All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 after Week 4 …

This young man (Alex McElwee, Arcadia) just might be the best corner in the SGV.

Note: There will be no Weekend Quarterback this weekend because I didn’t feel like it. Thanks!

1. Charter Oak (4-1) — Rocking chair win over Santa Fe, now a rest before Sierra test begins.
2. Bishop Amat (4-1) — Defense has allowed 27 pts. total in three games since Servite.
3. St. Francis (4-0) — Have dealt Arcadia, CV and West Ranch their only losses.
4. St. Paul (4-0) — Win forces Stevie R. to make the Swordsmen No. 1 in WDN.
5. West Covina (4-1) — Finally a drama-free win … as Solomon returns.
6. Arcadia (4-1) — If they can do that to Muir, rest of Pacific should be no issue.
7. San Dimas (3-1) — Saints open Valle Vista League with upstart Nogales.
8. Covina (4-1) — No Livingston, no problema vs. Pomona.
9. La Habra (2-3) — Feels like a repeat of last season.
10. Maranatha (5-0) — I still don’t hear anyone putting the Minutemen on Covina or SD’s level.
11. Chino Hills (2-3) — REV got some serious revenge against the Huskies.
12. Damien (3-1) — What a terrible record. Coaching staff has to go. Close the school even.
13. South Hills (2-2) — Huskies have one scary offense, now they need to put two together
14. La Serna (4-1) — Bounced back with workman-like win over Warren.
15. La Puente (4-0) — Another week, another win
16. Los Altos (4-1)— Must regroup against Rowland or the feel-good will feel bad.
17. Arroyo (4-1) — Knights had week off to figure out how much to beat La Canada by.
18. Claremont (4-1) — Is loss to Serrano the start of something serious?
19. Alhambra (4-1) — Maybe South Pas was a wake up call. A very worrisome wake-up call.
20. Diamond Ranch (2-3) — Who said when DR puts it together, lookout? .. then picked Bonita.
21. El Rancho (3-1) — People still not including Dons in same breath as La Serna and SF.
22. Muir (2-2) — All of a sudden the season is teetering.
23. South El Monte (4-0) — Resume looks good enough for a playoff spot if Eagles need help.
24. Bonita (2-3) — Now the ‘Cats are in a must-win situation for the foreseeable future.
25. Monrovia (1-3) — Confidence boost is right around the corner in the Rio Hondo.

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  • Gordon Gekko

    Charter Oak #1, really…? I strongly believe team #2,#3 and #4 would handle C.O., no problem. It’s not a assumption it’s a fact. I am sure C.O. may be able to compete in the ESGV very well against their counterparts Covina, Diamond Bar, Rowland, etc…

    Disagree with the rankings.

  • Atown

    The Arcadia D is real good holding a muir offense to a 0 in scoring… Arcadia is for real
    Alex is a definition of a lock down corner

  • realTALK

    st francis getting it done week in and week out…. league play starts and it should get interesting for the knights. sound team!
    west covina looks like west covina with soloman back i cant see them losing to DR,DB, or Bonita. soloman should be healthy for the playoff run coming up.
    arcadia might have the most explosive offense in the valley, myles carr has so many weapons to go to (lagace, mcelwee, haines, mckinley, arnett,….) this kid is also one of the best QBs in the area
    maranatha might just run this midvalley division they just look like a well oiled machine with elffers at the helm of it.
    muir still will upset someone in the first round YOU heard it here first, get the ball to keyvone!!!!!
    monrovia doesnt look like last years team and it really doesnt look good for them in the playoffs. they’ll run the table in the rio hondo but those might be the only games they win all season! which is hard to say cuz they are loaded in talent!

  • Idiot

    8. COVINA No Livingston, no problems vs. Pomona.

    Covina 16 Pomona 14

  • Idiot,

    Is your point that Pomona covered the spread? You gonna start claiming Pomona is good on style points now? Thought I got rid of your tired act.

  • Idiot

    Your a real piece of work.

    Sad part of this is your personal agenda is more important to you than doing your job.

  • SaintsR4real

    Saints Coaching Staff… great job as usual!

    IMHO: no disrepect to Nogales or Wilson, but maybe we could up the passing attempts and other areas of opportunities, so that we could get ready for up and coming talented defensive teams?? What do you think??

    Lets go boys, business as usual!!

  • Colt74


    Pizza and Pitchers at Pizza Chalet before the game?

  • SaintsR4real

    Continued….. Cuz we have ourselves a QB with an awesome arm!

    Colt74….. FO SHO!! Maybe we can get others there too, like the Kennedy’s and company.

  • Gordon Gekko

    It is very sad to see where Muir is at this point in the season. They’ll pick things up… The Stangs will finish strong..!

    Muir shouldn’t panic with the loss to Arcadia. The AA program that has set its eyes on Muir for years. EVERYONE knows that is a fact. They know that the only way to gain any resepect is to beat a “name”, Muir is a “name.” Muir has ruled the Pacific for decades. SGV fans know that the Apaches needed to rally after a disappointing, supper bowl effort aginst a flat St. Francis team which resulted in a loss. They salvaged their season with WINS against Muir and Mtown. Give them credit. They didn’t quit or point fingers. They have taken full advantage of their opportunities. Muir will need to do more of the same.

    Give the new Muir staff time. The talent is in place for the next few years.

    Remember Stang fans, it was horrible play calling on O that lost the playoff game against Bonita last season. Last year’s squad had a veteran Oline and experienced athletes.

    Hang in there Stangs. You’ll return to glory.

  • Colt74

    Someone from COVINA needs to update the Maxpreps game stats. Has not been updated since El Monte.

  • Really Aram?

    Covina ranked above La Habra?

    Why don’t you just put your favorites #1 through #5.

    I wish Covina the best and believe they have a good team this year, but they are not better than La Habra.

    You’ve got to share whatever your smoking so we can all see through those jaded rose colored glasses.

    Your list is becoming more of a joke every week.

    I think Fred is the football guy in the SGV. You’ve covered so much more football than him in the summer and he is still beating you by 7 games this early in the season.

    Guess it just goes to show that you are not really a football guy.

  • Amat Bully

    Gordon Gekko:
    You sound like an idiotic fan that doesn’t know sports.
    when you start off stating you “believe” then the statement after that is considered an assumption or opinion.
    you must be the richest guy in the world or either your a psychic or a human magic 8 ball, to know that CO would lose to team 2,3, and 4 without playing them. with that talent help me out on my next college card or are you not allowed in vegas anymore because you know exactly what will happen. CO is ranked #1 for a reason, obviously because Aram who is an experienced sports writer and know about the teams in the SGV believe they are the top dogs. I would take an experienced well known writers opinion over a bias non-experienced blogger any day you know its kind of like me going against the house when the house wins majority of the time, dumb move right. Let CO shine they will represent the SGV right.

  • Just sayin’

    Bully boy – you come on here and say “what you believe” every week, sometimes even with those exact words or ” I think…” same thing. like , “I think CO would win…”
    BTW – CalPreps and their know-nothing computer was over 80% last week in ALL games across the nation. Aram is 63% this season in the Fish Bowl.

  • Amat Bully

    Just sayin’
    didnt the other dude get on you about those predictions last time. Like he said its easy to be accurate on gimme games but the games thats up for grabs calpreps is about 50/50 anyone can predict CO to beat south pasadena. And when i use the term “i think” it normally ends with thats just my opinion not thats a fact like Gordon Gekko stated. so relax and stop “just sayin” things.

  • Amat Bully

    Just sayin’
    How’s those ratings working out for you this week so far if im not mistaking ole garfield ratings should had dropped.

  • realTALK

    gordon gekko…. have you even seen arcadia play? they were clearly the better team on the field each week and they actually gave the st francis game away. but if i recall arcadia has had league championships in 95 97 99 00 02 03 05 10, im not sure muir has ruled the pacific but they have been a dominate team, and they have always been out coached. as for mtown well i dont think their the same team so salvaged isnt the right word

  • Numbers guy

    bully, 80% on over 6500 games is pretty impressive. If you just blindly picked the team with the better record in those 6500 games, with no knowledge of anything, it would have been 66%. In 115 games this “experienced sports writer” is a few precentage points behind that.

  • Jefe

    Even though LH is a little banged up right now, they’d still beat 5 or 6 of the teams ahead of them.

  • Are U for real

    Aram now I know you dont like Pomona for whatever you reasons are but were you even at the game, of course not cause your spoon fed temple city self can never go down that way cause of the anxiety it causes you. If you would have been there you would have seen a pretty entertaining game which by all acounts covina did win. However i wouldnt say it was no problem, in fact pomona was one ridiculous call away from maybe even winning the game. Its ironic to me that you comment on what other people say without being there first hand, wow that is some reporting. No disrespect to covina becuase they are a good team with players who have football mentalities and heart but the game was much closer than even you the all knowing aram’s realizes. You may have a hate for particular people now associated with pomona and thats your own childish antics, you are no different than them, but if you are talking strictly football lets recap the game, covina had four turnovers as well as pomona, there first score came off a trick play which always signals a sense of desperation cause offensively they were not moving the ball anywhere. Secondly they had a great drive to open the third quarter which was the only real drive of the night. Then they get a botched snap for two points. If you look at the time of position covina had so many more oppurtunities but couldnt get the job done. Then pomona fires back with two scores and yes they were long balls but ironically if anyone should get put down it should be covina’s DB coach who you would think would of learned his lesson after the first amazing catch by #11. In fact why not comment on that aram that by far that second catch for a td is the best the val vista has seen all year. You cant comment on it , oh ya cause you werent there….. Start being objective instead of the little whiny guy you were at temple city high school…..

  • Are u for real, MS, Mike Lawry, David Rivera, Gano Recruiting Inc., Pomoma, Man of 1,000 aliases,

    You continue to embarrass yourself and anything you are associated with.

    Covina didn’t have its starting QB and this vaunted team filled with D-1 athletes that you touted ALL SUMMER LONG still couldn’t beat them. Now you’ve got excuses. Now you’re scoring it a victory because, like I said, you covered the spread or something. You had it, man. This powerhouse that you anointed back in summer had a gift-wrapped situation, playing Covina without its starting QB. Instead, you’re on a three-game losing streak. That’s the bottom line.

    You can blame the refs, but you created the refs with your dumb and obvious blog postings. You can blame the media for making the refs and just about everybody else dislike the program, but that’s ALL ON YOU. The coaches know it, I’ve gotten good info on just how much you all talk these days.

    Funny how Wilson is 0-4 and NOBODY has said a word. What’s the difference between this year and last year at Wilson? Did the Wilson fans suddenly lose their internet connections, or did they move east?

    I feel bad for the coaches and players at Pomona BECAUSE OF YOUR ACTIONS. You can try and deflect all the damage you’ve done EVERYWHERE YOU’VE BEEN, but the truth is out there and everybody knows it. I’ve got TONS OF EMAILS ABOUT YOU. TONS. I’M SURPRISED BY NONE OF IT.

    In the end, I would rather you cry and moan about me than do what you did last year to a coaching staff. So keep it going. I’ve waited out plenty like you and I will wait out plenty more in the future. In a few years, you’ll be a joke we all look back on and laugh at … just like the other insane fans/parents/dads before you.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I really don’t like to stick my nose where it don’t belong.

    But maybe some of you Pomona posters are reading too far into Aram’s blurb about Covina.

    “No Livingston, no problema vs. Pomona”

    It sounds more like Aram is pointing out that with out star QB Livingston, Covina is still moving on with the W. But you guys insist he has an agenda against you and take it as a jab at Pomona when it really is not. All summer long and into the season some Pomona bloggers have been crying for some respect with out earning it on the field yet. You guys had your shot to get some by beating Covina sans their star QB! Is that like seven or eight consecutive losses to Covina now? On top of that your coach spends his whole interview moaning about the officiating when in fact Covina was penalized more than Pomona.

    Respect is earned on the field, not by moaning on a blog! Continue to work hard and win games, and then you will find yourself crying less about Aram’s opinion or respect from others! I guarantee it!

  • Dan

    Top ten Rankings, head to head

    1 Bishop Amat – Till a local can beat them.

    2 Charter Oak – Roosevelt win not as impressive now but good showing against Rancho C., and CO does have impressive talent.

    3 La Habra – Was it an Emotional let down or harsh Pac 5 reality.
    4 St. Francis – Close wins over good teams in Arcadia and Venice, not sure how good West Ranch and La Crescenta are.

    5 West Covina – Getting healthier by the week, would like to see a plan B in case we run into a team who can stop our run game. Hope they keep mixing in a little shotgun spread despite the trouble they had with the snaps on Friday.

    6 Arcadia – Keeping a close eye on the Apaches, looks like they are a serious threat in this division.

    7 Covina – From the sound of it they pretty much turned one dimensional without Livingston last week, still was able to beat a talented Pomona team, hope he gets back soon.

    8 Chino Hills – Blowout losses to Tesoro and REV is the biggest concern, last year’s team would at least have kept it close, are they injured right now?

    9 San Dimas – Hottest team of the SGV? They handled Monrovia better than Glendora and South Hills, both who I would have picked over San Dimas after the Saints lost to Bonita.

    10 St. Paul – This would have been one of my top 5 teams up until last Friday’s close call with Ayala,who lost to Los Altos and Colony, but maybe that say’s more about Ayala’s improvement than St. Paul being exposed by Ayala. We’ll know more in two week when St.
    Paul plays Chaminade.

  • Bulldogs have bite,

    Don’t even waste your time. And don’t say “posters” because it’s ONE guy under one of his billions of aliases. There’s just no point. I want all of his ire directed at me and nobody else. So please, don’t waste your time. He wouldn’t understand anyway because it’s way above his level of comprehension.

    So let Mr. Man of 1,0000 aliases continue to cry and whine here and all the other places he frequents. Two months ago he was trying to direct traffic to the Mid Valley and now he’s all over their butts too. It’s one pathetic existence.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    I see. My appologies for lumping in the Pomona fan base that do have an objective opinion of football.

    It’s a shame too, I think his kid really does have some talent and it gets overshadowed with this madness.

  • BraveDad

    @ Dan,

    Since Thursday night’s game I’ve read a few posts talking about an “emotional letdown” for LH. What does that mean exactly? Are you trying to say that they were not ready to play mentally? I watched them take the field and they came out of the locker room jacked up and they looked ready. Coach M is a great coach Im sure he made sure his team was as ready as they could be; and, their fans we’re into it too. They took the opening kick, caught Bosco on their heels and almost went to the house for a quick 6 – 0 lead. Our speed took care of stopping the TD. Next play, Bosco pick; next play 75 yard Medina to Treggs TD; and, the route was on. The fact is, PAC5 teams are too big and fast for LH (I was very surprised at how small LH was at least compared to Bosco theyre small. LH will go on to a do well in their league and probably win another championship, but please lets all stop with the excuses (emotional, injuries, whatever they may be). We came to LHs house when even thought the other two would not and we showed that Bosco is a superior program. Two games in two years = two routes. Anyone who was in attendance knows the storey. Can we move on?


    JUST SAYIN, Good win on Friday! I’m just sayin’.LOL…

  • Lancelot

    In terms of Pundits in the know and experienced sports writers who “Know” what’s what, I do BELIEVE that Fred J. Robledo is ahead in the pick the winners, equals verified knowledge of the game and it’s participants contest. Keep up the good work Freddy! Stay objective and keep picking objectively with your mind and vast knowledge of high school football in the SGV.

  • Anonymous

    you need to get your facts straight every year you posted besides 03 arcadia shared League with Muir and one year with Burroughs. every year that you didnt post before the two addition Muir dominated the pacific. get your facts right in 99 Muir only lost came to CV and they destroyed Anthony Freeman from Arcadia that year, 97 CV actually won it that year if im not mistaking with kenny prichett. But most of all since Arcadia has been in the pacific league muir owns more pacific league titles than every team in the pacific league so rightfully Muir owns the pacific league. And lets not forget last year was Arcadia first time beating Muir in like 4 years or more.


  • @FatA@@

    Amazing how Aram wants us to believe all these comments are coming from one person. Aram assumes we are idiots. Anyone can see their is a totally different style of writing.

    I’m just not sure if Aram is to stupid to figure that out or he just wants all bloggers to continue to believe his lies. Either way Aram has no integrity, I’m sure that is why he is no longer working at Fox and now back at the Tribune in a lower position than when he left.

    Really Aram needs help, the massive weight gain, lashing out at others, and mod swings are signs of mental issues. Aram you have been back at the Tribune for over a year now and have put on at least 100 pounds. I didn’t think you made enough to afford to that much. Must be all those free meals getting your knees dirty.

  • The truth


    you either don’t know MS, or you just met him if in fact you are not him. For starters, he has single handedly attempted and or at times has succeeded to bring down any and all sports programs he has been involved with! For example, HH little league, Jr. all american football in HH, the LA football program, and Wilson’s football program. This is just to mention a few. Dont’ get me wrong, his kid is a good athlete but the dad is out of control! There was many times when I would sit there feeling terrible for his son after his dad made a fool out of himself. On a positive note…after this year he will be gone and we will be able to all look back and just laugh!

  • Same ol’ same ol’

    Brave Dad, Soooooo, Bosco is better than LH. Is that how you measure your success? Your a Pac 5 school, how have you done against Pac 5 teams in the say, the last 3-4 years? Well Maxpreps says you have 13 wins against 16 losses amongst Pac 5 opponents. No playoff games to speak of. And, 7 of those 13 wins were against Cabrillo and JSerra, statistically speaking, the dogs of that upper division. Would you disagree? The facts don’t lie. Enjoy your wins against D6 schools. You will begin your annual tail spin in about 3 weeks, but then, nobody knows this better than a Bosco Dad.

  • Other signs of mental disorder: THREE SCHOOLS in FOUR YEARS. Posting under 1,000 DIFFERENT aliases. People having NOTHING good to say about you EVERYWHERE you’ve gone. And losing track of reality during the summer months (touting Wilson last year and Pomona this year). You’re not doing too bad for yourself either.

  • the truth

    Aram…4 schools in five years. He held his son back one year and had him home schooled, LA, Wilson and Pomona in five years!

  • MtownOneLove…

    To my Monrovia Wildcats!
    Wow what can I say, it has been a rough start to say the least! We will bounce back… You guys are too talented to loose 3 in a row and be dead last on this list… Arcadia, San Dimas and South Hills were super tough! Lets learn from these games and move on! We have another big test Friday @ Paramount, change the momentum and bring home the win…

  • Stoopid Is

    the truth

    He attended high school for four years dumbazz, AND, where is your FOURTH school? LA, Wilson, Pomona = three.

  • Aram,
    Just think, If he teaches his kid that your not always gonna like your coach , but to hang in there , work harder and don’t complain.He would be the starting QB at 4-1 Los Altos instead of 2-3 Pomona, and he wouldn’t of made such an idiot of himself or embarassed his kid so much.


    Top ten Rankings, “Earned On the Field”

    1 La Puente – We Win and We Earn it. Amat, you should try it sometime. It gets you more respect from the SGV than anything else (including Fred).

    2 Charter Oak – They have the talent, the speed, and the tradition. We’ll go deep into the playoffs

    3 West Covina – Getting healthier by the week. Setting themselves up for league and a deep run in playoffs.

    4. St. Paul – at (4-0) you have to acknowledge them. No. 1 in the WDN!

    5 St. Francis – Close wins over good teams in Arcadia and Venice, not sure how good West Ranch and La Crescenta are.

    6 La Habra – League is coming. Hide the women and children. These guys will do their thing. Tradition!

    7 Covina – Livingston is back!

    8 Damien – Agree with Aram. This has got to be the worst 3-1. What a terrible record. Coaching staff has to go. Close the school even.

    9 San Dimas – Agree with Dan. Hottest team of the SGV outside of my Warriors and Charter Oak.

    10 Bishop Amat – even the L.A. Times and Eric Sondheimer seem to be tired of the soft schedule that Amat has in 2011. They killed Cathedral and the Times rewarded Amat by reducing them in the Times Top 25.

    It is our time. Lets go LP Warriors we are #1 in the SGV!

  • NINEteen95


    Old Mrs Laverne De Fazio 73

    Looks like your Far Far Superior Serry League got their a$$ handed to them by some inferior teams!

    – Vista Murrieta 38 beats Crespi 20
    – Upland 38 beats Loyola 23
    – Little ol Dorsey (city section) 13 beats Alemany 12

    Then you have the CUPCAKES
    – SO Notre Dame beats somebody called “Golden Valley”
    – BishopNOMAS is still passing the ball while beating a clearly outmatched cathedral. NO CLASS…!


  • NINEteen95


    Old Mrs Archie Bunker 73

    When FRED J ROBLEDO picks up his Amat paycheck this week, ask him why SERVITE lost Gorman but the L.A. Times didn’t drop them from their #1 spot?

    It seems that the L.A. Times is following the same logic that Aram did. Again FRED J is wrong and Aram is correct…

    No CIF Championship Ring 2011


  • SquarePeg


    Hey, slick Rick Godinez. How ya doin’ buddy? Nice to see you slither out from under your rock, and give a shout out. 😉

    The thing would have never worked out for Brandin at LA, and you know it. The other kids’ dad had his nose way too entrenched in the coach’s backside for everyone’s liking, so they left.

  • Darth VADAR

    According to FRED J
    Pac-5 Division
    BishopNOMAS is ranked #5 Amat (4-1) by the CIF polls and gives the lancers a hard back handed Biatch slap with this comment:
    “Amat might be the highest ranked Serra team in the Pac-5, but are they the best in the Serra?”

    FRED J, I would be worried also. Consider this BishopNOMAS honk:

    – GARFIELD (0 – 5) is ranked 26th (out of 28) in the CITY section
    – LA MIRADA (1 – 4) is ranked 23rd (out of 28) in the Southeast Div.
    – DAMIEN (3 – 1) is a middle of the pack team in teh Inland Division and we all know whats going to happen to them when league begins.
    – CATHEDRAL (2 – 2) is ranked 22nd (out of 32) in the weak a$$ Western Div
    – VENICE (1 – 3) is ranked 22nd (out of the same 28 weak a$$ teams) in the CITY section…!

    Can you see why Fred J is so worried about the NOMAS Lancers…?


  • Poormoaner

    “The other kids’ dad had his nose way too entrenched in the coach’s backside for everyone’s liking, so they left.”

    Translation: He got his nose in there before I could get mine in there so we left.

  • Jose NOMAS


    Are you kidding me Darth VADAR?

    Are you telling the entire SGV:
    BishopNOMAS has been playing against the 23rd best opponent in their respective divisions?

    Really? C’mon Man! No…C’mon Man!

    How does this happen? I just cannot articulate how disappointed and embarrassed I am about my team’s legacy. We are suppose to be an elite team in the Pac 5. What happend to our Pride and Tradition? This has got be the most Humiliating year for the old guys at Bishop!

    Lets schedule Mark Keppel in 2012…


  • NINEteen95

    FRED J

    This is what your #1 team in the SGV has played/will play against?

    – GARFIELD (0 – 5) is ranked 26th (out of 28) in the CITY section

    – LA MIRADA (1 – 4) is ranked 23rd (out of 28) in the Southeast Div.
    – DAMIEN (3 – 1)
    is a middle of the pack team in teh Inland Division and we all know whats going to happen to them when league begins.

    – CATHEDRAL (2 – 2) is ranked 22nd (out of 32) in the weak a$$ Western Div

    – VENICE (1 – 3) is ranked 22nd (out of the same 28 weak a$$ teams) in the CITY section…!

    Really, FRED J…? I think Aram has a great argument against you! Read it again…

    It Is What It Is…


  • Dan

    Brave dad,
    Why so sensitive. It was a legit question not a statement. One can’t help but wonder after giving two of the better teams in the state a run for their money, and taking both into the final minutes of the game and one of them into overtime, why such a big blowout loss to a Bosco team that may not have been as highly reguarded as the first two at the time. So I ask was La Habra super pumped up and playing above their heads against a couple of the best teams in the Pac 5 and could not keep that same intensity for a third week? Or could it be they matched up well this year with those first two teams and may be able to repeat the process, but don’t match up well with the speed of SJB? Or could it be that the first two teams took La Habra too lightly while SJB did not make that same mistake. Without having seeing the game, I beg the question.

  • realTALK

    are you serious!!? sharing a league title is still winning a league title are you dumb!!! and im sorry before last year your right muir did beat arcadia 4 straight years but before that arcadia had slapped muir in the face from 99-03 get your SHIT straight! im a pacific league fan and I KNOW THAT! so yeah muir has more league titles but to say muir owns it is straight stupid! to own league you better have a loop sided win percentage! get a clue foooo!

    nice try though! all you old muir players/fans are the same!

  • realTALK

    step up ese????

    you really have covina, san dimas, and la puente over arcadia and other school which are way better?? you must be from la puente
    this is ridiculous but you are entitled to your opinion, good one!




  • Colt74

    How Charter Oak gets to be rated number 1 is beyond comprehension.
    Here’s why….

    Covina played two division VII ( scheduled up ) teams in the preseason. Lost by 6 in OT to one and demolished the other one.
    Finished preseason 3-1
    Does that qualify them to be the number one? HELL NO!

    Charter Oak played one division VI and one division VII ( scheduled down ) with a loss in their ONE “step up” game.
    Finished preseason 4-1 ( less games in league )
    But that qualifies them to be ranked number one?

    Are you serious??????

    Bishop Amat OR St. Francis deserve the top spot.

  • Colt74

    St. Francis CLEARLY deserves to be number 1!

    Charter Oak ( Div. 2 ) opponents they have combined records 7-12 avg strength 18.72 played 2 teams 4 (Esperanza) and 5 (Santa Fe) divisions below them outscored opponents 155-62

    Bishop Amat ( Div 1 ) : opponents records 6-12 avg strength 19.6 played 1 team ( damien/rivalry) 1 division below them, and 1 team 3 divisions below them ( Cathedral), and one team 6 divisions below ( La Mirada). outscored opponents 144-27

    St. Francis ( Div. 4 ) :opponents record 11-6 avg strength 24. 975
    outscored opponents 128-45

    Played ( AND BEAT ) 1 Div I, 1 Div. III, and 2 Div. VII.

  • REALLY???? What are you smokin’

    “STEP UP ESE! said:
    Top ten Rankings, “Earned On the Field”
    1 La Puente – We Win and We Earn it. Amat, you should try it sometime. It gets you more respect from the SGV than anything else (including Fred).
    2 Charter Oak – They have the talent, the speed, and the tradition. We’ll go deep into the playoffs
    3 West Covina – Getting healthier by the week. Setting themselves up for league and a deep run in playoffs.
    4. St. Paul – at (4-0) you have to acknowledge them. No. 1 in the WDN!
    5 St. Francis – Close wins over good teams in Arcadia and Venice, not sure how good West Ranch and La Crescenta are.
    6 La Habra – League is coming. Hide the women and children. These guys will do their thing. Tradition!
    7 Covina – Livingston is back!
    8 Damien – Agree with Aram. This has got to be the worst 3-1. What a terrible record. Coaching staff has to go. Close the school even.
    9 San Dimas – Agree with Dan. Hottest team of the SGV outside of my Warriors and Charter Oak.
    10 Bishop Amat – even the L.A. Times and Eric Sondheimer seem to be tired of the soft schedule that Amat has in 2011. They killed Cathedral and the Times rewarded Amat by reducing them in the Times Top 25.”

    Really now?? Come on just because the Raiders haven’t lost all their games yet this year, don’t get loco.

    #1 La Puente…LOL…the combine records of the teams they beat is 5-12 and ave ranking in CA is 728…LOL..oh mighty Div 11 La Puente….you on crack?

    #2 Charter Oak hasn’t beaten anyone decent…the combined records of the teams they beat , 6-12. They will not be a factor in the inland division playoffs…might not win their league
    #3 West Co. – Decent, but nothing like last year…may win their weak division

    #4 St. Paul – Barely beat a bad Ayala team….combined opponents record 4-16

    Amat , even though they aren’t dominant is better than these teams….so is Chino Hills, even with their 3 losses to very good teams. You know NOTHING about HS football in this area.

  • Schedule Up

    ‘Funny stuff on Damien. Look at the schedule.. Do you really think they’ll break .500

  • AMAT 73

    notsincehebecame Quasimoto the village idiot ,
    Can you all hear the cries, water, water, waterrrrrrrrrr . Well Quasi looks like you’ve been spinning on that wheel too long or the ringing of the bells have gotten to you because you are so dizzy you don’t know what you’re saying these days. Now the Serra is full of cupcakes after you’ve been riding them as world beaters ( typical of your bandwagon azz ),so by that are you saying WC is a far ,far worst team now that Loyola has been exposed to be a pretender and WC could not beat them , La Puente is the #1 team in the valley, ( I guess your thinking is you can’t join the AMAT crowd so join their neighbor just to be close to them )and now disrespecting your beloved CO and putting them behind LP. Well here’s your drink of waterrrrrrrrrr and I will as a treat throw you a bone . Now back in your corner and start licking that bone of yours. Also I don’t see you talking up Servite that much as you were before. But that’s just like you ride a team until they lose , then cast them to the wind. You member , member, like you did Bonita, Damien , who’s next Quasi ??????

  • Anonymous

    Are you stupid or something in 99 thats when Arcadia had Anthony freeman and Muir had Kelvan Price Muir destroyed Arcadia that year dont forget that and like i said Muir won way more pacific league titles than Arcadia LOOK IT UP IDIOT you have no idea what your talking about stop givibg Arcadia victories that they dont have Arcadia has never won c.i.f before and never will Muir has and will again. And if you wanna get technical with it Anthony Freeman, Adarius Bailey all from Pasadena oh and Blair Lewis. Just accept the fact that you guys are a good team this year but don’t knock the king of the pacific because you beat them. to end this mess answer one question for me Who has the most pacific league titles since Arcadia entered the pacific league? hint they wear blue and gold.

  • Anonymous

    i have another question for you in head to head matchups between Arcadia and Muir who has more wins? hint they wear blue and gold.

  • Anonymous

    one more fact for you in three sports track, basketball and football Muir dominates Arcadia in those category’s. I can’t say anything about your baseball team you guys are partially kings with CV in that category but in those other three sports Muir has a winning overall record against every team in the pacific league look it up.

  • Amat Bully

    Aram i respect your rankings unlike Fredj he still has his favorite amat team number 1 when in every ranking amat has dropped i dont see what Fred’s sees but he stay giving amat excuses and he stay ranking them number 1. Its obvious Fredj is an Amat fan no doubt about it.

    TRUTH: if i had said this on Fredj blog he would had deleted my ip address only because i voiced my opinion against his precious Amat. And to you Amat fans im not bashing you im just speaking facts check out every other ranking from national to state to whatever you’ll see that what im saying is true and like they say the truth hurts.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – you’ll also notice that in every one of those rankings – Amat is also rated ahead of ChOak.

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’
    out of all the serra league teams Amat plays the weakest schedule and according to our own SGV writer who has seen both teams and is not bias knows a little more than maxpreps who doesn’t see the teams and or calpreps i rather take an unbias writer who knows both teams rankings than a bias or a person/computer that knows nothing about the teams any day.

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’
    you failed to answer my question though the other day.
    HOW ARE THOSE RATINGS LOOKING NOW THAT GARFIELD IS 0-5 im pretty sure those numbers you posted before friday had to change.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – FJR has seen both teams too – so looks like a standoff there – doesn’t it? If you compare their picks % FJR is a bit ahead – so tough to question his choice too. You just happen to agree with the one that suits your purpose.
    As for schedules, I’m not gonna do the math and if you did (based on past performance) you’d screw it up anyway, but Amat has played no one as bad as Pasadena or Eastside (Alemany) and Jordan or Palisades (Crespi) – who were the supposed favorites coming into the season.
    I’m sure Garfield dropped but couldn’t be below Santa Fe (or Ayala for that matter LOL) and I bet Cathedral isn’t either. BTW – I’m pretty sure Venice is ranked higher than anyone ChOaks beaten so far – and the rest of the rough and tumble Sierra League LOL!

  • BraveDad

    @ Dan,

    Thanks for the explanation. As I wrote yesterday I’ve read the “emotional letdown” comment/question a few times and wondered exactly what people were getting at. I’ve watched Coach M’s teams play since he arrived at LHHS and they are always mentally/emotionally prepared, just as they seemed Thursday. That said, LHHS simply does not match up well with Bosco. If you recall, they played OLu tight last season too and Servite, as prolific as their offense was last season, only scored 21 against LH last season. Bosco put up 76 over two games Another point that speaks to the matchup issue is that Coach Negro ran pretty much the same system at Trabuco Hills and could not get over the LH hump. Now with faster, stronger, and bigger players the system works like a charm against LH. Another part of the problem is that I think LH underestimated Bosco going into the games. We did the same thing against Loyola and we went down 14 0 before the seats were warm. You cant do that against a quality team. As I said, LH will do well this season and I wish them the best. The question now is: can we get into the d%mn playoffs!!!! And you know what, I like the fact that a lot of people think we cant because we are a dangerous team to underestimate.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – had a chance to look at the numbers and here’s a funny one. Cathedrals ranking went UP with a 56-7 loss to Amat and they ROSE 303+ spots NATIONALLY! What does that tell you about Amat? LOL!

  • Amat Bully

    just sayin’
    you know i wouldn’t compare Alemany non-league to Amat, Chaminade, Dorsey and jw north is ranked higher than everyone on Amat schedule except Servite and besides their rating is much higher than yours with 2 loses and is only 9 spots behind Amat in state. Amat my not had played worst but they also haven’t played better either Cathedral barely beat pasadena and i think eastside would probably beat both teams (in my opinion) but like i told you before those rankings and ratings will drop soon and very soon as you see even when Amat wins they still drop but Cathedral will drop and so will Garfield and La mirada. by next week Amat schedule will probaby be rated the softest in the SGV out of the top 5 teams in the SGV.

    Whats funny is that Amat ranking went south and Cathedral went up i dont understand that even though they had amat winning 48-6.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – you don’t listen very well do you? Next week Amat plays Venice who is rated higher than EVERYONE on ChOaks schedule besides Rancho Cucamonga, so Amat’s #’s will go UP!

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – I even forgot about Alemany’s tough matchup with Beverly Hills – rated at 2.4. So that’s THREE teams worse than the worst team Amat plays. Funny thing about Dorsey – they had to come form behind to beat Garfield by one score! Garfield’s no good though? – right? So which is it – is Dorsey good – or not?
    So have someone do that math for you and average all of them together – then get back to us

  • Lancelot

    amat “valley guy” bully – I have to sit back here and laugh at you, floundering while “just sayin” keeps serving you up long tall glasses of SHUT THE HELL UP!!! HA, HA, HA!

  • There Has GOT To Be A Reason

    Come on guys…Charter Oak is rated here above Bishop Amat because of where they are rated on the LA Times Top 25.
    Oh wait… mention of them there.


  • Gordon Gekko


    Yes, my words are only opinions. Thanks for revealing the obvious. As to how you intrept them is your prerogitive. For me this is pure entertainment.

    Hedge only on quality and proven trends. Quality programs are envied and copied in many ways.


    Where do I start..? With names like Pat Haden, John Sciarra, John McKay Jr., John Jackson, Daylon McCutcheon, Ralphn Brown, etc…. A storied winning tradition, alumni coaches on staff and an active alumni.

    -ST. PAUL (Whittier)-
    Appears that St. Paul is making a concerted to a return to glory with the rehiring of Marijon Ancich. Whether you love or hate THE PIT, the Swordsmen look to be back. They have a decent following and alumni.

    -MUIR- Too many former NFL, NBA and Olympians to mention. Mustangs have had and continue to possess some of the best athletes in the state. They also have loyal alumni. Granted they have had their ups and downs in recent times, however, I wouldn’t count the Stangs out. They’ll be back very soon. NCAA coaches are always attracted to the latest talent on Lincoln Ave.

    Another Parochial School that offers what others envy: a winning program, competition, dedicated coaches, alumni on coaching staff and a successful network of alums.

    FYI: VALLEY and L.A.

    I am sure I am leaving some schools out. Sorry. Tell me how wrong I am with my selections.

  • Amat Bully

    just gayin’
    Alemany ratings are still higher than Amat’s. And like the other dude said below CO is ranked higher than Amat in the La times, thats one i missed but nvm that rankings will change soon enough by all papers and Amat will be number 2 or 3 where they belong.

    YOU HAVE TO BE THE ONLY SANE PERSON I KNOW THAT LAUGHS AT HIS OWN JOKES……AND AGAIN YOUR SITTING ON ANOTHER MANS LAP INSTEAD OF STANDING ON YOUR OWN FEET, just sayin’ is just bringing up ratings IDIOT thats it and those ratings change every week so if i was you i would get off his lap because in a few weeks those ratings are going to change and im going to be on here throwing just sayin’ own strategy back in his face and if your still on his lap when that happens then your just being used by just gayin’.

  • Amat Bully

    Correction CO isn’t ranked in the LA times that’s why i didnt catch that. yeah even the greatest makes mistakes thats my fought for siding with another blogger which i never do and dont know why i did but oh well it is what it is.

  • Amat Bully

    I correct myself again Alemany rating is 42 while Amats is 43.7 just barely ahead of a team with two loses but again that will change in a few weeks.

    And to all the idiots thats going to jump on my mistakes go ahead because thats all your going to be able to go off of.

  • Bosco Tech Dad

    Where is Bosco Tech in all this. They are 5-0 and playing some pretty good football. Are they not considered part of the SGV. South El Monte is not too far from DBT and they are considered part of the SGV.

  • Confusious say

    Bully-san, it is better to not post and be thought a fool – – – – than to post and remove all doubt.
    As Lancelot and sayin’ say – – – SHUT THE HELL UP!

  • Lancelot

    amat “valley guy” bully

    Uhhhh,I mean….er, hold on….ah, ah, just a second, uuuhhhhh, when I said, er, I mean, that’s not what I, uuuhhh, oh shoot! HA, HA, HA, HAAAAA, HAAAAAA!!!!
    YOU. ARE. A C. L. O. W. N.!!!!

  • Amat Bully

    Confusious say said
    real men correct themselves when they’re wrong and not run and hide in a corner like a little BIATCH like you.

    Dang your still laughing at your own joke…..when will you ever make a point that you come up with……


    Amat Bully,
    You’re drowning in the deep blue sea , that’s Royal Blue sea that is . Give it a rest you are seriously doing CO no favors fighting this battle with no ammo in your gun. You need to consider changing your name to Lone Fool because you can’t really think you’re bullying Amat . On second thought by your posts I believe you do think that because anyone suckered into believing CO would be rated in the Times is truely a fool.

  • Lancelot

    amat”valley guy”bully- I did make my point.

    YOU – ARE – A -CLOWN!

    Maybe you didn’t think it was my point because you are so used to hearing everyone else saying the same thing to you!?!?!? BAAHAAAHAAAHAAAA!!!!!

  • Frank

    Wow, amat bully got clowned. What a sucker, but who’s surprised. Amat bully if you need any counselling after those embarrassing post, I can help.
    Sincerly Frank

  • COChargerfan

    Its funny how people focus narrowly on opponents combined records to make assumptions that one team is better than another.

    So what makes St. Francis so good? They beat Arcadia (D7 with big wins against Monrovia, Temple City and Muir), Crescenta Valley (D7 with 3 wins against crappy teams), Venice (a 1-3 City Section team) and West Ranch (a 3-1 D3 team whose wins are against really, really bad teams)whoop-i-dee-dooo.

    How does that make them better than CO? Look at Roosevelt. Sure they are 1-3 but they lost to CO (ranked #75), Murrieta Valley (#114) and Norco (#37)all good fellow D2 teamsand their one win is against the Pac-5 team Compton High. Id be willing to bet my house that if they played, Roosevelt would beat Arcadia, Crescenta Valley, Venice and West Ranch. The fact is that these average Inland teams are just better than those teams.

    And Colt74, heres a reality checkyour Covina team would get slaughtered by Roosevelt and the rest of the middle of the pack Inland teamsheck, if Roosevelt were in the Southeast Id be willing to bet that they would be ranked #1. Beating the Gladstones, Walnuts and El Montes of the world may make you all warm and fuzzy inside but theres a reason why you play these teams and not the ones in the Inlandisnt there??? When is the last time Covina took on one of these teamsyou want to count Ontario Christian??? Right. Remember when you played Glendora last in 2007and got annihilated 57-6? BTW, CO beat Glendora that year. Heck, Santa Fe and Esperanza would both beat Covina.

    And AMAT 73why is Loyola a pretender? Isnt it just possible that they are still one of the elite Pac-5 teams and Upland is just a notch above? Are Alemany and Crespi pretenders too? If so, doesnt that mean that the Serra League is overrated? Just wondering.

    And this strength of schedule stuff is a bunch of hooey. It operates off the starting assumption that the initial top raked teams are the gold standard and makes adjustments from there as the season progresses. So, assuming that Loyola is a pretender, every team that played them that was ranked below them pretty much gets a ranking boost just for playing themthat is, before they lost. Why? But, once Loyola lost to a lower ranked teamno matter how good they are they take a big ranking hit and the SOS numbers dive for every team that played them. Look at what just sayin saidCathedrals ranking went UP after getting killed by Amatwhy does a team get rewarded for getting killed by a higher ranked team? Like I said, a whole lot of hooey.

    And CO was ranked by the Times before they lost to Ranchowho is ranked in the top 25.

  • Amat Bully

    just two weeks ago CO was rated in the times until they lost to Rancho……

  • CO Bro

    Absolutely embarrassed by this clown!

  • Whistlin Dixie

    Charter Oak lost one game and got BOUNCED from the Top 25? I see other programs that have one loss ad they are still in the Top 25. Why did Charter Oak get the BOOT after only one loss? Hmmmmm……?

  • AMAT 73

    Come on now man , do you really think I believe Loyola or any other Serra league team to be pretenders ????? Won’t address any of the other questions unless you really want me to but just consider who my post was directed to and look at what I was replying to . 1995 10-03-11 @8:08 pm. Read that post first then we can talk , if you like.


    Princess Lancelot,

    Live it up while you still have time. You have one more week until the onslaught begins. You see, amat may well be 5-1 after this week’s game against Venice, but these games don’t count for much. What does count are league games and you guys are simply going to be outmatched in league play. Your going to get smashed by Alemany, smashed by Crespi, smashed by Loyola and beaten by Notre Dame. Your little 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing pound linemen are going to get thrown around like rag dolls. So live it up while you still can because princess lancelot, you won’t be prancing around after you go 0-4 in league.

    CO Bro, Amat Bully may not come off as being eloquent, but at least the guy has the balls to come on here and stand up for his team and speaks his mind. First off you need to grow a pair and secondly, until you have something substantial to say, get off Bully’s back. You my friend are the embarrassment.


    Princess Lancelot AAAAHHH, HA! HA! HA! AHA, AHA BAAAHAAA! Whew, stop it with the comedy BISHOP. You’re killin me man….wooo hooo……Ok.Ok. Ahem. Yes. Now I’m ready. Perhaps you will find this just as funny?

    Ok, now here we go….The four muskateers finally coming together even if one of you three is actually the same dumb a$$ (Bishop no mas,DarthLechero, nonsenseNINEteen95) and amat “valley guy” bully.

    Sorry DarthlechenonsenseNINEteen95 if I came down a little hard on the little buddy BUT he is proving to be just as much of a scurge as you are! BOTH of you IDIOTS are just as baseless as my posts. valley guy in his unwavering Amat envy and You bishop nomas, et al…

    Why don’t you dumb sticks join together and form half a brain to post under?
    DarthValleyGuy19AmatnonsenseBully95….I know it’s long but you obviously can cut and paste, so it shouldn’t be that hard.

    A marriage made in Heaven. Now its official you Biatches can be considered an item. You can’t fight the feeling Nomas or you valley bully. Go ahead, sing it…. TO ALL THE LANCERS I’VE LOVED BEFORE….YOU WERE/ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND, YOU ARE ALWAYS ON MY MIND….

    BOTH you gimps have nerve trying to call out ANYBODY on ANY Blog. Talk about a waste of space….I will continue match your BS with my BS whenever either one of you mental midgets pops off. Until next time boys! LATER!

  • BracveDad

    @ Same ol’ same ol’,

    As I’ve said before jack a#$, Im not talking about the past, I am talking about now. And as far as LH, the only reason I commented is because Im sick of their smack talking – they talk smack and make excuses even after getting thumped. As for you, what school do you support? You want to talk smack at least have the nads to say what your horse’s name is pansy. Does your team play in the PAC5? Are they in the Trinity League? Until I know the answer to who you are you are simply an insignificant trouble making, immature smack talker. More than likely you’re one of those LH fans that love the taste of their own foot because PAC5 schools have respect for Bosco even though we’ve not made the playoffs since ’04. They know we’ll come to play every Friday (oh and at times on Thursdays too, right LH). This is a new Bosco era so why dont you give it a rest and see what happens. Heck if you can behave with some class come out and watch the team first before opening your big mouth.


    And to think that Amat bully for sure and probably Sybil aka notnomaslechrodarth1995esesince are 2 of CO’s finest graduates. They are fine examples of the value of a CO education .

  • Colt74

    Covina does not need to play any Inland teams. And, we are discussing THIS year not years past. But I DO understand how you would love to live in the past. Except last year that is.

    But I sure wish we could play you guys.
    If you think that you were embarrassed in the passing league… I believe the Colts would slap the lips off of the Chargers. AND I think San Dimas could too.

    You talked a whole paragraph about how you think OTHER teams would beat Covina/slaughter Covina. I saw no mention of how Charter Oak would beat the Colts. Is that because you believe what I believe…that the Colts are better than you?

    Ask your coach to schedule up next year and schedule us.

    How’s THAT for a reality check?

    I think you will squeak by South Hills (again)
    Beat Ayala
    Then lose to Claremont, Damien, and Chino Hills
    and finish 5-4
    Let’s see if I am right.

  • WOW


  • D-Mo

    Colt74, I too am impressed with the team Covina has this year, but COChargerfan has you thinking irrationally. In my humble opinion, the Chargers are a better team this season. I am not saying the Colts couldn’t compete, but they would need more breaks than Esperanza got against us.
    If they “scheduled up” to play the Colts next season….well, there are going to be some very good CO players coming back. Some current starters will still be playing in 2013.
    No way we get beat by all 3 of those Sierra teams you listed. No way.

  • Colt74

    Everyone has their opinions. I posted mine. Don’t agree?
    Oh well. It doesn’t change what I think.

    And WOW…watching Jerry Springer right now….it’s great! Your Mom and Bigfoot are on. I guess the show is about Bigfoot’s not paying child support…

  • TGee


    You’re funny. I just read the post You left for The Livingston’s family and thought WOW what a nice fella. Then I click onto this blog lol leave the mom and BIG foot alone hahaha you crack me up. By the way is Livingston leading your league and devision in passing?

  • Colt74

    How could Livingston be leading the league? He has been out for almost 2 whole games and in our blowouts the starting offense was pulled early.
    But considering that he has been out more than he has been in his stats are pretty nice. Huh?
    Think what they would be if he was left in for the full games and did not suffer the injury.
    And…his stats have not been updated on maxpreps since the El Monte game.

    Also, the stabs at Charter Oak….hey…Bishop Amat can’t have ALL the fun! only takes 2 pound test to get a bite…

  • Amat Bully

    You never once came down on me your to busy riding other blogger laps instead of coming with your own facts. stand on your own two feet you idiot. and like i said before all he is doing is bringing up ratings that change every week so when they change in my favor your going to look like the A$$ you never see because its always on someones laps.

    i admire your hate toward the Amat nation which might be more than the dislike i have for them and the facts you bring to the blog, But im a man i stand alone and really don’t need anyone to back me up and im no idiot i did notice the insult in there also but it just goes to show your clever at what you do and because of that i won’t return fire with fire, but anymore of those insults toward me then well you know a man gotta do what a man gotta do and IT IS WHAT IT IS.

    Colt 74:
    you also know your stuff and stands behind your team to the fullest but calling out the kings of the SGV is a no no, in my opinion Covina would be a good game for the first half but thats it the talent and size at CO would over whelm Covina who also have good size but not as much talent.

  • TGee


    Telepathy, in the Sierra’s now. Making my way down from Reno. Traveling for work selling some meds. It’s getting COLD up here. I take my pole everywhere I go. SIERRA GOD garlic flava. Killing them. I was assuming Livingston was leading along with the others from TRIBS prep xtra mag. It was just a question. Hey whats up with the CO and BA people always jumping onto everyone else blogs. They should start their own.
    Good luck you got by POWER HOUSE Pomona and the crazy dad hahahaha

  • COChargerfan

    No AMAT 73, personally I dont think that Loyola, Crespi or Alemany are pretenders. You are the one that called Loyola such and this led to my comments. I think that all three teams are part of the elite in the Pac-5 and not the middle of the road teams that some are portraying them as being just because they got beat by their Inland counterparts. I think theres a lot of parity and on any given Friday its a toss up as to who would win between the elite Pac-5 and Inland teams.

    Colt74, think about it for a minute, if CO already beat the teams that I said would beat Covina what does that mean??? And other than West Covina, when is the last time that Covina played teams as good as South Hills, Chino Hills, Ayala or Claremont? They dont, do they? Instead they play those powerhouses named Gladstone, El Monte and PomonaLMAO. Ill say it again, Roosevelt would win the Southeast and in your weak D10, there would be a running clock at the end of every game. And since CO beat Rooseveltyoure a smart guy so put 2 and 2 together. Ive been reading your crap for a two years now and heres the deal, the reality is your team is about 50% as good as you think they areBTW, my grandmother, mom and many relatives graduated from Covina High so I dont exactly have a bone to pick with the school.

    And Im still waiting for some rational reason to rank St Francis above CO.

  • Colt74

    Just because YOU think a team would beat Covina does not mean it would happen. And…”And other than West Covina, when is the last time that Covina played teams as good as South Hills, Chino Hills, Ayala or Claremont?”

    So, you beat Chino Hills and Claremont last year and this year? I don’t think so.
    Get off this last year or 5 years ago crap. We ( at least I have been ) talking THIS year. Now. Tonight. Tomorrow. Next week. And playing them is not the same as beating them now is it?
    I think that Covina could beat South Hills and Ayala without Livingston too. But don’t call us out for not being able to beat Chino Hills and Claremont when YOU CAN’T! My statement was that Covina could slap the lips off of Charter Oak…I did not mention anyone else. Why are you?

    How many divisions down did you guys schedule in preseason again? And the one “step up” game? How did that turn out for you?

    Just because Aram thinks you guys walk on water does not mean the rest of us non delusional people do too.



    I posted all kinds of rational thinking wht St. Francis is better than Charter Oak.

    No habla english?

  • Colt74

    In parting…to show that I’m not the only one that thinks like I do:

    Calpreps Predictions

    Covina (CA) 28, Claremont (CA) 17
    Covina (CA) 24, Chino Hills (CA) 22
    Covina (CA) 35, South Hills (West Covina, CA) 28
    Covina (CA) 27, Ayala [Ruben S.] (Chino Hills, CA) 17
    Covina (CA) 34, Roosevelt [Eleanor] (Corona, CA) 21
    Charter Oak (Covina, CA) 28, Covina (CA) 17

    I think the Charter Oak prediction they missed. But hey, they got 5 out of 6 right. Most of the season Caplreps had us favored. I guess playing that POWERHOUSE Santa Fe impressed them?



  • COChargerfan

    Colt74…enjoy your fantasy. If those predictions are correct, my only comment is who knew that the Calprep’s computers could smoke crack? I’ve seen Wilson and Ayala and I can guarantee you that Ayala is 10 times better.

  • Colt74

    “I’ve seen Wilson and Ayala and I can guarantee you that Ayala is 10 times better.”

    And I’ve seen Pam Anderson and Carmen Electra and I can guarantee you that Carmen Electra is 10 times better.


    Computers smoking crack….
    In line with the rest of your argument….

    Another typical Charter Oak blogger. Present them with facts and logic and it’s all fantasy and crack.

  • Mid Valley Fan

    Dude,,, stop it! You’re absolutely sounding like all those crazy azz Monrovia fans and I know you know what I mean. Sounds like these meaningless polls get the best out of people.

  • Lancelot

    Try as you may VALLEYamatBullyGUY- you will never be disassociated from your new Amat disliking/hating buddy! The reason being is that any MORON who changes his name to an AMAT insult is deserving of all the crap he gets and any MORONIC IDIOT who takes the time to post the same stupid crap day in and day out about the same team is also deserving of the crap that he gets. In reading your post I have a question though, are the Four Muskateers are breaking up? Well, at least this week C.O.s opponent is stronger than last weeks Santa Fe team…..How about I fix you up with a lap dance since you are so fixated on them? That is IF your mom allows you to have company in her basement?

  • AMAT 73

    Let’s twist again like you did last summer. Once again you twist a post to fit your fight . I never wrote that you think the Serra league are pretenders. What I wrote was the question to you of do you really think that I not you but I, I , I , as in me, AMAT 73 , believe Loyola or any other Serra league team to be pretenders since that was the first question you posed to me .As I tried to point out to you my reply was to someone who tried to put them in that light because they lost this past Friday. I defintely know they are not pretenders and agree with you that they are part of the elite or top teams of the PAC-5 . What I don’t believe is trying to put the whole Inland as measuring up to the PAC-5. Yes there are teams in the Inland that can compete but how many teams are you talking about as compared to the PAC-5 . I would put teams of the Trinity and Serra as all maybe except Bosco ( just kidding BraveDad ) top teams in the PAC-5 and there are more ,but 10 to start with are enough . How many of the Inland can stand with them . Of course taking out the on any given Friday senario . Now just for the hell of it give us your list of the elite of the Inland. If you care to that is .

  • Amat Bully

    She-male Lancelot:
    you say that as if its considered blaspheme to have a name that somewhat disrespect Amat. Maybe your a little to much attached to Amat, its kind of creepy the love that you have for them it seems like you look at Amat as if the program is your personal GOD that you worships. I get it your the type of dude that cries after every game whether they win or lose and volunteers to hand wash every player jock strap. And dude if your not going to talk about football then i will just ignore you unlike other amat fans their insults come with either knowledge about the game or facts from the past, you on the other hand i think your just a flunkie a life long water boy now go make sure the water tempature is just right amat has a game if its considered a game tomorrow so hop to it, YOU CAN DO IT.

    If my screen name hurts your feelings so much well,……….live with it lady its not going to change.

    And again im a man i love women they’re one of GOD’S greatest creations on earth so basically i dont accept lap dances from psycho’s, men or Amat parents.


    amat bully,
    That was not much of an insult by the person you admire so much . It was more truth than insult . Eloquent = vivid or movingly expressive. Articulate , fluent, of which you are none . Even you have to admit your writing does leave something to be desired. But then again you have that top notch CO education that powers your prose so go figure . Or it just might have to do with the company you keep , such as your hero nomas and others. Hang around long enough with shiat and you slowly become a turd.

  • Lancelot

    Ha, Ha, Ha!!! I get a kick out of you amat”valley guy”bully. I tell ya, you sure do make a point of letting everyone know that you like males, I mean, FE-males. Me thinks thoust does protest too much my man. It’s all good, I’m not here to discuss your private life and whatever you do in that closet is your own business. On another level, I thik I have been quite clear on my feelings regarding your screen name and why you are the receipient of my, uhhhh, attention? By the way….take the lap dance dude, maybe the worm will turn for you? AND OD COURSE the water is good to go….High Quality H20! Because Amat plays tonight dipstick! Ya know what….I got a new screen name for you. AMAT BOOTY – It fits you because you are enthralled with AMAT so much and you are also an a$$(thus the BOOTY)Plus it kind of looks like bully (sort of). Enjoy your new status as:


  • Amat Bully

    drag queen Lancelot
    Truthfully dude your making me uncomfortable responding to you. Im going to leave you alone so that you wouldn’t make anymore references to my A$$. so on that note have a nice day.

    thanks for the correction i noticed it after i made the post. And the little insult was funny like your friend lancelot and his attraction to the same sex. But stay around hopefully your into correcting because your Amat grad in lancelot have a problem with spelling and your computer is great with the spell check and all the other features you must of been top of your class good for you thanks Mr./Mrs DiCKtionary


    amat bully,
    Noticed the small i when you spelled DiCKtionary . Are you trying to tell the blog something. By the way I think you either need a proof reader for your posts or someone to read you the posts directed towards you as you have been doing a lot of correcting yourself lately. Lay off on the haterade , it’s clouding your thoughts. And if you’re capable think before you write your replies. You’re making yourself out to be a bigger a$$hole then bloggers already perceive you to be.

  • Amat Bully

    Notice the small “i” really dude, LOL you just wanted in so you go and point out absolutely nothing want a F*CK!n& LOSER “notice the LOSER in capitals”. I hope your the same person writing under different screen names, it can’t possibly be that many iDiots sItting behind a computer sCreen looKing for someone to make a small mistake. NOTICE THE HIDDEN MESSAGE that’s what you are. this is a sports blog talk about sports and stop grading others post or in fact just mine because if you check out everyone’s post there’s a mistake or two in them. i hope its just one idiot under different screen names if not you Amat fans are…………

    F*ck!n& LOSERS……

  • Lancelot

    Wow dude, you are really starting to lose it! Such language? Hang in there little buddy but remember you brought this on yourself. HA, HA, HA, HA!!!!

  • Amat Bully

    Queen Lancelot
    What does anything you said have to do with sports? and im never losing it but for someone to laugh at their own jokes brings up some concern…..Get over dude and worry about your GOD Amat against a well under matched Venice.


  • Colt74

    amat bully,
    Beware of the rath for Amat is not GOD but it has been said that HE is a Lancer . Is your middle name Duncan by any chance because you’re spinning like a top or going up and down like a yo yo . Either way pulling your string is very entertaining.

  • Jokester

    Do any Lancers out there remember the joke Coach Lokar told about God being a Lancer at the Athletic Excellence Banquet? Gotbig laughs.

  • Whittier

    St Paul is arguably one of the top schools in the area. Being in the western division is tough! I really think they could beat St Francis maybe their only loss would he to chaminade or Serra but they will make play offs this year!

  • Colt74

    H-U-G-E win for South Hills tonight over Los Osos! South Hills – Charter Oak needs to be the game of the week next Friday!

  • Lancelot

    AMAT BOOTY – you can’t shut up to save your own life! HA,HA,HA!!!! What a Moron you are! Took care of Venice…got the “W”. On to league. I heard the C.O. score was Charter Oak 7 BYE 10. Don’t worry though because BYE was your hardest opponent next to RC and I think you will actually move up in the rankings this week. BAHAAAAAA! HAAA! HAAAA!

  • Jokester

    LOL – CO’s two best weeks in the last 4 years – a BYE and a TIE!!

  • COChargerfan

    AMAT 73, my bad. I read your post again and see that you were being sarcastic. Please accept my apology.

    Colt74, using the Calpreps computer projections are akin to the mistakes novices make in reading the Daily Racing Form…novices look a race times and speed ratings and then believe that an allowance horse can beat the stakes horses just because they are running similiar times…but it just doesn’t happen very often. Why? Well because final times are deceiving due to track speed that day, pace, etc. There’s other factors that deceive the uninformed like when a good horse runs against lesser ones but it only wins by a length not becuase it couldn’t have won by 20 lengths but because it didn’t need to unnecessarily exert itself. Sporting contests are also subject to variables…weather, injured players, mismatches so coaches play conservatively to not run up the score including letting 2nd and 3rd stringers play alot.

    What really matters in predicting outcomes is class…and Covina’s football team plays in a much lower class than the Inland.

    Any Pomona fans out there want to chime in? So, who is better, Covina or Chino Hills..I’m guessing that they pick CH (37-6). And this is one of the best teams that Covina has had in years while according to several of their bloggers this is one of CH’s worst teams.

    Haven’t been to the race track in 15 years,,,maybe I should go see these magnificent animals before Santa Anita gets closed for good.

  • COChargerfan

    Jokester…what about 2 CIF titles…kinda makes you sound stupid.

  • CO Bro

    Lancelot – Now that was funny! CO 7 – Bye 10, ROFLMAO!

  • Jokester

    COChargerfan -actually it doesn’t. Please list a quality win in those championship years? The 1st year they didn’t beat A SINGLE TEAM with a winning record until the final game of the regular season! How laughable is that? The the playoff divisions were SO tough both years they played a .500 team in the finals they had already beat. Still, I ask, name a win more significant than the TIE vs Rancho Cucamonga?

  • AMAT 73

    It was not CO’s fault they were in the division they were placed. You really can’t discount their 2 titles nor who they played because as the class of the division and league they did exactly what they were supposed to do .Can you imagine what would happen In looking at the preseason schedules then , they kind of over prepared themselves for league and playoff battles. Now in the Sierra it’s a different story and the staff knows they have to step up in competetion during preleague to prepare for league and playoffs. I for one do not see a repeat of 3rd place for them this season. The playoffs are another story but the league is theirs for the taking.

  • AMAT 73

    What I meant to write in the 3rd sentence was can you imagine what would have happened if they lost those palyoff games. So you really have to give them some credit for taking care of business .

  • Colt74

    Ok.So Calpreps doesn’t mean anything. We should be using a racing form instead.
    No problem. Lets see. According to my racing form it says that after next weeks game against South Hills Charter Oak will be taken out and shot…

    “What really matters in predicting outcomes is class…and Covina’s football team plays in a much lower class than the Inland.”

    And if you dress a pig up and take it to the ball that doesn’t mean it knows how to dance…
    But don’t worry…the Tribune will still vote you BEST DRESSED….

  • Old Alum

    I was at that dinner and Lokar’s speech might hqve been the best of the night. I think Lancer basketball needs him back. Not sure if he’s coaching elsewhere.
    The joke was about Lokar dreaming when he got the job at Amat he died and went to heaven with some other coach that won a bunch of championships. The championship coach was mad because he got a little house in heaven and Lokar got some massive Blue and Gold mansion with a big Amat A on a flagpole. St Peter told him that wasn’t Lokar’s house, it was God’s house!


    Anybody seen the amat bully . For some unknown reason he has dissapeared . Could be he has a case of battle fatigue or is just shell shocked from all the bombs dropped on his a$$.


    Anybody seen the amat bully . For some unknown reason he has dissapeared . Could be he has a case of battle fatigue or is just shell shocked from all the bombs dropped on his a$$.

  • COChargerfan

    No Colt74, I didn’t say to use the Racing Form to predict high school football games but, instead, I tried to teach you something via analogyI thought was appropriate since your team name/moniker is Colt. Oh well, as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.

    So you believe that Calpreps is the bible, then go ahead and explain the data and formulas that Calpreps uses to predict these games? Don’t know, do you? Does anyone? So, why do you blindly agree with their predictions? Better yet, it is hilarious that you agree with the predictions that have Covina winning but you dont agree with the one that has CO kicking their buttsdude, you just went out behind the barn and shot yourself!

    Actually, Im starting to see your point of view Colt74maybe you are absolutely right about CalprepsCO 28 Covina 17. LMAO.

    And Jokester, Im assuming that you are an Amat fan. So, take a look at what some of the Amat brethren are saying about yesterdays win over a 1-4 Venice, specifically, maybe they are not as bad as their record because look who they lost to. Do you agree or is there a different standard for Amat? Ok, in 2008 CO and Amat both beat Damien and Diamond Ranchso theres two blemishes on these teams records. So you want to hold that against CO? Damien also lost to SJ Bosco, RC and Chino Hillsis that something to be embarrassed over? And Etiwanda was 3-1 when they faced CO and their last loss was in the first round of the CIF playoffsmore embarrassment? That year, Diamond Ranch had a losing record but they had 2 losses to CO plus pre-season to Oaks Christian, Chino Hills and of course Amatshould they be embarrassed too? And yeah, CO tied Rancho that yearbut RC won the Central title and was ranked 20th in the Stateso why is the tie such a big joke with some of you clowns? CO went toe to toe with the 20th best team in the state and only gave up 14 points.

    Does it now sound kind of stupid to make a general statement that CO only beat a bunch of losers or you want to stick with that story because it sounds good to your own ears?

  • Jokester

    COChargerfan-I love leading people down the road they don’t want to travel. FINALLY you admit there is a different standard for Amat than other valley schools. Why do you think that
    Is? FINALLY. You admit that it is not losses- but WHO those losses are to that matters? If you are going to use WHO those schools lost to in order to justify their strength, then WHO Amat plays and the teams they lose to must be considered also-not just there record. And if WHO you lose to matters-there must be something a little significant about losses to Lakewood or Long Beach Poly -especially compared to wins over Bell Gradens, ,CalHi and the like.
    Jokes on you.

  • COChargerfan

    Actually, the jokes on you, Jokester. Because it was YOU that said CO never had any quality wins as their victories were against teams with losing records. But out of the other side of your mouth, guys like you also like to argue that who the losses are against matters. And, I never said where I stand on the argument and, instead asked you the questionSo, take a look at what some of the Amat brethren are saying about yesterdays win over a 1-4 Venice, specifically, maybe they are not as bad as their record because look who they lost to. Do you agree or is there a different standard for Amat? You didnt answer that question. So, should Etiwanda, Damien and Diamond Ranch be embarrassed by their losing records in 2008? And should COs accomplishment be diminished because the contributed to the losing records of these teams? Ill be waiting.

  • Colt74

    At first I thought you were just funny but it is now perfectly clear that you are mentally challenged, IE “special”…

    “So you believe that Calpreps is the bible, then go ahead and explain the data and formulas that Calpreps uses to predict these games? Don’t know, do you? Does anyone? So, why do you blindly agree with their predictions? Better yet, it is hilarious that you agree with the predictions that have Covina winning but you dont agree with the one that has CO kicking their buttsdude, you just went out behind the barn and shot yourself!

    Actually, Im starting to see your point of view Colt74maybe you are absolutely right about CalprepsCO 28 Covina 17. LMAO.”

    Look, comprehension challenged… there is a page right there on Calpreps that EXPLAINS THE FORMULAS. Nevermind it’s over your head. But after reading your posts I see where most things probably are too.
    Shot myself? Look back at my posts. I said they got 5 out of 6 right. Don’t you even bother to read before you reply? Are you NonSince95’s son?

    Get ready. After you lose to South Hills 35-17 I’ll be back for round two.
    And your prediction is?

    Oh..and losses matter to who you played when you CONTINUALLY play the highest caliber teams. When you only play 1 high caliber team and lose then well, it’s just a loss.

  • COChargerfan

    Colt74, Ive taken multiple college statistics courses and calculus so Im guessing that my understanding greatly exceeds yours.

    And Ive read Calpreps basis for calculating RANKINGS but have never seen the formulas for PROJECTIONS. If you have the link, please post it because Id like to know. What I can say is that Calpreps is full of it when they state that every team starts at zero, they dont use past records and they dont factor in league strengththey have to use this data to start, so there is bias.

    And since Im not actually playing in the game, it is not possible for me to lose against South Hills. Plus, one of my kids graduated from South Hills and the Sheehans are my friends. I find it hilarious when grown men link their own self-worth to the accomplishments of some high school kids and its even more disturbing when they start interjecting we and us in the conversation as if they really had something to do with the outcome of the game. Im a winner by being able to watch the game and enjoy seeing the kids compete regardless of the outcome.

    And exactly what exactly are the highest caliber teamsPomona and San Dimas, West Covina and Diamond Ranch, Rancho Cucamonga and Chino Hills or Servite and Corona Centennial? Please explain.

  • just askin’

    COChargerfan – but how did you do in those statistics classes. Like the comparison that because 20% of the students at Bishop Amat don’t go to a 4 yr college so 20% of the teachers are failures. How is THAT statistically valid? Tell us what class you learned THAT in? LOL!

  • COChargerfan

    just askin’…are you kidding me??? Learn to read first before you start chirping. Because that discussion entailed an Amat parent arguing that Amat offers a higher quality education than CO with the proof being they send a higher percentage of graduates to college. And Amat parent further argued that CO’s teachers are failures because of that percentage, which I believe was 30% not 20%, but I could be mistaken. Really doesn’t matter because my point was that if CO’s teachers are to blame for the CO kids that don’t go to college than Amat’s teachers must also share the blame for the 20% of their students that don’t attend.

    Colt74 hasn’t responded but I believe that you are a Calpreps worshiper…so is there a link to the formulas that they use for projections?

  • COCF Fan

    COCF…it’s been a while but I see you have your hands full once again…no worries…all in good fun. Gotta say it was nice to finally meet you at your son’s basketball games last year. He’s a great kid and I have the wifey is a sweet heart as well. As far as this particular argument goes…well it’s complicated as most bloggers look for fights rather than digest insight and stick their cest out when their brains go flat…lol
    Bishop, or most private schools have a higher percentage of college bound student because that’s why they go to private schools…hello? Futhermore…the parent/administration contract is based on that outcome. Also to be statistically correct you have to be honest as private schools have admittance guidelines while public schools do not…at least not academically speaking…just the facts…so any comparative analysis is suspect at best.
    This whole argument is so ridiculous as it is with most peter metering exercizes….completely juvenile…well it is about high school after all.
    Athletics are too often time bound exercizes that mirror one’s outlook on life. If it helps you become a better person…great…if it gets you local legendism…okay…there’s a place for that but in life as in sports what really matters most…is character. Does Calpreps,Maxpreps or this blog measure that? Well in a way it does….just look at the assortment of winners we have on here….LOL

  • COChargerfan

    Needed a break and starting to think that I should make it permanent.

    Of course, you’re 100% correct and for the open minded this is obvious…but so many get stuck on their own rhetoric. I’m dumb enough to believe that if I point out the adsurdity of some of these arguments then the light bulb will flip on…and time after time I find out that many of these folks lack sufficient electricity.

    It was nice talking to you at the basketball games and hope that your son and family are doing well.

    Our favorite coach is back for round two and from what I hear it’s even worse than last year.

  • COCF Fan

    COCF….just remember that most bloggers are nothing like they pretend to be in person….as you found out…lol Last season was fun watching something play out that I knew would happen….but at the time I was a disgruntled know it all parent with an agenda..remeber?

    All good….surprising what you find out when you leave the blog for six months huh?

    Enjoy the blog for what it is…a round up of peter metering oneupmanshippers…lol

    BTW …how’d you get such a cutie?

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