Billy The Kid update: Grade 2 shoulder separation …

If Aram had to bet, Billy The Kid ain’t playing on Friday.

Covina Colts quarterback Billy Livingston has not practiced or thrown a ball this week and remains a game-time decision for Friday’s Valle Vista League opener against Pomona.

Livingston injured his right shoulder in last Friday’s win over Walnut. An MRI revealed a Grade 2 separation. The senior has stopped taking pain medication and his arm is no longer in a sling.

But whether he’s under center when the Colts visit Pomona on Friday is in serious doubt.

“He’s really looking forward to playing,” Thomas said. “He is a game-time decision. He’s been at practice, but has not practiced. We’re going to still run whatever he’s capable of running.

“If he’s ready to go, he’ll be in. If not, he won’t. That’s the best I can tell you.”

If Livingston misses the game, senior backup Daniel Sifuentes will take his place. Sifuentes was the quarterback of the freshman team when the current Colts seniors were freshman. He also saw action last season when Livingston was injured.

  • Jefe

    Ridiculous to risk further injury this early in the season.

    Sit him out.

  • CHills

    rest him: you should not take the chance of further injury anyway you don’t need a QB to play pomona…..haha just run all over them like we did!!!h469z7

  • Aram


    Not such a bad idea. I mean what would the big deal be if Covina wasn’t seeded for the playoffs or made it as a second-place team? If it means a good healing process for Billy The Kid, it might be worth it.

  • Colt74

    Sit him. Should not be even open for discussion. MOST type II’s take 6-8 weeks with rest and PT to recover from.

  • Colt74

    Shoulder Separation Info:

    Note Figure 2

  • Not a believer

    Is that a photo from the game he got hammered. He is way to soft to be a true gamer.

  • Soft Like your head

    Hmmm- he’s out on the field every week, has thrown for almost 5000 yards and about 40 TDs and you think he’s soft. Stop taking those stool softeners-they’re affecting your speech.


    @Soft Like your head; That made me crack up this morning! Stool Softeners;LOL…

    Good one.

  • get better billy

    luckily Covina plays San Dimas late in the year. The Mid valley playoffs are going to interested. If Covina losses this game, they may go into the playoffs as a 5 or six seed. With Monrovia struggling as well, whomever the top four seeds will be have to be sweating. That means that Maranatha, Arroyo, Alhambra, and San Dimas, could be facing Mtown or Covina in the second round. Hopefully Billy can get back out there. Covina is capable of winning this game without out him, but last year the BP game was really close, and they did have him in for the beginning of the game. Covina has the best chance of winning if they sit him. putting a Qb out there who can’t throw at all will be a huge problem. This is high school, and there is no cortisone shot, like the pros. Besides this kid has a shot of playing college football, you don’t want to damage that shoulder. This is just bad timing….

    Have Pomona 21 Covina 19

  • Riddler

    I just heard a rumor that pomona was forced to forfeit games due to schreimann and mike todd transfering to pomona. I don’t know if that’s true but this is what I heard. We all know they where recruited.

  • Covina Rumor Mill

    This is the second week in a row I heard this rumor. Last week I heard it from a Covina coach. My question is this Covina coaching staff really that worried about Pomona. I talked to a few Covina parents there talking game over early second quarter. I think the Covina parents are in for a rude awaking.

    Covina 24 Pomona 21

  • pomona

    Covina 7 Pomona 28

  • Pomona Rumor Mill

    Actually, I heard from a Pomona coach that they were worried about being embarrassed like in the Chino Hills game. And rightly so.

    Covina 41 – Pomona 9

  • riddler

    so anyone know if the rumor was true..i thought fred and aram where usually out reporting the is it that the fans know more than the reporters…..

  • please

    Come on, get over it. Rice knows transfers. No forfeits. Pomona by 7.

  • Coaching101

    If Livingston really does have a grade 2 shoulder separation and they do play him tonight this will be the last high school football game he will be playing. I can’t image this coach would even be considering playing this kid. After reading Coach Thomas’s comments I can conclude one thing for sure he is a idiot.

    If it is his weak attempt at gamesmanship, does he really think any coach espically Rice is going to chance his game plan based on a comment he makes in this blog.

    Either way this coach thinks way to much of himself.