Amat QB Rio Ruiz status in doubt for next week’s PAC-5 playoffs … …

I spoke to Bishop Amat QB Rio Ruiz’s (Nine) father Rudy in the wake of Amat winning the coin toss to reach the PAC-5 playoffs and Nine’s status remains in doubt for Friday’s first round.

“It’s up to his therapist,” Rudy Ruiz said. “He feels good. He feels a helluva lot better than he did last Friday. I don’t know if he’ll get released by his doctor, but he’s been talking all week about how he wants to be out there.”

Ruiz hasn’t played since suffering a sprained knee against Loyola on Oct. 28. Sophomore Koa Haynes got the start last week against Notre Dame.

Aram’s take: Time for Amat to unveil the Santiago Offense. Nine in the shotgun. Very little moving around, gets ball out quick. Folds up like a cheap chair if there’s some heat on him. Hands off to Jalen most of the night. Anyway, just very happy Amat got in no matter who they play. It wouldn’t be a postseason in the SGV without the Lancers in it. This team deserved a little luck and got it.

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  • amat parent

    Whoever we are paired against, we will be there. IN DROVES to support our Lancers!

  • Something is missing!

    Maybe Aram or Fred or anyone that follows Amat football can share with all their faithful readers evidence, like stats, big game win, put team on his back, something, on why they think Rio Ruiz is a stud QB. The way he is portrayed in this blog, you would think he would be a highly recruited college QB. I would like anyone to share a stud moment in a big game that Rio Ruiz has had in his two years as a starter against someone that mattered. The reason Jerry Mac was considered to be a stud is he won some big games. His numbers werent off the charts, didn’t have the big arm, wasn’t fast, but he managed the offense and made plays when he was suppose to. There isn’t any evidence that “nine” has done anything to warrants stud status or even a nick name. Win big game, off the chart numbers, something. Great kid, stud baseball player, yes. But football? If you look at the way Hagerty is calling the offense this season, the most important plays (3rd&4th down etc), the ball has been handed off to Jalen. If he were all that do you think this would be the case. How many times, has Hagerty put the ball in Rio’s hands this season? Check the numbers. Coincidence? His dad must have scratching his head last week when Hagerty did put the ball in the youngsters hands last week, on the most important play of the year. All year up until that point the ball had always been given to Jalen when Amat needed it. I think that speaks volumes, about Rio and the sophomore, especially to those of you who really know football.

  • fb102

    Something is missing!, EXCELLENT points

    Arum, the REST of the SGV Newsgroup staff and EVERYONE else, please do not turn the FOCUS of Amats playoff game(s) on the status of RR. I do realize that having RR in the game probably gives Amat a better CHANCE to win game(s), BUTwhat about the rest of the T E A M? One PLAYER alone CANNOT win a game by himself.

    Whatever happens next week in practice will determine who plays in the game. THAT is how Hags and the coaching staff choose who plays. IF it is RR, fine, if it is Koa H. fine too.

    I am hoping the Lancers come out and play to the best of their abilities and leave it ALL on the FIELD.

  • Fred by proxy

    Fred Robledo said:
    Something missing, Amat is 15-4 with Rio as a starting QB, basically 0-2 without him the past two games with an offense that has struggled terribly. Look, he was never going to have numbers like other pass happy teams, not with an equally dangerous runner in the backfield in Moore. Plus, Charter Oak, Arroyo, teams like that, they’re pass happy, which is why you wouldn’t dare compare Charter Oak or Arroyo’s running game to Amat. Not even close. Rivera threw 43 times on Friday for Arroyo. Rio might throw 43 times over three games, which isn’t a bad thing, that’s Amat’s wear-you-down offense. Last year Amat’s offense (statistically) was one of the best in team history, and Rio had a few games, particularly against Notre Dame, where he could of had the single best game of all time in an Amat uniform if he played some of the second half, but in like most blowouts, he never saw the fourth quarter. What happened to Amat last year in Week 10 and the playoffs wasn’t so much their offense, but their defense. They didn’t lose to Alemany in last year’s Serra title because the Lancers’ offense failed, they lost 38-30 because their secondary kept giving up big plays…In the playoffs against Tesoro, Amat scored three TDs and lost, 30-21, but again, they gave up 30 POINTS. In that particular game, Rio had a tough night, and that’s what people remember, I get that. And a lot of that is our doing, because that’s where I agree with you, we hype them up, and when they don’t have the feel-good ending, you come on a write stuff like this. That’s sports

  • I must be missing the point here.

    Doesn’t Amat’s best chance come with Nine under center? Isn’t that the bottom line?

  • Lancelot

    Aram, thanks for the kind words. Monsignore Sandusky???? VERY POOR TASTE…THERE WERE CHILDREN VICTIMS YOU JACKASS!!! In regard to R.R. we would love to have him out there, he gives us a good chance but not at the risk of his health and not if he cannot contribute. K.H. is a capable youngman and if he gets the nod, we are behind him. Enough with the R.R. bashing, stats, etc, etc…he’s a kid enjoying his H.S. years. Leave him alone. In regard to the two headed coin flip (jk) We live to play another day and that’s pretty much all that ANY TEAM asks for at this point in the game. Good Luck to ALL! I now return you to our regularly scheduled debouchery……

  • Frank

    There are some good comments and I agree with some or in partial agreement. Yet some people are just in here with an agenda to bash Amat or Rio, I agree RR is not the best QB in the valley or in Amats history. I thought Jerry Mac was pretty solid a couple years ago. Yet most schools would love to have Rio as their QB. I actually find it funny that Amats offense has struggled so much this year, they are most of the same guys from last year. Where as the defense has some newer guys but have played outstanding. Not sure if Amat coaching has spent too much time trying to out guess their opponents and instead of doing what they would normally do. I think Koa has a lot of potential and Maybe Amat should of allowed him a lot more work this year, and used Rio as a receiver and safety. But really when you look at what Rio did last year you would only think this year would of been even better for its offense, instead its been worse. Those are things you cant predict.
    Now as of playoffs this is an important game especially if Rio doesn’t play, this game is important for Koa to get some playoff experience in the PAC-5 before next year. The outcome is not as important as the experience, don’t get me wrong Amat wants to win and go as far as they can. If Rio is ready that is great but if not AMat will be ready anyway.
    You ask why had Rio gotten so much hype? I would say some people are just made for the media or have an innate ability to deal with it and all of its positives and negatives. Yes there are definitely people as good as him or better who have gotten little or no hype, but for some reason hes been a magnet for the media and luckily for him he can handle the pressure.

  • just sayin

    Funny when people say Notre Dame should have gone they beat Amat “fair and square”. But they lost to Crespi. So maybe Crespi should have gone because they beat Notre Dame “fair and square”. Wait! Amat beat Cresp “fair and square” – so maybe THEY should go.hence the coin flip.

  • Jerrymac was whack

    Frank-dried up River and every Rio Basher there is.
    Jerry Whack is the beneficiary of playing with Darian Johnson who carried the team through the first 6 games. Jerry was an is one of the most horrific athletes to play under center. No arm strength, no speed. When he smartened up and started throwing to Rio (sophmore year) Rio end up leading the team in receptions and made All State. Jerry had great, great defense stalwarts on defense again …including Rio at Free…Casares, Kane, Gener, Orduno, Johnson, # 54…Comparing the 2 teams is night and day defensively, every QB at Amat had the benefit of Great, Great defenses…Name one stud defensive player Rio had especially in the defensive backfield where Amat got killed last year…Rio stats will be the third best in Amat history and he had the least attempts of any of those QB…Amat basically has NO line and lost there best lineman because of Hagerty…Yet it is without a doubt that this team is Rio’s Team, not Jalen or Hagerty…it is Rio who makes it all work, based on the last 2 games. Jalen had his chance to carry the team, and he could not do it. Now Hagerty will be crying to bring Rio back, knowing Rio gives Amat the only chance to win any playoff games. Remember you only truly appreciate something once it’s gone, the Amat family may not see another athlete like Rio again for 10 plus more years…he did it all…Clutch catches Mater Dei, big interceptions MD and leads team this year…clutch QB plays with both arm and feet at QB both years…Then there is baseball, come on man forgetaboutit

  • Lancelot

    CLASSIC….Amat Haters can’t stop talking about AMAT! Amat is this…Amat is that….Amat is lucky….Amat coin flip….Amat’s QB….HA,HA,HAAA!!!!!

  • just sayin’

    you only wish at some point you were “over rated” like that

  • just askin’

    if I remember, didn’t the last time Loyola win CIF they got into the playoffs with a coin flip? Guess they didn’t deserve it?

  • just sayin’

    success in D1/Pac5

    Long Beach Poly only one who can really talk!
    Servite 25 years between championships
    Edison not since 1980
    Mission not since EVER
    San Clemente not since EVER
    Huntington not since EVER
    Santa Margarita not since EVER

    Participants until proved otherwise

  • don’t change the rules

    I hear the only thing that matters is championships

    success in D1/Pac5

    Long Beach Poly only one who can really talk!
    Servite 25 years between championships
    Edison not since 1980
    Mission not since EVER
    San Clemente not since EVER
    Huntington not since EVER
    Santa Margarita not since EVER

    Participants until proved otherwise

  • Joe Amat

    Just for kicks and giggles while watching USC/Washington
    (not comparing the two players potential, just stats

    R. Ruiz
    ’10 134/215 2000 yds 19 TD 7 INT QB=109
    ’11 94/150 1038 yds 9 TDs 2 INT QB=98

    Matt Barkley
    ’07 89/156 1349 yds 11 TDs 5 INT QB=96
    ’08 176/322 2877 yds 23 TD 18 INT QB=85

  • Lancelot

    C’mon dude if your gonna bring it….Bring it! You wish everyone talked about your school, you wish everybody cared. It must really suck when you skip down the driveway to get your Trib, hoping that there will be some ink on your weak team that cruised through the weakest division in the Inland and as you talk your sip of Sanka and unfold the wrap…staring you right in the face is another Gosh Darn AMAT story!!! HEADLINE…AMAT STILL ALIVE…AMAT WINS THE TOSS!!! WILL RIO RUIZ BE READY FOR PLAYOFF’S!!!! and as you scan DOWN the page, low and behold….You see the blurb written on your season and your battle/quest through the mighty sierra league. HA,HAA,HAAAAA!!!!


  • football fan

    there you all go again comparing Rio to Travis Santiago!! Leave them alone they are friends from back in JAA. Both are great athletes and never speak of each other to anyone!! respect is what they have for each other!! Now, why is that Barrera kid not being played as QB 4 Amat!! I remember him from JAA and he is right up there with the big boys!! Hagerty open your eyes and give a chance! you will be surprised at his talent!!

  • Frank

    I am really disgusted by your comments as Im sure many Amat faithfull are. I did not bash Rio in my post in fact I mentioned how good he was. Because I dont think he’s the best ever or the top qb in the SGV doesnt negate his great athleticism and he’s still one of the best. I dont know who you are and I really hope you’re just some clown on here trying to stir things up. To claim to represent Amat and bash other Amat players is dispicable. Rio is a team player and would never make these comments or take all the credit for this team. He’s one of the main players and a true leader but he is also dependent on the other parts. I dont get your comments about Jerry have all the defense, when amats defense has been stellar this year, leaving Amats offense with many chances to win.

  • Frank the Fake

    Frank you have been a consistent back handed complimenter…either you are a Jerry Mac relative or you are one of his dad’s drinking buddies. I have seen your previous post about how Rio is just OK, but Jerry was the best!… well we have witnessed it for our self for the last 4 years here of on the field and Rio has blown away anything Jerry has done…as a Amat supporter for the last 25 years, I am sick to death of how much jealousy and hate people can come on here and spew about one superstar and incredibly humble kid. Those who know Rio have only ever said what a terrific kid and great teammate he is, and those who dont know him only wish they did. Yes, they have built this massive hype machine over his potential, is it his fault? but you know what-He not only lived up to it, but surpassed it by a country mile. He does not ask for any attention, he never gives himself any credit, he and his family could careless about what any critic would think. The media built him up to be superman and when he is not the haters are quick to crucify him. I am so glad I have had the chance to not only see him play, but actually meet him and his legendary hand shake will leave you impressed. All the alumni love him and all have said great things about his character on and off the field, even the all mighty Pat Haden is anxious to have him when he gets to SC. What is evident that you and all other haters be disgusted with yourselves for hating on a great young man who represents his school and this SG Valley. Several years from now when he is playing in the major leagues are you gonna look away from the TV in disgust or are going to look on with pride and admiration that a True Lancer has made everyone fill the that Amat Pride and that a local boy made good…Im sure there are many, many great stories out there of this nature, but you dont want to hear them because and all the other haters just want to continue to hate…Rio and his family Im sure get hurt by some of this nonsense, so I am sticking up for them, because I cant take al you idiot hateful jerks anymore. Someone has to say something. Rio get healthy and Thank you for all you have done and sacrificed for Amat

  • My Pal Joey

    My Pal Joey

    Wait Barkley doubled his junior stats in yardage, Td and yes INTs whereas Rio did the exact opposite…lucky he did that in INTs as well…lol

    Joey if Rio doesn’t play another game for the Lancers is he still in Minor, McCutheon, Jackson, Eric B., Haden, Sciarra, Joey G,McKay ect territory?…In Hall of Fame territory for Football?

    I seen him against Damien last year and this year and he’s not the same player. Too bad he didn’t just play for the National Team and the Lancers go with Koa, the Soph, like Damien did. I justthink it’s easier to “slot in” at WR than at QB..which is what Hagerty was thinking.

    I say this year the Lancers never really came together as a team and instead because all the media nonsense just were out of sorts. Tough break when the Lancers only win 1 league game. Well let’s see what the playoffs bring. For sure it won’t be boring!

  • Get your facts straight!

    Douche Bag Amat

    You only listed Barkley’s soph and senior year stats, what about his frosh and his best year in high school stats as a junior?

    Matt Barkley Stats:

    05 126/220 1685yds 10td 9int 80qb
    06 89/156 1349yds 11td 5int 96qb
    07 213/340 3568yds 35td 9int 121qb
    08 176/322 2877yds 23td 18int 85qb

  • Dan

    To Jerry Mac was whack/ Frank the Fake,
    Tell me that your just a naive juvenile who doesn’t know any better, God forbid if your an adult or even worse a parent. Look back at your knee jerk reactions to Franks post and and tell me who is spewing out the jealousy and hate. Jerry Mac was a clutch QB who led the Lancers to some big time wins, what you said about him was immature and wrong. Just because Frank agreed with the opinion that Rio was not the best QB in the Valley or in Amats history does not mean he is bashing the kid, he was actually coming to Rio’s defense, but he has an opinion like everyone else around here. Grow up kid and realize there are lots of varying opinions on this board, many will be different than yours but thats no reason to go ballistic and rip on a person who isn’t even posting on here.

  • Frank

    @ Dan
    Im glad you were able to read and understand my post. I did not respond back furhter to this persons post as I feel they were not bennificial or leading to anything positive. Rio is a great kid and there is no way I was going to start bashing him. I have no vested interest in bringing down any kid. I may at times give my own analysis of where I think a player is at,but it is never to bring them down. Most of the time I comment on teams as a whole, as i do not like putting down individual players. These are kids enjoying one of the best times of their lives. I really just hope who ever made those comments is not connected with Amat, or Rio.

  • Lan C. Erbacker

    If it were up to “experts” and closet fans like the Amat whore, Bullie Jean/Amat bullie, Amat should just pack it in for the year. Amat has always been too small, too weak and too slow to play with the big boys, yet low and be hold…we manage to hold our own, do quite well. Amat will be ready to play come Friday night. Hopefully Santa Margarita will hold a similar view to yours of Amat’s chances against them Friday…that will only work in our favor. Let’s go Amat! Go Big Blue!