Top Freshmen in the area: HELP ME OUT!!!

Answer Aram’s questions. He needs your help when it comes to the fab frosh of the SGV.

This is what I have so far …

Antonio “Noodles” Hull, QB, West Covina: We all know about the hype and the youtube videos and so on. Noodles is up on varsity now and will hopefully develop into somewhat of a Darron Thomas (Oregon QB) for the Bulldogs.

Elijah Jones, RB, Damien: I hear, emphasis on hear, that Jones is the best frosh RB in the Valley. Anybody care to confirm this? He’s the gem of Damien’s freshman class, which is supposed to be very good.

Cordell Broadus, WR, Diamond Bar:
He’s already 6-foot-1 and up on varsity. The D-Bar coaches think they have a special one here and he’s supposedly got the hands and speed to go along with the height.


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  • Bulldogs have bite

    Kenya Bell, Diamond Bar CB. He is Cordell’s cousin (Snoop’s nephew). Also up on Varsity for the Brahmas.

    I also hear La Mirada is starting a frosh QB and he did well against Artesia. Maybe Steve can fill you in on him.

  • aundrea

    Rowland Freshmen to watch:
    Benjamin – Nose Guard
    Campos – QB
    Sonny (don’t know last name) D Line

  • Here’s one

    Darick Holmes, Jr at Muir. Starts both ways and has scored 5 touchdowns this year. 2 as a rb and 3 as a wr. Pops played at Muir and in the NFL. He’s gotta be one of if not the best 9th graders out there,

  • Saint

    The San Dimas fresh team is loaded and the closest game was won by 21. Manny Elizade, chris salcido (Kat’s brother. UCLA ). And Peter lambert will play on the varsity next year.

  • Here’s one

    Forget to clarify that Darick Holmes, Jr. plays on varsity, not Frosh or JV.

  • Anonymous

    By far no debate at all D, Holmes jr. plays and starts both ways at a talented school and has touchdowns and interceptions this years already. How do you leave him out.

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah and he plays Varsity D.Holmes jr. Aram you sleeping on the boy he’s the real deal.

  • patrick

    Bell, has alot of speed!

  • Anon

    Tyler Peterson, QB, Diamond Bar: Kid has a natural feel for the game and some great talent, should compete for the starting spot next year. Throws a very nice deep ball and runs well.

  • Dan

    Read the headline, that might give you a clue as to why Aram left Holmes out, key on the phrase “HELP ME OUT”.

  • Anonymous

    its almost impossible to miss if you cover the AREA….i mean be real how do you know so much about kids on a freshmen team then a freshmen on a Varsity team……Not knocking you Aram just tired of smart ass remarks from bloggers.

  • bigdog

    DR has some good athletes and have won some ballgames.Its there best freshman team since team of 06 that went 9-1 with Jose Marquez at coach and now a coach and teacher at Diamond Bar HS. This guy is a great person and an incredible coach and teacher. I think he should be the varsity head football coach at Diamond bar.He did a great job at Diamond Ranch.

  • parent suck

    Saw a freshman kid at Bonita that played RB & LB…flat out stud. Unfortunately already a discipline issue in the form of grades and is no longer playing on the freshman team, but word is he is practicing with the varsity. Haven’t heard much about how he is doing up there though. I believe his name is Angel ???

  • big mike

    Aint nobody talking about no dang coaches we talking about top FRESHMEN.

  • Anonymous is right, I should have mentioned Holmes Jr. I had heard about him a bit, but it slipped my mind (or I “slept” on him).

    Dan is also right. The point of this thread is for you all to point out guys I don’t know. It’s hard enough covering all the varsity teams.

    I’ve already gotten some good response away from this blog about this thread. It’s a good topic. I love knowing about which schools have the best frosh teams and who the best frosh studs are.

    Speaking of Bonita, didn’t the Bearcats have some stud QB at the frosh level? Cody something? Aaron?

  • LA Fan

    Los Altos has some stud freshman defensive ends, just ask any of Hacienda coaches and quarterbacks. Saw them today against West Covina and had noodles on his back most of the game

  • Really?

    LA Fan

    Really? Most of the game?

    You’re an idiot.

  • LA Fan


    If you saw the game I saw then he was. He had a good run for touchdown, some good passes but other than that he was either on the run or passes were off. He is a great player thats forsure.

  • Bonita 2001

    Yes Aram Bonita does have a very good freshman QB. should pan out well over the next three years. I don’t think he will be as good as Pendelton was for us but still has a bright future

  • raiderparent


    your spot on about the Dbar qb. he tore up the rowland frosh team

  • Chino Hills fan!!

    Jordan Thropay, QB for Chino Hills Frosh team. Tremendous athlete, and a very mature feel for the game, as well as a high IQ, and great accuracy. Watch out for him next year, having a great year this year.

  • Gypsy Boots

    is that any relation to the traveling Thropays?

  • patrick

    The Diamond Bar Brahmas Football team won Thursday’s Conference game against the Rowland Raiders by a score of 48-7.Box Score

  • anonymous

    mackenzie sternquist is a stud for damiens jv and also gets some playing time on varsity. hes a freshmen.

  • Dont Trip

    You keep both EYES on two wilson football players Freshman QB Matthew Dalrymple and RB Chris Osorio thats a 1 to 2 punch that will have them winning the Wheel back from that other school and will lead WILSON Football to at least Two VALLE VISTA titles.

    Coach Bob Burt has both these players on the Division 1 watch list.

  • opinion

    don’t think Burt will be around to see ’em graduate

  • LA Sucks

    all those los altos frosh players are big but slow i thought i was watching a mighty mite pop warner game when they played WILSON. they have no fundamentals all there lineman stand straight up and are very slow.

  • Gem

    Sternquist is the gem of the freshmen class at damien.

  • Spartan2015

    Damien’s Freshman class is LOADED with talent.

  • Dan

    LA Fan,
    Who won the freshman game between Los Altos and West Covina? I’m guessing it was a tough game.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – we miss you.

    it was simple. Just. One. Win. ONE! Tht’s all we asked. But no. Instead, nothing. Then you come up with the ” all you 3 have is the same lame ass argument.” Guess what? Like this video says:

  • LA Fan

    LA Sucks,
    well they might be big and slow but apperently they are getting the job done and winning games so doesnt matter to me really.

    The final score was 27-12 in favor of LA

  • :)

    Dont Trip

    Thanks mom.

  • Cal bears

    Bishop Amat has tone a lot of depth on their team. No one real super start but number of quality players.

    Damien has 4 or 5 players with one real good player but that is it..

  • Cal bear

    Heard Los Altos got a new qb.

  • Amat Freshman Are Looking Good


    Amat Frosh team is very solid.

    8-1 currently with only loss to Servite.

    3-0 in the Pac-5 and will play for the Pac-5 league championship next Thursday at home.

    Beat Damien by 20.

    Very solid with too many very good players to list.

    Very nice size too.

  • Cal bear

    Amat does not have many players going both ways….and are not worn out in the 4th quarter.

  • Amat is #1

    Amat is #1

    Over 2000 views already!

  • Where’s Gonzalez Now

    And now you’re getting your LOYOLA lossing A$$ handed to you on this blog…


    LOYOLA varsity 42 – BishopNOMAS lanceritos 14…

  • Denasfinest

    Your tripping for not having DARICK HOLMES JR from Muir not on this list!!!! He is better than everyone you’ve named. Call me bias!!!!

  • Trojan Man

    Alex Samarzich Upland HS WR /DB …
    Watched him against Glendora 3 picks …5 receptions 1 TD !

    NEVER left the field , going to dominate by his senior year .

    His cousin Christian Samarzich also plays …Varsity as a sophmore & STARTS !



    san dimas has a loaded freshmen team this yr. in a couple yrs. damien and san dimas will be the teams to beat. sick talent on both teams. texas caliber football players.and that’s a huge always reading the blogs and websites on highschool teams even the east coast and the dallas texas area.i’ve seen san dimas play in person and keep seeing damien on the blogs. And the 2 teams keep coming up all the time as the top freshmen talent. lets just hope they play each other in a couple yrs. gonna be a great game.

  • cal bear

    Alex Samarzich sister is a junior at upland and plays for the Mexican Womens national team.

  • Sierra League fan

    WOW….must be a SLOOOW Week in SGV football is all we have to talk about for 2 days are freshmen kids!…. YAAAAWWWNNNN!

  • BigBoy


    Get real. Those kids aren’t even in the same league as the other freshmen out there. Get out of your bubble and get out to West Covina, Upland, Chino Hills, and Rancho. There are 180 lb freshmen backs at these places. Also, you guys have played absolutely nobody on the freshmen level. Start playing the Rancho and Chino teams and then you might be able to measure yourselves.

  • Fan

    ROFLMAO, look at all the parents trying so hard to get little johnny some publicity! Too Funny!

  • Bob Burt

    Put my Freshman QB and RB on this list i can give you my word… Matthew Dalrymple 5’9″ 155lbs QB…Chris Osorio 5’8″ 145lbs RB… there are going to be one heck of a 1 to 2 punch for us here at WILSON..

    Thank You,
    The Old Ball Coach
    Bob Burt

  • :)

    Bob Burt

    Thanks again, mom.

    Love ya šŸ˜‰


    Jessie Torres- CANTWELL-SHM
    6’0 225

    A true freshman who plays on both sides of the ball for the varsity squad. Jesse has excellent balance and a great motor and is a perfect fit for the Cardinals version of the west coast offense and does more than contribute on the defensive side of the ball as well. Coach Taylor has a very good player who will help the Cardinals program as it continues to grow.

  • I was this linebacker on the Damien freshmen team,kid had great size and could hit

  • I saw this linebacker on the Damien freshmen team,kid had great size and could hit

  • SD#1

    San Dimas Freshman Team is Load With Talent On Both Sides Of The Ball,There Freshman Team Is 8-0 Looking to go 10-0 in the next two weeks @Northview,& Vs Pomona.Nick Castaneda,Manny Elizalde,Peter Lambert,Chris Saulcedo all Should Be On Varsity the remaining of this year & All Of next year.

  • SGV Tribune

    San Dimas freshman Team Is The Team To Beat In The Valley.As Thery Are 8-0 As They Beat Baldwin Park 36-6,& Looking to go 10-0 by the end of the year.They Are Loaded With Talent On Both Sides of the ball.As They Are Laed By Manny Elizalde Running Back & Defensive Back,Chris Saulcedo Wide Receiver,Quater Back,& Saftey,Nick Castaneda Outside Linebacker & Left Tackle,And Last But Not Least Starting Quater Back Peter Lambert.All Of These Players Should Be On Varsity By The End Of The Year.

  • Dan

    San Dimas freshmen lost to Bonita and Upland freshmen.


    San Dimas freshmam didn’t play Upland and Bonita freshman forfited ….check your facts DAN !

  • Damien Fan

    The top freshman at Damien is MacKenzie Sternquist. He is 6’3 190lbs he plays on the JV & Varsity. He plays wide receiver and special teams.

  • BigCat

    Saint Freshmen parents….stop talking. You lost to Bonita but they did forfeit. You haven’t played any good teams.

    BP- Horrible
    Covina- Horrible
    Wilson-Burt is full of it. Horrible
    Azusa- Need I go on.

    Play some good teams then evaluate.

  • Ranch Hand

    @SGV & Saint
    Let me get this straight, SD Freshmen are the best team in the valley dispite the fact they lost to Bonita on the field and only sport a victory in the game due to a forfeit? Then that same Bonita team that beat you got blown-out by DRanch. There is no chance in Hell that the SD Freshmen are better the Dranch Freshmen.

  • Bigblue

    The Amat freshman team is 21 pts better than the next best team. Their 3-0 in the PAC-5 Serra league and play Undefeated ND Thursday @ home. Amat shut out Damien and Crespi! By the way they have the 3 best players in the valley hands down. Camargo, Wiley and Arcanado!

  • SaintsR4real

    Aram has asked for help, so here are some players from San Dimas that I know personally.
    Saint haters, it’s just our facts and beliefs. Were not hating on you.
    The kid Angel, from Bonita that was ineligible, was actually from lone hill middle scchool and headed to S.D. He is a stud player, but is having student troubles.
    Dranch, this kid scored 4 TDs on us and was pulled before Bonita played you.
    Bigcat, don’t hate, not good schools? Compared to who? We beat Bonita, Covina and Monrovia. You are welcome to post your players as well.

    What I’ve seen:
    Peter Lambert (QB) 5’9″ awesome arm, good speed, smart.(now on varsity).
    Manny Elizalde (RB) 5’7″ great speed and quick, lots of talent (25TDs) (now on varsity)
    Chris Salcido (WR/QB) 5’10” great arm,hands, good speed, great size(now on varsity)
    Nick Castaneda (LB/OL) 5’9″ great speed for a big kid, great attitude(now on varsity)
    other standouts:
    Eric Ware (RB), Jared Leyland (OL)(Josh & Jordan brother), #74, (sorry, forgot his name) he will be the next Allen Brown!

    Schedule states we played Upland, correction, it was a win against Bonita Saturday team.

  • Angel Verdugo is not a San Dimas kid. He went to Ramona for two years. He got kicked out for discipline. He then went to Lone Hill. His brother was a BOHI b-ball player.The kid is a stud that will NEVER play his senior year unless he changes some major things.Rumor has it he was just kicked out of the Bonita program. If San Dimas can somehow get through to this kid, good for them and Angel.It would be sad for his talent to go to waste.

  • chinohillsfan

    i saw elijah jones play last thursday..kid is a natural, he reutrned a kick-off 80 yrds. to the house and made it look easy
    hes the real deal

  • BigBoy

    Hey SaintsR4Real:

    Castenenda is NOT on varsity and there is no big guys worth mentioning. Manny is quick but is not a natural RB. The rest are….whatever.

    Like I said before, can’t evaluate when you haven’t played anyone.

  • Tubby Raymond

    Hey Big Cat whats your deal ? San Dimas freshman have killed all the teams in their league! why would they give a crap about D ranch ! they are never going to play them !with that logic Rancho Cucamonga’s freshman would kill D Ranch and De La Sal’s would kill Rancho so ? The Saints only have to worry about the teams in the way of ANOTHER RING !

  • Ranch hand

    I seriously doubt that the kid would be any kind of difference maker in a 48-0 a** wooping, and why are you still claiming to have beaten Bonita?? You guys got your a** thumped by Bonita on the field. By the way, look on Maxpreps, everyone beat up on the Monrovia and Covina freshmen teams.

  • Fred Robledo San Gabriel Valley Tribune

    San Dimas Saints Are The Best In The Valley.If They Played DRanch they would run all over them and there defense would kill DRanch offense With the Best Linebacker Krew In The Valley With Nick Castaneda,Bobby Rios,Gabriel Maldonado,Seth Haynes,Adam Beard…….Nick Castaneda Reminds Me of Rey Malaluga when he was on usc!Nick Is A Beast Linebacker!!!!!Next Four Years San Dimas Will Be C.I.F Champs!

  • Chris Dufresne LosAngeles Times Preps

    I’ve Seen San Dimas Freshmen Play Personally & One Guy We Need To Talk About Is Nick Castaneda A Very Good Linebacker & Left Tackle….If You Don’t Believe Me Check For Yourself.Nick Castaneda Was At First Going To Go To Bonita high-school,Or He Was Going to go West Covina high-school But He Choose San Dimas!!

  • Phony Fred says San Dimas is the best

    if you take out Covina from consideration. San Dimas is the SECOND BEST this year.

  • Tubby Raymond

    If we Played Bonita again we would crush them ! Yes they beat us on the field the first game with OUR player Verdugo who scored 4 td’s and we were up 28-27 with 3:30 to go in the 4th . Why is no one talking about Bonita playing a kid who they new was ineligible ? Who tried to enroll @ San Dimas but was turned down ! Talk About unethacial !

  • TUBBY,

    Of course Verdugo was turned down. He’s a La Verne kid who has NEVER had grades.He had to go to Lone Hill because he was kicked out of Ramona. Why would San Dimas admit him. Maybe Bonita didn’t get the grades from Lone Hill.Angel knew he wasn’t eligible.He could have said something.Remember it’s a district rule to use 8th grade grades as a way to determine eligibility ( not CIF )

  • Tubby Raymond

    Get Real , you must be kidding you think it’s up to the kid to tell the school he’s ineligable ? What a joke !

  • Really????

    How did this thread become a San Dimas vs. Bonita Freshman?? lol..

    Seen Elijah Jones play and he is a stud on both sides of the ball. Put him in space and he is a nightmare.He is also a lockdown corner/SS.

    Cordell is also very good. Seen him play for the Snoop Dog All Stars and did well.

  • Tubby Raymond

    You D Ranch cool aid drinkers should just worry about the CIF looking in where your players really live …….just saying

  • RiversideRep

    Elijah Jones got invited to play with my son’s team last year against Snopp Dogg’s all star team…. I remember Elijah shutting down Cordell Broadus.
    Just saying.

  • Anonymous

    San Dimas Freshman Football on fire. The youngest Saints Football Team is fantastic. These outstanding freshman players are sure to go far. The entire team of athletes can play. Their 2nd string players are better than the first string teams they have played against. My prediction this team will be the team to watch in the next few years, and are sure to take CIF honors as early as next year. Way to go San Dimas Football. For a small school they give the city somthing to be proud of.

  • dbhs brahmas kill bonita 56-18 qb throws 4 tds and runs 2 in for himself

  • san dimas isnt as good seeing as bad as the teams they play. lost to bonita who isnt any good this year. DBHS Brahmas kill bonita. the freshmen qb good size throws 4 tds’ and runs 2 in for himself. might start next year at varsity. has a brother #17 on the team as well

  • GAME


  • the game

    keep this guy on your radar sgv aaron gonzalez #1 freshman at damien this kid has made some ridiculous catches with guys all over him and heard he shut down jserra and amats top recievers i seen him shut down chino hills top reciever last week against charter oak had two amazing grabs and had a pick 6 90 plus yards. kid has given some half time speeches that would rival ray lewis kid is a leader.

  • los altos was winning against dbhs at half 20-7. then dbhs comes out second half and wins them 27-20. los altos has a huge line and big hard running backs. good game

  • pinkyxxx

    castaneda blows. the only time he played linebacker was on saturdays in the reserve games for a d4. how would he start(let alone play)at west covina?

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