PrepXtra Live!!! League Championship Show. AN EPIC EPISODE with Travis Santiago, Steven Rivera, El Monte’s B-Mart, CIF’s Thom Simmons talks Mid-Valley Division, and the boys from Azusa, La Puente and Chino Hills …

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  • Joe Amat

    Gotta tell you, Gano’s answer surprise me (much to Aram’s chagrin I’m sure). Still, as I said on Freddies blog, if it’s me and it’s close…I’d say the league team. You have to play that guy every year, HE decides who you get on All League teams AND you’re not competing for tuition dollars wit hthat school.

    Agree or disagree props to Gano for being honest

  • A La Puente Flaw

    The only thing that I can think of that could haunt La Puente is their tackling. They think that leaving their feet and bumping into guys is going to take guys down. Well it ain’t going to work against the Azusa running back. They need to learn how to wrap up and learn fast because they won’t get away with what they have been doing against Azusa.