference,
    UCLA has the line surge and holes to run through when Albert Cid #62 strong guard is in the game, just saw him turn his man to his left and Anthony Barr runs right behind him for a TD. He is handleing whoever is in front of him just like he did at Citrus College.

  • Dan

    Aram, Fred, Steve,
    Just watched the prep extra live post game,
    Regarding West Covina, yes we have had a little luck in our three wins but there has also been some bad luck on WC’s behalf that let the other teams back into those games. The good thing is that despite things turning against us, in crunch time West Covina was able to make plays. Verse Covina we scored in OT and kept Covina from scoring, verse South Hills our linebacker was able to knock down the pass on the two point attempt. With Glendora I will say we got lucky they missed the field goal. With the exception of icing the kicker, or possibly blocking the field goal, that situation was out of our hands, we were fortunate last night, but also realize that Glendora was fortunate we fumbled the handoff to give them the chance for that drive in the first place, we were having a pretty nice drive ourselves that would have sealed the game. We had other turnovers that ended other drives as well last night.
    There are a few rays of light to all these stressfull games, besides building confidence that we can win the tight games, West Covina has showed the ability to put some pretty good teams away if they don’t turn the ball over or have coverage breakdowns, these are issues that can be worked on and fixed over the course of the season.
    We’re also getting healthier, Solomon has shown flashes of looking more and more like his old self each week, and even at 85% he is still a monster on defense.