All-Encompassing SGV(N) Top 25 after Week 8 …

Joey Davis is taking the Whittier area by storm.

1. Charter Oak (7-1) — Offense may have field day against Damien defense.
2. West Covina (7-1) — Josh Best gives opponents yet another weapon to fret about.
3. Bishop Amat (6-3) — It’s circle the wagons time in La Puente.
4. Chino Hills (5-3) — Huge rally in La Verne helps Huskies force showdown with CO.
5. Covina (8-1) — Take the week off to manufacture a reason to get excited about N’view.
6. La Habra (5-3) — Even when teams appear to be a threat in Freeway, they’re really not.
7. Damien (6-2) — Have to shake off CH loss quickly to pull off much-needed CO upset.
8. St. Francis (6-2) — Win over Harvard-Westlake will loom large at playoff time.
9. St. Paul (6-2) — Need to beat St. Franks in order to force more clutter for playoff spot.
10. San Dimas (6-2) — Saints can’t get caught looking ahead to Pomona game.
11. Arcadia (6-2) — Burroughs loss was news to Apaches’ ears.
12. Whittier Christian (5-3) — Win over Valley would likely seal another league title.
13. Arroyo (7-1) — Hard to tell if Rivera is better on defense or offense.
14. La Puente (8-0) — Duarte is a nice way to tune up for Azusa … if you don’t lose.
15. Santa Fe (4-4) — Defense + Davis = Del Rio League champs.
16. Alhambra (7-1) — Moors deserve to be seeded if they finish 9-1.
17. Monrovia (5-3) — Confidence builds as RHL tests are aced.
18. La Serna (6-2) — No match for Santa Fe, so focus shifts to another postseason run.
19. Muir (5-3) — Win over Burroughs shows ‘Stangs are as dangerous as ever.
20. Diamond Ranch (4-4) — Technically still a threat for the Hacienda title.
21. Pomona (5-3) — Nothing Wilson would like better than to derail Devils.
22. Pasadena (5-3) — ‘Dogs are entertaining, but defense puts a ceiling on chances.
23. El Monte (6-3) — If things are truly different, Lions won’t slip up vs. SEM.
24. Azusa (5-3) — Aztecs may get easier playoff draw this year compared to last.
25. Bonita (4-4) — Dangerous Podley creeping back in at right time.

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  • Countrywide Mortgage

    Aram, do you mean to tell me that if C.O. or WC were to play AMAT this year you would bet the mortgage against AMAT in both of those match-ups?

  • just sayin’

    Countrywide- Of course he does. For the same reason Steven Rivera is the best football player in the valley because he was able to take the ball right from a Montview League running back and throws for a bunch of yards against great teams like Temple City, Montebello and Mountain View. So just sit back and trust his amazing football acumen. Remember, we need to listen to the sportswriters who watch all these games.

  • I have see all three teams and a game between any of them would be a very good game. I would take CO over Amat and WestCo/Amat would be a toss up.

    When you can start giving me more than mystique as an argument as to why Amat towers over either of them, then I will listen.

    But if we’re talking about the players on the field, there is simply very few places where Amat has an edge.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Countrywide Mortgage,

    What if it was a play right now scenario with Ruiz possibly out? I would say CO, yes and WC, even money. All three teams are pretty close athelete for athelete wise in my opinion.

  • Amat Bully

    Way to shut them up Aram, keep up the good work.

  • If I thought Amat towered over either team in terms of line play, things might be different. But in terms of OVERALL skill players, CO is No. 1, no doubt about it.

  • Countrywide Mortgage

    Haven’t seen WC but everyone says C.O. is supposedly better so let me start there. Everyone says that Amats line is small and they get steam rolled by evrybody…Haven’t really seen it other than Servite. Loyola, Alemany and Crespi’s big men did little to perpetuate those agruments. Strictly looking at line play. I don’t put C.O.’s line in the category of those teams. Edge Amat. Running backs-J. Moore all day everyday (he has put up numbers against very good defenses, except for loyola but Amat became pretty much one demensional for a half)Recievers-C.O. has some good size Recvr’s and despite my preference, they hold an edge over Amat’s hand corps, although Sanchez and Shay are pretty damn good. QB…..I don’t know if Santiago puts up similar numbers against the teams Amat has faced. His numbers are excellent but Rio has seen some really good secondary’s. For this reason I’m calling toss up here. C.O. LB crew has the edge over Amat, although Amat’s LB are doing very well despite a lack of real size. Secondary (DB) play goes to Amat. C.O. has “a” real good player back there but Amat’s secondary (all Four) are pretty damn good and they get better every game. They have also been up against several D1 commits this year and held up pretty well. You can’t keep those types of recievers down for four quarters, they are gonna make some plays. That’s my breakdown Aram and I believe Amat has the edge. Throw in the Mystique factor and your sleeping in the park. I’ll be sure to let your dog out and water the plants.

  • Countrywide Mortgage

    Bulldog – I wish I was able to catch a WC game but my time is drawn elsewhere. Coach Maggoire(?) is a great coach and an even better gentleman. Hopefully I can get to a game here in the near future. Without Rio or with Rio I think they would all would be great games. There is a lot to be said for bragging rights and crosstown rivalry games. Anything can happen and no one wants to be on the losing end of those games. Dog fights indeed (no pun intended). I really don’t think that C.O. has been tested. Chino Hills may be there biggest test and it comes at the end of their season. Not trying to measure equipment or see who can stream the farthest (Amat Bully) just one man’s opinion, so don’t get all hormonal on me.


    ARAM, by chance how about a early prediction on the AZUSA vs La Puente GAME??? Who do you have WINNING??? Don’t let me down. LOL…


  • merry go round

    If Amat Can beat Crespi, they can beat Charter Oak, However Charter Oak has not beat a team of that caliber yet…But, again Charter has looked the best so far and should be number one. Bishop has been up and down all year..However Bishop’s 6-3 is still more impressive than Charter oaks 7-1. Unless charter oak can win a first round game….they are still going to be the controversial number one in area.

  • Amat Bully

    Countrywide Mortgage
    you obviously have no clue of what you are talking about but hey your opinion is your opinion. But i doubt anyone would say a toss up at QB when one QB more than doubles the other but then you say RB when j. moore by far when he barely out rush Scoby by about 80 yards but j. moore has 20+ more carries. i think you should rethink that over. Oh and please dont say its because of the competition because your in the pac5 because you have pac5 players to go against the pac5 were in the inland because we have inland players to play against in the inland and you guys have 6 non-league games against lower level competition and j. moore has only been over 100 yards once in the 3 league games. (just my opinion not bashing)

  • Amat Bully

    merry go round

    Blah Blah Blah….i just wanna ask one question what does Crespi have to do with CO? or how are you doing your comparison?

    not trying to argue just want an understanding of your logic.

  • Amat Bully

    get yo money Santiago

    The Bruins are taking a long look at quarterback, Travis Santiago (6-0, 160, 4.6) from Covina (Calif.) Charter Oak. He has led his team to a 7-1 record after throwing for 2,073 and 18 touchdowns against three picks while hitting on 64.2 percent of his passes. He has also rushed for 492 yards and 10 touchdowns while averaging 10.3 yards a carry.

  • merry go round

    First off i am not a Bishop fan nor CO fan, but I am a sgv fan. I am not saying Co can’t beat Bishop…they have the players to do it. I’ll bet you Bishop would play CO next year, but Co wouldn’t take the game….What will CO Do without Santiago next year? Amat has had a stronger Schedule than CO easily. Amats league schedule is tougher than CO..a Run in the pac 5 is tougher than inland. Especially if you are in the Trinity, Serra, or South coast Leagues. Not one inland league is a tough as those leagues. That’s just to get in the playoffs. When You get down to it…who has charter oak really played ? Rancho? Im Just saying… if you put charter oak in the serra, they may go 1-4, you put them against a pac 5 at large team in the playoffs they are playing San Clemente or Bishop amat, or Orange Lutheran or something…we are given co their props, But Bishop would be sitting at 8-0 if they had CO schedule, and would be ranked number 1,2,3 in Inland, Behind upland, and Corona Centennial. Little brothers CO and West Covina are shinning, But Big Brother Bishop…fights the big fights…and probably still beat lil bro.

  • UCLA Fan

    You can look at a bently all you want….your chances of owning one is slim to none.

    UCLA is going to have a new coach next year….They will be back to 6’3 210 lbs QB’s, they have a 5’11 kid in Darius Bell from San Francisco city, However he say 2 plays as a jr.

    Travis Santiago is not 6’0 everybody in the valley knows that…lol He is a stud though…He is about 5’10… Servite has Cody Pitman listed at 5’11 and they are about the same size….Travis throws a better ball….as a QB you may be… thinking Hawaii, Tulsa, etc…as a athlete at WR or DB, RB….you are talking ULCA, Washington state, Oregon st…Colorado, Utah…Really guys I am not hating…he has strength, speed, and heart, but no height…Better break out the gloves and start catching some balls kid.

  • Counrtywide Mortgage

    Amat Bully, to really see the picture I’m trying to paint you, you have to try to place the c.o. running back (Scoby), in the Serra League and ask yourself….if Scoby is runnig against the Serra League defenses, would he have the yards he has now? You’re also entitled to YOUR opinion, even if it’s wrong. And FYI, T.Santiago also has a harder time throwing in the Serra. Unfortunately that IS the basis for my OPINION….Amat’s competition is just a little bit tougher and the numbers for C.O. change if they play in the Serra. IMHO.

  • AMAT 73

    Here’s where it gets tough. It’s all a persons opinion on who would beat who in the 3 teams listed. Of the 3 you only have a comparitive of WC,AMAT vs Loyola and CO,WC vs SH . You really can’t use the Loyola game too much because of the injuries WC had at the time would be kind of unfair for them . All games would be battles but since we don’t play everybody is right. What I find interesting is bully’s take on not using PAC-5 against PAC-5 players because of CO having Inland players against Inland players. If they were in a league with CC,Norco,Upland,and CO then yes use the Inland vs Inland but really with the teams other than Chino Hills you really can’t say they play true Inland teams that are of the same caliber as those listed. But if CO is as tough as Aram and bully think they should run deep into the playoffs . But they still have a very hungry Damien and of course defending Sierra league champs CH to come so we will see.

  • Nostradamus

    The Aztecs say 2012 is the end of all,
    Their men of the mid a year earlier will fall
    The Warriors will stop a long running streak,
    And a new power now all others of will speak
    The battle plays out in the stadium of fruit,
    In the end past glory will all be laid moot
    Like a pitcher once famous with the name of Blyleven,
    The Aztecs will fail by a total of Eleven.
    My vision will be attacked with intent to defile
    But once again I say have a coke and a smile…

  • steel sharpens steel

    The Pac 5 needs a new league…

    Corona Centenniel
    Rancho Cucamonga
    Charter Oak
    Los Osos

    If The top teams in the inland played in a league this tough, then they would be able to compare Prestige, Wins, Stats, Injuries to those in the Trinity, Serra, South Coast, and Sunset leagues….I am not taking anything away from the inland teams individually, they are all as good as the top pac 5 teams. In a one game situation, I could see upland or Corona Cent beating Servite or Poly. But Collectively, they are spread out in their leagues, and really don’t clash until playoffs. They may play 1 tough game in league, after that no one. Not Only do the pac 5 teams from other league play each other in preseaon, they play each other in league and playoffs. Steel sharpens steel, and if you look at the Pac 5 right now, there are alot of6-3, 6-2, 5-3 teams third place. These are big name schools, big programs. Los Alamitos is in third place right now…They had a preseason loss to Santa Margarita, and opened league with a Edison Loss…Come on now… Look at Bishop, they are 6-3 and all thier losses came from pac 5 teams and 2 of them were in league…Actually it would be a breather for Bishop to play CO compared to who they play in league and playoffs…and No I am not Bishop Fan or CO Fan. In West Co’s case, Imagine playing Loyola type team 8 times a year and in the first round of playoffs…they may be at 2-7 right now…just keeping it real.

    This is the reason



    Nice, and you might be right. According to CALPREPS they have LP by about 7, but will have to wait! I’m hoping we have the AZTEC DANCERS there, because NO WAY we lose WITH them their! If anybody has seen them dance they put on quiet a show!LOL.. No really.


  • The Ranking Expert


    You are so right about this. The shock and awe about Amat is long gone in the San Gabriel Valley. This what if between WestCo, Charter Oak and Amat is not even close.

    Quarter Backs: Huge Advantage to Charter Oak.
    For all the talk that the Amat kid got in the summer, he frankly had done nothing to carry his team.

    Running Backs: Either WestCo or Charter Oak. All 3 teams have a strong starter. But only WestCo and CO have the depth in the bench. Amat – Huge drop off after Moore.

    Receivers: No question about it. This is obviously Charter Oak’s greatest strength. Amat wouldn’t know who to key on and they would lose all the individual battles.

    Offensive Line: Either WestCo or Charter Oak. This had been and is Amat’s biggest weakness.

    On Defense:
    Defensive Line: Either WestCo or Charter Oak. This is Amat’s 2nd biggest weakness in 2011. They would not be able to stop either team. Amat has no depth at this position.

    Linebackers: Charter Oak has 6 or 7 kids that can step up and play this position very strong. WestCo is also very talented and are sure tacklers. They do miss Maurice thought! Amat has a bad habbit of arm tackling and reaching instead of leading with shoulders. Its bad Amat coaching technique!

    The back 4: Either WestCo or Charter Oak. Amat just doesn’t have the talent, size, or speed to keep up with either team.

    Special Teams: Charter Oak. Have you seen the kicker that CO has. This kid kicks everything into the end zone, punts 60 yarders regularly, and is dead-center on Field Goals and PATs.

    Bench: No doubt about it Charter Oak and WestCo have a muck deeper bench than Amat. When Amat needs a bench warmer, they can’t really count on him to play.

    My Expert Prediction in 2011:
    Charter Oak 35 – Amat 17
    West Covina 31 – Amat 14

  • PAC 5 TOP 5

    Elite PAC 5 Teams in 2011:
    San Clemente 8-1-0
    Long Beach Poly 7-1-0
    Loyola 7-1-0
    Servite 7-1-0
    Santa Margarita 7-1-0

    First off i am not a Bishop fan, but I am a SGV fan. I’m not just saying that Charter Oak can beat Bishop. I saying that it wouldn’t even be close. CO has a huge advantage in the players they have and the talent to do it to beat Amat. If Bishop would play Charter Oak or West Covina next year, they would get their rears handed to them big time. What’s Bishop gonna do without Ruiz next year? Is Amat’s small OLine and DLine going to get much bigger, stronger, and tougher than this year? What about the receivers? Have you seen the size of their Freshman program. They’re only just a little bigger than JAAs. Amat’s recruiting has dried up. Amat schedules 6 games in non league 5 of which are disappointingly soft every year. Amat needs a much tougher non-league schedule to prepare them for the Serra. Until they do, they will continue to run out of steam in league and never make past the 1st round of the playoffs. For Amat to be competitive with the 5 teams listed above they need to change leagues and division because they can’t compete. I couldn’t even make the argument that they could beat 1 of those 5 teams. Could you? The limited talent and talent pool from which Amat recruits is just not that good anymore. Where can Amat get their top talent from? Who wants to go to Amat when a kid and his parents can go to traditionally winning teams with excellent coaching staffs like Charter Oak, West Covina, San Dimas, Monrovia, and also get an excellent college bound education for free? What does Amat have that these other schools don’t? Practice facilities? NO. Stadium with Turf? No. Better college recruiting? No! College recruiters don’t stop at Amat anymore. They know the talent and the talent pool is gone. Now we have schools like Rancho and Upland playing with our SGV teams. Now college recruiters go to our games and get to see 2 talented teams for the price of 1 game. Being part of the PAC 5 does not make Bishop Amat a Pac 5 elite or even a contender. I happen to work in Orange County and everytime the conversation comes up they just laugh at Amat. They take Amat about as light at playing JSerra, Marina, or Compton. Trust me, Amat is not a PAC 5 powerhouse by any means. I agree that both West Covina and Charter Oak have developed great programs and that in 2011, 2012, and the foreseeable future these teams would definately beat Amat. Its nothing personal against Amat. It’s just a fact. Amat no longer has the talent it takes to win!

  • Not Since 1995


    Wow…Amat Haters are En Fuego tonight…!
    I love it…!

    Old Mrs DoubtFire 73

    This is dedicated to you and all of your Amat Honks!

    By “Dandy” Don Merideth:
    “Turn out the lights, the party’s Oh – vvverrr
    All good things must come to an eeennnd
    Let’s call it a SEASON, The Party’s Oh – vvverrr
    And in 2012 Amat starts the Same Ole Thing ah-gaaainn

    Chorus time: Sing SGVJump In!

    Once Amat had a loveundyin’
    Amat didn’t keep itwasn’t tryin’
    Life for Amat was just one party,
    And then another
    Amat had to have my party wine (in Blue solo cups!)
    Broke Amat Honks Heart so many times,
    And then one night Amat said
    Sweetheart the party’s Oh – vvverrr

    Turn out the lights, the party’s Oh – vvverrr
    All good things must come to an eeennnd…”

    Booo…! Ahhh…hah…hah…hah…hah…hah!

    No CIF Championship 2011…


  • Third Party Transfer

    Now this is really funny sh*t!

    “Heal yourself said:
    Rio is going to be in Cruise control, if he plays….Baseball is right around the corner, The Ruiz Camp can pretend that they a concerned with Bishop making a run in the pac 5…But nah…a torn knee, and those MLB scouts will disperse as fast as they came…is a Bishop First round loss more important than millions and 1 round pick…..Nah….Rio you did your best, but even you can’t save a sunken ship.”

  • Not Since 1995


    Can you count the number of EXCUSES from Old Wind BAG 73…?

    “AMAT 73 said:
    1) I usually start off after an AMAT loss with the better team won but in this case our loss had more to do with Rio going down as then Loyola just beating us. 2) Adjustments are a major part of football and we never got the chance to use adjustments to Loyola’s D 3)with Rio going down before the half. 4)Also it hurt the D on Loyola’s score before the half. 5)With Rio in do they get that TD before the half who knows. The D played great and 6)well enought to win this one . 12th man I think you have it wrong on the deferring as it is playing to our strength which has been the D and 7)no wasy in hell we run the no huddle with Haynes at QB to young and inexpierenced . 8)Allowing just 14 points and a questionable 7 to Crespi the past 2 weeks is damn good in my book . They are coming up with the TO’s needed and stops when they need them . We’re still in it 9)but Haynes needs to step up big time . Hopefully with 10)a full week of practice at QB he gets a little more confidence in running the O but 11)others will also need to play big against ND . And valley guy before you get your chonies in a wad (how does 73 know about the Chonies? 🙂 )12**these are not excuses just observations of what I saw at the game because in the end Loyola got the W and we didn’t plain and simple. 13-Bakers’ Dozen) Best wishes to Rio and others who were injured this past week and hoping for speedy recoveries to all.”

    Wow…a total of 13 Amat EXCUSES for not beating Loyola…

    Lets see how many more she has after reading this post!


  • coltfan97

    To the Ranking Expert,

    You have W.C. beating Amat 31-14!!!! Are you saying that Covina could beat Amat since Covina pushed W.C. too overtime? Just wondering!!!!!!

  • coltfan97

    To the Ranking Expert,

    You have W.C. beating Amat 31-14!!!! Are you saying that Covina could beat Amat since Covina pushed W.C. too overtime? Just wondering!!!!!!

  • Institutional Control

    Coach Hagerty at Bishop Amat should be fired.

    You Sir “Lack of Institutional Control”

    First, you have the Rio kid that can’t decide on Baseball or Football during the summer. In the meantime, Ruiz is given the prima dona treatment that no other player on the TEAM is given. What did that do to the team?

    Second, you have Defections from some of the best players on the Amat offensive line including Hauser who bolted for Charter Oak knowing he wouldn’t play until next year. How bad did you treat the kid? Wasn’t he your starting left tackle? How’s that one worked out for you?

    And now…

    Now we have disgruntled and antagonists on the Amat defense?

    This is according to Fred Robledo
    “Amat senior linebacker Andrew Varella, one of the best defensive players on the team, did not play in Friday’s loss against Loyola, a Disciplinary decision made by the School and coaching staff. No word on whether Varela will return for Friday’s game at Notre Dame.”

    I am now told that the School told Hags that Varella would not play on Friday and that Hags fought hard to get the School decision over turned.

    What a shame. Amat use to be about education. Now Hags thinks he’s Pete Carroll?

  • The Ranking Expert


    Have you seen Amat play this year?

    I’ve seen the Colts play and I’ve seen the Lancers. Frankly, I believe that you would in fact give them a really good game. I know you can score against Amat. You did it against West Covina. My concern for the Colts is that you don’t know how to close out games yet. You’re getting there, but I don’t know if you can rise up to the occassion. Can you ball when necessary? Or will you fold under pressure like you did against West Covina?

    Other than that, you guys definately win the battle up front. Don’t you agree? You have as good a running a game and your defense could probably stay around long enough to win the game.

    I predict that a game in 2011 would result:
    Amat 48 – Covina 45

  • Colt74

    Covina beating Bishop Amat?????

    LOL….I don’t care who you are…that there is funny…

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled crack smoking all ready in progress…..

  • coltfan97

    To the Ranking Expert,

    Thanks for the prediction about Covina vs. Amat!!!!! I would love to see that game with all the high scoring!!!!!

    Covina can close out games this year!!!! They are mentally tougher than they were last year!!!! I say this because Livingston was out for two games and Covina won those games!!! Yes they were close but Covina’s defense stepped up and so did the running game!!!!!! This helped Covina as they become more balanced on offense!!!!! Covina is not just a passing team now they have a great running game now as well!!!!! It’s going to be hard to stop Covina’s offense!!!!!

  • Not Since 1995


    “Winning is not enough for Colts Fans”

    Coltfan97 knows they can play Amat…

    Colt 74 is laughing at his own Covina Colts against Amat…He says “Covina beating Bishop Amat?????
    LOL….I don’t care who you are…that there is funny…”

    And USC Football (aka CC97) is slapping Colt 74 around like a cheap stripper at the Kit Kat in La Puente!

    “USC Football said:
    Colt 74

    What’s the matter? Your father never let you play football? Did you have to play with your sisters inside the house? Why are you so angry with the world? Why are you so pissed with me?

    It was your sorry little ignorant A$$ that tried to bring your game to me. I made an intellegent and well thought out evaluation of big front lines and I made the comment regarding the failures of USC’s DLine! I agree with Broncos Fan, big is not better on the front line. I wasn’t talking to you. Was I bumb A$$?

    “Why would I worry about something that I have no control over? I know what the Colts potential is. So unless they let me suit up ( and provide me oxygen after each play ) it’s in their hands.” Then what the hell are you doing making comments about the USC football DLine? Is Kiffin letting you suit up? No. Hell No! Not even an SC jockstrap Dip Sh*t.

    You know nothing about football and you proved it with your comments. You’re too old for this blog.

    CC97-aka Covina Colts’97 & SC ’01, Old Man!”

    Now…this is really funny stuff…

    You do know you guys are all from the same team, right?


  • Notre Dame #1

    Cal Prep Project:

    Fri 11/04:
    Bishop Amat at Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA), 7:00pm
    Final Score: Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) 28 – 22

    Have you seen SOND HS? Now that is a proper Catholic High School! Swimming pools, tennis courts, new facilities, great stadium. Its like a resort!

    That’s a long way to go to get your a$$ handed to you!

  • Covina is not all that!

    Covina is a very good football team… Division 9 or whatever division they are in. They would get smoked by Amat, Chino Hills, Damien, & West Co. They struggled to beat POMONA by 2pts….lol. Just because they are 8-1 doesn’t mean they are THAT good in comparison to other teams.

  • Undercover Brother

    notsince1995, et al…you’re still the biggest Tool on the Blogs.
    Institutional Control, keep searching. I’m sure your gonna find your head somewhere up there. When you do, find both ears and give a hard tug until you hear a pop!Warning:keep your eyes closed and open them slowly because after being in the dark for so long the sunlight may be uncomfortable. You have NO CLUE what you are talking about and I will leave it at that!!!
    Third Party, I’m content to let Rio decide whats best for Rio.
    Rankings Expert, and you call yourself an EXPERT! Shame on you!

  • OH Gano, Gano, Gano…….

    You snatched defeat from the jaws of victory! The Damien fans sure weren’t happy with him on Friday night. Right before half with a 1:20 on the clock with the ball on their own 40 yard line…up 27-14 he decides to take a knee on first down???? The fans started booing and yelling at him…so what does he do, he runs a dive play….lol What the heck??? Why take a knee, then run a basic run play? I could see if he took a knee, then took a shot down the field.
    The second half, Damien played “not to lose” instead of aggressive. Chino Hills found their groove and pulled out the win…Hats off to them. My question to the Damien coaching staff is… Why, with 1:30 to go in the game….up by 6…on 3rd & 33 would you be playing man coverage????? The tiny corner was 5 yards off the ball and allowed #3 (6’3″ ) to run right past him for a 60 yard TD pass. That is defensive football 101……Play cover 4 or at least man with deep help over the top….stupid!
    Even with the help of horrible officiating ( they helped us out on a few plays, like a clear fumble recovered by CH in the first half) and 2 questionable Pass interference penalties) Gano found a way to screw it up. He needs to go. This is the year we should have battled for a league title…now we will be battling to make the playoffs….UGH!

  • I don’t know….

    Covina beating Bishop Amat lol. Bishop is Whittier Christian on Steroids. I mean No matter what Covina’s record is….Monrovia, San Dimas, WCHS are the teams to beat in the Midvalley. They seem to know how to win when it count’s… and a very experienced come Nov…Covina is good, but somewhat unproven in the Big playoff games…..I like the Covina swagg, but…they got to win it…we will see.

  • Private School Issues

    It’s funny how both Amat and Damien head coaches are being questioned on this blog when both are doing a fine job. Both programs are in a lot better shape than before either arrived. If you don’t see that your out of touch and really have no business blogging on the topic. Its really hard not to think the the people who are doing the negative blogging are parents of kids who are not playing. Both coaches know what’s a risk and play the best kids. Just because you paying tuition doesn’t mean your kids are good enough to play. Oustside of a few of the public school exceptions this doesn’t seem to be a big problem in public schools. I guess it comes with the larger salaries but its sad to see so much BS.

  • AMAT 73

    Private School,
    I don’t see any of the AMAT Faithful on here questioning Hags decisions other than outsiders or haters stating their opinion . The anti Gano are probably from the same type of posters. Institutional Control is more than likely Quasimoto the village idiot again getting his fix of AMAT hate . If you read the blogs on how small both lines are and no skill players are on the AMAT squad then you have to say Hags is doing a great job this season of getting the best out of such an undersized lack of talent team . We are still in the hunt for a playoff spot and for all the banter on how many teams would beat AMAT this season it’s just opionions because it hasn’t happened on the field .

  • Gano is a No No

    Private School Issues,
    Gano was brought in to win championships and to recruit. He has been recruiting big time….the championships, not so much. He played a soft pre league schedule (combined records of the teams they beat 12-20 , with none having a winning record)
    He will be lucky to make the playoffs…last year Damien missed the playoffs…the year before they were 5-6 and lost in the first round. This is not much better than Morrison. Also, if you saw friday’s game…you would see that the coaches blew it. Gano is on his last stand with the Damien parents who want results now….he has been given 3 years to produce and hasn’t. You are correct, private school parents want mor results for their buck….that is the price of coaching at a private school. I have no kids at the school….. I am an alum and am tired of hearing the people (parents) in the stands b*tch….but last friday, they had a reason to.

  • Wrong

    Private School,

    You may want to check your numbers on Damien. At the beginning of this season Gano had one or two more wins than Morrison. Gano hasn’t come close to meeting his expectations.

    Yes the expectations are higher and these coaches knew that going in. As expected Gano wasn’t going to be able to recruit the quality of talent needed to compete at that level. If Damien way playing D7 ball then he would be doing fine, but its D2 and these recruits and to small and slow.

    That is the risk Gano takes when bring these kids in, they had better produce or else.

  • Frank

    People want to rationalize that covina could hang with Amat, Since Covina gave West Co a close game? One must understand that the only measuring stick that could be used, is Loyola. Now im not really big on this type of measuring, due to the various reasons that could affect the out come of a game and score. But since you guys brought up this argument then we must use your logic to reason the result. Now Amat lost a close game 14-3, WC lost a blow out 35-0. Against Amat, Loyola’s first string played the whole game and they never let up, since it would only take one play for Amat to be within striking distance. Against WC, the Loyola 1st string was already on the bus in the middle of the 3rd qtr. Loyola did not have a running clock against Amat, they had one against WC. Amat lost its starting Qtr back during the 2nd qtr and thus was not able to really sustain any drives after that. In fact when Amats qtr back was hurt,Amat was probably going to maintain possesion of ball through rest of the half. But the injury changed the situation and the newer qtr back wasnt able to maintain the drive. Loyola was able to get good positioning on the field to get another drive before half resulting in their final TD. Now WC was very healthy during their loss to Loyola and they were never in the game from the beggining. Also if we want to compare scores we have to keep in mind that loyola pulled the foot off the pedal in the 3rd qtr against WC. So the real score if they stayed steadfast the whole game would of been around 56-0 give or take a touchdown. So now we must look at the reality If Amat defense for the most part shut down loyola to 2 TDs, that would probably mean WC could not score a td on Amats defense. Now since Amat atleast sored a field goal and played without its starting qtr back for half the game it is safe to say Amat would put up atleast 4 tds against WC defense.
    Franks predictions Amat 28- 7 over WC, with Wc scoring late in 4th qtr on 3rd string.
    Franks predictions Amat 42-0 over Covina, wouldnt be close, Sorry Covina but your logic doesnt add up.

  • Clt74

    An open question to everyone participating in the fictitious ” My team A could beat your team B “.

    Posting your opinion once was nice. Posting your opinion 100 times OR MORE just shows IMHO that you have a deep seeded need to try and compensate and overcome your own insecurities about your team. Those teams are not going to play. Do you think if you try and discuss that game, that will never happen, again, and again, and again, that your made up results will magically appear in their record? Let it go.

    When I was a 5 I had a fantasy about being able to be invisible. No matter how many times I went to bed hoping that when I woke up I could be invisible it never happened.

    Just like all the discussions of these “WHAT IF” games.

    Instead of certain Charter Oak fans thumping their chests about how they could beat Amat I would think they could be scratching their heads and trying to figure out how not to exit the playoffs after one game.

    Yeah, I know…I’m ignorant, a tool, and never played football or what ever else you want to try and throw back….

    Not since…keep trying bud….you know how much I love reading your cut and paste rants. I really liked your USC football log on…LOL! You REALLY should try and get help there ace. And about “You do know you guys are all from the same team, right?”

    Don’t you support Charter Oak? I don’t see the majority of Charter Oak fans agreeing with you. What? Don’t they know you all are from the same team?

  • coltfan97

    I never said that Covina could beat Amat!!!!!! I as well think the Ranking Expert is funny!!!! I was just stating a statement that the Ranking said that’s it and nothing else!!!!

    To Frank,
    Your prediction is probably more realistic than the Ranking Expert!!! What can you say the The Ranking Expert is an Amat hater!!!!

  • Bulldogs have bite


    All or any Loyola vs. West Covina comparative analysis should be thrown out the window. That team was not West Covina, it was a listing ship being held together with duck tape and shoe string. Starting QB Jon Najera out, Solomon RB/S out, Starting receiver Aaron Franklin out, Jimmy Frazier out in the 2nd qtr with hip flexor. Loyola’s first score was a pick six on our first series with our back up QB making his first start ever. And it was all down hill from there. Chaz Anderson and Khodi Whitfield were completely healthy that game too.

    Getting any guage on how WC would do against Amat from using that game is just useless data. Our offense was not the same that game. After the first pass of the game being picked and taken to the house, you can tell we gave up on the passing game. Leaving just Aaron Salgado to shoulder the load and as good as he is, it is just not enough against the Cubs. And the Loyola starters were shuffling in and out when we did score, so it was not a score entirely on just 2nd stringers.

    I doubt Amat would be able to shut out WC. You guys let La Mirada score 13 points! Newsflash: WC is not La Mirada! And Garfield held you guys to 14 points! Does that make their defense on par with Servite? Comparative analysis, gotta love it right?

  • AMAT 73

    Bulldogs have bite,
    I totally agree that you can’t use the comparative of Loyola vs WC nor AMAT. I had posted that before our game with Loyola for the exact reason that the WC team that played Loyola was injured and not at full strength. Also we lost Rio so who knows how it would have finished with Rio in there the second half. Either way both teams are too good to not score on each other. It would be a great match up and of course I would pick AMAT but in a close game . No runaway , maybe a 21-14 game . I also think WC is much better then people give them credit for and would be a better fit in the Sierra than half the teams now in that league.

  • just sayin’

    Bulldog Overbite – I don’t think you’re giving La Mirada much credit (even though it was 49-7 and a score vs Amat’s 3rd string. Kinda like WC’s TD vs Loyola.) They’ve scored 50+ in the past 3 games, 50+ in the last two, shut out La Serna 31-0 and scored 19 vs La Habra. And Newsflash for you: WC is not La Habra!

  • Bulldogs

    West Covina score against Loyola was 35-7…just saying 🙂

  • Bulldogs have bite

    just sayin’ nothing really,

    If we played in the same league as La Mirada, West Covina would be put in jail for multiple accounts of child abuse. Much like what La Habra does to the Freeway league each year. La Habra plays a tough non-league against Pac5 schools and comes close in some and waxed in others but still lose just the same. I think a WC/La Habra game would be a fairly even match actually.

    You know what Aram’s rankings have in common with Maxpreps rankings? Both have West Covina ranked higher than La Habra!

    just sayin’

  • Plain and simple

    Here are the reasons why West Covina and Covina would not beat Amat, CO,Loyola, Or anyone of that Caliber.

    West Covina
    1. No QB-turnovers via Int’s and fumbles, Sacks
    2. No Passing game
    3. Shaky Secondary play-Big plays over the top
    Top Teams would stack Box, and you would get 3 and outs all day. Maybe with the emergence of “noodles” at the QB spot, might give them chance in a game vs the big times…QB play changes everything and keeps defense off balance.

    1. Over all team speed
    2. Very small Secondary
    3. No full back
    Covina lacks the size and speed at the skill positions to compete at this level. Covina lost to WCHS last season…There are 10 levels of competition the separates the colts from Amat. They must first Master the Mid valley before playing step up games…It’s one thing to play wesco tough in a crosstown rivalry….but you must win your lower Division to be in any conversation of playing Inland and Pac 5 schools…and the Colts are not a lock in the mid valley.

  • the OC

    Amat fans why be selfish Rio has a very bright future ahead of him in “BASEBALL” why would you fans want him to jeopardize his career for a team who has no chance at all winning the whole thing and he isnt even pursuing football, but yet you fans want him to come back and jeopardize his career again. Sounds to me we have a case of selfishness hopefully his parents make the right choice and give you fans the FINGER.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Plain stupid,

    Amat averages a whopping 20 more passing yards per game than West Covina. Are you saying Amat has no passing game and therefore cannot hang with other teams in the PAC5? Do other teams not stack the box on Amat because they know Amat mainly runs the ball?

    Our QB is doing what he is asked to do,and that’s hand the ball off to four of the best backs around. Then on occasion complete a pass here and there to keep teams honest most of the game. Because once you stack the box and your defense bites on play action, it’s a bomb to Barnett down the field and bye-bye!

    Loyola 128 passing yards/game
    Upland 146 passing yards/game
    Amat 100 passing yards/game

    Obviously these schools have no passing game and cannot compete with the big boys. In HS, if you can pound the rock you can win on any level.

  • Plain and simple

    Bulldog, you have to be able to pound the rock when needed, and put the ball in the air when needed…They compliment each other.

    Of course Loyola is going to have 300 yards rushing against West Covina.. You all were to Loyola what Walnut is to Wesco. Why put the ball in the air when the team can’t stop the run? If you look at Loyola’s overall run/Pass yardage, 60% of total yardage output comes from pass and 40% of total yardage output comes from rushing. 128 yards passing and 181 yards rushing per game. Actually the Wesco Game boosted their runs per game avg. If you remove that game, they are closer to %50 percent on run and pass.

    For Upland 37% total yardage output comes from passing with 146 ypg. 63% a game a 246 rushing per game…very close to what Loyola is doing…they just have more big play players.

    West Covina has 400 yards of total offense and 320 of that is rushing…the QB has thrown for 3 tds and 5 picks…You may be able to run the ball like that in the south east, but not in upper division. I am telling you…Watch how much more balance westco will be when Noodles is running the show..George Johnson was good, but if it was not for Bonita’s Dropped Pick 6…They would be champs…But wesco is good…don’t get me wrong…QB/passing game is a weak spot for the Bulldogs… you all only throw twice a game…you know it. You Can’t beat loyola pounding the rock…maybe a more balance attack might make the game closer. Wesco did not even post the stats for the loyola game…My guess is they stuff the run and you had nothing left because of a lack of passing game.

    Even De la Salle who you would think is a all running team, avgs 370 ypg. 38% of total ypg come from the pass at 143ypg and 62% of total ypg comes from run with 227 ypg…there seems to be a pattern here…should I look at more D-1 teams? No matter what the teams formula is, they want to have balance and be successful in the Running and Passing game…don’t play stupid and think that Wesco does not want to improve the passing game….do you think they are going to stay in the south east forever???!

    Finally Westlake the Number one team in the stat avgs 431 ypg, 43% comes from passing 187 ypg, and 57% comes from running 244 ypg….they have balance.

  • Coach Slayer

    All this preoccupation of hypthetical who would beat who if they played is odd. I don’t get it. Beat the team in front of you and in time the results will speak for themselves. Injuries also are used too much as an excuse. Ball players that are out happen to every team every year. You have to win with the players you have not the players you don’t have. West Covina right now looks like they are the team that is most consistently beating the team in front of them and if they continue will have to upgrade the division they play in. then these fantasy match-ups will take place. When the bell rings for the playoffs you will see some teams that you feel would match up well against D1 and D2 powers fall to supposedly weaker teams in the 1st and 2nd rounds. Every year there are many teams like Santa Fe, La Mirada, Norwalk, Monrovia,La Habra that schedule up and with what result? They get their butt kicked but they gain in experience against top notch competition. What makes you think Covina, Charter Oak, Damien or West Covina would fare differently? They would’nt. The teams that schedule up and play Amat do they win? No. The Covina upset of West Covina last year was a rare feat indeed. Did it fortell a championship for them in division IX.? Not hardly. It is enough to win your league or make the playoffs, if your team can win back to back division titles then I might listen to some hypotheticals. My fantasy is that all SGV playoff games were televised so I could tape them and watch at my leisure during baseball season. Talk about football heaven.

  • Plain and simple

    too add insult to injury Barnett, Solomon, Salgado, and Frazier would be on the field at any pac 5 school…Wes co has a jv QB…Now if you had a Santiago or Livingston, Rio you would be able to have a shot against loyola. You guys have a jv QB..noodles a freshman is already the best at the school….just to prove a point…you all will win the south east… but not a game against a pac 5 school…not until you get a QB.

  • battle tested

    Slayer is right about scheduling up…Wesco did it and they won the title. La Habra did it, and they won the title…Monrovia did it and they won the title…San Dimas did it when they won the title…Once you get to the semis all of those teams are playing at a high level…the teams that are battle tested, and who been underdogs before, seem to pull it out…When you play lower division…you have to create a schedule to prepare your team…The upper division teams leagues are tougher than Lower division playoffs. I think Covina and Charter Oak did not prepare themselves like the top teams in their division, it may come back to haunt them…in November.

  • coltfan97

    To Battled Tested,

    Covina is not battle tested your kidding me right????? Yes they lost too West Covina in a close game, but crushed S.D. one of the teams that you said is battled tested (this is the S.D. team that crushed Monrovia). Something is wrong with your statement, Covina for the division there in is battled tested

  • battle tested

    See there you go again colt 97 ….using preseason comparison games and league games as a basis for what Covina will do in the playoffs…

    San Dimas > Monrovia
    Covina > San Dimas

    does not equal Covina > Monrovia in the playoffs…here is another one

    -Preseason San Dimas > preseason Monrovia

    does not mean

    Post Season San Dimas > Post Season Monrovia in the playoffs

    better yet

    Covina Playing Wesco tough, VVL Champs = Midvalley champs…

    That’s your problem…it’s 0-0 come November…you have people saying “Covina played West Covina tough, no one in the mid valley can beat them” lol ….hahah you all beat San Dimas last year, Monrovia lost to them….You all won the VVL last year…What is any different this year…well you lost to wesco so maybe you will win the mid valley this year…haha….you guys can’t take the pressure of being # 1…. haha.Everyone is telling you all are going to win it….you don’t want to let anyone down. Coach slayer started it and I agreed…

  • coltfan97

    Battle Tested get your facts straight buddy Covina beat S.D. this year as well!!!! Have you even been too a Covina game this year? And I never said Covina is going to to the Mid Valley but they are one the favorites!!!! Covina’s team this year is way different than last year’s team, and if you been to a game this year you would realize that!!! By the way, at the start of the season this year everybody was picking Monrovia too win the Mid Valley!!!!!! Covina has proved they are a team to be reckoned with in the playoff!!!!! Don’t tell me that Covina is not battle tested because your wrong, especially when Covina was without there QB for 2 games!! I done with this subject because it’s obvious we are not going to agree with this!!!!!

  • battle tested

    I’ve been to 2 Covina Games, I am have sat a heard the Covina Jargon. I never said Covina was not a top team in the mid valley. I’m saying that 1 good team in preseason, and 2 in league is 3 games total…Other teams have had injuries…like west co when they beat you. This is not a Monrovia vs Covina thing…I just think that 5 upper division games vs 2 upper division games, is riskier and challenging. But lets look…The Rio hondo is terrible….But would covina be 8-1 with monrovia’s schedule…Idk.

    Monrovia’s Schedule

    Glendora-not having a good year, still a inland team.
    Arcadia-top team in Southeast
    South hills- Inland team would be a power in Midvalley
    San Dimas-top team in Midvalley
    Paramount- 3-0 in league Div IV
    Temple City-terrible
    La Cananda -Terrible, but gave Arroyo a tough time
    San Marino-Not good, but 5-3
    South Pas- decent, beat top team in Almont

    West Covina-Def south east Champs, covina played well
    Gladstone-Terrible bottom feeder in montview
    El Monte- Good on Paper, but still not factor in div
    Walnut-Bottom feeder not good at all
    Pomona-Good team tough win…
    San Dimas-mid valley power…spanked them
    Baldwin park-not good
    nogales-not good at all
    Northview-Not good

  • Dan

    “You all won the VVL last year…What is any different this year…”
    The difference this year is Covina is a lot more physical than last year, Last year WC shredded the Colt defense for 430 yards mostly on the ground, this year that didn’t happen, the Colts effectively stuffed the middle, we had to bounce it outside or use the passing game. I still don’t think there will be a more physical team in the Mid Valley, weather that means a title or not I don’t know.

  • Amat Bully

    battle tested
    Your argument is so dumb and pointless….you named those teams and went on to say when they did they won the title well, as everyone says CO doesnt play anyone but did that stop them from winning back to back titles? you contradict yourself a few times as you continue on arguing with the other blogger you need to rethink what your trying to say cause right now you sound like a person who is a hater but dont want to come off as one.

  • battle tested

    Amat Bully, You are no longer a Southeast team…Time to move on…You are supposed to be way above The West Covina’s, Monrovia’s, St Francis’s and Arcadia’s Etc….Those are lower division schools…Time you start acting and Scheduling like a upper division school. Really the point I was making is that when you are trying to move up a notch, you need to schedule up… Your team has to get used to playing tough game after tough game. That is the main reason why people would even argue that a struggling Bishop Amat is still better than a CO who is balling right now. Bishop has won those games before. While the only game that CO was a underdog is this year was the Rancho game…Rancho is still trying to have a break through in the Inland. Other teams in the Inland have played Big games…CO has not even played a pac 5 school yet…REV played Mission Viejo, Upland played Loyola, Centennial played Saint Bonnies…Chino Hills played Tesoro, Vista played Crespi, Los Osos played O LU and still has upland and Rancho left… CO is not battle tested compared to the top teams in the inland, and you know what Honestly…you all are the preferred draw for anyone in that division bc they sure don’t want Upland, Centennial,Vista, REV or Rancho in the first round. Co won’t be playing a at large team in the first round…it’s going to be a second place team…But hey CO has the Chino hills left…and you watch what Centennial does to Roosevelt on friday…you call it hate… I want all sgv teams to do well in their respective divisions. I am rooting for CO, but this is In-house SGV cleaning….We really don’t step out our area, and take Chances and get better…We just wrestle with ourselves and are satisfied or pacified with being ranked on Fred and Aram’s list…Like they put #1 Sgv banners up in gym…they don’t…The southeast was great…now prepare yourself to get a Inland title… I say…until CO starts loading their schedule…they won’t be making any noise in the inland…And Santiago’s don’t grow on trees…He is gone next year.

  • Charter Oak On My Mind…

    “Gano On Charter Oak:

    They (CO Chargers) have the best talent of any team in the Valley. They’re the most talented team we’ve seen all year (Better than Amat? Definately much Better than Amat!).

    They’re even more talented than Rancho Cucamonga.”

    “Gano on Santiago:
    The kid (Travis) is the top quarterback in the Valley, bar none.

    He’s the best quarterback I’ve seen in a long time and he’s the best quarterback they’ve ever had throwing the ball. There’s no question. He’s a weapon.

    Four CIF Championships – Gano knows what he’s talking about. He knows what’s coming on Friday!

    How do you Spell #1? C h a r t e r O a k!

    Bishop Amat Honks – Can you say “Ceeeee Ohhhh?!

  • PowerBALL Backfire

    I am not an Amat fan, but I am an SGV fan.
    Joe Amat came up with its own Power Randking yesterday. The funny thing was that he was the only one to pick Amat for the top spot. Imagine that…! Hah

    Even FredJ said:
    “Here Joe, my top 15 power poll (this assuming Rio is playing too).

    1. Charter Oak
    2. Bishop Amat
    3. West Covina
    4. Chino Hills
    5. Covina
    6. Damien
    7. Glendora
    8. South Hills
    9. Bonita
    10. San Dimas
    11. Claremont
    12. Ayala
    13. Diamond Ranch
    14. Arroyo
    15. Pomona

    Fred said: “this assuming Rio is playing too” Hah, Hah!

    Well Fred, I have to ask where would you put Amat if Ruiz didn’t play? C’mon, give Amat an answer! They need you!

  • The Ranking Expert


    People DON’T NEED to rationalize that West Covina or Charter Oak would soundly beat Amat in 2011 or 2012. The shock and awe factor of Amat is long gone in the San Gabriel Valley. This what if between WestCo, Charter Oak and Amat is not even close.

    Frank, or any Amat Honk, tell me where I am wrong on my picks! Take your time! We still have 2 more days until the end of you 2011 season!

    Lets start with Quarterbacks (not baseball players! Lets stay on topic here. Focus on QBs!):

    Quarter Backs: Huge Advantage to Charter Oak.
    Travis Santiago has distanced himself from everyone around here. For all the talk that the Amat kid got in the summer, pre-season mags, FredJs boy, etc. Ruiz, frankly has done nothing to carry his team. Moore has carried the load. Tell me you disagree…

    Running Backs: Either WestCo or Charter Oak. All 3 teams have a strong starter. But only WestCo and CO have the depth in the bench. Amat – Huge drop off after Moore…

    No question about it. This is obviously Charter Oak’s greatest strength. Amat wouldn’t know who to key on and they would lose all the individual battles.

    Offensive Line:
    Either WestCo or Charter Oak. This is Amat’s biggest weakness. After Hauser bolted for Charter Oak, you OLine has only become worst. Tell me you disagree…

    So! Lets recap — You lose on the QB and you lose on the RBs, WRs and Line. Agreed…?

    Now lets look at the Defense:

    Defensive Line:
    Either WestCo or Charter Oak. This is Amat’s 2nd biggest weakness in 2011 and will be in 2012. They would not be able to stop CO or the Dogs. Amat has no depth at this position and fades in the 4th qtr. You know what I’m talking about!

    Charter Oak has 6 or 7 kids that can step up and play this position very strong. WestCo is also very talented and are sure tacklers. They do miss Maurice thought!

    Amat arm tackles and reaching instead of leading with shoulders. Its bad Amat coaching technique!

    Finally – The back 4:
    Either WestCo or Charter Oak. Amat just doesn’t have the talent, size, or speed to keep up with either team.

    Special Teams:
    Charter Oak. Have you seen the kicker that CO has. This kid kicks everything into the end zone, punts 60 yarders regularly, and is dead-center on Field Goals and PATs.

    Bench: No doubt about it WestCo and Charter Oak have a much deeper bench than Amat. When Amat needs a bench warmer, they can’t really count on him to play.

    My Expert Prediction in 2011:
    Charter Oak 35 – Amat 17
    West Covina 31 – Amat 14

    How can you honestly disagree with that level of analysis…?


  • Not Since 1995



    The Ship Is Sinking…

    Amat Spectator said:
    “I am disappointed at the coaching staff after Rio went down. It was a devastating blow, but the coaches folded and played too conservative with Koah at QB.

    Hagerty…..conceded the Loyola game when he shut down the offense. He needed to play small ball, and throw little dumper passes to Shay and Sanchez. He needed to boot-leg Koah. He should have taken chances with some trick plays. Instead, while the defense played “over their heads”……Hagerty shut down the Amat offense.”

    Turn Out The Lights…The Party’s Oh-Verrrr…


  • Just sayin’

    PowerLESS&ballLESS- it looks like a few people picked Amat over on Fred’s blog. It would be hard to say where they would rank without Rio until we see them play an entire game without Rio. Then we can judge. We all thought the Patriots would suck a couple years ago when Brady went down – but unkown Matt Cassell ended up doing just fine.

  • AMAT 73

    ranking expert,
    Keep trying to convince yourself on your shock and awe theory. I don’t think there was ever that type of thinking by any team in the valley otherwise why would they schedule us . That is one great myth that people like you use to bring down AMAT and pad your theories of the downfall of AMAT . We have had lesser teams and coaches and still managed to beat teams in the SGV people said would beat AMAT. Your writings look good on paper but on the field they are doubtful that they would come out as you say. Every year experts like you come up with these theories on how AMAT would lose but when the games are played guess what , AMAT wins. So be it keep your on paper wins if that makes you happy but you will never convince us of it because in real life on the field it just doesn’t happen. Next year it is being said we have CH so put your chips on them and Damien to knock off the LANCERS because those games will be played on the field and not on paper as you use to get your wins against AMAT .

  • SGV Fan

    Notsince1995 = Biggest Blog Tool….sinceForever

    Rankings Expert = Anyone who calls himself an expert is really making a point for the opposite, and it shows.

    Amat is still the Class of the SGV, the measuring stick if you will…Everybody wants to be like Mike, right? (you older folks will get the reference) Bishop Amat is the “Mike” of the SGV. Why else would everybody keep using Amat and their program as a basis for accomplishment? NOBODY in the SGV plays AMAT level football. Charter Oak STILL hasn’t played a good team this year. I’ll take Amat over any current SGV team with or without R.R. The green eyed monster will cloud anybody’s vision and it is hard at work in the SGV this year.

  • Frank

    @ Ranking Expert,
    #1, I don’t think I mentioned Co in my previous post, What I was arguing is the claims by some that Covina could beat Amat,because they played WC close. The real question is, what does playing WC have to do with Amat? Nothing, and as I said the only measuring stick this year is Loyola. Who Amat played in a very close game and WC was utterly destroyed by. Now WC is bringing in the excuses “we were injured” etc, etc. No, you got injured playing a PAC-5 school.
    As for player for player, I have been fortunate to see these top three schools play. I will Agree that Co has the better QB, but in all other positions they come up a little shy. Do you really think Amat doesn’t have running backs beside Moore? I can guarantee you that the 2ND string running backs at Amat are not next years starters. Believe me the guys for next year if they were at CO would be the starters at Co right now, Scooby would still be on jv.
    As for receivers Patton and Sanchez are hands down the top two in the valley.
    You want to talk overall defense, do you think you CO would hold Loyola to two TDs or Crespi 7 legitimate points. In fact here will be your test, if CO can hold Damien to 7 points or less, I will say your defense is on par with Amats. Also Damien only Td came off a blown coverage by a younger player who covered the wrong guy, leaving their receiver wide open.
    Can Co beat Amat? of course it could happen, especially when teams are pretty even. But based on what I’ve seen Amat beats them most of the time. I would say 6 to 4 based on 10 games and WC maybe they could win 2 of 10 against Amat. I agree Co And Amat are alot closer than people think, but Co is still somewhat unproven since they haven’t played any strong teams yet, except their one loss. You see its easier to execute and look good against a weak defense, others who watch and don’t know what a real good defense looks like will sit back and say “wow, these guys are really good” But we will see how Co does in playoffs since you wont see any strong teams until then and probably not till the 2ND round. Best of luck to you guys and by the way I’m not an Amat fan my evaluations are purely analytical, I have seen most of the top teams play this year and this is why I am able to make the statements I make.

  • good to great

    Frank – the level of competition makes a HUGE difference in stats. Remember when McBride transferred a few years back to Los Altos because he was going to be the 3rd option behind Wells and Wagner and ended up looking like Barry Sanders against Los Altos schedule. Average to good back in the Pac 5 is a GREAT back in the Southeast or vs SGV type schools. Wells was good in the Serra League and was Player of the Year at South Hills. Way back a bunch of non-starters at Amat left and led Wilson to a championship. A guy like Dionza Blue would be excellent in the Hacienda or Serra. REmemebr when he was a frosh and this blog talked about him like he was Scoby or Noodles and now he can’t get carries at Amat (though a nice DB)
    Just the way it is

  • Dan

    You’ve done this a couple times,
    Say what you want about West Covina but at least come in with the correct facts. We were already injured going into the Loyola game, Solomon and Franklin were hurt in the Covina Game, Frazier was injured during the summer and re-aggravated it during Claremont scrimmage and again in the first quarter of the Loyola game. Other than Frazier re-aggravating, no injuries from the Loyola game.

  • Cee oooooh no hold on a minute

    CO is a middle of the pack in the Inland. They really has not played anyone in preseason compared to it’s inland foes… and you must factor in that the Inland SGV league is pretty weak outside of Chino Hills who could still win it….If CO was in the Baseline, Charter Oak would be 3rd place Behind Upland and Rancho, and would be scrapping with Los Osos, for the final playoff spot… and If you put them in the league with Centennial, or REV or Vista, they would finish 2nd at best. That’s just reality…Bishop Is hands down the best program in SGV…and I really don’t like Bishop. But If you gave Charter Oak Bishops Schedule They Lose To Servite, Alemany, Crespi, Loyola, and maybe sherman oaks…then step into the pac 5 playoffs opening up with Tesoro….Nah, Bishop still carrys the Cross for the sgv…

  • AMAT 73

    WC Dan,
    I have to agree with you on not being able to use the Loyola game . WC had too many injuries for that game so throw the head to head out the window on comparitives with that game . We really don’t know what a full strenght WC does against Loyola as we don’t know how the second half with Rio would have played for AMAT .

  • Frank

    @ Dan
    Actually Dan I have a lot of respect for WC, and I think their scheduling up this year is going to help them come playoff time,asit did last year. I wish I could say the same for CO, but theyve had a pretty eaasy schedule so far. I hope nobody thinks playing Damien is a step up game. In my first post on this thread I said that I didnt like using comparitive scores because there are various reasons, that make up a final result. I only used this example to really let the covina fans know where they stand in terms of competing with Amat.

  • go figure

    Covina won’t win the Mid valley…how could they beat amat?

  • coltfan97

    Go Figure,

    So tell me who is going to win the Mid Valley?

  • go figure

    Monrovia, San Dimas or WCHS…The proven playoff winners…Who do you think is going to win it Colt 97?

  • coltfan97

    San Dimas won’t win I know that much!!!!! Those are all good teams but this a different year and Covina has as good as shot to win the Mid Valley as Monrovia and WCHS has!!!!!! Give me a reason why Covina does not have chance to win the Mid Valley? We are going to disagree on this but I want to know why?

  • go figure

    Because some is going to beat them in the playoffs….Here is the kicker…San Dimas won’t be in the same bracket as covina…and they could beat anyone else in the midvalley except Monrovia in a rematch game….So they could get back to the finals. Covina…you guys may get Whittier Christian, or something …bad biz for you.

  • coltfan97

    First of all S.D. better get pass Pomona!!!! I have seen both those teams and I am picking Pomona, so S.D. might be on the same side of the bracket with Covina if their a wildcard team!!!!!

    You gave a lame reason why Covina is going too lose, if you call that a reason!!!!!! Give me a football reason why Covina is going too lose? Wait a minute…… you probably don’t have a reason!!!!!!

  • go figure

    Covina has really small Db’s. There you go.

  • coltfan97

    Who is going to guard Covina’s 6’4″ wide receiver Justin Mason!!!!!!!!That’s right no one!!!!! !!!!! San Dimas couldn’t!!!!!!!! If we have small db’s then your argument saying S.D. is one of the favorites is foolish because Covina burned them all night long!!!!
    By the way he has played in the secondary at times for Covina!!!!!!!

  • go figure

    Colt 97 the biggest plays of the night for SD Were long passing plays off playaction…and #21 dropped one early which swung the momentum early…Did you go to the game? The pass defense is not good over there. We are not talking offense we are talking about the number 1 defense in the mid valley right?

  • go figure

    Just like McClain Last year…Mason is a Bball player….Locked tight in the playoffs ….#1,5,6,24….tiny!!!If you didn’t Know Monrovia, WCHS, San Dimas all have a 6’3 200 lbs WR/DB also…you keep counting out san dimas…they were a wild card last year…and went further than you all… you have no respect for anyone do you…Shame on you.

  • coltfan97

    San Dimas’s offense is very unique and they could have pass on anyone since they run the Wing T!!!!!!! Covina was expecting run all night long and they stop the run!!!! Yes I went to the S.D.- Covina game and S.D. DID NOT IMPRESS ME AT ALL!!!!! Sorry S.D. I do admit that Covina needs some work in the defensive backfield but everybody in the division has deficiencies Covina just has the least!!!!! Like I said we are not going to agree on this subject!!!! By the way who do you cheer for? just wondering!!!!!

  • go figure

    Match ups are different from team to team and from preseason, to league, to the playoffs. Just BC this team did that to one team does not mean your team will do the same…you may not even do the same thing if you play the same team again. It’s a cat and mouse game in the midvalley…I don’t know things have been kinda uptight over there in covina….with tiny Db’s their is alot of room to work…Somebodys going to get you out of that 8man front pretty soon.

  • coltfan97

    I do have respect for all those teams it’s you that doesn’t respect Covina!!!! Remember you said it yourself Covina is not going to win the Mid Valley where is the respect toward’s Covina!!!! I know S.D. has respect for Covina!!!!! When playoff time comes Covina will prove you wrong!!!!!!!! By the way Mason and McClain are different!!!!1 McClain is a sprinter and Mason plays Bball!!!! S.D. COULD NOT GUARD MASON!!!!! 5 catches for a 105 yards!!!!!!

  • go figure

    Does saying that Covina won’t win the Midvalley not having respect? Ok Covina is going to win the midvalley…you happy now.

  • VVL

    The eight man front is the key.

    The team that will beat Covina is the team that can run and pass. The pass coverage issue with the eight man front was exposed in the fourth quarter of the Pomona game. But a team needs to generate a balanced attack in the air and on the ground forcing Covina to start guessing on defense.

  • go figure

    VVL …oh someone is talking football now…Lot’s of teams around the Midvalley are getting balanced just and peaking…I also notice if you hit Billy…good things happen…if you don’t he will Burn you. That’s really the key to beating the colts. Catch billy the kid, and the young guns are finished.

  • coltfan97

    Wait a minute here I never said Covina’s going to win Mid Valley!!!! All I said is that Covina has a good chance to win it all this year just like WCHS, S.D., and Monrovia!!!!!

  • go figure

    Colt 97 saying that Covina is going to win the Midvalley is a bold statement…Fred and Aram are making that statement and standing by it…That’s a roll of the dice…You are a colt fan, if you want to say your team is going to win say it….I know your thinking that just Like I am…my team is not covina …i know that fo sure…besides i’m in the stands i’m a speculator the game will be decided by these outstanding young friday night warriors.

  • coltfan97

    It was actually exposed in the West Covina game but they are not a throwing team!!!! Like I said every team has deficiencies!!!!!

    S.D.- Lack of a passing game
    Pomona- Not Discipline
    Covina- Pass Coverage
    Monrovia- Not Consistent

    I could go on!!!!!!!

  • coltfan97

    Go Figure,

    I do agree with you that these young men will decide it!!!!! Plus it’s going to be very interesting!!!!! I am picking Pomona to beat S.D. Who would you pick S.D. or Pomona?

  • go figure

    Im picking Ptown…. you are pretty accurate with the weaknesses of the teams out there.

  • VVL


    I agree with your comment.

    The team that makes the best adjustments,


  • football

    San Dimas over Pomona.

    San Dimas will stop the running game and will have the Red Devil’s winded by the half.

    21-13 SD

  • Farmer John


    Remember way back when Amat use to be good!
    You old old old school home boys know what I mean!

    C’mon man…
    Bishop Amat is a wonded pig ready for slaughter.

    Amat Honks just don’t know it yet.

    5 years from we’re all gonna look back at this 2011 year and laugh at Amat in the same way we laugh at their 2007 year.

    Remember 2007 when Amat got their a$$e$ handed to them by:
    – Los Osos
    – Orange Lutheran
    – Hart
    – Carson
    – Alemany
    – Crespi
    – Notre Dame: 55 – 30!

    That was a hilarious year!


  • VVL


    I’m assuming you haven’t seen Pomona. I see San Dimas having major issues scoring on Pomona’s defense. Pomona scored twice on Covina and San Dimas has a weaker defense than them.

    Pomona 21 San Dimas 7

  • Frank’s a Lier

    Frank…Chu Lie Chu Lier…!

    “I’m not an Amat fan…” Hah…LMAO!

    Nobody wears that yellow A diaper of yours higher and tighter than you do, Frank! The stuff that’s inside your diaper is crawling up your spine and into your brian. Your head is filled with Amat sh*t, Frank!

    Why don’t you specifically address the Ranking Expert’s analysis. One by One (Including Special Teams and your Bench warmers), Frank!

    Your afraid because you know the Truth and it Hurts.
    It hurt you to admit that your QB is not as good as the CO QB and it hurts you to admit that your front lines (both sides) suck as well as your LBs and DBs. Doesn’t it Frank. Receivers…Hah! Can’t even begin to compare with CO!

    Tell the Ranking Expert and the SGV the Truth, Frank!

    Analyze each position Frank. In 2011 Frank! Not back in the day, Frank! Bank when you had hair! And not against Don Bosco of New Jersey. Against Charter Oak! Against West Covina! Can you do that, Frank?

    Do it!

    Do it!

  • coltfan97

    If Mosby could get off in the first half, Pomona will win easily because S.D. can’t guard tall athletic receivers (Mason)!!!! Heck if Ainsworth can gain 160 yards on S.D. defense Yabrough can do the samething!!!!

    Pomona 35 San Dimas 24

  • Charter Oak On My Mind

    Who’s on Top?

    Charter Oak:
    MaxPreps – Inland Division Ranking #5 out of 32. This even includes the “weak a$$” Sierra League, as Bishop Honks like to refer to it!

    Bishop Amat:
    MaxPreps – Pac 5 Participation at #17 out of 29. The Powerful and Mighty PAC 5!

    Question: Who in 2011 ranked in the top and who is ranked in the bottom of their respective divisions?

    CHARTER OAK is on Top portion of the Inland Division!

    Bishop Amat is below .500 in their ranking and therefore in the LOWER portion of the division.
    Lower = BOTTOM!

    Just The Facts, Amat Honks!

  • You ‘member?

    Farmer’s Daughter – I remember the last 3 yrs much better, when Amat beat OLu, St Bonnies, Mater Dei, St Paul, St Francis, Chaminade, Alemany, and Crespi, Notre Dame, and Loyola multiple times. I also remember them dominating the SGV with wins over West Covina, Damien, and Diamond Ranch.
    ‘member those?
    (although ai do vaguely remember 07 when Amat beat the D3 . How bad must they have been and still beat the D3 champs? can imagaine what they’d do to some of hose D7 schools)

  • Charter Oak On My Mind

    Here’s another example of Bishop Amat and their favorite boyee, Little Freditto are feeling IRRELEVANT IN THE SGB:

    “Joe Amat…wrote in the “Super 35″ rankings thread that in a power poll, Bishop Amat is his No. 1. What a surprise. But I love it when when JMAT gets going like this…”

    Little Freditto, YOU ARE ON A SINKING SHIP!

    Its all about CHARTER OAK IN 2011…and Aram Tolegian!

    Occupy Little Freditto says “No More FredJ”

    No None Nada

  • Dolly Madison

    ChOaking on your mind – thanks for bringing our attention to the rankings, while I noticed that ChOak is #32 in the State and Amat is #39 – I also noticed that the Chargettes have a strength of schedule around 25 to Amat’s 35. They better be winning those games against those cupcakes!

  • Simple Math

    Pac 5 > Inland

  • I Member 2011

    Cal Preps STATE Ranking in 2011:

    21 Charter Oak (Covina, CA)
    Inland (II) 7-1 3-0 (1st) 5-1 45.8 25.7 33-32

    22 Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA)
    Serra Pac-5 (I) 5-3 0-2 (5th) 0-2 45.8 36 40-25

    25 Bishop Amat (La Puente, CA)
    Pac-5 (I) 6-4 1-2 (t 3rd) 1-3 44.3 35.5 48-26
    LOSSES: Servite (Anaheim, CA) (49-14), 34 Loyola Los Angeles, CA) (14-3), 212 Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) (26-21), 22 Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) (35 – 12)




  • Failed Simple Math

    Math is not your strength either!

    Inland > Pac 5 > Mid-Valley (XI)

    Check you 2011 Records little man!

  • Friday Night Predictions

    Friday Night Predictions from the Experts:

    CAL Preps:
    Fri 11/04 Bishop Amat at Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks)
    –PROJECTION: Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) 28 – 22

    La Puente, Bishop Amat at Sherman Oaks, Notre Dame Prediction: Notre Dame 32 – 18
    Over/Under = 50

    TERRIBLE Casino (LV):
    California HS Football-
    So Cal – Bishop Amat at Notre Dame
    Betting Line: Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks CA) 35 – 14 Over/Under = 49

    So is Terribles saying the Rio Ruiz is only worth 7 points?

    Does not look good for Bishop with Vegas is betting against them!

  • Math Teacher
  • the wizard

    Charter Oak = 2nd Round loss inland

    Bishop Amat = 1st Round loss Pac 5…

    What are people arguing? These two teams don’t play, and won’t play…Farrar is not Crazy enough to play Bishop next year when Santiago Leaves…How good will CO be then? I know they don’t have another Santiago coming up on the fresh or jv’s or we would have heard about it. That is the difference between Bishop Amat and Charter Oak…Honestly CO Does not have the continuous talent pool like Upland, Rancho, Vista, Rev, Centennial, and Norco or even Chino Hills for that fact…Those schools are not going anywhere…unless some of them move to pac5 ,This is as good as CO will be in the Inland…

  • Coach Slayer

    Max preps,cal preps, La Times, Espn polls are for all intents and purposes bunk for our area. Quit reading the numbers that someone else puts up which may or may not be accurate and post from your gut and from what you have observed as to how your team will do in the post season. My gut tells me both Covina and Monrovia are very beatable in the early rounds.Why? Both have running back problems.

  • Just The Facts


    Thr3ee Reasons why Amat will LOSE on Friday against NOTRE DAME:

    1) Offensive Line is Very small. It got even smaller when Hauser decided to “Take His Talents NorthEast!”

    2) Defensive Line is Soft, Small, and has NO back-ups

    3) QB is a sophomore with no experience reading defenses and can’t throw the bal past 15 yards with accuracy!

    I present the following as EVIDENCE!

    NOTRE DAME 35 – lancers 14

    Case Closed, Amat Nation!

    Happy Thanksgiving…


  • Participation by Association

    Failed Math Tutor

    Being Hispanic does not equal being illegal.

    Just the same way
    Participating in the Pac 5 does NOT make you, BISHOP (#17 out of 29), an elite pack PAC 5 team.

    Simple LOGIC Matematico!

    I am certain that you are not illegal…


  • go figure

    Coach slayer, I don’t know about Monrovia and Covina having running back problems….They both have 1000 yard rushers…And Monrovia had one of their best running backs injured all year…but he is back…Either way Both Monrovia’s and Covina’s RB will be All CIF along with Sir Darius…Those teams have weaknesses, but not at running back.

  • Coltfan97

    Go Figure could not have said it better Ainsworth is an all CIF RB then they plug in Venegas!!!! Like Go Figure said those two teams have some problems and RB is not one of them!!!!!

    Like VVL said it is going to come down to coaching!!!!!

  • Crazy Talk

    Ainsworth and Venegas all CIF?

    You are CRAZY

    Ainsworth numbers are at best 3rd in the LEAGUE and Venegas numbers are way below his. Even if you looked at Yards per touch they aren’t even close at the league level. You guys are a passing team you don’t get all CIF on what you might have done if you were a run first team.

    You really need to stop with this crazy talk.

  • coltfan97

    To Crazy Talk,

    I must be crazy that’s why Ainsworth is third in the Mid Valley with 1100 rushing yard!!!!! If you don’t believe me go to this website!!!!,rushing&position=-All-&classyear=-All-&ssid=f28cd02d-9746-48e9-a74b-fffef375b19a

    Covina is a passing team I agree with you on that but Covina averages 215 yards rushing so what are you going to stop????

  • Crazy Talk


    You are correct, he passed Nelson in league by 2 yes 2 yards. Notice that you didn’t mention that Covina only has one game left and Wilson has two games left. I believe in about 24 hours Ainsworth will be back in third place in league. Even more interesting is based on the averages after tomorrow Ainsworth will drop down to the number 6 back in the division. Also based on averages he will only be 600 yards behind Sir-Darius from Pomona.

    Thanks for directing me to this site it only validates my point.

    Crazy Talk…….

  • coltfan97

    If you look at the statistics Nelson has 20 more carries than Ainsworth does, and Ainsworth has played in one more game than Nelson has!!!!! Not only that Ainsworth averages more yards pure rush than Nelson!!!! Nelson might have more yards when the season is over, but Nelson is not a better back than Ainsworth!!!! As Yabrough he has done well this year, but the big games that Pomona’s been in he was non exitant!!!! Against Covina he had only 70 yards rushing!!!!!

    By the way, they pick more than one RB to be on the all CIF team!!!!

  • Crazy Talk

    You really need to stop,

    Lets take the only two common opponents Nogales and Balein Park

    Ainsworth 33 carries for 349 yards 0 touchdowns average per carry 10.5
    Yabrough 36 carries for 640 yards 7 touchdowns average per carry 17.7

    Don’t you get it, Ainsworth isn’t even close.

  • coltfan97


    Obviously you can’t comprehend what I am saying, and you know something else their are probably a lot of people out there that probably thinks Ainsworth is an all CIF RB just ask San Dimas!!!!! Plus Yabrough and Ainsworth will both be ALL CIF!!!!!! I like Yabrough he has been great for Pomona, but give credit to Ainsworth as well!!!! I am done with this!!!!! You must be a Covina Hater who can’t give credit to a team that is 8-1!!!!!

  • Crazy Talk

    Your comment “Nelson is not a better back than Ainsworth!!! As Yabrough he has done well this year, but the big games that Pomona’s been in he was exitant!!! Aganist Covina he had only 70 yards rushing!!!”

    That sounds like you are. Don’t forget the four other players that are projected to have better stats after Friday, putting Ainsworth at 6th.

    Yabrough had 71 yards on 12 carries 5.92 yards per carry
    Ainsworth had 81 yards on 12 carries 6.67 yards per carry

    Interesting Covina had 50 carries for 198 yards 3.96 yards per carry. That doesn’t sound like all CIF numbers.

  • all Cif

    CIF takes 2QB’s, 5 Backs, 5 WRs, 7 line, Utility and a kicker. All Cif is not just based upon stats…It depends on several things…However this season Ainsworth, Sir Darius will be 2 of 5 Backs….this Nelson kid has only scored five times…more than likely someone with less yards, on a better team, who also rips in the playoffs, will be All CIF. Last year Monrovia’s Blanco only had 700 yards…But he was running down hill in the playoffs and earned his all CIF status.

  • Crazy Talk

    I was waiting for that one Coltfan97, took you a while. Stats is not the only factor. On your own team Venegas is a better running back than Ainsworth. A very good example of that is put Ainsworth on Pomona”s team with their line this kid isn’t even in the discussion. Ainsworth is an average back with a good line, how many tacks do you see this kid break. Now you have a much better argument with Venegas, lacks the stats but is a quality back. I put Venegas at #3 in the league behind Darius and Nelson. Ainsworth is five or six in the league based on quality back only.

    I also agree not making the playoffs drops you down and making the playoffs and producing at the higher level brings you up. Nelson could drop out and others may make the cut that are in the playoffs.

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