• Tight Wad

    Off to a bad start La Puente now charges to park Are you frecjing kidding me.

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    Highlights/ interviews from Covina’s 16-14 win over Pomona in its Valle Vista League opener.. Colts were playing w/o injured star QB Billy Livingston, but still held on for the win surviving a furious fourth quarter rally by Pomona.. Will want to see Pomona coach Anthony Rice’s plea for more “balanced” officiating from referees… My unofficial tally had Covina pegged for 9 penalties, Pomona with 8.. Venegas w/ the strong run to close out the video in case you were wondering. Thanks guys! And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @SGVtylerd

    http://www.sgvtribune.com/preps/ci_19018026 Game story..

    — Tyler Drohan

  • NINEteen95


    Fred J – for an UNBAISED “journalist” you sure are very happy to see your BishopNOMAS win:

    and I quote “the Lancers winning on a night Loyola falls to Upland and loses RB Chaz Anderson to a knee injury; Alemany losing to Dorsey and Vista Murrieta beating Crespi. Oh yeah, Servite lost too.”


  • La Puente Warriors #1 in SGV

    It took the Warriors nine plays to put the ball in the end zone. A 12-yard pass from Ivan Vasquez to tight end Brandon Rios put the Warriors up 7-0 with 7 MINUTES LEFT in the 1st quarter.

    The Warriors came right back with their own onside kick that was recovered by Noel Martinez. Vasquez hit Michael Patini on the first play from scrimmage, and the Warriors were up 14-0 at the 6:50 mark of the 1st Quarter.

    La Puente High School won the first annual “Battle for the Bridge” trophy with an easy 45-7 win over neighborhood rival Workman.

    The Other La Puente School (not so much):
    Cathedral High School (CIF Division XV) played a HUGE and strong first quarter against Bishop Amat Lancers and took a 7-0 lead on the first play of the second quarter!

    Wait…How long did the lancers take to score?

    Aram, screw this, I want the Warriors to be ranked ahead of the lancers. We are 4 – 0 damm it!


    What about that loss by your Darth Vadar Black Friars Servite. What you got to say about that chump. Don’t see your normal bragging post on them today .

  • Dan

    Fred non biased?
    Actually Fred and Tom Kiss were spotted on the Huskie sideline going ballistic for South Hills when the Huskies were making their comeback against West Covina, Fred whats up with that, I even offered you a hamburger that night! Hurt my feelings lol. I guess I could give you the benefit of the doubt, and assume you two were just excited to see a great comeback, but
    I don’t know… it sure looked like you wanted SH to win that game.

  • FredJ

    Ballistic Dan? Don’t get carried away. I’m rooting for a thrilling finish, especially when it involves two local teams. I do remember running by Tom and saying, “see, we got a game now.” It’s an easier story to write and its better on video, that’s what we’re rooting for. I was just as hyped when Covina rallied in week 0 against West Covina to send it to overtime.

  • NOTSINCE1995


    Speaking Of OLD MRS DINAH SHORE 73

    Looks like the SERRA League is WEAK…! LOL…

    The SERVITE Black Friars lost by 1 point to a perenial State Champion and a highly RANKED National team.

    They don’t go around struggling to play in the 1st half of a CUPCAKE GAME against a small inner city school. What happend Arroyo of El Monte was too busy yesterday? SHAME ON YOU FOR SCHEDULING CUPCAKES…

    NOT In 2011 either…


  • Uh..WRONG!

    Servite lost 28-31

    last time I checked that was a 3 point difference…not 1.

    Stick to cut and paste…less chance of screwing that up…

  • just saying

    it did look like the colts were going to try and go on top a few times early but it seemed everytime there was pass play there would be a fumbled snap … so i dont think its they didnt let him loose but i think a lack of confidence when the game was tight to risk a fumbled snap and potential turnover and if im a OC and thats happening then im sticking with the run…

  • Dan

    Sure Fred, you just thought no one was looking, lol.
    Just kidding Fred, hey even if you did favor South Hills over us it wouldn’t bother me, they’re a good program too. I wouldn’t hold it against you and I would still offer you a burger the next time you came over to a WC game, I’ve got favorites, you sports writers can have yours too. Tell you what, it does make for a good write up.

  • NINEteen95



    Just like the woman that you are, you conviently overlook:

    The fact that they lost to perenial State Champion and a highly RANKED National team.

    That they don’t go around struggling to play in the 1st half of a CUPCAKE GAME against a small inner city catholic school.

    AND, SERVITE and Coach Troy would NEVER EVER EVER HUMILIATE themselves by scheduling a weak a$$ team like Cathedral, Selisian, or the Ribet Academy…!


    Where is your STEP-UP GAME BishopNOMAS…? I don’t see it on your 2011 schedule!

    NOT In 2011 either…

    La Puente WARRIORS #1 in the SGV


  • #1 Amat Lover


    You are wrong!

    FredJ loves only one program in the SGV.

    We have Menudo and the Burrito Truck! 🙂


    DarthlechenonsenseNINEteen95 – YOU’E A JOKE! Take a minute to pull that servite BRATWURST out of your….eh, mouth and realize that darthservite got BEAT!!! And according “To YOU”….they do schedule cupcakes…isn’t that what you would have everyone believe that Amat is…..? You are a complete and total IDIOT!!!!

  • Just sayin’

    When your already in the top 25 (of 600+ SoCal schools) and 5 others on your schedule are too – not much anyone can say about “step up games”. Only about 15 or so teams ahead of them to “step up” to?

  • Jefe

    SGV Fan,

    You’re really gonna come down on Servite for losing to a nationally ranked Bishop Gorman while Amat is scheduling chumps like Garfield, Cathedral & La Mirada??

    Amat should be playing the best of the best in nonleague.

    No excuses.


    Jefe-Not really just wanted to come down on DarthlechenonsenseNINEteen95 for being such an A$$. That’s all.

  • just askin?

    Hefer…errr…Jefe – Alemany has played Beverly Hills, Pasadena, and Eastside. Crespi has played Palisades and Jordan(as did Santa Margarita). Notre Dame plays Golden Valley. Poly is in the Moore league. Bosco faces Santa Fe. Edison also played Garfield (St Bonnies thought enough of them to schedule them next year). Los Alamitos plays West Adams Prep, Norwalk, and University. Really!?! And you’re gonna single Amat out?

  • AMAT 73

    just askin,
    Isn’t that always the case.We schedule supposedly weak teams when others schedule weaker or the same teams , but we catch the rath . So maybe next preseason’s schedule should look like this Bishop Gorman , Servite , Oaks Christian , Corona Cenntenial , Mission Viejo or St Bonnies . Then maybe the old jefer will tell us who his team is since he always comes on here bashing AMAT , it only seems fair for him to list his team so he can recieve soemof what he loves to dish out .