PrepXtra Rewind: Big Bob sounds off on Monrovia, Duarte, Muir and the Mid-Valley Division. Plus, the boys from Alhambra and San Gabriel discuss their Friday showdown …

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  • Jefe

    Why would you waste a Friday night watching two mediocre clubs like DB and Bonita play??

    No one can ever questions your dedication, that’s for sure.

  • Because at the end of the year, I have an obligation to make an All-Area team. In order to do so properly, I think I have to have seen most or all of the teams/players of consequence in the Valley.

    I have seen two CO games already and will probably be there for their first-round game.

    Also, I don’t look at it as mediocre teams per se. All the Valley teams are important to me and believe it or not, as much as some people may not want to admit it, it means something to the readers/players/fans/coaches to have me cover their games. And it means something to me to do it.

    May sound odd, but emotionally I’m just as caught up in D-Bar or Bonita’s playoff hunt as I am CO’s quest for a league title or big postseason run.

    It takes a special kind of nerd to be this way.

    Every team has its own special story.

  • HAha

    Hahaha ask this guy how dumb he feels that Arcadia worked Monrovia with deshawn haha joke.

  • Colt74

    I can’t speak for any other teams but I know that we appreciate having the Trib guys, and Tom Kiss at our games.

  • realTALK

    Monrovia?? Big bob c’mon man. So much for Arcadia not being a factor,bigger factor than m town

  • U no it’s tru

    If E-40 & Big Boy had a baby

  • Dan

    Ha Ha BIG BOB! I think I know who O-Cat is now, hey I like him, he’s is entertaining to say the least. I think he needs to get out and see some more Eastside ball though. Mid Valley should be real fun after the first round.

  • big mike

    Tell big Bob get out the past. this year Monrovia isnt living up to all the hype they came in with. What happen the Arcadia game they had Big Ellis and Legace (who M-town fans bragged about locking down all last year) did his thang this year against them whats the excuse for losing that game. Oh they didnt have their offense together LOL excuses, excuses dont forget the Lakers lost this past year pretty bad in the playoffs so it sort of fits Monrovia and Covina would probably destroy M-town this year im NO m-town hater i like M-town but all the talk and hype their fans did coming in this year is what makes me kind of root against them, but when they enter the pacific league all that high flying junk their doing in the rio will not fly, and give CO a break Scoby chose the right place to play forget Crutchfield, Tip Sanders is rebuilding that program give him respect big Bob your a bias person not once did you give any other team props when Monrovia fall which im not hoping they do but im not hoping they dont either your going to come with an outrageous excuse of why they fell shoot you might even say it happened because the “DUARTE” players left and didnt attend Monrovia. (keep in mind im writing this as im listening to you) Now you wanna give a few teams some respect your a joke big Bob and then you claim there isnt any gang stuff LOL we all know Duarte and Monrovia is full of gangs it even starts at their pop warner level lets re-visit why the Pasadena panthers and Duarte hawks wasnt allowed to play against each other and they’re in the same league (Gang fights during the game). If Muir had tip Muir would be dominate not with Crutchfield, Tip actually took some terrible teams and made them GOOD (Marshall and Blair). Also that gang fight with Muir was not way back try 1999 not the 80’s i was there Big Bob stop the lying. Big bob honesty is the key it’ll make you look better. Bob obviously dont know anything about the pacific Brandon Cox will be the top Qb in the SGV next year he’s ridiculous 6’3 runs a low 4.5 40 and has a cannon for an arm, he’s dangerous. Man bob you make more excuses for monrovia then any obnoxious fan Aram and Miguel please dont have this dude on your show again unless its titled excuses for Monrovia. All those leagues you claimed is baby ball what about Monrovia and the rio damn bob you love Monrovia a little too much and BA would still beat Monrovia without Rio, CO would destroy Monrovia Covina WC, those teams will have a complete high light film against Monrovia this year. Big bob please reconsider LOL


    Big Mike,

    I have the AZUSA RAIDERS smashing the Duarte Hawks! TO ARAM, COME ON how about your a EARLY PREDICTION on the AZUSA vs LA PUENTE game???

  • Coach Slayer

    Not sure why Big Bob got a platorm to pontificate. Who’s next, Joe Amat, Colt 97, Amat Bully? Would love to see these crazies on the show all at the same time, now you got something that rivals Jerry Springer.

  • Mtownclown

    Big bob is really over hyping Mtown our team is good but we our team still hasnt hit its peak yet …..Rio Hondo is a JOKE….Go Wildcats just waiting for c.i.f give Monrovia Duarte in the first round

  • Coach Slayer,

    Anytime you want to come on the show, reveal your true identity and “pontificate” you let me know.

    That goes for any of you who post here consistently and have a following under (mostly) ONE NAME. You want your identity revealed? You want your face to be attached to your opinion and words, you’re more than welcome.

    Big Bob is very well known in his parts. And his opinion is respected.

  • Coach Slayer

    Aram: Remember the Wizard of Oz. Every one is always disappointed when the curtain is pulled back. Thanks, but I’m happy throwing popcorn at the screen from the cheap seats. And Big Bob, pontificate all you want, I love it.

  • Colt74

    Big Bob and the rest of us are all Homers for our teams. Isn’t that what this blog is all about?

    Since we never got together for our after season BBQ last year maybe we can do a Pre playoff/ After season wrap up Pizza Chalet sat night get together or SOMETHING this year?

  • SaintsR4real

    Hahaha, this weeks prepxtra was way too funny!!
    You should call this version, TNL,Tuesday Night Live (

    Good question on D. Ramirez, the kid has been hyped up by Mtown fans which led to this years biggest letdown.

    Something wrong here, why hasn’t any of the crack talking Monrovia fans don’t talk about the one kid that has been the most consistent player all year round, their RB Bias??

  • Letdown yea right.

    Deshawn Ramirez has scored at least once in every game, and should be all Cif As a corner….Deshawn is doing just fine… The Monrovia line, despite being big, has not played well…That is what Monrovia is working on. Monrovia has a lot of guys and they spread it around. When Deshawn comes to your city in the playoffs you will see him score…and then you decide if he is a let down.

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  • Observantcat

    I see you are in your glory once again. Please do enjoy the preseason win over the Cats, but dont forget the season is not over yet. Remember last season in the semi’s what took place. Nothing wrong with gloating, but you sure like to put your stamp on the name calling, You will be facing a complete team come playoff time with a much more confident QB at the helm. Ellis McCarthy spells San Dimas every time he eats his bowl of alpha bet cereal..LOL your real concern is for your team to stay healthy and try and get a win against Pomona next week. They seem like the team to beat in you league besides Covina. Playoffs will see what the Wildcat faithful have been talking about since this spring. Ramirez, Williams, and Bias and the host of receivers that have finally gotten their rhythm together like we all have expected. Monrovia scheduled some intense games this preseason so that they could be better prepared for the playoffs and believe me they will be. I know that you and Colt 74 would love to represent the VVL in a championship game at the end, but remember who your DADDY is (: and your uncle Pomona is not too far behind. All in all I am hoping they schedule us in the same bracket early in the Playoffs so that you will have time to change skirts and wear you Covina Colts outfit and see what the rest of the world wants to see. MONROVIA VS. COVINA in the Mid Valley Finals. Notice I didn’t resort to name calling, Just staying ahead of the immaturity that some of your bring.

  • ;)

    Big BOBservant Cat! As I read this post, I read it with that smooth Big Bob twang!