Weekend Quarterback … Legal action coming from Glendora-West Covina game? Sure sounds like it …

Note: I don’t know what to call this thing, because sometimes I write it on Saturday and sometimes I write it on Sunday. So we’ll just call it Weekend Quarterback because that gives me flexibility. Enjoy.

According to sources, Glendora center J.R. Smith, who suffered a broken nose and facial lacerations and was treated at a local hospital, is considering legal action for what he and his family feel was a cheap shot by a West Covina player. A source says that a West Covina player took Smith’s helmet off and punched him in the face during Friday’s game. No flags were thrown. But sources say there is plenty of video footage, hence the call to the attorney to consider legal action, the source says. Another source says that West Covina’s coaching staff has apologized to Glendora’s staff and promised they will handle the situation from within. Stay tuned … My crazy colleague and friend Fred J. Robledo, he sometimes gets a bit too excited. Last night FJR wrote “Let’s be clear, the Warriors, not the Aztecs, are the Montview League favorites.” Yikes. Has La Puente really done enough in your mind to claim favorite status in the Montview League? The Warriors are 3-0 while Azusa is 0-3. The combined record of LP’s opponents? 2-10. The combined record of Azusa’s opponents? 10-2. Think about that, Robledo. And then ask yourself if Azusa would be 3-0 right now had it played La Puente’s schedule. Charter Oak out-gained Rancho Cucamonga, but that wasn’t the most frustrating part of the night as far as I’m concerned. The Chargers twice had what looked liked interceptions going the other way, one by Josiah Thropay and the other by Chris Gilchrist, but the ball went through each player’s hands and was caught by Rancho receivers. I’ve covered a lot of CO games, but stunningly I’ve never seen Big Lou so ticked about a loss. Of course, I haven’t covered many Big Lou losses either. Good to see South Hills head coach Steve Bogan and defensive coordinator Kevin Smith at the Rancho-CO game last night. Bogan and Smitty left at halftime to go watch Damien-Amat … bet they wish they stayed. Things couldn’t be breaking any better for San Dimas. If Covina QB Billy Livingston has to miss considerable time, then San Dimas may have a chance to run the table and secure the No. 1 seed in the Mid-Valley Division. I’ve always thought that the most important part of a passing game is confidence. Of course, you have to have talent. But after that, you simply need the QB to confident in what he’s doing and where the ball should be going. I expect Monrovia to get that once it gets into Rio Hondo League play. I promise you, M-Town’s passing game, and subsequently its entire offense, will look much better in November. Speaking of the Rio Hondo League, San Marino got a dose of reality on Friday. The Titans hadn’t allowed a point, but gave up 23 to Rosemead in a loss. The Panthers can really play defense, and they can run the ball. Don’t look now, but South El Monte is 3-0. All three wins over Mid-Valley Division teams. You probably didn’t read this in the preview issue, but I noted how new South El Monte coach Ibis Aguilar sought out help from Bonita defensive coordinator Ray Medina during the offseason. Medina really knows his stuff. And Aguilar obviously listened as the Eagles are running a new defensive formula this year. Can’t say enough about Los Altos. The Conquerors’ win over Ayala is the biggest proof yet that they’ll be able to hang in the Hacienda. West Covina and Bonita may be a tall order, but the Conqs can certainly handle the rest and reach the postseason. Our two local teams in the Mission League, St. Paul and St. Francis, figure to be the No. 1-ranked teams in their respective coverage zones come next week. St. Francis gets a huge test on Friday from undefeated West Ranch. Allow me to play a little prevent defense here: Pomona. There, I mentioned the Red Devils. Bishop Amat’s task in the Serra League continues to get tougher and tougher. Loyola, which didn’t win a league game last year, now looks like the favorite. And with Crespi and Alemany still formidable, the task for Amat will be difficult. By the way, Arroyo’s Steven Rivera threw for 340 yards in the Knights’ lopsided loss to Hart on Friday. Before anybody goes getting too down on Damien, they should consider just how high the Spartans might be ranked going into next season. Think about it, who in the area has more returning? Pucci, Hernandez, Savage, Boykins, Trailer. And that just names a few. Combine that with what coaches think are solid lower levels, and you’ve got a pretty good nucleus. Does Diamond Bar have any chance against West Covina on Friday? The Brahmas have been a mild disappointment thus far. But one could argue they caught Brea in the wrong year. OK, I’ll shut up.

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  • Mike the Clone


    I Am Mike The Clone….

    And you are not!!!

    How embarrassing parents going to sue for a tussle on the field during a football game, are fing kidding me?

    Really Glendora parents are you really that sad to do that????? You lets your kids run up and down the stands,jump in and out of the press box at Citrus College without breaking a neck and you gonna sue over a bloody nose. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?????

    You make me wanna Puke!!!

    Ya know I hope a kid in the stands breaks a neck at least maybe then you get your act together.

    You all make me wanna puke…Im so glad i’m outta there.

    How embarrassing!!!!!

    I AM OUT!!!

    Mike the Clone

  • YouNeverSawMeComing

    How did the blonde burn her nose? …. Bobbing for french fries.

    Ruddy: You’re very quiet, Pal.

    Pal at the Zoo : Well, my mom gave me 10 cents not to say anything about your red nose.

    Tim: So what’d ya think of my nose, too big?
    Fred: I’d hate to see to the grindstone

  • Shameful Parents

    I’m with Mike on this one I cannot believe that some parents from Glendora would actually go through with something like that. Has it really come to that.
    Some parents have a lot of nerve. And how embarrassing for the kid to have Mom and Dad sue.
    The parents at Glendora sound more screwed up than their kids are.
    Mike take it easy your head is going to explode I feel your frustration though.

  • Wc cholo’s

    Wc’s player just learned that technique from his parents! I think they were the ones who beat that giants fan up!

  • Not A babysitter

    I noticed the little kid problem in the stands to at Citrus at Glendora’s first home game. I was sitting at the 45 yard line just below the press box area.It was a little scary to be honest the kids were jumping all over from the press area down to the bleachers. And if you have ever been to Citrus College those stands are really steep. What was surprising was there was a group of adults standing right there letting them do it.In fact they were more at the game to socialize than watch the game.I agree some little one in the stands is going to get really hurt if they don’t get control of that situation. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one troubled by that.

  • Mike the Clone

    Don’t worry I just get a little riled up when I hear crap like that. I mean some parents really make me sick. If your afraid your kids going to get into a tussle on the field and get his nose bloody once in awhile pull his butt out of football and let him stay at home and give him a box of crayons and a coloring book.
    Yes some parents at G-High really make me wanna puke!!!


    Mike the Clone

  • sgvpride

    Sue? Really? Just because of a minor incident. Scuffles happen in the game of football. But then again I guess everyone is taking legal actiong for everything now a days. You could get a broken nose from playing in the game.

  • Come on Aram

    Damien scored 7 points against an Amat team with four starters out on Defense. And no one is looking at next year. It’s about right now and right now Damien does not look good.

  • Your kidding ?

    HaHa, Glendora, Glendora, After reading this it doesn’t surprise me one bit. Man I could tell you some stories about the high and mighty Glendora parents after coaching in many youth sports in Glendora over the years. They think their little Johnny or Susie walks on water and is above everyone else.

    The Citrus college thing Mike The Clone mentioned is absolutly true. You have kids running everywhere at that stadium while Mom and Dad watching JR. get run over on the field. Rarely does anyone grow up in Glendora and actually leave to make a life somewhere else. Heck, their to afraid of the real world out there !

  • Glendora Football Fan

    Mike the Clone, Shameful Parents, Not A babysitter, sgvpride and Your kidding? :

    First, I would suspect none of you were at the West Covina-Glendora game. If you had been there, then I’m sure you would have seen the incident involving J.R. and you would know it was not a normal football play or a “tussle” on the field. The play was over and the West Covina player ripped J.R.’s helmet off. While J.R. was on the ground, the kid punched him in the face without provocation, breaking his nose and causing him to need several stitches over his left eye. The fact Coach Maggiorre benched his player for the rest of the game (since the referee’s did not see it) would seem to prove it was not just a regular play. It also speaks of Coach Maggiorre’s integrity.

    J.R. is truly a GREAT young man and his parents are terrific people. If you knew them, you would not be saying the things you are saying. J.R. chose not to have his nose reset in the emergency room that night in order to finish playing out the season with his teammates. Had he decided to have his nose reset, he may have been out for the rest of the season. This decision is a testament to not only J.R.’s toughness, but his character. Great job J.R.!

  • georgie of LM

    After reading a few of the comments here, i am beginning to think the parents are the immature ones. If someone rips your helmet off after the play is over and breaks your nose, you call that a simple tussle? Really? If that happened on TV with college or pros, that would be all over the news. Come on guys, after the play is over and the guy is on the ground and your ok with that?

  • sgvpride

    Okay, so maybe the WC kid took it too far..but legal action?

    Can someone explain that to me?

    Those things have happened before in college(Boise st/oregon) and they did get blown up.

    Happens in basketball all the time. Heat of the moment. Georgetown in china.

    Maybe the school(WC) and the district can handle the matter. Just not understanding the legal action part and what exatcly that will accomplish.

  • Your Kidding ?

    Gendora Football Fan,

    Don’t include me in your address too, which by the way is off topic to what my comment was about. When I stated parents watch JR. get run over on the field I was abbreviating “Junior” and not referring to J.R. Smith.
    I am sure J.R. Smith is every bit of what you said but I still stand behind my experience with Glendora parents and the fact they let their kids run rampant at Citrus stadium.

  • Glad I’m Not Glendora Football Fan

    Glendora Football Fan is a perfect example of the pussification of parents at Glendora. He probably wouldn’t let his kid play Jacks because of the sharp edges.

  • Common Sense

    “Can someone explain that to me?

    Those things have happened before in college(Boise st/oregon) and they did get blown up.

    Happens in basketball all the time. Heat of the moment. Georgetown in china.

    Maybe the school(WC) and the district can handle the matter. Just not understanding the legal action part and what exatcly that will accomplish.”

    Those cases you site are dealing with ADULTS. These are HIGH SCHOOL KIDS.
    A Total cheap, BS shot IMHO.
    Let it happen to your kid and then come on here and laugh it off…If this happened to your little johnny you’d be talking out of the other side of your mouth.
    It’s always funny or acceptable when it happens to someone else’
    s kid huh?
    Anyone that thinks this is normal, acceptable, behavior I sure the F hope you are not raising any kids.

    Is the cost of the medical care covered by the sports insurance? Who should pay for it? The kid with the broken nose? I don’t think so.
    If the kid chooses to have his nose reset at a later date this documents that it will not be out of his parents pocket.
    Do you think being benched for the rest of the game is an acceptable punishment?
    Those parents are doing the correct thing in suing. It forces West Covina and the school district to come to an acceptable agreement to resolve the issue. If it’s resolved to satisfaction the parents can then pull the suit.

    Rule number 1…COVER YOUR ASS!.

  • Please Help Us

    Common Sense go feed your sixteen you old his bottle and change his diaper when your done because you just stunk up this place with your whining.I bet you were the President of the little with the kid that wasn’t worth a darn but was always an All Star.

  • Dooooohhh

    Common Sense refer to rule #2 please.

  • stevo

    This is a classic case of the few possibly ruining what should be a fun experience for the kids and parents. Let the schools handle the situation before some stupid legal precedent force another stupid law down our throats.

  • Absolutely Right

    Common Sense,

    You are absolutely right. It’s easy to criticize and take cheap shots at the parents of the victim, until it is their own, excellent point. This kid does need to be punished, and I believe the school needs to take charge and show they absolutely will not accept this type of behavior. If I understand correctly, the WC kid pulled off the Glendora kid’s helmet and then punched him. If that is how it really happened, then this kid should be kicked off the team for at the very least the rest of the season, and his parents made to pay for the other kid’s medical expenses. No way is this a heat of the moment action. This kid knew what he was doing and chose to take this action.

    Only by doing this will WC show that they understand the severity of this crime, and prove that they will not put up with this.

    But because WC will not do anything close to this, I completely support the parents in filing and pursuing a suit against the WC and the parents of this classless punk.

  • 2 sides to every story!

    JR Smith isnt as innocent as you all may think! If you guys were really at the game and paying attention to it, He was cut/chop blocking WC defensive linemen at their knees all night long! Someone finally got tired of it! I hate to say it, but he got what he deserved!

  • Sad

    Absolutely Right
    Written like a typical Glendora parent,figures.

  • We all know the truth

    Look no one is surprised the glendora kids are soft. Just like we weren’t surprise when Joe Paulus quite. Don’t blame the kids their raised that way.

  • Cant Believe It

    So I’m sitting in my office this morning and one of our drivers comes up to me and says “Hey did you see where one of your fellow Glendora Boosters is going to sue West Covina?”
    I’m shocked. That there are actually people that I socialize with actually even talking about suing. I had my nose broken twice once in a scuffle after a play in college and once by accident when a guys foot came through my face mask. Stuff like that happens.
    This talk about being assaukted on the football field is utter BS. Let the schools deal with it but suing only you look foolish.
    From now on when I attend a booster meeting I’m going to look at your sorry butt alot differently.

  • Seen the Light

    Is it just me or does anyone else see that the problem at Glendora is not with the kids, but with the parents who just need to sit down and shut up.

  • Damien on the sideline:

    It’s funny how other people from other schools notice that a lot of the same Damien players go both ways and special teams. Gano does not like to change it up. He likes to stick with the same kids even if they screw up. Many boys with a lot of talent are on the sidelines. One thing is for sure he does not play many seniors(really don’t think he likes many of them…very clear on how he treats them). It has nothing to do with athletic ability some of these senior boys on the sidelines are fast, big and strong. Class of “2012” is the last class that did not start under Gano. I guess he is trying to build his program by playing his young players(some which are just fresh out of pop-warner). Another long season for the fans.

    -nope not a parent- Always on the sidelines-

  • Lets be real

    This is not a football injury. If the WC didn’t take off JR’s PROTECTIVE GEAR and hit him in the face while he was on the ground then there would be no story but that is not the case. Also, if the officials would have been doing their job and made the right call this would have made all you people bashing this situation look really silly right now.

    The parents just want justice for this incandescent act of violence. Wouldn’t you? If another kid did this to your child wouldn’t you want them to pay for damages and to be punished?

    I live in Glendora and graduated from GHS and I know those parents you are talking about but this isn’t the case.

    Let’s hope that the WC kids parents step in a agree to pay for damages done to JR and WC punishes their student properly.

    This isn’t about Glendora parents babying their children or race, it’s about doing what is right.

    I guess we will see what happens next.


    Where’s all the love for Gano from his biggest fan. Strange how he made his comeback just before the game with Amat only to dissappear just as fast. Huummmmmmmm. Do you think the green kool aid Gano gave him was spiked and got him thinking the Spartans would get the win on Friday.