Dear CIF-Southern Section, …

… We at the SGVN realize you are very busy people these days. With so many divisions for you guys to decipher, we would like to offer our help as it pertains to the Mid-Valley Division and its at-large berths, strength of league ratings and top-four seeds.

You see, we are very familiar with the Mid-Valley Division participants and can aid you in making a fair field of 16. We won’t offer our help in terms of the overall bracket and its first-round matchups. But we would like to offer our advice on the structure of the top-four seeds and who the at-large berths should be. We believe our methods follow your formula, so there is no reason not to adopt our suggestions.

Without further delay …

The top-four seeds should be:

1. Covina (9-1)
2. San Dimas (8-2)
3. Monrovia (7-3)
4. Arroyo (9-1)

It is our opinion that Covina and San Dimas have proven to be the top-two teams in the division. Monrovia, by virtue of its loss to San Dimas, should be seeded below San Dimas, but on the same side of the bracket. Arroyo has certainly had a nice season at 9-1, with its only loss coming to Hart, but we rate the Knights below the three teams we have above them based on partly on observation, partly on overall body of work and partly on comparative scoring. The last two factors being the two of the three that you can consider.

The four at-large teams should be (in this order):

Pomona (6-4)
Maranatha (8-2)
South El Monte (7-3)
South Pasadena (6-4)

It is our opinion that the final at-large berth should be between South Pasadena and Sierra Vista. Given Sierra Vista’s nonleague schedule of Salesian, Keppel and Mountain View, we favor South Pasadena. The Tigers have a win nonleague win over playoff team Alhambra. They have losses against a league champ in San Gabriel and Maranatha, which should be a playoff team. South Pasadena’s league is stronger than Sierra Vista’s, in our opinion.

We rank the leagues in the following order:

1. Valle Vista
2. Olympic
3. Mission Valley
t4. Almont
t4. Rio Hondo
6. Montview

The Valle Vista has proven to be the class of the division this year. The Olympic is arguably the deepest, with little separating the top-four teams. The Mission Valley League’s overall body of work against the leagues we rank below it make it a slight choice as the division’s third-best league. Rosemead, a non-playoff team from the MVL beat Almont champ San Gabriel and the MVL, as a whole, did well against the Almont and Rio Hondo. The Rio Hondo League is largely supported by Monrovia’s prowess. Other than La Puente’s win over El Monte, we don’t find much to rank the Montview League higher than No. 6 when compared to its peers. Azusa’s nonleague losses to San Dimas and Maranatha bear this out.

Thank you for reading (assuming you did). We look forward to seeing this year’s Mid-Valley bracket.

Yours truly,
The SGVN Prep Sports Dept.

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  • Observantcat

    That means that Arroyo will play Pomona in their opener, and now Monrovia will play Village Christian in it’s opener. This should be a very interesting bracket. Excuse my post in the other blog where I believed that Monrovia would play Maranatha.

  • no excuses but 6 opponents are in the playoffs

    Wilson went 1-9, but Bosco tech, Los Altos, La Puente, Pomona, San Dimas, and Covina are all in the playoffs, and you wonder how Rowland feels also

  • Paul Revere

    I don’t mind how you have the top four seeds, based upon this set up, you are placing a 2nd place team above 2 league champs and 7-3 team over a 9-1 team. CIF will honor the league championships over preseason victories…

    It should be
    1. Covina
    2. Monrovia
    3. Arroyo
    4. San Dimas

    But it is going to be

    1. Covina
    2. Arroyo
    3. Monrovia
    4. Whittier Christian
    5. San Dimas

    This letter seems very political Favoring certain schools and seems like aram wants a San Dimas Vs Covina final lol …what a wet dream …However I say let CIF do their job….No matter what someone is going to have a bad draw, someone is going to luck up with a 2nd round cupcake…That’s just the way it is…Line up and play ball…the playoffs are here the playoffs are here…pressure pressure pressure..we will see brackets tomorrow.

  • Dr. Kinsey

    Paul Revere,

    Now here’s your wet dream (as you so crudely referenced)…thinking that Monrovia OR Whittier Christian deserves to be seated over San Dimas in your “But it is going to be” or, having Monrovia seated above San Dimas in your ” It should be”.

    You remember San Dimas right? The team that beat you 31-14? And you SERIOUSLY think that you deserve to be seated above them?

    Not in this or any other parallel universe.

    I know…you are going to come back with your always ready “preseason games only matter if you win”.

    I see in BOTH of your scenarios you place Monrovia in the opposite bracket from Covina. Is that because you think you have a better chance that way? Just askin!

    Stock up on the Rolaids and Tums while you can. You are going to need them.


    Good luck to ALL the teams. Seeded or unseeded. No injuries and have fun. The games are played on the field. All the rest of us are observers.

  • SD

    Sorry Paul Revere but Whittier Ch lost last night and are 6-4. No way they are ranked above San Dimas. CIF tends to seed their teams based off of the polls. Last week Covina was 1, Arroyo was 2, La Puente was 3, SD was 4, and Monrovia was 5. LP lost so everyone moves up one spot. So the seedings are Covina 1, Arroyo 2, San Dimas 3, and Monrovia 4.

  • builder

    Hm…..Finals: San Dimas vs. Covina? I like the sound of that.

  • Can’t Happen…

    It is safe to say that Covina will be the #1 seed. I don’t see anyone arguing that.

    Since this is the case, San Dimas CAN’T be the #4 or #5 seed! They have to be in the opposite bracket which means if they are seeded, which they should be, they will be #2 or #3.

    Sorry Paul, the Red Coats know the rules!

  • Paul Revere

    Well Good Dr. First of all, being a doctor you should be able to comprehend the argument, and address it. My reasoning was not based upon head to head wins, in preseason. Did you see the Aram’s video where he spoke to the CIF selection guy? San Dimas beat Monrovia last year…But did not get the higher seeding because of what happen in league play. A league championship is the highest mark a team could get thus far, even if the league is not strong this year, Because there was time when the Montview was tougher than any other league when Crutchfeild and Duarte, Azusa, and La Puente were good, and The Valley Vista was just San Dimas alone bc Covina was getting smash by 40…times have change as they always do, and the balance of power will change again. I don’t think CIF will trash the status of “league Champion” by giving San Dimas with a top four seed. For some reason San Dimas can’t win there league. However, they are a dangerous, and serious contender…I never said they were not. Based upon the current formula of playoff seedings, it is based on 1’s, 2’s and at large teams. Where ever your teams falls in league, that is the slot you fall into. There are six league champs. Out of those six, you will decide which four should be top four. San Dimas is not a league champ, so therefore they are not eligible for a top four seed. However, CIF can award really good teams from tough leagues with a favorable pairing up against another #2 who may not be so good. That would be like San Dimas getting San Marino in the 1st Round. This is how it traditionally has been done. Now CIF may do something different this year, but I think they will use the same formula. Honestly, The star news with this letter is saying to CIF that they don’t know what they are doing…They do the pairings for 12 other divisions and other sports. No other writers have wrote to CIF regarding seedings…and they are only doing it for the “MidValley” only…I wonder what’s the motive…why does aram and fred care so much about this small division? It’s smells Political to me…Let CIF do it there way…if they call the star news for help that’s one thing, but sending greasy letter like this, it might rub people the wrong way and send the wrong impression…I know journalism is somewhat opinionated, that’s fine… but writers from news papers should not be Writing CIF about how they do their business…It’s not like the coaches are complaining…Scherf didn’t complain when they were the number one overall seed, and drew villiage christian…while Covina go temple city… As for Monrovia…they play their best ball in the playoffs, and the last 3 years speak for themselves…Only San Dimas has had that kind of success. However, they are not a league champ this year….it’s not CIF’s Fault, nor any of the other league champs who took care of business in league…pressure, pressure, pressure,….CIF gonna throw Aram’s letter in the trash lol….hahaha.

  • coltfan97

    Paul Revere,

    You do know that CIF has seeded a 2nd place team before??? Why are you complaining? If Monrovia is so good you wouldn’t be complaining!!!!

  • Mtownclown

    Let the boys play!! Monrovia will have too go threw SD or Pomona too get too the finals but i think if c.if doesnt put sd or pomona on Mtowns side of the bracket they are taking it easy on the def champs….but i would like too see Mtown reach the Finals and play Covina or SD ….Covina will get Sp.. Arroyo is gonna get pomona.. SD will get Maranatha and Monrovia will get South el Monte….

  • The Tribune News “Political” agenda

    Once again La times did a article about the City section seedings. The article was about how the “Coaches” Were upset about the current process. Not the Reporters for the LA times. It’s not their business how CIF pairings are done…They are not involved. They are just reporting. This “Open Letter” from the star news is real bush league reporting. Reports are not supposed to get involve in matters like this. This really shows some type of political position from the star news…How about letting the cards fall and lay where they lay…My question is why does the tribune news Care about who’s getting screwed or rewarded with playoff seedings? Why not ask the coaches from the midvalley about what they think about the pairings first..why not just do your job…and report on the games….Sending CIF A letter trying to convince CIF to view the midvalley through the eyes of the “Tribune” is flat out sickning….They will probably put Arams letter in the shredder…I can’t believe a paper is doing this

  • Paul Revere

    Colt 97, give the example…which second place team got a top four seed? Give me the year, league, Division and top four seeds in that pairing… Moreover like I said..Monrovia play’s great in the playoffs, and we are not worried about anyone but Monrovia, and preparing Monrovia for the playoffs. I always said Monrovia would be a top four seed, and you all said how? Well now I am saying I don’t think San Dimas will get a top four seed…we will see…if they do congrats…that’s one team Monrovia would love to play again…and the cats will get up for that one…Pressure pressure Pressure…Covina might get maranatha in the first lol…haha

  • coltfan97

    Paul Revere,

    Last year CIF seeded Marmonte League( Westlake, oaks Christian, and ST. Bonaventure) in the Northern Division and the Alpha League ( Paraclete and Sierra Canyon) in the East Valley Division !!!!

    Northern Division 2010 top seeds:
    1. Oaks Christian
    2. St. Bonaventure
    3. Westlake
    4. Valencia

    The top three seeded teams are in the same League (Marmonte)!!!

    East Valley Division 2010 top seeds:
    1. Paraclete
    2. Aquinas
    3. Sierra Canyon
    4. St. Margeret’s

    Paraclete and Sierra Canyon are in the Alpha League!!!!

    CIF has seeded a 2nd place team before and they will do it again this with San Dimas!!!!

  • Tom S

    Maranatha’s in the playoffs. 45 to 7 win over LAB. Running 2nd half clock

  • Not good

    How long is tribune going to leave the link up about the story on Derrick Johnson??? It’s very old story, the kid is no longer with the Monrovia Wildcat football team. Is the paper following the story still?..It’s also under “you might like” this story and it’s on every in the huddle post…who would like a story about a kid who possibly could be huge trouble. Please take it down.

  • Paul Revere

    Colt 97 good work…you may be right. Well, we will see…

  • coltfan97

    If we do get Maranatha in the first round I say BRING IT ON!!!! Do I think that will happen no!!!! Covina will get either SP or SEM in the first round!!!

  • Joe Amat

    Paul Revere,

    It happened last year in the Pac5 when Amat was the #4 seed even though we were 2nd place in the Serra League. Also occurred in the Northern Division with Oaks and St Bonnies and/or Westlake (however the flip went). If I’m not mistaken Serra and Chaminade, both from the Mission League, were both seeds in the Western Division and I bet Paraclete and Sierra Canyon were both seeded from the Alpha League.

    So that’s 4 situations form last year off the top of my head. You can double check and I might be wrong on one of ’em….but I doubt it

  • Joe Amat


    nice work. you type faster. great minds…

  • coltfan97

    Joe Amat,

    Thanks and good luck with Amat!!!! I really hope they do well and represent the SGV!!!!

  • Coach K

    Maranatha is 8-2. A letter to CIF should be correct.

  • Great call, Coach. It’s fixed. Changes little.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    Maranatha will be a higher at large berth team than SP if SP makes it in. This is due to maranatha’s head to head victory. So if SP makes it in there is no way Maranatha would play covina if the first round. If you go off there rankings of leagues in this article it be pomona vs arroyo … monrovia vs maranatha … SEM vs SD …. SP or Sierra Vista vs Covina …. anybody have thoughts who SM would play in the first round?…. another #2seed from a league or a remaining league champ like Azuza or San Gabriel…. would love a rematch of quarterfinals from 09 against Azuza

  • coltfan97

    To Titan’s Sports Fan,

    Going by this I think SM will play either Valley Christian or El Monte!!!!

  • santa clause

    Since San Dimas’s preseason victory over Monrovia is the deciding factor, do you think CIF will let Covina play SEM or Sierra Vista after playing Gladstone, Walnut, and El monte in preseason? And They would put Monrovia up against Pomona in the first after playing two inland teams, the #2 team in the south east, Paramount 4-1 in league who beat Ghar, and barely losing to Dominguez, and Played San Dimas….I don’t know. I think CIF is going to reward Monrovia for being one of the very few teams who stepped up and played out their class.

  • coltfan97

    To santa clause

    You failed to mention that Covina played San Dimas and Pomona and beat them???? Your statement is flawed it doesn’t say that!!!!! Are you telling me that Covina doesn’t deserve the number one seed?

  • Doubled Up With Laughter At Double Standards

    santa clause said:
    “I think CIF is going to reward Monrovia for being one of the very few teams who stepped up and played out their class.”

    So, let me see if I understand you. You want rewarded for beating a 5-5 (10.4rating) Paramount and beating them by 4. Beating a 3-7 Glendora (in a down year) and also rewarded for losing to South Hills and Arcadia? But Covina who played to overtime with CIF Champions West Covina and also played Walnut ( who has been scheduled for years) , their schedule should count against them? Punish Covina for playing Gladstone and El Monte too.

    That is what I LOVE about Monrovia fans. Two sets of standards. One for them and one for everyone else.

    I know..I know…Monrovia deserves the Number 1 Seed because they beat Blair 48-0, and Temple City 45-0.

    How could I have overlooked that glaring statement of qualification?

    Face facts: The ONLY reason Monrovia is even in the discussion of the 4 seeds is because La Puente lost. FACT.

  • Titan Sports Fan

    hmmm dont know much about valley christian just that there from the olympic league… is valley christian the #1 seed from their league?? …. el monte would be an interesting game for SM pitting #2 seeds from there respective leagues ….

  • Mtownclown

    everyone on these blogs are just soo “ANTI MONROVIA” its sad..Y?. yes clearly Covina deserves that #1 seed and will get that seeding……but i think everyone will be surprised when the seedings come about…they could seed Monrovia #s 2-5 who knows who cares either way its a tough Road too the finals preseason wins or loses dont matter its C.I.F time anyone can win or lose on any given night like i said in another blog “the def champs are ready too just “Shut up and play”

  • coltfan97

    I don’t know much about the Olympic League itself, but what I do know is that Olympic League team are tough minded and well discipline! Valley Christian placed second to Whittier Christian!!!

  • Thomas Revere

    It’s not so much ANTI MONROVIA as it is ANTI BS. At the start of the season instead of coming to the blogs and saying they did great, they won a championship and their goal is to win another, or do their best…it was we are going to go undefeated, get a state bowl bid and move up to the Southeast division. It was also half the team was D-1 ( including the water boys ), the sidelines are lined with recruiters, and nobody was going to be able to handle or stop them.
    And then they actually played. And all of a sudden it got real quiet out of the M-Town crowd. Fantasy became reality. Then they were going to embarrass San Dimas and we all know how that turned out.
    Next it became attack Covina try to make them look bad so Monrovia would look better. Questioning their coaching staff and their talent, their dedication, and their balance. And again, we all know how that has turned out.
    I get it. I really do. The best way to mask your fears is to try and call attention to someone else’s fabricated fears. Misdirection. Does anyone here REALLY think that either San Dimas or Covina is afraid to face Monrovia? The only thing better than being a CIF Champion is taking down the reigning CIF Champion along the way.
    Let the kids play and let THEIR accomplishments speak for themselves. Otherwise it just comes back to bite you in your rear end. Just ask Pomona.

  • Mtownclown

    like i said “Shut and play” Monrovia Football lets Go!!

  • Pasadena stud

    Maranatha will make it to the final, they will blow buy Monrovia

  • coltfan97

    To Pasadena stud,

    That’s an arrogant comment coming from a team that has accomplished nothing!!!! Not even a league title!!!!!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Looks like you guys got 3 out of 4 right guys! Not bad. Nothing against Sierra Vista, but South Pasadena got robbed.

  • Coach O

    He didn’t know Maranatha was 8-2? ha ha!

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