• Just The Facts


    Just The Facts

    Thr3ee Reasons why Amat will LOSE on Friday against NOTRE DAME:

    1) Offensive Line is Very small. It got even smaller when Hauser decided to “Take His Talents NorthEast!”

    2) Defensive Line is Soft, Small, and has NO back-ups

    3) QB is a sophomore with no experience reading defenses and can’t throw the bal past 15 yards with accuracy!

    I present the following as EVIDENCE!

    NOTRE DAME 35 – lancers 14

    Case Closed, Amat Nation!

    Happy Thanksgiving…


  • Bonita fan

    Bonita wins a game they should have lost. Win it in overtime 27 to 20 over Diamond Bar. PAT and Field goal blocked in last 3 minutes of game by Bonita to put it in overtime.

  • http://youtu.be/t-CjOy7x5jQ

    Highlights/ interviews from what might’ve been Bishop Amat’s final game of the year.. Furious final few minutes to the game.. Lancers had their chances, but couldn’t capitalize late. Will surely be kicking themselves over this one.

    MUST-SEE HIGHLIGHT at the end of the video by senior running back Jalen Moore! One of the most acrobatics plays you will ever see…

  • Just The Facts

    I HATE to tell Amat Honks, I TOLD YOU SO!

    This is from Fred’s blog:

    lancer here said(at 2 am in the morning!):

    I saw the reaction of the players too … He first looked at Haynes as if saying, “What the hell were you looking at?!”

    Amat fans were definitely grinding their teeth at Hagerty.

    Real talk,

    I think there’s a growing consensus who would like Amat to find another head coach. I’m starting to waver among them…Hagerty’s track record this year does not look good. A blowout game against Servite which cost Shay and Alcantara to miss half the year…a lot of woulda shoulda talk.)

    Hauser transferring and Varella being suspended. This team’s graduating seniors are really Hagerty’s first class and it doesn’t bode well when you miss the playoffs.

    These are a few AREAS THAT NEED TO BE IMPROVED for next season (Sound familiar Amat Honks? Stop me if you’ve heard this before, Amat HONK):

    1) O-line and D-line need to get bigger and stronger. This year’s group is the tiniest I’ve ever seen from Amat.

    2) Haynes or whoever is going to be qb next year. Hate to say it, but I don’t think Haynes is ready to be under center. The kid looked scared out of his mind and missed multiple open receivers. He doesn’t read defenses well too and is prone to committing a turnover.

    3) STOP WITH THE MOTION PENALTIES! Amat gets about 3 or 4 of these during games. Usually they occur in first downs.

    4) Special teams. Amat needs to have a punt returner who can field punts. They muffed punts two games in a row which cost them big time.

    Bishop is just NOT a football school anymore. The talent and recruits have dried up.

    NEXT YEAR will be worse…

    November 5, 2011 1:58 AM

  • Polly wanna cracker?
  • AmNOT A Champion Again


    Old Mrs QuasiMoto 73…

    Don’t hate me because I am right…

    You’re own people are calling for Hagerty’s head on a silver plater now!

    2012 is gonna be the same as 2011…! You think you’re good, but Amat YOU’RE JUST NOT THAT GOOD ANYMORE!

    The SGV has Powerhouse Football and it ain’t you!

    BishopNOMAS… Seven17Teen years and counting…

    Now…Go Get Me Some Water, Biaatccch!


  • Pick your battles

    Sybil – stick with Amat’s standing in Division 1 football. then you have, somewhat, of an argument. Leave the SGV out of it – because you lose all credibility. There are no other Powerhouse teams in the SGV. If they were powerhouses – they would beat Amat – and they just don’t

  • Amat Bully

    Pick your battles
    When is the last time Amat played a powerhouse team from the SGV? i bet you this every player on the varsity squad today wasn’t at BA yet.

  • just sayin’

    Bully Boy – Completed a two year sweep vs West Covina and Diamond Ranch in 09. Could have picked the score vs. Diamond Ranch -it was that lopsided. Almost embarrasing. Rio. oore, and Shay, got some carries and caught some passes that game. DR was in the Southeast final against ChOak for the 2nd year in a row (after beating WC and South Hills in semis) If they were not a “power” that certainly diminishes ChOak’s championship. Which do you prefer? Power or not? Did Amat beat a quality team? Or is ChOak a paper champion because they played in a weak division and beat a weak team in the finals? Twice. Your choice. Maybe you should choose your battles too!

  • Backtrack

    Here’s the best one. Why did Amat have an opening on their schedule in the first place. They just finished sweeping Rancho Cucamonga and the Cougars wanted no more. Why did they have the opening to play RC? Charter Oak asked to get out of the last year of their contract after getting their ass kicked two yesrs in a row! LOL!

  • scoop

    Clear the Blog waves…for the bloggers who’s teams are going to playoffs or have a shot in week 10 to get in… Woulda coulda shoulda time is over now.

    Bishop- is the best team in the valley, their season is over…the fact that their players have to practice this week sucks…But if they win the coin flip…that would be something wouldn’t it. Bishop fans still have one breath left…

    C.O.-was hit with a big injury…this could be big for this week, Chino Hills is a full load…a loss and 2nd place is a reality. Even if they survive this week next week is the inland Playoffs…Get your “get well” Skoby cards out.

    Chino Hills-Glory awaits if they can beat CO 1st place, and a better seeding in playoffs. Still underdogs, but they have a great chance.

    Damien-Must win, nuff said

    Covina-Easy street game vs Northview…#1 team and seed in Midvalley…The Colts will have a target on their backs in the playoffs. The Colts are ready to make a run.

    Bonita-scrapping, clawing and it’s working…good job

    West Covina-Is hands down favorites to win Back to back titles. The Diamond Ranch Game, will be a tough league title game, even if WC is heavily favorites…WC has to figure out how to win the game and stay injury free…

    San Dimas-Big game vs Pomona…This game is for the seeding in the Midvalley…The Winner plays a winnable first round game, the loser plays a league champ as at large team

    Pomona-Big game vs San Dimas. If ptown can win this game, they may be a top four seed. They lose this game, and they could be playing WCHS in the 1st round

    La puente-how can a undefeated team be a underdog? Well The Warriors are in their league title game vs AZusa. They will be playing with a chip on their shoulder. A loss and they could be one and done in the playoffs again.

    Azusa-They can show their dominance with another Montview title. They need to help themselves all they can for a better playoff seeding. They lose this game it’s one and done.

    Arroyo- has the highest seed they have had in years. After losing in the first round Rivera is going to go deep his senior year…Well they will have to beat El Monte first…After struggling with La Canada, anything is possible. They are still favorites but…a they can not lose this game

    El Monte- Looking to make history in playing for a MVL title, in 30 years. They will be pumped and will play above their heads…They may pull of the upset.
    Either way the lions are in.

    On the West Side

    Arcadia- ready to challenge West Covina
    Monrovia-Have a chip on their shoulders
    Muir-Turkey tussle is for all the marbles
    PHS-Turkey tussle is for all the marbles
    Maranatha-at large team…first round nightmare
    San Gabriel-Riding high…will get to 2nd round for sure.
    Rosemead-hoping praying….
    San Marino- 2nd place in RHL playoff team
    South Pas- playing Monrovia…routing, might Alhambra loss hurt big time.
    Alhambra- routed, will look to play better in playoffs.

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