Charter Oak’s Travis Santiago sprains ankle at practice, may miss Thursday’s championship showdown at Chino Hills …

Charter Oak standout quarterback Travis Santiago may miss Thursday’s Sierra League championship game at Chino Hills after spraining his ankle in a freak accident before the Chargers’ practice on Wednesday afternoon.

Santiago removed his helmet and placed it next to him while he made warm-up throws prior to Wednesday’s walk-through. After getting a drink of water, he went to find his helmet and accidentally stepped on it, spraining his ankle in the process.

“It was a freaky thing,” Charter Oak coach Lou Farrar said. “You can’t plan that.”

At Farrar’s urging, Santiago left to have x-rays performed. Results will not be known until Thursday morning, but the doctor called it a bad sprain and Santiago was placed in a walking boot and given crutches.

Farrar said that at this time he is not expecting Santiago to play on Thursday. Sophomore Kory Brown will likely get the start.

“I’m really not expecting him to play, but Travis is a tough kid,” Farrar said. “If his doctor says he’s OK, his family says he’s OK and Travis says he’s OK, then we’ll go with him.

“It’s a doctor and family decision, not a coaches decision. We’ll be OK. We have 45 other football players on this team.”

Charter Oak did get some good news, though, on Thursday. Sophomore running back Kurt Scoby is expected to play, but will not be at 100 percent. Scoby suffered a sprained ankle in last week’s loss to Damien and has not practiced this week.

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  • dave smith

    thats bs just more mind games by the head coach. it’s not going to work were expecting both their studs to be ready for play. and shame on you aram and your bias for the svg(CO)and playing into the bs that their shoveling.


    Could it be we are getting the excuses ready in case of a loss in the second step up game for CO . Either way I am sure they will play them tough as their reputation goes.

  • Amat Bully

    Were not worried about it this team is fully prepared at the backup spots CO is still in good shape.


    Cheater Oak game plan,
    Dress up J H in Chino Hills gear and sit him right below Chino Hills box, listen in on the O cord and relay plays to sidelines with Wi Fi headsets under a black afro wig.

  • I smell retreat

    Hahahahahahaah : let me guess tomorrow they both by miracle just suit up and play and they are praised for being super hero athletes such BS! Or maybe they saw their JV and Frosh teams get smashed!!! Jv had to run to the vs practice and grab #29 to run the ball to get on the board. Have you ever heard of jinxing your team? Lmao you better watch what you ask for……Well by watching your practice today he seemed to be pretty good maybe you should of not practiced him with his broken foot…

  • Bob

    If your not Cheating your not trying ?? CO stealing Damien High School plays In the 1st half. Its a away game, can’t do it 2 weeks in a row. Now your saying your star QB IS hurt? RIGHT.

  • Breaking news

    Breaking news: appearently the gate was left open on the cattle farm and the cows got into the school campus and ate all the grass now the game will be cancelled. That sucks and we really wanted to play too. :(. Anyone have stock in miracle grow?

  • Breaking news

    Chino hills team: they cant make tomorrows game they have a last minute dinner with the president.

  • BS Detector

    He’s playing. something is rotten in Covina. If he plays then the coach’s nickname should be bovine excrement.

  • Rediculiousness

    Rediculiousness: Thats money ! Who ever has video of that can make a fortune, mr magnificant tripping over a helmet. I thought he was iquick on his feet? Did the helmet sneak up on him and cheap shot him? Or was it a fair hit? Either way call up Rob Dyrdrik and sell him the footage.

  • Dr Suess

    Results are in: everything is fine its a case of stupidness with a slight twist of lameness hes wearing a special boot and he will be ready tomorrow. So i guess the CH linebackers still have to play tomorrow.

  • just sayin’

    Fell for the oldest trick in the book. The Helmet snuck up behind him and a Blocking Dummy pushed him over.

  • WTF

    WTF: So let me see… our defense can lay off and start getting ready to play another gameplan? This is pointless crutches or not someones getting hit!

  • Please

    Cmon haters.. These are legit injuries. Theres no need to lie. You are gonna tell me CH isnt prepared for both kids to play? This has no bearing on preparation. Its just breaking news. TRUE breaking news. Believe it or not. So prepare your excuses when CO still goes out to there and beats CH by double digits, whether or not these two play.

  • Bolt Up

    Bob your an body stole anyones plays…bring on Damien again and we would beat them again…

  • Some of you people make me sick. First and foremost, you’re calling me and Lou Farrar liars and Travis Santiago our pawn to get some agenda taken care of. And what’s that? To fool Chino Hills?

    This is one of the top QBs any of us are ever going to see and you think there’s some conspiracy taking place to get an edge? Did any of you see the Tuesday show and what a great kid this is?

    He’s been very distraught at the thought of missing the biggest game of his senior year and you’re accusing him and the program of faking this or joking about how it happened?

    Some of you are simply sick.

    Travis has had past fractures in his ankle because of skateboaring accidents. A radiologist is going to determine today whether the things they saw last night on the x-ray are old or new.

    I really think some of you need to see swelling and bruises to believe it … and even then you’d probably accuse the team of injecting the ankle with water and putting make up on it to look like bruises.

    How about this, a kid who has busted his ass is faced with missing the biggest game of his senior year with EVERYTHING on the line for his team because of a fluke injury? And some of you think it’s time to act like idiots?

    Hopefully, he plays and doesn’t do any damage to himself. Hopefully, we all get to see CO and CH as close to healthy as possible and this huge game can live up to its billing.

  • im not sick

    aram: We are not accusing you of lying because we know they give you the info and you do your job with it. Hopefully this is all just a bad hoax by CO because we all want to see how invincible he is when he plays CH and to be the best you have to beat the best ( in the SGV that is) the inland qbs are a whole different monster. So your telling me you 100% no doubt trust your resources of this info? Point being we are not sick and twisted just lost for words and disappointed if so, because that would suck for him being the biggest game he has ever played in even counting that CIF ring from division 13 you all praise him for. Hopefully this is all a misunderstanding and he’s ok. Nothing sick about that!

  • Amat Bully

    I feel if your team is not participating in this years post season then you really shouldnt have anything negative to say about a fellow SGV team. But we all know who those fans are thats sitting back hoping the teams of the SGV mainly CO, lose and now they’re suggesting that Aram and big Lou is lying to gain edge. WHAT i am trying to figure out is how CO gain edge if their QB and RB isnt 100% do you idiots really think CH is going to take it easy on CO just because their banged up. Or do you idiots think that CH is so dumb that reporting injuries would change their game plan. in a way your not insulting CO your insulting CH intelligence and Aram.

  • To Funny

    A guy with the name Bully wants everyone to play nice because Co is about to get worked.
    The only sad thing is if Travis and Scoby don’t play you will be full of excuses. But I wouldn’t expect much different from a Bully anyway.

  • CH Hills

    don’t matter. either way the Husky are playing at home and for some strange reason they have to prove themselves to be #1 in the sierra this year. They are so pumped up this week and you will witness Husky football at its best tonight no matter what. May both teams be safe!

  • Miraculous Recovery!

    I sure hope for Ol’ Lou’s sake the injury report is not a hoax. If it is, he will lose all credibility with coaches in the area. Why would he have to come up with some story like that to throw off Chino Hills unless he was really worried about them? Using a kid like Santiago as a pawn would be discusting.
    Aram we have a hard time believing it because first off, scooby was on crutches 4 days ago with a bad ankle and now he is ready to go???? If Santiago was in a boot and crutches yesterday, there is no way he plays tonight…So if he is even suited up, I am calling BS to this whole story. Without Santiago, Charter Oak’s chances are slim to none.
    I hate to see an injury like this happen to any kid, especially a stud like Santiago. He will have to live with that forever….that would suck.

  • Amat Bully

    PLAY NICE!!!!!! are you dumb i dont give a damm about playing or fair obviously you havent been on this blog before. And me with excuses hahahahaha do i sound like an Amat fan to you. CH isn’t even considered a bump in the road that we have to go over all CH is to CO is road kill waiting to happen, you know sort of like when you see a huskie on the side of the road after being RAN OVER.

  • CO Bully

    amat bully. this road kill ran right through your power house last year? This year you have nothing but a qb? There is going to be roadkill all over the field tonight and it won’t be the huskys, don’t forget we already played the big boys now we play you!

  • CH QB Has a HANG NAIL….Will Not Play!

    How many more players are going to be “doubtful” for this game? I sure hope Lou Farrar is not playing mind games. In my eyes he doesn’t need to do that. I think CO has the talent to win. I am sure the Chino hills coaches aren’t dumb enough to think that Scooby and Santiago won’t play….they will have their team to play a CO team that is at full strength.
    I know you have to report stories you hear from the coach directly….I am not blaming you. I would be pissed @ Big Lou if he gave you BS intell.

  • TeachDGame

    THIS SUCKS…. For High School sports, for the Sierra League and for Travis. No matter what you think of CO, what you think of Travis or what you think of Chino Hills, it absolutely sucks. CO is NOT the same team without Santiago, end of discussion. They could survive Scoby being less than 100% but their offense dominates because of Travis at the Trigger with his arm and his legs. There is not another QB in their program top to bottom who even compares. Chino Hills I respect your program, you have proven you know how to get it done, but don’t step up for a minute and even try and say if you beat CO without Santiago you were not given a gift. Injuries happen, it is part of sports, but your coaches are absolutely sitting in their office this morning breathing a hell of a lot easier right now. They won’t say it in public, but you damn well know they just all “high fived” each other for sure.

    CO, you win tonight without Travis and I will high five you! By the way, any severely sprained ankle doctors will tell you is worse than breaking it. Weeks to recover, not days….

  • CO Bully

    don’t matter. Santiago or no Santiago theres no way CO is taking our.league from us!

  • 65 toss power trap

    Coaches around the valley should take notes on how Farrar is using the media to create a psychological advantage for his team. Whether it works or not, we will see. If these players are really hurt, CO has no chance of winning. Especially with a back up QB or Santiago not at full strength. A Hurt player can lose a game for you as well. If CO loses, they are going to have to eat crow. Then they will go into the playoffs as #2, and may lose their first round game. The pressure is immense. But honestly even at full strength, Chino Hills could beat CO Anyway. CO bloggers have said things about them being better than Bishop…Tonight, Win this game without your guys at full strength, and that statement might be validated.

    Tonight is going to crazy everywhere Bishop’s waiting. Hacienda league title, Montview Title, Turkey tussle, MVL title, The olympic is alive.. Rio hondo is alive.. San Dimas Pomona! Rush Home and check the scores lol.

  • CO Bro

    Just received a text from my son, Travis is on crutches and a boot. He will not be playing tonight.

  • No High 5’s By the Chino Hills Coaches

    You think for one second that a quality coaching staff like Chino Hill’s will beleive this story until gametime? They will have their kids prepared to play CO with all of their starters. No good coaching staff would let their guard down for a second. I just hope this is just not just some big charade by Charter Oak….if it is, It is LAME> It would show they are very worried about Chino hills and need to play mind games to get an edge.

  • Turnabouts fair play

    Bully used to come on saying ” we were young”, ” we were rebuilding”, it was our first year in teh Inland” yada yada yada. Those weren’t excuses for Chino Hills winninng leage, needing to squeak by South Hills to inch into the playoffs and then get blown in the first round?

  • Chino Hills

    timing sucks. If Santiago doesnt play tonight, well then I owe the CO fans a apology. If he does play tonight you already know people are going to be talking and Lou’s credibility is out the window along with their relationship with the Tribune for using them (if wrong). get well soon because i want to see the Husky Defense at work!

  • feel the pain

    been there: This would be like CH going into playoffs last year playing Corona Cent without #3 Calles!! It hurt but we still competed , but with #3 it would of been a closer game and maybe a win.


    Tough break CO Bro and that happens alot in practice, were players get injured prior to a game. But this one for CO, for a League Championship game and the winner of the game is League Champ, has to be a downer! Keep your head up Santiago, and unfortunately in Life things like that happen.

    Good Luck Charter Oak!

  • Amat Bully

    Listen all this does is make the CO victory tonight even more sweeter. Unlike some teams in the valley CO backups can go almost to any other school and start and YES even CH youll see tonight i cant wait.

    Turnabouts fair play
    C’mo dude you still talking about the past? this is a whole new year after tonight going into next week CO would be happy to give you Huskies a CHARGE for the playoffs, because your going to need it.

    CO Bully:
    now you got confidence in your team LOL its all good CO has a fan that doubts his own team to (CO bro) but i hope you dont hide after this whooping tonight.

  • CO Bro

    Don’t bring into your dumba$$ rants dick weed! Look me up @ the game tonight and we can discuss it.

  • OldMan in Chino

    If Coach Lou is spinning a yarn to throw Chino Hills off he would not be the first coach to do so in an effort to build false confidence in an opposing team. Lasorda was famous for underplaying the chances of his teams in beating the teams they played and Lou Holtz would do the same. The key is that Chino Hills needs to prepare to meet Charter Oak at full strength and should Charter Oak not be at full strength the strategy on how to play Charter Oak will not change. All have agreed that Charter Oak with Santiago and Scoby will be at a disadvantage, however when Chino Hills played Corona Centennial last year and Scotty Calles did not play it weakened their ability to beat CC and it may never be known if Chino Hills would have won that game or not. If Santiago and Scoby are unable to play it is unfortunate for two players who have given their all for their school and their team. I am hoping that both teams are able to play at full strength and that the winner of tonight’s game has a long and successful run through that minefield known as the Inland Division play-offs.

  • Farrar is manipulating the media? Really?

    Let me put that idiotic theory to its shameful rest.


    I got an email saying that Travis had been hurt at practice and was getting x-rays.




    I called Big Lou, left him a message saying I heard that Travis was hurt and wanted to know if it’s true.

    Big Lou eventually called me back and confirmed it.

    Had I not heard about it through a source, I never would have had a reason to call Big Lou and I highly doubt he would have called me out of the blue to let me know.

    Again, I think everyone’s thoughts should be with Travis. I have seen how much work this kid put in. If you have any doubts about his character, watch the Tuesday show, final segment with him and Steven Rivera. He was very excited to be playing on Time Warner and so on.

    Take that link to the 1 hour, 13-minute mark to see it.

  • Amat Bully

    CO Bro:

    sounding a little frustrated the truth hurts dont it.

    LOL hahahahaha “look you up” at the game uhhhhhh is there going to be a computer in the stands..or do you mean look for you at the game. if thats what you mean then will do but if your really serious look for me to that way we cant miss each other.

  • Aram, C’mon Man

    Aram, it’s a shame you had to get involved in this game CO is playing with this bogus injury report. We know all the tricks in the books dude….We know you love your SGV team and have always been a hater of the Hills.

    But remember, CH is a seasoned champion. We know Scooby Doo and Saint Hugo will be playing tonight. Remember, the Sierra league goes through Chino Hills.

  • Something Smells fishy!

    Hmmmmm, some “anonymous” person contacts Aram about Santiago’s injury. Instead of ignoring Aram’s phone call to keep a wrap on the news, Big Lou calls back to confirm it…yeah right. Any normal coach would have “no comment” or downplay it as to not give their opponent a chance to make adjustments. this smells like a set up all the way and Aram fell for it. I hope you don’t feel “USED” after both Scooby and Santiago start and play tonight.

  • Frank

    I doubt this story is false, who would make up something that embarassing! Also no team is going to take it easy becuase the QB and RB are out.You don’t take the foot of the pedal till you have a big lead, usually 4th qtr.
    But, I agree that Farrar will use this as his excuse if they loose. I can already hear it ” whah we didn’t have our starters, whah were injured whah”. We know how Lou loves his excuses.
    Hopefully Santiago is alright and he will be ready to play soon. Definitly don’t wish injuries on anyone. Best of luck to both teams and no more injuries.

  • best excuse

    by Lou: we dont have as many kids in our school like they do in the IE.

  • SawWithMyOwnEyes

    Although I didn’t see the actual accident, I did see Travis on the ground and in tears. The guy was hurt. I talked with him in class today – he went to the hospital and has a boot and crutches. He’s been getting treatment on and off since the accident. He told me personally if he gets cleared, he’s playing. Scooby hasn’t practiced all week but he’s been in pads the past two days. He will play.
    No excuses tonight, we’ll give it our very best.

  • AMAT 73

    Come on you guys act like Coach Lou has no confidence in his team . Why would the man go to such lenghts to make pregame excuses of this manner. I mean if it was the valley guy posting this ok but many saw Scoby go down and now CO Bro verifies on Santiago’s injury by his son’s text to him ( who I believe has credibility on the blog ). It is sad for them if they don’t play but win or lose hopefully if they heal they will have next week to play so it’s not the end of their playing days. Maybe it costs them the league title maybe it doesn’t . You guys are making a mountain out of a mole hill and forgetting the bad situation these fine young men find themselves in. I wish them both a speedy recovery and you SOB’s posting the negativity should really self examine yourselves on some of your replies.

  • Best Hoax Ever???

    Either this story is true or Charter Oak is playing the best Hoax ever. If that is the case, why do they even need to do it. If a coach is confident in his team’s abilities, he doesn’t need to play games. If this a hoax and Santiago and Scooby are fine, that means “Big Lou” is scared about his team’s chances tonight. What message does that send to your team??? we will se in about 7 hours and 26 minutes!!!

  • Colt74

    Good teams pull together and find ways to win without their key players. Sound familiar?
    Charter Oak is one of those teams. Imagine if they win WITHOUT their two STAR players….wow!

    Charter Oak is already in the playoffs. Rest the kids, let them heal up for the bigger picture. Not a reason in the world to risk a possible more serious injury.

  • FredJ

    For those who think this is all made up, nobody is ever going to convince you otherwise, so why even try. I would imagine IF Santiago’s cleared by a doctor, he will do whatever he can to get on the field. That kid is a competitor, you see it his eyes, his body language and the confident way he goes about doing things. But if he can’t go and it sounds as bad as some of the reports I’ve heard, that’s gotta be tough on him personally, but I’m sure he’ll be in his players faces tonight no matter what, making sure they fight the fight. You still got a championship to play.

  • Dan

    Very unfortunate situation for Travis and eventually CO’s deep playoff run. I had CO winning this by two scores but without Santiago it’s a whole different situation. CO is loaded with talent but Travis put them on another level. It’s an even game now, or maybe Chino Hills a slight favorite, with Santiago I could see CO going 2 or 3 rounds in the playoffs, without him the Sierra league doesn’t get past the quarters, Chino Hills is tough but not the same caliber as last year, if they win they may get past the first round but I think that’s all. If CO wins same situation because Santiago will not be there for round two if the ankle sprain is severe.
    Someone pointed out how this year so many key players went down with injury, Chris Solomon, Rio Ruiz, Travis Santiago, Kurt Scoby, Billy Livingston, and I’m probably missing a few. It’s the worst part of this game, unfortunately it is a reality of the game but no doubt when it’s a key player or two, it changes a team
    in a big way.

  • Aram Two Faced

    First off I don’t think any of this is made up. But I do question Aram’s response, all the sudden he has morals. How dare any one question one of Aram’s protected ones. If this was a kid that Aram didn’t think so highly of it would be all bets are off.

  • Aram Two Faced

    First off I don’t think any of this is made up. But I do question Aram’s response, all the sudden he has morals. How dare any one question one of Aram’s protected ones. If this was a kid that Aram didn’t think so highly of it would be all bets are off.

  • The Joker

    Two Face – I certainly don’t see Aram rush on here to anyone else’s defense when they face a little heat. And we ALL know who we’re talking about. He relishes the hits then.

  • Chino Hills Coaches are calling BS

    I spoke with one of the Chino Hills coaches this morning and they are calling BS on this whole story. They are counting on both Santiago and Scooby to be in the starting lineup. They said if it is false, they question Farar’s tactics….this has the Chino Hills players pi$$ed of and fired up. We will see what happens.

  • Coach Slayer

    If it is true that coaches at CO are lying be telling the media that key players are severly injured do to a freak accident when they are not just to get an edge, would this be another example of football coaches win-at-all-cost mentality that is now being exibited at Penn St.? Lie, perjure yourself, anything to win. I have seen SGV coaches lately do those things and more, they use foulest of language to the refs as well as to the opposing coaches and then to their own team and then after the games make a bee line to the local bar. What else are these hypocrites doing. I’am aware I’am painting all football coaches with a broad brush but I think now is a good time to re-examine the examples all coaches set, not just the HC’s but assts. as well. The coaches at Penn. took the lives if true of many innocent kids all for the sake of winning,power and money. And many other innocent people are gonna get crushed in the aftermath.

  • Joe Amat

    Sorry guys, there is not a coach around that has had the success Big Lou has had that would ever pull a stunt like this. First, it was the day before a game, after all preparation has been done. This was the day before the game so would not have effected the game plan or the way he Huskies practiced.

    There is NO advantage to this one for Farrar to have instigated it. Unfortunate accident and I hope it was minor enough that the kid can go – and he just may. But if he does, I’m not calling BS – I’m just calling him a tough kid

    Best of luck to all teams tonight – and stay healthy

  • publicity stunt

    saw it coming: Just trying to get him looked at by playing him as the superiors that plays through pain for his team…blah blah blah

  • game plan

    got it: If he plays and loses its because he’s hurt but he’s a super hero for trying. If they lose its because their QB is hurt. nice plan!

  • happy trails

    its official aram has drank the CO kool-aid.whats sick is how he and fred think CO is the second coming.


    C O dirt,
    C. O. is so contaminated, it killed there tree!

  • CO Bro

    More bad news to report, during his exam to day it was determined that Travis has athletes foot too. So with the the sprained ankle to go with athletes foot, Travis will have to sit this one out. I liked the comment about the tree though, that was funny shiat!

    Don’t think I forgot about you AB, I’ll be looking for you tonight.

  • CO Dad

    To all the whining b!$&#es, Charter Oak wins tonight by 14 plus, with or without Santiago.

    Just Watch.

    Go Chargers !!!

  • happy trails

    pinch, thats for you CO dad(wake up)!

  • AMAT 73

    CO Bro,
    I saw that piece on the original Charter Oak tree and thought , man that’s bad karma if I ever heard of it . That would be equal to tearing down the little house on the AMAT property .

  • Once Again, The Year of Injured Game Deciders

    the list continues across the board as top players get injured for whatever reason

  • joe Amat


    Don’t joke about that. The old bald guy has Tate’s house being knocked down in his ” master plan”. Let’s hope he goes before the house

  • Charter Oak On My Mind

    Chino Hills Huskies

    Get ready to get you A$$e$ handed to you tonight!

    The last time you saw team speed like you will tonight was when you last got your A$$e$ handed to you by REV!

  • CO Bully

    LMFAO CO: So what your saying is your team is compared to REV? You should do stand up comedy! your a Joke a charter joke!

  • OldMan in Chino

    Also posted on Fred’s blog: Just got back from watching Charter Oak totally dominate Chino Hills. I am not familar with the creditabilty of the coach from Charter Oak, however from where I was sitting both Scoby and Santiago were amazingly mobile and did not show any ill effects of having sprained ankles. Just wondering how Fred J. and Aram will explain the remarkable recovery of these players.

  • Amat Bully

    OldMan in Chino

  • CO Dad

    To Happy Trails:

    I’m sorry CH, I said we would win by 14, because I thought CH was a decent team. I knew we were better, but after this game, I’m shocked CH even won a league game.

    This was a much easier game than Damien, Ayala, and even Claremont. And CH had home field advantage. We won by 31 against the CH Poodles…..

    All you CH bloggers can lick your wounds this veterans weekend, and realize that you will most likely be one and done in the Playoffs.

    My boss is a CH parent and went on and on about his son, and the fact that CH ran the Sierra league. All CH runs is bad plays……Next week will be a pleasure going into the office and seeing him eat crow.

    Chargers Rule !!!

  • JMO

    Travis has over 500 yds rushing this year and had 0 tonight, CO had to go vanilla because he couldn’t run so joke is on you. At the end of the third qtr your stands were running for the parking lot, way to back your boys. The only good play for CH on the field tonight was your band at halftime.

  • C.O. You Know!

    Chi-No “Not this year” Hills!

    Wow what happened… Best part of the night, first play of the game….. Bam TD Chargers…. Thats it, Good Night!

  • Charter Oak On My Mind

    Chino Hills Huskies

    YOU got your A$$e$ handed to you tonight!

    You never saw speed like that!

    Even REV doesn’t have that kind of team speed!

    In the words of the famous philosopher, Shaquile O’Niel: “Chino Hills Huskies, Tell me How My A$$ Tastes”!

  • Real Inland

    Tag along Inland team C.O. wins!!!! Big Deal! Your in our weakest league and your done after your next game. You C.O. fans are the scurge of the I.E. You don’t see hardly any (besides maybe TWO) fans from Upland and RC come on your blog and talk as much crap as you guys. And you guys have the nerve to talk shiat about amat fans??? Good Luck, you’re going to need it!!!! REV,North, Norco,CC,Upland and/or MV will DEMOLISH charter oak.

  • Amat Bully

    Real Inland
    SHUT UP…how is it weak when two of the teams out of it was ranked in the top 10 in the inland huh? or how about one of the teams out of it made it to the semis last year huh? i dont hear you Shut up and watch what happen the next couple of weeks CO winning for sure and possibly CH stop hating now go back and warn the rest of the inland CO IS REAL AND THEY STAY CHARGED UP…..

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