Glendora, West Covina come to an agreement …

Fred Robledo spoke to both coaches this morning and this is what he conjured up.

Glendora coach Todd Quinsey and West Covina coach Mike Maggiore said that an incident in Friday’s game that resulted in Tartans player J.R. Smith suffering a broken nose and facial lacerations due to an alleged altercation between players has been discussed and reviewed on video by the schools. However, any action or suspensions that may have resulted due to the alleged incident will remain a private matter, both coaches agreed. Both coaches were also satisfied with how each side handled the situation. Quinsey said the parents of Smith are not seeking legal action and that both teams and parties are moving forward and want to put the incident behind them.

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  • B.S

    W.C. kid can publicly humiliate G. Kid. But he can’t be publicly punished. Thats a frocks of sh**.

  • Jefe

    If that WestCo kid isn’t at least missing some games, that is complete BS.

  • Mike the Clone


    I’m Mike the Clone…

    And you are NOT!

    Finally someone took the parents aside and had a nice little talk.

    Thank you.


    Mike the Clone

  • Dr Van Halen

    Mikey glad to see you’ll be feeling better now.

  • B.S.

    He should miss the season

  • Dan

    To B.S.,
    Hate to let you down buddy but your gonna have to put your guillotine back in your garage, there will be no public execution on this matter, whatever punishment was administered in this unfortunate event that both sides truly regret ever happened, it appears to be to the satisfaction of the Glendora coaching staff and to the family of the Glendora kid, that is all that matters. They have agreed to keep this private, and I know thats killing you, but it looks like all parties involved are willing to put this mess behind us, wonder if you can find it in you to do the same.

  • Word

    Word on the street is that the WC kid was kicked off the team. Hard to keep that private since he will not be at practice anymore.

  • FredJ

    I spoke to both coaches this morning, there was no mention of anyone being kicked off the team.

  • Good Ole Facebook

    Just spoke to a GHS parent who saw that Jr smith said it was no big deal on a GHS football facebook page earlier in the day. But see now that post his post was taken down.I now believe it was the parents making more out of it than it was.

  • Dan

    Was told tonight, it’s clear on video there was never a punch thrown by the WC kid, he ripped off the helmet but never threw a punch. This whole thing was blown out of proportion. Anyways it over.