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    Wow.. That’s all I can say. These young men are playing their hearts out and I’m no azusa fan, but I hope these boys win CIF!


    Just click on here ARAM,was getting busy on Fred’s blog!hahah… ARAM, alright!!! and from a FAN OF AZUSA, this is COOL!





  • Wow!

    Very well done. Kinda makes you want to root for Azusa.

  • Jefe

    Touching video…

    San Dimas by 14

  • Great take, Jefe!

    I like the contrast of “I’m really moved … Saints by 14.”

    Back to business …

  • Columbia and Black Fan

    Well you got to root for any school with those colors and that sense of Family. Tough to ignore the fact that those boys have put in their work in the weight room. That’s what football is all about…The Brotherhood Of Men.

    Aztec Pride …best of luck this week. San Dimas will be a bear but no matter what this video show us that Azusa will never be losers because they truly “get it”.

    Coach Scherf…well done sir.

  • HS Football

    Why can’t my school do school do stuff like that… I like it!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Great video! Win or lose this video puts things into perspective. Each one of these kids playing HS football are playing for more than wins and glory, they are playing for something far more important….eachother.

    More local schools need a youtube channel like this one:


    Helps you get your fix between Friday nights!

  • Just Azusa

    Hardly any football teams do this kind of stuff. The Azusa Football staff gets it. It is not just about winning championships, it is about building young men of character who know what it means to play for a team. These gentlemen will someday become great leaders of their own family and make great fathers. They are getting this from not only their own families, but getting it reinforced through their football team. My son plays for this team and loves every minute of the time he has. He brings home great stories of the speeches that each coach gives prior to a game. (Each coach is required to bring in a lesson that teaches the athletes how to be a great responsible young man) I wouldn’t want my kid playing anywhere else. If you want your son to have a great experience playing football and learning about life, then send him to Azusa. They get it. No matter what happens on Friday night I know that my son is better for where he is.

  • I like the shout out to Mrs. Ochoa, then showing her up in the stands (I think that was her anyway).

    EVERY TEAM needs a Mrs. Ochoa. Team moms make the teams go. Nothing better.

  • Great Video

    I like the part where the captains are walking (it looks like their walking in a park somewhere) and then it has them walking out to the coin flip before the game. That was cool to me.

  • Two thumbs up!

    Gotta give Azusa props on that one. Anyone know who made that?

  • coltfan97

    That video gave me chills!!!! Thats a true football TEAM!!!!! It”s great to see that!!!! Simply Amazing!!!

  • Doesn’t matter

    They are still gonna get their butt kicked on Friday though. San Dimas has there number.

  • Jefe

    Agree with Doesn’t matter.

    I don’t see this one being close at all.

  • D-Mo

    Well done. Aztecs making us alum very proud. Keep it going Azusa.
    Joe, you and your staff are a class act. Thanks for bringing the pride back to our school.

  • family

    I’ve always heard it said, give credit when credit is due..Azusa that video was very inpressive and inpirational,it brought tears to my eyes… to think that all those kids got together at all the different times to make a beautiful video is absolutely amazing,that will sure be a wonderful video to show your kids years to come, I myself was an Aztec to long ago to mention, although I have family that play for San Dimas, and by god he’s my family, I don’t personality know the team mates but i sure feel like i do…Best of luck to both teams…play safe….

  • Dee

    This Video gave me chills as well. Made me proud to be the Parent of an Aztec. Win or Lose on Friday this team is a team of Champions! A long time ago Scherf tried to talk my daughter into going to Azusa instead of Amat to play ball. His theory was to be a big fish in a little pond or to be a little fish in a big pond. If I wouldve known then about the respect, dignity and unity he and his staff have shown to these young men. She wouldve been an Aztec too! Being a parent from the Amat (private sector) and Azusa (public). No school and staff compare to Azusa. They have been the fathers, uncles, brothers and friends to my son! Thanks coach and staff.

  • HS Ball

    Great video! Gotta give it up to the azusa coaching staff. But who is that big kid to the right of the video, #5? He looks like a stud! I wouldn’t wanna go up against him! Who said azusa doesn’t have size.

  • Mtownclown

    GREATTTTTTT VIDEO!! this team has a strong bond and Swagger….Goodluck Azusa against San Dimas ….me myself MtownClown a True Monrovia fan is Rooting for you!!

  • Sandy Gahring

    This is what High School Sports should always be about. I am proud of the Azusa High Athletes and Coaches…they get it. Good luck Friday

  • videoman

    The quote “The Azusa Football staff gets it” from the post below by “Just Azusa Said” is dead on. I’ve seen a lot of high school football and the majority of the programs that excel are the ones that have coaches that genuinely care about the players and take the extra time to build solid relationships with the boys. I don’t understand why more coaches don’t see this because it’s not al X’s and O’s. Nice job on the video and good luck in the playoffs Azusa.

  • Fender Bender

    You’ve got to understand…like many a school in the SGV, the young people from Azusa don’t have it easy. This IS their family in some cases. The brothers that they speak of ARE their role models. NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS THIS FRIDAY, this group will always remember this season, and we will relish in it with them thanks to the reminder they have left behind (video). It’s one thing to be part of something special…it’s 100x better when you can share it always. Good luck this week and every week after. Make this world a better place! Thanks, Aram.

  • This is what it’s all about

    This really is what makes high school football great. I will never forget my times as a football player, and my family there. Thank you Scherf for taking me back to my high school days, and reminding us what this is all about.

  • Coach

    San Marino Tribune this morning had a article with headline stating “Former Head Coach Mike Mooney to Plead guilty to Grand Theft”….. Will you guys write a article about it or do you still think Mike is your GOLDEN BOY?

  • WTF?

    That’s a great video. Very well done is probably an understatement. However, they are by no means the first. I know other coaches who do too. Some as far back as 10 years ago. Hell, my college team 20 years ago did one every week.

    Once again, very well done. But not a new idea.

  • Coach,

    I can’t trust anything you say, so I will just assume you’re lying about that SM Tribune article (until I see it myself) just like when you were running around lying about me getting fired from FOX.

    That’s what happens when you’re a hater like yourself. Your credibility is blurred by your hate. And going back to something you said before, if you can’t stand me, then what the hell do you keep popping up here for?

    … hmm, a San Marino Tribune. Those don’t just pop up anywhere. You don’t live in San Marino or work in San Marino, do you? Nahhh, couldn’t be.

  • did I do that?

    Well I don’t know…sometimes its good to keep the secret of your magic to yourselves. Papa always told me to what goes on “in house” Stays “in house”. The kids from Azusa are all heart and the video is off the hook…but being underdogs why would you give San Dimas anything to look at. If you had any advantage, it may very well be compromised …Why draw attention to yourselves…For all Azusa knows San Dimas may have not been playing well together…after watching this video, they will be motivated even more. I am not saying that San Dimas is overlooking Azusa…but now they know how fired up Azusa is, they are going to try to match that… I actually think this video will motivate all SGV playoff teams not involved in the Azusa vs San Dimas game. All of those private moments, should be that just private…My question is what was Azusa motive for releasing this during the playoffs ? Is this a war cry? I hope they can back it up…if they win its all good…But I just thought Azusa would have been silent…and held their water until friday night… I don’t think now is the time to pat yourselves on the back…Well we will see if this publicity stunt works.

  • Just don’t get it…

    A) If you think a video is the “secret” to Azusa’a magic, then you clearly don’t know much about football.
    B) If you think San Dimas seeing the video is going to be a difference between them winning or losing then again, you clearly don’t know football.
    C) This doesn’t seem like a war cry to me. If you watch the video through, this has nothing to do with winning or losing, the kids are just appreciative of the experience and the brotherhood they’ve created. Win or lose, these kids are lucky to be a part of this whole experience, as is any team still playing. Nothing wrong with sharing that experience with the world. People put their weddings, graduations, and other great experiences in their life on the web these days, why is this so out of place?

    As for the impact on the game, I would say this has little to no impact. SD is still the favorite, and should be. I can tell you this though, I was planning on spending my day after thanksgiving on the couch recovering from food coma. Now I’m inclined to go see this game on Friday, and I will be supporting Azusa. The fact that my team is out of the playoffs, and I pretty much always go against San Dimas makes it that much easier. But while I didn’t care 24-hours ago, now I will be cheering on Azusa Friday night.

    I love high school football! Good luck to all the teams playing this week.

  • Sammy Swordman

    Awesome video, this is what our communities are all about. I didn’t know much about Azusa but they have gained a fan in me. Best of luck young men from the area give everyoe hell out there on the field.

  • Colt74

    Just read:

    Embattled former San Marino High School football coach Mike Mooney will enter a plea deal on December 15th in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

    Mooney will plead guilty to one count of Felony-Grand Theft in regards to charges involving the San Marino Football program in 2010.

    In the plea agreement, Mooney will be ordered to pay back $20,000 and serve 5-years probation.

    According to an anonymous source close to the situation, the public records will show that it involved miss use of funds that included boat rentals, luggage, food, and other.

    just the messenger…take it or leave it.

  • Big Mo

    Great Friggin Video! It’s great to see a bunch of normal kids grow up to become responsible men and winners! That’s what football is all about! No one loses everyone wins.

  • bigdog

    I don’t get it? what’s so incredible?

  • What’s so incredible

    It’s just inspiring and refreshing to see a program that values the experience over the wins and losses. I felt great after I watched the video. What’s not to like?

  • Big Dog,

    If you can’t figure that out for yourself, I can’t help you.

  • Innocent Bystander

    It looked interesting. Is there an English version?

  • Frank Parra

    i used to be on this team but in the first preseason game against san dimas with about 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter scherf decided to put me in to play free safety on the 3rd play within a matter of seconds i got clipped and my senior football career ended with a torn acl.and do to complications i wasnt able to stay at azusa high and moved .there is not a day i wake up wishing i could go back to that play and do something differently. ive learned it is a blessing to sacrifice your body each and everyday on the field and be able to play another day. as for me i wasnt so lucky but ive learned to be humble. GOODLUCK TONIGHT AZTECTS I WISH I COULD BE WITH YOU GUYS OUT THERE ON THE SIDELINE.BUT JUST KNOW YOU GUYS ARE IN MY HEART. FRANK PARRA #13 CANT STOP THE TRIBE!

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