PrepXtra Rewind: The Guru, Aram and Miguel make their playoff predictions. Plus, Solomon, Meaders, Frazier and Turner join the set …

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  • Dan

    Thanks Aram, and great interview West Covina boys, stay humble and keep working hard, stay focused and don’t think any further than Norwalk, see you Friday night.

  • Don

    1. No more Red Bulls for Jaime.

    2. You guys don’t have a set. Sports Center has a set. You guys have a table. With a telephone.

  • Say What!

    Sorry boys, you guys are good in your league, but Bishop Amat would have whooped you good!

  • regulator252

    @ say what???

    Bishop always had good program and coaching staff… But you must hate on a team to give them credit so by all means do it specially when you don’t have much to brag this year. That WC team is no joke. you should be worry about Santa Margarita instead of a team that you won’t see this year. by the way is a good thing westco and amat were not scheduled this year, that game would had shut lots of folks including you!!!!!!!!!

  • Say What!

    How many points did Loyola score against you guys? I rest my case. South Hills and Covina almost beat you guys if it wasn’t for a muffed PAT. For having 4000 students, you guys should be playing with the big boys. You guys are the Charter Oaks of your league…weak league.

  • Dan

    Say What,
    A few things, first off WC has between 2700 and 2900 students each year not 4000, and they don’t recruit. Second, Covina would give any sgv team a good game this year, including your Lancers, you obviously haven’t seen them. Third, WC is playing on a whole other level now than the WC from the first half of the season, they are healthy now and firing on all cylinders, it would be a very good game if our two favorite teams met. Fourth, it’s well known around here that you can’t compare our teams by comparative scores, take a look at the teams from last nights playoff game for example, if you look earlier in the season you will see that Monrovia rolled over San Marino 43 to 7, yet San Dimas beat Monrovia pretty easiy by a score of 31 to 14. According to your theory, since San Dimas easily beat the team that rolled over San Marino, you would think they would have an easy time with San Marino. Not quite, it was 24 to 21 in the last 3 minutes of the game. As you can see, you can throw those comparative scores out the window. Facts are that nobody knows what would happen in a game till its played on a field. I’m not gonna go around saying our Bulldogs would have beat Amat these last two years, Amat is very good, but at the same I believe our Bulldogs are right at that level at this time of year, so it all depends on who shows up on any given night.