West Covina pulls Antonio “Noodles” Hull up to varsity, will give him reps at quarterback …

West Covina freshman sensation Antonio “Noodles” Hull has been pulled up to the varsity team and is expected to get reps at quarterback when the Bulldogs’ season resumes on Friday against Los Altos.

Hull, who made a name for himself as member of the Compton Vikings with his dazzling play in rapper Snoop Dogg’s youth football league, played quarterback for West Covina’s frosh team and passed for 442 yards and six touchdowns. He also rushed for 384 yards and six scores.

West Covina had to wait until Hull turned 14 before it could bring him up to varsity, per CIF rules.

Aram’s take:
Let the fun begin.

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  • Aaron

    I’m sure he’s a great young man…but in reality those stats do not put him on another level and I don’t get the move.

  • LA Fan

    Should be a great game tomorow between the Frosh teams of West Covina and Los Altos

  • Bulldogs have bite


    As always, numbers do not tell the whole story. Noodles has missed two games this season. One game was because his mother did not like one of his grades and she benched him. Also, he is on a really talented 6-1 frosh team, so he really does not need to put up big numbers. Watch this kid play live and you will see why the move makes sense. He wil not be asked to start but he will definately add a wrinkle to the offense and get his feet wet. If WC has a long playoff run this year, the experience he will gain leading into next season will be a tremendous bonus for him and the Bulldogs!

  • Anonymous

    i thought u had to be 15 in order to play varsity.

  • Aaron

    All I’m saying is most kids are not mature enough both emotionally and physically for the varsity level. Too often we place great expectations on young men that are not necessarily ready for it. Case in point Kelly Hilinski now the starting QB at SO ND. 15 without a consent waiver.

  • Bulldogs have bite


    Fair enough on your point. I see what you are getting at. As far as physically, he certainly looks varsity level. Maturity wise, I think his Mother has him grounded enough on that front. Again kudos to her for holding him to a higher standard on his grades! He’s not being asked to be the savior for the 6-1 Bulldogs lol! So there is really no pressure. It’s week 8, he’s gonna get some reps under the lights, not a big deal. Sounds like a great situation for him and West Covina. Him and Diebold from Bonita will be future star QB’s in the Southeast! The WC/Bonita match ups will be something to see the next few years.


    I think its a great move, if a freshaman is playing beyond his capacity give him the opportunity to develop. This is great experience and i dont see the cons about this move. La Mirada had a freshman quarterback against Artesia and his numbers were just impressive for a freshaman 14-19, 185 yrd, and 2 TDs

  • wchs fan

    What a slap in the face to the senior QB. He put in two years as the jv QB, never quit when he didn’t start this year, and they only have 1 loss. If i was him I would quit right before the game, since you are telling him you no longer need him. Maggiore has no sense of loyalty to his players that have put in time and effort to do their best. Chris you are better than this go straight to wrestling and don’t look back. They are replacing you with a 14 year old freshman that is softer than solomn.

  • Bulldog Backer

    WCHS Fan

    I am glad you are not my parent. You would be teaching me that quitting is the answer. This is the antithesis of what Coach Maggiore is about. Are you kidding? You want me to learn something like that? You want to think its OK to quit on my wife when my marriage is on the rocks? You want me to quit on my kids if they are making bad choices? You want me to quit on my friends if they are doing dumb things? Thats what you’re saying and that’s what football is not about.

    Second, you would like me to feel a sense of entitlement because I played 3 successful years as a lower level quarterback? I am senior and the job should be mine. That’s not the type of person I would want in a leadership position and Chris is definitely not that person. BUT, you think it’s be owed that position. When I am at my future job and someone younger and perhaps better is promoted over me, it’s wrong because that promotion should be mine. What you’re saying is I shouldn’t man and fight like crazy to win the job back?

    Man am I glad you’re not my parent, nor Chris’s parent, because he is taking your advice and he will grow up to be a much better man than he would if he were your son. Thank goodness.

  • Bulldog Backer

    In my opinion haste, I left out the word “not”. It should say “he is NOT taking your advice”. Sorry for the typo.

  • Wait a second, who said Noodles is playing over Caballero or Najera? That isn’t happening. He is NOT the starter and is only “likely” to see some reps at QB during games.

  • wchs fan

    bulldog packer,

    Its a straight slap to his face and from what I heard it doesn’t matter. All the coaches do is yell at the kid tell him he has no football IQ and cuss at him at halftime. He is a great wrestler and for him to get no PT is pathetic because you think someone freshman kid is going to do better. What happens when the freshman finds out its just to physical for him and doesn’t work out. Tell Chris its his job again and lets go win CIF. I was a WCHS supporter but what you are doing to CHris is wrong. ANd I would tell him to Quit because he has been under pressure all year and have taken the coaches abuse and has been there all year. Put your freshman in and see what happens and don’t call on chris to bail you out like he did in the Covina Game but he wasn’t good enough to start that game right!

  • wchs fan

    Najarea is not on the team no more and come on Aram they have been bringing the jv QB to the varisty games, why not get him reps he is only a junior.

  • Dan

    wchs fan,
    Didn’t read anywhere that the senior qb was being replaced, my gut feeling is they will find situations in games here and there where they can put the freshman in and let him get his feet wet, see what he’s capable of and give him some experience for the future. As it should be with any coach, Maggiore’s loyalty is not only to any one individual, but more to the team and program as a whole. He will put the best players on the field that he feels will benefit the team the most. The senior QB as well as the rest of these kids work hard and have shown loyalty in their years, he owes it to all of them as a team to put the players in who will give the Bulldogs as a team their best chance to have success. Time will tell who those players will be.
    As for you being a wchs fan, more like a poser trying to stir the pot with the way you just called a good hard working kid from the team soft…yeah right a fan lmao! More like a jealous hater from a rival school.

  • What happened to Najera? This is the problem trying to cover 70-something teams.

    I would imagine WestCo is going to be insanely tough to stop when that coaching staff finds some special packages for Noodles to run.

  • Dan

    Najera is with the team, he was at practice today.

  • Check’s in the mail, Dan.

  • Oh no you didn’t

    Aaron you have to kidding me. Your gonna role to young or immature after you spent all summer telling us how Podley the great said Deibolt was ready just because Podley said…..lol Now you have seen the light and I was right. Deibolt is not ready so your trying to be the wise one now. You a bigger joke than KH.

  • the M

    Hold your horses, Noodles is not taking the current QB’s job. The coach is just getting his feet wet, for next year. As good as noodles could be, he may see 10 snaps in first round playoff game, if its a blow out. After that he will be there moral and motivation. Y don’t change the qb when you are 7-1 and #1 in your league and division…This kid has a lot of work to do…and has to develop. The potential is there…and i am sure anyone would be glad to have him. Good look youngster…and keep your head on a swivel in your first varsity practice….I hope things work out for him…he has wr a lot of hype.

    Aram will you give this much hype to the other incoming freshman’s next year…There are tons of good one’s with tape just like this kid…..I hope so, because I am going to have a few send you clips…maybe you can turn this kind of thing into a segment…

  • The future is More important

    WCHS fan,
    The best players play. As a coach, if I have a junior and a Sophomore playing the same position…with the same skill level, I’m playing the Sophomore. He will be playing for me for 3 more years. HS football is not about little Jimmy has been playing jv’s so he should get to play more….Nope, if this Noodles kid shows more promise, he’s playing. The key phrase in your post “What a slap in the face to the senior QB. He put in two years as the jv QB” How good is this kid if he played JV’s as a junior? If you are a junior playing JV, that means you aren’t very good. This is not junior all american when al the kiddies get to play. This is the real world where the best kids play.

    Oh, by the way…sorry you son, the 2 time JV quarterback, was beaten out by a freshmen…lol. This a post only a mommy or daddy would make.


    Congrats to Antonio “Noodles” Hull but no Freshman has made an impact in the Valley like Kurt Scoby from Charter Oak did last year. This kid rushed for almost 1000 yards as a damn FRESHMAN on Varsity in a much tougher league. My point is that we have seen so many proclaimed football studs coming from pop warner and they really dont do anything in high school football. Lets give him a year on varsity and then you can make your decision to crwon him as WC’s savior…

  • Aaron

    Big difference with Diebold and Noodles…Noodles is still a FRESHMAN, and Diebold had an extremely successful year as the QB for his frosh squad. Based on what the options are at QB for Bonita he is the guy if they’re going to run the spread. Not sure who will start this next game, but it’s called growing pains.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    wchs fan,

    You are no Bulldog fan that’s for sure! Chris Caballero has done a fine job this year, he does nothing but his best. Nobody is replacing him in the line-up, so this is not a slap to anyone’s face. I’m willing to bet money that Chris is the most supportive of Noodles in practice and constantly in his ear giving him advice. Because that is the kind of kid Chris is! Football is a team sport and it’s all about making a contribution to that team. If you are low on talent, then be high on leadership. If you have loads of talent, then use it to inspire! That’s how it works on a team!


    Nobody here called Noodles a savior here! Can’t be a savior on a team that is 19-2 in it’s last 21 games lol! Do all CO peeps need to blow their own horns when something is not written about them? Yes Scoby played RB as a freshman! QB and RB are two entirely different levels of skill. Playbook intsructions to a freshman RB: “Here’s the ball, run that way!”

  • Dan

    By the way, wchs is not the senior qb’s dad, I talk to the dad quite often at practices, he is a great guy with a good sense of humor. Not the type of person who is bitter or that would call out a highschool kid like this wchs guy did. The senior qb has a hard working, unselfish attitude, and from talking with and getting to know his father I can see where he gets it from.

  • Dan

    SGV football,
    Since you brought this up Scoby had 470 yards as a freshman last year, where do you come up with almost a 1000 yards, one other thing, Scoby was older in his freshman year, from what I’ve been told he was 15 or 16
    by the time he finished his freshman year. Hull was 13 up until last week, none of this really matters, Scoby has proven to have great skills and I think Hull will prove the same.

  • Amat Bully

    if none of it really matter than why blast out Scoby like that. i mean really look around high schools today and for the last decade or more and you’ll see that a lot of freshmen players come in at the age of 15 sometimes even 16 i just think its kind of cold for you to blast out Scoby like that all because his name was mentioned on a WCHS thread.



    Your right, I was looking at this years stats and not last years…

  • Najarea?

    If Najarra is gone he could break the record four schools on fours years.

  • Dan

    Amat Bully,
    I wasn’t blasting Scoby, the kid is a phenominal rb for CO and I like his humble attitude in the interviews he has given. I agree with what you said, kids are being held back or are entering school at later ages for maturity reasons in both academics and sports, so as you say it’s no big deal. If I had to do things over again with my kid I would have entered him into kintergarden 1 year later because he is also young for his school age. SGV came on here and claimed that nobody else made the impact as a freshman that Scoby did, which therefore is claiming Scoby’s superiority over Hull and the rest of the SGV freshman class, so I responded by clearing up the facts on his rushing totals and the slight age advantage he has.
    No digs at Scoby just stating the facts, I’ve seen Scoby play and he is phenominal any way you look at it.

  • Dan

    Najera is still a Bulldog, he hasn’t gone anywhere.

  • Amat Bully

    My bad i thought you was one of the many CO haters and was taking a shot at Scoby my apologies if i came off a little offensive.

  • Jefe

    That awful nickname ranks right up there with “Nine.”

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