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The game everybody has waited all season to see has finally arrived. Last year’s champion Monrovia vs. this year’s No. 1 seed Covina. The excitement is in the air. Fans and pundits are split. Everybody thinks they know what will happen on Friday night at Covina District Field, but nobody really knows. Here is how I break down this game.

Quarterback: Billy Livingston is a three-year starter for the Colts and has played like one of the top QBs in the area this season when healthy. If you’re looking for freebies from Billy The Kid, you’re wasting your time. His 28-to-3 touchdown-to-interceptions ratio shows just how locked in he’s been this year. Earlier in his career, Livingston used his legs. Although he has the ability to scramble, taking hits has proven to be something the Colts cannot afford from their QB. Livingston has to start and finish this game. Blake Heyworth has differentiated himself from other options Monrovia tried this season and has put up strong numbers in the process. Heyworth has thrown for 2,046 yards and has a nice TD/INT ratio of 21/4. Livingston has considerably more games under his belt and more playoff experience, although neither has played in a game of this magnitude in the postseason. Livingston has also shown the ability to rally his team against good competition (see West Covina last 2 years).
EDGE: Covina.

Running back: At the start of the season, most people figured Deshawn Ramirez would get the majority of the carries this season. It hasn’t worked out that way and Marquise Bias has done most of the damage on the ground for Monrovia with 1,223 yards and 16 TDs. Gevontray Ainsworth has carried the load nicely for Covina this season, blossoming into the runner area fans thought he would be after a solid sophomore season. Ainsworth runs well between the tackles thanks to his size and has shown the ability to break tackles with regularity. Bias also has nice size, but isn’t as tall as Ainsworth nor does he weigh as much. Ainsworth and Bias look like a wash, but when you consider that M-Town has a nice change-of-pace option like Ramirez to put in the mix, then Monrovia rates the advantage.
EDGE: Monrovia

Receivers: Both teams put on display an excellent array of impressive frames. College recruiters should take notice. Vinny Venegas, Justin Mason and Peter De La Cruz make up an outstanding trio. Mason, at 6-foot-6, has been a major matchup issue for Covina’s opponents this season. And with Livingston one of the best touch passers and deep-ball throwers around, Mason has flourished to the tune of 13 TDs in just 32 receptions. Venegas is the total package and De La Cruz, though small, can get behind defense and simply does not drop passes. Monrovia’s group features good size, good speed and solid hands. That’s why there are four Wildcats receivers with over 500 yards this season. This is a very close call, but …
EDGE: Covina

Offensive line: Both teams bring some nice beef to the line of scrimmage. Covina’s size and physicality made it able to stand up well to West Covina’s defensive front and also push around (Coach Z’s words and mine) San Dimas. The Colts have proven to be good at both run blocking and protecting Livingston … and they’d better be good at the latter with Ellis McCarthy attacking on Friday. Monrovia wouldn’t be putting up the type of numbers it has this season without a good offensive line. The question you need to ask yourself is has Monrovia seen a defensive front comparable to West Covina’s, like Covina has this season? Judging by M-Town’s schedule, it doesn’t look like it. Covina’s O-line has seen a strong defensive line this season, not sure you can say the same about Monrovia.
EDGE: Covina.

Defensive line: The way Ellis McCarthy can either dominate the game by himself or pave the way for his fellow linemen to do it, is simply spectacular. McCarthy is man-child out there who is certain to wreak havoc. The emergence of the rest of the Monrovia’s defensive line has to be a scary sight for the Colts. Covina’s defensive line ain’t too shabby either. Nick Hynes and Phil Romano are two very imposing d-linemen and they were able to put the brakes on Pomona running Sir-Darius Yarbough much better than Monrovia did. Both defensive lines are going to have their moments in this game, but it’s hard to go against any group led by a phenom like Big Ellis.
EDGE: Monrovia

Linebackers: Wow. Two of the very best around in this game in Monrovia’s George “G5” Frazier and Covina’s Johnny Padilla. If you’re a fan of big-time linebacker play, this game is for you and just watch No. 30 for C-Town and No. 5 for M-Town. Tackling statistics vary by school and the subjectivity of the stat keeper, but Padilla’s 120 tackles appear to be legit. They do things slightly different and look different doing it, but these two linebacking corps are quite simply so good you can’t split them.
EDGE: Push

Secondary: Monrovia’s secondary boasts the better collection of pure athletes. And that can be huge in a game like this. It can be culture shock when a group of receivers is matched against a group of DBs that they can’t simply run away from. Again, go back to the West Covina game and take notice of the fact that Covina has already seen what a legitimately talented secondary looks like. Covina will have its troubles with Monrovia’s four-headed monster at receiver. There are just simply too many good talents on the field at one time for Covina to think it can match up man for man. Venegas is a nice cover corner, but the rest of the Covina secondary had better hope that Heyworth is having an off night.
EDGE: Monrovia

Special teams: Ramirez is as dangerous of a kick returner as they come. Mason Bryant has proven to be an effective punter for Monrovia. Venegas is also a very dangerous return man. Believe it or not, I get the vibe that fumbles in the kicking game are going to play a role in this game. It’s hard to predict a kick return for TD in any game, but if it happens, Monrovia, thanks to Ramirez’s amazing balance and moves, appears more likely to produce it. A kicking game TD be it either a return or via a mistake could decide this game.
EDGE: Monrovia

Coaching: Timing is everything. Had Covina been in this version of the Mid-Valley Division seven years ago, head coach Darryl Thomas would have two rings. M-Town coach Ryan Maddox got in at the right time and has taken advantage by reaching the finals twice and winning it once. Both staffs are excellent. Both head coaches are excellent. If you guys want to argue about who’s better, be my guest. But I can’t split ’em … plus, I have to call them all year long for info.
EDGE: Push.

Why Monrovia will win:
Talent-wise, Monrovia is probably slightly better if we’re counting frames that pass the look test. When you combine talent with cohesion, championships usually follow. Has Monrovia put it together? Recent results say yes. Heyworth has been outstanding, and the QB position (if you’ve read me dating back to summer) was the key with this team all along. With somebody to distribute the ball to all that talent. Monrovia can burn teams in several ways. Defensively, Monrovia has a chance to match Covina’s speed outside and stuff Covina’s inside run. That’s a scary thought if you’re a Colts fan.

Why Covina will win: The Colts have a good combination of everything. I’ve said that since summer; Covina is the most complete team in the area. They play good defense, they’re stout on both lines, they have speed outside, they have a QB who can thread the rock just about anywhere … the list goes on. Covina has the size to matchup to Monrovia, which is something few teams can say. In Livingston, Covina has a QB who has been around long enough that he won’t be rattled by anything to do with a big game. Forget about how Monrovia did against San Dimas, let’s talk about how Covina did against San Dimas. The Colts fell behind early and then put (if I recall correctly) a 31-0 run on the Saints. Fans there that night got to see just how fantastic this team can be when it’s healthy and clicking. And when Covina is clicking like that, NOBODY in this division can hang with the Colts.

What will happen:
This game comes down to who’s offense do you trust more? For me, that answer is easy. With Livingston healthy, Covina has never had a problem with consistency on offense. The Colts can run and throw with great precision. You can’t say that about Monrovia. The early season struggles may have been a long time ago, but they’re still there. The question anybody picking this game must answer is whether you think Monrovia’s “getting good” coincided with the schedule getting easier, as appears to be the case. Covina has nothing to apologize for or make excuses about on its resume. The Colts swung for four quarters and an overtime period with 11-1 West Covina. They put a run on San Dimas that made the Saints look like they didn’t belong in the same division. Those two lines are better than just about anything on Monrovia’s resume. The ‘Cats have excellent talent, but this isn’t Pomona or Whittier Christian or Paramount they’re playing. This game will be about cohesion and given Monrovia’s earlier struggles in that department against class competition, Covina is the more reliable side. …. Covina 40, Monrovia 28.

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  • Bias Dominates Padilla (BDP)


    See how you sound…a little unRATIONal, a lot of “M-town fans” like to use the word dramatical…FRESH…for 0-11….you suckaaaaaaaaas!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cats roll.

  • Aram


    You should know that Aram T is just the guy to write a preview, right up TO YOUR FACE and then dis you!

    I’ll be back, but for now just sample.

  • coltfan97


    What are you talking about??? HUH??? Your being unreasonable!!!! Tell me where Aram is wrong and explain it? I think he hit it on the head!!!!! How about respecting Covina just a little bit???? Try it they deserve it!!!!! Aram is stating an opinion and at least he explains why Covina is going to win, and all you say is Cats roll!!!! Come on give something of substance!!!

  • Mtownclown

    40to28 covina realllyyy lol who makes this shitt u actually think covina will put up 40 on that tough wildcat D with ellis goin 100percent WOW i can tell you havent seen Monrovia lately what a shame.

  • Padilla Gonna Make Bias His Biatch (BiasMy Biatch)

    Gonna love watching you walk to your bus with your tails between your legs.

    Cats are gonna roll alright. All over the ground after being hit.

    After Friday every time you hear the name Covina you will break out in a cold sweat.

    Don’t want no C-town!

  • BDP

    Well, today’s topic, self destruction
    It really ain’t the “whole blog” audience that’s buggin
    It’s one or two suckas, ignorant brothers
    Trying to “slander and one-up” one another
    “About who’s gonna win” the mid
    So to crush the “anonymous attacks” here’s what we did
    We got ourselves together
    so that “NY and Big Bog” could unite and fight for what’s right
    Not negative ’cause the way “M-town wins” is positive
    We don’t kill our relatives (Ainsworth)

    It’s just awesome that a “plus-size” Armenian kid from TC can quote classic hip-hop.

    Ah-med-ica…I love it!

  • Mtownclown

    Covina fans dont get ahead of yourselves dont talk stupid because you should know better i know Colt97 does

  • coltfan97

    In my opinion I think this will be a low scoring affair!!!! Both defenses are great!!! It’s going to come down to penalties, field position, turnovers, and special teams!!!!

  • BigCat

    One very important factor has been omitted, playoff experience. Monrovia has played for the championship for the past two years. The ‘Cats know that things ar different in the playoffs. The further that you go in the playoffs, the more different. Big edge: Monrovia!

  • Colt74

    Playoff experience is BS. It’s still a football game. It’s still played the exact same way as every other game.
    If you need to tell yourself that playing a football game in week 13 is any different than playing in week 10 to make you feel better then you already lost the game.

    Please tell me how things are different in the playoffs?

    Are there buried land mines in the playoffs?

    Do teams get to wear special flubber shoes?

    Are the fields longer?

    Do you lose a player off the team if you don’t get a first down?

    Nothing has changed other than what people not playing the game want to attach to it.

  • Colt74

    I’d like to give a SHOUT OUT to a few COVINA COLTS who have played above and beyond this season and into these playoff.

    These select COLTS have really stepped up this year and represent the BEST of the Covina COLTS that PROUDLY take the field.

    1 Peter De La Cruz
    2 Justin Mason
    3 Greg Ainsworth
    4 William Livingston
    5 Vincent Venegas
    6 Andrew Carrillo
    7 Richie Sepulveda
    8 Nicholas Hynes
    9 Evan Stretton
    10 Gevontray Ainsworth
    11 David Sepulveda
    12 Shazeb Mallick
    13 Daniel Sifuentes
    14 Ryan Bedford
    15 Blythe Curry
    17 Pernell Smalley
    20 David Gonzalez
    21 Charleson Agustin
    22 Victor Gutierrez
    23 Gustavo Lopez
    24 Nicholas Simons
    26 Darren Torres
    30 Johnny Padilla
    32 Christian Zapata
    33 Wyatt Waissman
    34 A.J. Ossorio
    44 Luis Sanchez
    45 Andrew Guevara
    50 Justin Turner
    51 Anthony Sanchez
    54 Caesar Murrillo
    55 David Ramirez
    57 Phil Romano
    60 Anthony Kaites
    61 Elia Semu
    62 Theodore Moncibaez
    63 Anthony Crenshaw
    64 Raymond Sanchez
    65 Anthony Urrea
    66 Kevin Silacci
    71 Michael Arocho
    72 Adrian Perea
    73 Rodriguez Ben
    75 Cory Jaynes
    76 Chris Flores
    77 Alberto Naranjo
    79 Ksan Clark
    80 Robert Zapata
    88 Christian Padilla


  • Paul Revere

    I am very surprised Aram left playoff experience. Although The Colts have More impacting Seniors, they have not been this far into the playoffs in their careers. As For the Junior and Seniors(Except Heyworth) on Monrovia, these young men have been in a championship Atmosphere since they stepped on Campus. As freshman the majority of the starters actually saw limited Action in playoff games, and even the title game vs San Dimas In ’09. Not mention Started in the Championship as Sophmores and Juniors. That is a lot of experience. That will play a big part in Friday’s game. That is what I believe will be the determining Factor in a Monrovia victory. When the teams match up this well…every little thing should be considered. The fact that Aram did not make a slot for “Playoff Experience” is beyond me. I will give one example…

    I will compare Charter Oak and Chino Hills. Charter Oak was the hot team…the best team Etc..They smoked Chino Hills in sierra league play. Charter Oak was only able to score 13 pts vs Rancho in preseason. Chino Hills was able to score over 30 pts on Rancho in much tough setting, the playoffs. Now how did that Happen? Charter Oak Played a loaded team in upland, and was only able to put up 6 pts in competitive play in that game. Now How did this happen? Even though Charter Oak had a much better season, and a better team than Chino Hills, Chino Hills players have More playoff experience than the Charter Oak players. That is how chino hills was able to have a better showing against Rancho. The playoffs are much different. Now there has been Upsets all year in CIF. In this case, Monrovia is the underdog, therefore a win, would be a upset. Now Covina could have a break through, but they will be facing a team who has been there before time and time again. I won’t make a score prediction because, I am not Paul revere the fortune teller, and I do not know which type of game will be played…But However it is played…I believe the Cats Have 9 lives, and Cats always land on their Feet…The Cats will edge out the colts.

  • CTFD!

    Colt72, you basically just proved to everyone that you don’t know anything about football or competitive sports in general when you said “playoff experience is bs”. Ask any successful coach and he would tell you the exact opposite. It’s not a physical difference, it is mental. IT’S NOT a deciding factor, but it is an advantage.

  • BigCat

    Let me answer you questions, Colt74.

    The field doesn’t change in the playoffs. There are no land mines. However, the players change.

    The guy that you knocked down in the regular season stays on his feet and may even knock you down. The offensive line that had trouble working as a unit in the regular season becomes team! The wide receiver who couldn’t hold the pass in the regular season, waves to you from the end zone. The running back who got tackled in the regular season breaks the tackle and goes for a lot more yards.

    Every season in the playoffs.

  • Mtownclown

    CTown In Da Hous…………your an idiot u seem dumb and you most likely were in special Ed soo ill leave you Alone….but if Covina loses its because big mouths like you who made retard remarks ….you make them look BADDDD!

  • Colt74

    Big Cat,
    That is PLAYING EXPERIENCE not playoff experience. So you did not answer my question but strengthened my position.

    So again. BS.

    What did Troy Aikman say about Philip Rivers and playoff experience again? OVERRATED.
    Yeah, Troy Aikman knows nothing about football or competitive sports in general too.

    Tom Brady 2001 = Super Bowl MVP No prior playoff experience

    How many playoff games has coach Thomas from Covina been involved with in his 15 years there?

    How about Coach Maddox at Monrovia while he has been there?

  • Mtownclown

    Playoff experience not a factor?? WTF too that…that goes too show that most of you bloggers from covina dont know Shitt…wheres Coltfan97? i know he would agree that it is a factor…..Colt74 you know nothing i hope covinas coaching staff doesnt think like you…..

  • Colt74

    Just like I hope that Monrovias coaching staff thinks it needs it’s magical pixie dust called playoff experience to beat us.

    Just strengthens my beliefs that Monrovia fans can’t stand to have anyone that does not believe what they believe.

    You all are funny though. Let me all did not wash your lucky socks this week too?

    And stop with the where’s Coltfan97 stupidity. He has his opinions and I have mine. He could NOT change my opinion on this subject any more than you could.

  • Mtownclown

    lol magical pixie dust….coaching is what killed us in the 2009 finals and in 2010 great coaching is what led us too the title winning a title is not about Luck…and if it was Monrovia must be pretty damnn Lucky….

  • Colt74

    So first it was playoff experience that you guys wanted to credit for making you the better team over Covina and now, from your post, you say it’s coaching that gets you where you want to go.

    Are you absolutely sure it was not the lucky socks?

    Maybe it was the way the bacon laid on your plate the morning of each game?

    Or patterns you saw in the clouds?

    Can’t make up your mind now?

    I just KNEW there was a reason you had clown in your moniker. You are funny!

  • coltfan97

    Playoff experience is good to have at the right positions!!!! Heyworth has no playoff experience until this year!!!!! If Covina could rattle Heyworth in my opinion he will fold under the pressure!!! I agree with both sides both bring up good points!!!! Sometimes playoff experience is overrated (lakers last year) it all depends on what type of team you have!!!

  • National Inquirer


    San Dimas coach Bill Zernikow was secretly cloned last night in his sleep and will be joining the Covina Colts coaching staff for the playoffs. Sources who wish to remain anonymous have stated that the extra pair of hands that were gained erroneously in the cloning process will come in handy for play diagrams. And coffee.

  • CTFD!

    Tom Brady is on the Covina team?

  • STFU!

    After the game you will think so.

  • Jefe

    Pulling for Covina just to hear Big Bob’s reaction afterwards.

  • Paul Revere on playoffs

    Hey Colt 74, did you forget about Me???? Not one blogger since I posted about playoff experience has tried to break down or refute what I have said. Blake does not have any playoff experience. However, he has alot of people around him who does…. Deshawn Ramirez had a rough game in the Championship Vs San Dimas as a sophomore…Do think that “Experience” Is not in his head… All 4 of the mtown wr played in the playoffs since thier Freshman year. All RB’s have played in the playoffs in the Championship for 2 years, all LB have played in the Playoffs/Championship Since they were Freshman… All D lineman played in the Semis of better since 10th grade…all DB’s have played in the Semis or better since the 9th grade. This team is young but very experienced…heck all of the Mtown Coaches, have been the semis or better for 5 years…Garrision has been to the 2nd Round or better for at least 7 years of his head coaching. Even Us bloggers who played in the 80’s and 90’s have been to the Championship several times…the only person on the Covina side who has been this far may be only Assistant Coach Greg Ainsworth of Duarte. I do not say this to boast, I am just saying their is a lot of Experience playoff people Associated whith Monrovia Football…Does that mean Monrovia wins? NO! But to people who have been in this position where our boys and your boys will be friday know. Playoff experience is huge, and these boys have play 13-14 games every year for the past 4. Thats almost 1 full season more than the majority of the players in the Division.


  • Don

    Better assessment than we got from the Two Midget Drill.

  • just askin’

    thats hilarious. now paul revere wants us to think Monrovia has an advantage because “…Even Us bloggers who played in the 80’s and 90’s have been to the Championship several times..” LOL!!!

    uuummmm….paul – how do those seasons end?!?

  • coltfan97

    WOW Revere your wrong again!!!! The coaches at are very experience in the playoffs!!!!! Remember most of these coaches at Covina were there for Mike McD years where Covina made it to the semifinals twice!!!!! Covina’s OLine and a friend of mine Ryan Williams went to the semifinals as a player in 97 where Covina played La Mirada!!!! Williams was also on staff with Maggoire and Maddox at West Covina at one point!!!! Coach Thomas has been to five semifinals in his coaching tenure!!!!! He knows what he is doing!!!! If you want to go further we can!!!!! Don’t say Covina doesn’t have experience they do!!!!!!

  • Colt74

    Paul Revere,

    Friday night you will see how much weight to give playoff experience. And I will see again how much weight to not give to any bloggers opinions.

    ADVANTAGE: Covina

  • Paul Revere on playoffs

    Colt97Fan 2 years in 90’s vs 3 title appearance in the 90s and the past 4 years…More importantly we really want to focus on what the kids have experienced These Kids have played in the “Big One” twice and very recently. Blake heyworth, is the only one, but the rest of the team will rally behind him. Blake will be fine. He also has not thrown a pick in the playoffs. Does that mean he won’t friday? No! But he has not yet. If he can be smart with the ball, Monrovia is looking real good. No Covina’s d will bring pressure like no other, He is just going to have to step it up, and step his game up. Nothing is a lock. Arams breakdown was accurate, But he left out playoff semifinal “Big game” Experience. The west covina game was huge, but not bigger than friday night… the San Dimas game was huge, but not bigger than Friday night…This Atmosphere and pressure, will be like no other. We fully understand this in the Monrovia camp, that’s why you have not heard anyone say anything as foolish, as “Playoff Experiece”. you will always here a commentator say how experienced teams and coaches are…why do think De la salle, because they been there more often than anyone else they play. Monrovia is no de la salle, but has a ton of experience….I can’t believe I am hearing this.

  • coltfan97

    Don’t even compare those 90’s Covina would have killed Monrovia!!!! Remember Monrovia didn’t win a title in the 90’s Covina did!!!!! Like I said before playoff experience can be overrated it just depends on what type of team you have!!!!

  • tDro

    I love this match-up…

    We’ll see how much each of these teams have really improved over the course of the season.. Monrovia seems to have hit their stride albeit not against the toughest of competition. Not their fault, obviously. Both of these teams’ toughest opponents truly came early in the year save for Covina’s Valle Vista League title game with San Dimas. Ellis McCarthy will have to have the same type of impact that Shaun Cody had when he won back-to-back CIF titles. Last year was Bueno’s turn to lead and obviously this year it comes down to McCarthy imposing his will. No line should be able to block him with the type of ability that he has unless they fully commit to doing so.

    Covina’s passing attack stacks up easily as one of the best in the area. Justin Mason does not get talked about nearly enough at that receiver spot. He is a nightmare to cover in one-on-one situations down the field. Billy Livingston is back in the swing of things and what can you say about Vinny Venegas (the swiss army knife) that hasn’t already been said?

    On Monrovia’s side, they have two talented running backs in Marquise Bias and De’Shawn Ramirez. Ramirez really struggled early in the year, but could his breakout performance against Whittier Christian be a sign of things to come? Speed-wise, nobody will match up with him. It’ll come down to how they utilize Ramirez in this one. If he can get at least 15 touches and not turn the ball over, it’ll be an uphill battle for Covina in that regards. They’ve also solidified the QB position which is huge. Watching them to open the season against Glendora, it just seemed like they were still figuring things out which is exactly what the pre-season is for.

    Can’t wait for this one, honestly. The Valley is in for a treat.

  • Billy’s Dad

    The winner moves on to the finals and the loser goes home. All talk aside, the answers will be had on Friday. May the best team win. And here’s hoping for good competition, good sportsmanship and a healthy finish for all.

    Good luck, guys-whether you are wearing red or green!!

  • Mtownclown

    well said.. Billysdad

  • Observantcat

    I cant believe you left Monrovia’s top LB out of the equation. He is also leading the Mid=Valley in tackles, a guy by the name of Brett Walsh:

    # Player Solo tackles Assist Tks Total Tkls Avg. per Game
    10 B. Walsh 102 40 142 11.8

    This gives Monrovia the defensive edge at the Linebacker spot as well.

  • Joe Colt

    I read the blogs often but havent posted in 2 or 3 years…. All I want to say is that we have two really solid Football teams playing on Friday night and that no matter who wins it will be a great game, I am excited enough about this that I bought my tickets today… Good luck to both SGV teams, stay safe and play hard…

    Joe Colt…

  • coltfan97

    Observant Cat I guess your leaving out Padilla with 120 tackles and 8 sacks!!!!!

  • Paul Revere on the 90’s

    Colt97…I don’t about covina Killing Monrovia in the late 90’s. You know that Ainsworth Kid on Covina? His Uncle play in 97, That guy was better than great. Have you heard of a RB by the name of Akil Harris? That guy Rushed for over 5000yards in his career…That guy was pretty great too…2 all Americans. I think Monrovia beat the Div 2 champs Diamond Bar in that era too…Either way…Covina wins 95 but not 97,98,99. But anyway…2 great teams, and there can not be a winner without a loser….My soul is at ease.

  • Aram


    Maybe you can correct me, but in the film I was watching of Monrovia against Paramount, it appeared that Walsh was lining up at d-end, not at linebacker. Is he an outside backer? Is he a d-end? Is he a middle backer? Looked to me like he was on the line.

  • Kennedy Bryant


    If you truly watched the Paramount game there is now way you could have given the RECEIVERS edge to COVINA. And Walsh is the leading tackler on the MHS DEFENSE. Love the discussion nonetheless

  • coltfan97

    Covina wins in the 90’s (93-97) and I don’t care what kind of stat’s you put on me Covina was that good!!!! Damn Aram you might as well give Monrovia the edge, their not going to give Covina any ounce of respect!!!! Next thing their going to say is Heyworth is better than Livingston!!!!

  • paul revere

    You can forget about 97-98. Livingston is good. Heyworth has proven to be good this year in the playoffs with 0 int. Nevertheless…I don’t want to argue, which players are better. We are less the 48 hrs away. Aram Pick covina to put up 40 on monrovia in the playoffs, like we are el monte or gladstone. Monrovia is ready. My soul is at ease.

  • coltfan97

    Revere your right we all have discussed this to death!!!!! This blog game is a draw!!!! In 48 hours we will all be at CDF watching a great game between two great teams!!!!!!

  • Frankie B.

    Covina is in for a long night. they have played absolutely no one good. the only good team they have played (west covina) beat them with key injuries. Monrovias athletes and size is going to be too much for covina to handle. Deshawn Ramirez is going to have a field day and Blake will have a great game as usual. McCarthy will have Livingston running for his life. your in for a long night covina.

  • coltfan97

    Frankie B where have you been we already discuss two days ago!!!! I guess San Dimas and Pomona are not good teams!!!! This is just for Frankie B Monrovia played Temple City, Blair, and La Canada!!! Only couple of people are showing Covina respect!!!! Monrovia is a great team, and it’s going to be a hard fought game!!!!

  • Paul Revere on the “only” thing known.

    Upper Bracket Semifinals Matchup #1 Covina (11-1) vs
    #4 Monrovia (9-3) at CDF, Dec 2, 2011 7pm. That’s all I know.

    -My Soul is at ease

  • coltfan97

    Their so much hype about the Covina-Monrovia game!!! We know the stats, we know the players, the coaches, and the bloggers!!!! What’s the prediction on the other semifinal game? Does S.G. have a chance or does S.D. win in a blow out?

    My prediction S.D. 38 S.G.31

  • Aram

    Listen all you Colts fans,

    The Monrovia fans were talking like this all summer and suddenly got real quiet during September. So don’t put much stock into this. When their teams wins, they start thinking they can beat LSU. And that’s great. They’re a passionate group that throws caution and reality to the wind.

    And if their team does win on Friday, you will never hear the end of it.

    They kinda remind of the Muir fans. They give you all these reasons to be skeptical, then when you are and they actually do something good, they all start crowing about not getting any respect and blah blah blah.

  • 7COLT4

    Frankie B.
    Frankie B. smoking crack
    Frankie B. talkin smack
    Frankie B. wrong
    Frankie B. quiet come Friday night
    Frankie B.

  • Mtownclown

    coltfan97……i have SD OVER SG 27-24 SD does just enough too win………..

  • coltfan97

    MTownclown I could see that happening!!! Boy, S.D. got the best draw out of all the Teams in the Mid Valley playoffs!!!!! Anybody dare to dispute that???

  • X’s and O’s

    The Mid Valley is going to come down to the winner of Covina-Monrovia and San Dimas. Going of of comparative scores, I pick Covina to win CIF. The Colts did the best against Southeast Division teams. Monrovia lost to Arcadia, a second round loser; San Dimas got waxed by Bonita, a first round loser, but West Covina, perhaps the best team in the SGV had to escape with a win over Covina.

  • Mtownclown

    lol yeahh SD has had it EASY too say the least.

  • Observantcat

    X’s & O’s: Westcov, just barely got by South Hills, and Glendora. Looking at the bigger picture I would say that there seems to be a bit more parity in the Mid-Valley and Westco would fit right in which could have made it a 4 headed monster vs a 3 headed Monster.

  • 7COLT4

    Good luck COLTS in your quest for your…..


  • paul revere

    Say What ? I never seen a reporter actually takes sides…Wow, can’t the Covina fans fend for themselves…do they need the blog administrator telling them what to put stock into. Your sarcastic comments are sent only to Monrovia. The Covina fans, are just as confident and are talking just as much crap as anyone else. The Tribune really has a love affair with The City of Covina football, pumping and defending teams like charter oak, then sugar coating things if they do not live up to the “hype”. This Monrovia team has already achieved More than expected especially after the trying Month of September. All through the summer we thought we were going to the state bowl. That did not happen. Mtown didn’t work hard enough early in the year, and prove not be as good at that moment. Now that our team is working hard, we are seeing great results. But, it’s pretty weak when Monrovia bloggers have to go up against Covina bloggers, and the Blog site Administrator. Aram and Fred say nothing when Out of area non Sgv bloggers come on here and Attempt to sh@t on SGV football. Oh, I don’t see this kind of passion, you don’t even defend your own area!! US SGV fans, banned together to defend our area. I put down the sword vs Colt 74 just to go in on some IE or OC jerk who come on here a diss our area…I wish Aram would be just as sarcastic, and Malicious when The U, Or Norco, or the some OC Pac five jerk pops off… I guess he hates monrovia that much. He slit our throat with a comment, while The U gets a free pass…Give me a break…

    -My soul is at ease

  • Just sayin’

    Paul revere – “This Monrovia team has already achieved More than expected…”???
    All we heard in august was “14-0”, “State Title game”, “can beat Bishop Amat”, etc, etc, blah, blah, blah.
    They have done NONE of what was expected.

  • Paul revere

    That was Monrovia’s personal expectation. No in the valley believed this team would go, and they were correct. Monrovia would not beat bishop, but that is the level that we attain to get to one day. However like I said, After 3 losses in a row, people were starting to say Monrovia would not make it out the first round. After Pomona played Covina tough and San Dimas tough, People were starting to say Monrovia would lose that game. After that People said that Whittier Christian would Finally beat Monrovia, Now everyone is saying that Monrovia has no shot to beat Covina. We just keep trucking Along. The doubt about this years team has been good fuel for them. The one thing you can count on from Monrovia fans is full support, and we back our kids win or lose, and we want them not to fear Anyone. Weather it’s blair, Covina, or Bishop Amat, we still will play the same, and not be in Aw of any team. That’s just us. But yea, I can’t believe Covina fans are letting Aram, wipe their tushies for them, He is backing you all up like a big brother. I would not be surprised if he’s jumping up and down if Covina Scores! I beat some one will pass him a bag of Covina Confetti. Hell I wouldn’t be surprised if he had on a 5 x Covina sweatshirt at the game. Gimme break.

  • Mtownclown

    Paul revere….Aram is just a Mtown hater thats on Covinas Bandwagon …thats it thats all

  • Observantcat

    Gentlemen, Gentlemen, Aram is just a reporter who looses focus every once in awhile. He would be a terrible gambler because he is not focused enough on the facts. His bias cannot change our BIA’s (Marquis) even if he wanted to. Everyone is entitled to his or her personal opinion and it only fares better for Monrovia to prove the haters wrong. Two seasons ago it took Fred all season to give Monrovia the nod over teams like Rosemead, San Dimas, Hell, even Azusa but in time he realized he was talking to the wind. All of last season Aram had Monrovia well below other teams on his All SGV list even until the very end and even then he couldn’t see us beating a lot of teams that we were better than a lot of this top picks we would destroyed by seasons end. Over the past few seasons Monrovia has proved more naysayers wrong than any team in the SGV and that’s why we can call our teams great. Who else has accomplished what Monrovia has in the past four seasons? So I just take what the reporters say as warm air blowing out of the wrong hole. Monrovia has always been the type of team to stand up in many challenges that they were deemed the underdog. Not very many teams have had the kind of runs over the years that the Cats have. It used to blow me away when Fred talked about how many times Monrovia made it to a CIF Championship and lost whereas 95% of the teams in this area have seen no more than 1-2 opportunity’s in it’s schools history. So this will be no different than any other time. Now for those fools out their who get on us about reading from great sources that Monrovia was the highest contender to get a state bid early in the preseason, it’s because bigger powers saw what we saw and put it in the papers for everyone to read.

  • Answer Man

    Observantcat – “Who else has accomplished what Monrovia has in the past four seasons?”
    uuummmmm – San Dimas?
    You’re both in the semis this year, you split the last two championships, and both lost to the same team the year before that?
    AND… They’re 3-2 against you during that time?
    Your turn to come up with your excuses for all of those.


    So some say we are too confident Well I say were CONVINCED that MHS will be victorious. It is as simple as this everyone wins and loses. Football is a game that is usually won by the team that makes the fewest mistakes. However some teams win games because of good coaching and sometimes teams win because they are just better and have better talent. MHS will win this game because they have better talent, and are an overall better football team. Sometimes the best team doesnt win and MHS could lose to Covina but Im CONVINCED they wont. Here is why.

    We have weapons of MASS destruction and so do you with Livingston, Venegas and Ainsworth. We have Tomahawk Cruise Missiles, bunker busters and DAISEY CUTTERS and you have Iraqi Scuds. You have 3 offensive weapons sorry number 2/17 could catch a cold MHS will not be intimated by his Height and in my view isnt a weapon at all.

    Pomona made you one dimensional as your QB was out and you had to run the ball because you couldnt pass. I know you offense well and I just dont see enough gas in the tank, Im not seeing it homie. YOUR DEFENSIVE FRONT IS NICE and the BACKERS ARE NICE but they cant cover IM JUST NOT SEEING IT even the Pomona Coaches dont see you guys winning. Im hoping for a good game but my gutt tells me the winner wins big very big.

    Who guards the MHS Arsenal Williams, Craft, Bryant, Bias and Ramirez? Covina there is too many options for you to cover. Your defense is horrible at guarding the pass. And we create great miss matches all over the field you guys dont have enough play makers on defense to make MHS one dimensional.

    Covina fans your DBs are slow and they are in trouble guarding a great receiving corp. Yeas I know Aram picked your receiving corp, but he hasnt seen MHS since Arcadia and he admitted just watching film of them against Paramount he obviously hasnt seen MHS Play since week 2. And to be quite honest I didnt think MHS was any good after week two as well.

    MHS is not even close to being the same team. And Friday night youll all see that. I say farewell for now as I know I wont be seeing many of you after 10:00 pm tomorrow night here on the blog . Ill make you a promise if Covina wins Ill shut up until next year and wish you all well

    So to my MHS homies each of you please stop writing on the blogs until after tomorrow night . I can guarantee each of you we will have this blog all to ourselves after tomorrow night. Just get ready for Saints4Real .

    Kennedy Bryant
    Paul Revere
    Frankie B
    New York

  • Observantcat

    The Answer man. I do give San Dimas there props, they are the only team in the Mid-valley that has past the test. It has actually been fun to see a rivalry built out of nowhere and to become one of the main events of this areas High School Football. We may see each other once again in this years final. I will tell you now that it will be a totally different outcome.

  • coltfan97

    What a bunch of confidence bloggers!!!! Colt fans can stick up for themselves, and I will tell you this we didn’t tell Aram to write that!!!! HE DID IT ON HIS OWN!!!!! He has his opinions!!!! So don’t blame Covina for what he writes!!!!

    To Convince, Covina must have no weapons!!!!! You guys hype Monrovia like their some super team!!!!! Yes they are a great team nobody disputes that, but they are beatable!!!!

  • coltfan97

    WOW Mason is not a weapon he has 13 touchdowns!!!!But he is no weapon!!!! Are you crazy??? If Monrovia takes that approach Mason will burn Monrovia all night long!!!!!

  • Paul revere

    No one said, Monrovia is a super team. We may have super swag, but that’s just character. All teams are beatable. Colt97 We are not blaming Covina for Aram’s one sided, comments. It’s not what he says, it’s how he says it, and to who he says it. Lets look Back. The week of the Rancho Game vs Charter Oak, and also when Rancho played Muir. Those IE bloggers came on this site and said everything from SGV sucks, there are no players, no good teams, no good coaches, and just about everything you can say to piss SGV players off. What did Aram say to those bloggers…..Nothing! When Bishop Amat went to Servite, and all the OC bloggers came on said some things…did aram tell them to go jump in the River? Nooooo…I did not see nothing. Then In the big one Charter Oak vs Upland…Upland fans came on here and cut a rug…..They said everything to crap on CO. There I was surprised. I just Knew he would protect Daddy Farrar and Son, I did not see any of that Temple City Swag. I did see the SGV come together to defend our area. I did see him Go in on Pomona bloggers when they ask for more coverage….I did see him go in on Muir, when they complained about him not picking them. I see him going in on Monrovia bloggers, when they only thing we are doing is trash talking Covina, before the big game…and they are trash talking Monrovia. What’s wrong with that…why does he feel the need to console anyone? This blog has been hot with Monrovia and Covina Fans Reppin their school, hyping the game, having a great time, and he has to come on and show his personal feelings towards one school. I must say fred, and miggy are good at not showing there dislike for schools. However Aram lets it all hang out. The Truth is the truth, and no matter how much BS anyone says, the site admin should not be on here wearing his heart on his sleeve. If you say that’s your style, your swag, Make sure you do the same thing when Out of town bloggers show their @$$ on our SGV site.

    At the end of the day, Either Monrovia fans, or Covina fans will have to come on and eat crow, and congratulate the other team, for beating a great team. We will do it with a smile and wait for next year to do it again. Life goes on…and it’s all in fun.

  • Observantcat

    Nicely said!

  • New York

    I try to focus on Monrovia’s strengths. I am proud of my school and city. I get very turned off by all bloggers (especially Monrovia-affiliated bloggers because I have high standards for my own) when they trash other teams rather than focus on bragging up their own teams. I enjoy the passionate Azusa fan who comes on here because all he does is brag up his own team’s progress.

    Regarding Aram: 1) Let’s thank him for getting this blog up and running several years back. 2) Remember, though, he was mentored as Coach Bill Maloney’s ball boy at San Marino. Maloney was to Monrovia what John McKay was to Notre Dame! Maloney loved beating us and despised us. 3) Aram is passionate about putting the East SGV on the map.

    Speaking of East SGV: When did it become just “SGV”??? I think that is part of the press’s EAST SGV bias.

  • 7COLT4

    Paul Revere,
    If you think that Aram is wrong for speaking his mind then you really don’t do much time on these blogs. Aram was not the least bit shy after our WesCo game to say that Covina was even lucky to be in that game in the end.
    We did not go off on him and question his ethics. It’s his opinion. Aram is outgoing and in your face. It’s his style. If you want smile to your face but cut you down behind your back then stay on the Mid Valley blogs. If you are looking for homer coverage for anything WEST SGV stay on the Mid Valley blogs.
    If you want to talk and not have smoke blown up your ass then come to the Trib.
    Just put your big girl panties on first. And learn not to let some of the Amat posts get to you second.

  • Paul revere

    Fake Colt 74, Like I said, anyone can say whatever they want on the blogs. I just noticed that there was nothing said when out of town bloggers who come on here and say that my school, your school, Charter Oak, and Bishop Amat suck, and there is no good football played in the SGV. If you have any siblings, you know…I can tease and punch my lil brother, but you don’t let anyone else do it. He comes down on Monrovia(which is fine), but come down on Upland, Rancho, and OC fans too. Doesn’t happen on the tribune. It’s kinda like you getting in to a fight on the playground, and ur brother does nothing or takes the side of your foe. Like I said, he was not up in The U, Rancho fans, nor Norco face, when they invade our blog, attempted to be little us. It’s called being “Two Faced”. Your SGV face is Mean full of swag. Your face towards the IE and OC…well remains to be seen… Stop defending him…it’s his blog…he is big boy he can take care of himself…Aram wiping Covina’s @$$ and Covina Returning the Favor…I guess johnson and johnson sends you all diapers and Babywipe year round…Time to get pottie trained and sit on the seat like a big boy and take your own “Sh*%.

  • Aram


    Well said. Very accurate description of the Mid Valley guys … nice to your face “hey yeah, you like pizza? how’s everything going?” then behind your back “hey yeah, did you see they said the score was 9-3?” Glad to see others are catching on to their tired, passive/aggressive act.

    Anyway, don’t sweat Paul Revere. I’ve reviewed all the postings under his IP address and Monrovia is quite simply his latest cause and “Paul Revere” his latest screen name. He’s one of our few schizo bloggers.

    I mean, two weeks ago he was praising me for my column on Chater Oak.

    And soon after, he posted under the name “Go Colts” and here’s what he wrote …

    “Going With Rivera and Livingston to meet in the finals…After Last season i don’t know if I can trust the colts. Covina was 9-1 VVL Champs and beat west co. I was like “Ok they are going to win it” Everyone thought they were going to win it… then they laid a egg in the playoffs and I was disappointed… Now here we are again it seems like the writers are say we are going to win it hands down….I hope The seniors bring it home…and don’t let all the the overwhelming hype get to their heads! 1# team is the team holding the trophy up when it is all said and done…”

    Yep, that’s the same Paul Revere who is now banging the Monrovia drum and bashing me. See all the same … between every other sentence or point? Kinda hard to deny that’s not the same guy. So yeah, the same guy who posted under “Go Colts” and predicted Arroyo-Covina in the finals is now a Monrovia fan and posting under “Paul Revere” and sticking “…” where they don’t need to be. He obviously needs his dosage increased.

  • Paul revere

    oooh Aram check my IP Address ooooh lol , I never said that I was not crazy, I never said that I did not write under another name? Matter of fact tons of people do it. Besides Go Colts was a “clown move” slow poke… Colt74 called me on that weeks ago without the ability to check Ips on your site….isn’t this supposed to be anonymous? lol…whatever don’t try to divert from what I called you out on …. People came on here and Sh!t on the SGV and you said nothing…what you got to say about that Wizard of tribune…You just don’t like it when someone pulls back the curtain on that @$$ haha… it’s like praising a child when he does something good and spanking him, when he does something bad…I don’t dislike you aram, personally I don’t know you…but I do know you didn’t say anything When the EI bloggers and OC blogger came on here…Check that Ip Address….

  • 7COLT4

    Paul Revere,
    I AM the real Colt74. I’m signing in like this from now on.

    Ask Aram what the fist thing I said to him when I met him face to face. I said ” Hi..I’m Colt74…the guy who’s guts you hate!”.
    Why did I say that? Because I was dogging him ( like you are now ) about him being, in my mind, OVER critical of Covina. Know what? I WAS WRONG. I was just not blog conditioned. I was being W-A-Y too sensitive. I had the problem, not him.

    What changed my opinion? I realized how many HOURS he spends driving around, watching teams, ( and having to listen to that Hip Hop on his car radio )and it dawned on me that he EARNED the right to speak his mind. He earned the right to have his opinions.
    He picked a Monrovia – Covina match-up before the season started. W-A-Y before the season started. I guess he just didn’t respect Monrovias talent and coaching back then too?

    Chill out and enjoy the ride while it lasts…

    Whoever you support support them and don’t care what others think…. I have said it over and over and over…the only talk that matters is the talk on the field. And I’ll still be here on the blogs if Monrovia wins.

  • Paul Revere

    See Colt you just sign in under another name…Sometimes we get creative…some times we get crazy…so what…that’s why the post are anonymous….I am sure Aram sits backs and checks IP’s all day( not). Like I said…I think he is good at his job…but the one thing about trash talking, is the trash may not always be true…So I can come on here say Aram sucks, Covina sucks etc…does it make it true? Remember “saying stick and stones my break my bones but words will never hurt me”. If you said it long enough, the antagonist becomes frustrated…I Hope he is not frustrated…Besides he’s from TC…the Mtown TC hard feelings have been going on for while….

  • New York

    I agree with you about protecting my own. I get protective when those misled bloggers come on here attacking the entire SGV. That’s why I blasted the guy who wanted to portray Santa Margarita as if they are the norm for the OC…I had to remind him that the OC is filled with teams that SGV teams would beat, but we don’t hear about them because all the talent is concentrated at the super powers. Same with the IE…there are a lot more schools than the big names that are always bragged about.

    Drop the Sierra League into the Central divison. Let Charter Oak and Chino Hills play the new Mt. Baldy league and Sunkist League. That’s the last division that Uplan dominated after they got bounced from Big Boy ball just a few years earlier.

  • Paul Revere

    To sum it all “Melendez” Wrote in his wonderful article…

    “Monrovia is one game away from reaching its third straight title game, but the Wildcats did not approch the playoffs with the mentality of defending their title.”

    “The whole CIF championship thing ended at the beginning of the year,” Maddox said. “It’s about an opportunity to play a great team in the semifinals. The championship, that’s last year’s stuff. We have to play great or this is going to be our last game.”

    This is the situation, this is the official statement from our leader Coach Maddox. I rolling with this…I am out this afternoon.. before I get fired lol…Lets go Cats..Good luck Colts.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Im sure Paul Revere is smart enough to know that this blog thing is for fun and nothing more. Im sure that he also knows that in order to get folks to reply on the blog you have to write some ridiculous stuff. I like to put my name behind what I say but I have also written under the name Luke Russert and MHS Alum 83, nevertheless I like to talk !@#$ and will continue to do so. Moreover, who really cares my point here is unlike politician we can have more than one point of view or I may want to just play Devils ADVOCATE sometimes…

    ARAM and FRED do it to its their job they want this back in forth amongst foes on the blog or watch Prep extra live and they both know if you put the meat on the hook us wild dos will come devour it I honestly enjoy what they do for our sports teams what I dont enjoy is when its gets too personal. Now dont get me wrong Ive thrown some personal jabs my damn self, however I know where to draw the line.

    Aram I think you know me well enough what you see on the blogs is what your going get in person. You know I respect you enough to let you know when I think youve gone over the top. CAN WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT HAVING TO SUBMIT A ENTRY TWICE LOL

  • 7COLT4

    Rule number 1: Don’t take the blog too serious if you can’t take it shoved back at you.

    Rule number 2: Don’t drink a pot of coffee or a 5th of Jack Daniels and then attempt to post coherently.

    Rule 3: After you have signed off on 1 and 2 put on big girl panties.

    Rule 4 : Learn to accept for argument sake that there is only 1 true GOD and 1 true Football Team. Bishop Amat. Their bloggers will telly you that they are one and the same. Notice I said accept, I did not say agree with.

    Rule 5: Post early and often. Just like voting in Chicago.

    Rule 6: Learn to appreciate and learn from those that are wise ( Joe Amat – New York etc… )

    Rule 7 : Wait at least 15 mins after someone pisses you off. You’ll think clearer and have better come backs.

    Rule 8 : NEVER pick Buena Park over La Habra, and Bishop Amat over Loyola in the same week. Your friend will laugh all the way to the bank.

    Rule 9: See rule #8 …….

    Rule 10: Have a Coke and a Smile

  • Paul Revere

    The Covina vs Monrovia game was already huge. However my sole purpose, was to Pump it and hype it, til ish hit the Fan…. Mission Accomplished. This week has been off the hook.. What I said about Aram was a personal jab…he responded sharply…it’s done now…not like he cares anyway. Ok ok I can’t stay off this thing, that’s what football season does to me

    Football season = poor employee production.

    lol…gotta go! 19 hrs 36 mins left until Game time!

  • Aram

    Paul Revere, FC, Damien Dad, Go Colts, Whatever else you want to go by,

    I’m not bothered by you at all. But so long as you lie about me, I will keep telling the truth about you.

    I’m just trying to let legit Monrovia bloggers like Kennedy Bryant or Observantcat know that they’re talking to a guy who has posted under a myriad of names and has at one time or another associated himself with every team in the Valley from Damien to Monrovia.

    Poor Fred is sitting there jousting with you on his blog about our show last week. He has no clue he’s really talking to FC/Damien. Stuff like that I find hilarious.

    Listen, you gotta switch up your criticism of me and your writing style. Slow down on all the … and come up with new material. Oh yeah, and up the dosage.

  • 7COLT4

    I had him down as COChargerfan and NotSince1995. But, in the end it does not matter. I enjoy good banter with whomever.

    I knew :

    ” best some heads “…I don’t care who you are…( Paul Revere) that there is funny….

    ( you always use … between sentences )
    November 27, 2011 9:38 PM

    But like I said, I don’t care…it’s all good to me!

  • Paul revere

    Lol…right…I lied about what?… I never lied about anything… I admitted, that I was the guy with a thousand names…Next week my name might be “Pookie” from new jack and I may say something like…Monrovia is going to play in the CIF Open state bowl…LOl… Just having fun man…I am just saying put the smack down on IE and OC bloggers when they come here with their Ridiculous junk saying the SGV football is weak and every area in Southern Section is better. The SGV Fans see you as a no nonsense…in your face reporter…Do it for them. I write and say things to “get a reaction”…I ask about the Derrick Johnson post…you addressed it respectfully…I ask to get a more articulate mtown rep on there along side “Big Bob”. You called up “New York”…that means you are listening…you did something for the Monrovia fans. Everyone wants to be heard. Whether they have good things to say or bad things to say…at least they are saying something. If no one is saying nothing about you…that’s when you should be worried…What would this site be with out “The bad guy” or if everyone patted each other on the back…if everyone, had only good things to say…It would be boring and some not would come on here…It’s Just like the feeling you get when you look and see 100 hits before 3 o’clock, do you really care what was said, if it’s not racial… I don’t take anything personal…really. I am just glad you have not locked my Ip address of here.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Dont know about you , but 24 hours from now ill be on my way to CDF… One side of this blog is going to be PISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSED. I love it I love it.. MAY THE BEST TEAM win. This is the pseudo Championship game right.. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE GO MHS WILDCATS

  • coltfan97

    Mr Bryant I totally agree with your statement!!!! In this blog you have to say some ridiculous things order to get responses!!!! We are all fans of our teams!!!! Thats wonderful to see!!!! I just want to thank Aram, Fred, and others out there who help us fans for having a platform to say what we want about our teams!!!! This blog is supposed to be fun, and you shouldn’t take it heart!!!!

  • New York

    Paul Revere,

    A few years ago when he kicked off this blog, Aram was a huge champion of SGV (East SGV) football, and often wrote about how SGV (East SGV) athletics is on par with the OC. I impression was/is that Aram despises the OC! Aram never claimed that the East was on par with D1/Pac-5, but he would typically point to the number of rings generated, usually by South Hills, Los Altos and Charter Oak. That was at a time when the divisions had some geographic dispersion. So Aram was really pounding the ESGV chest. I think Monrovia would have done well against those OC teams that the San Antonio was playing at the time in D7.

    I often thought that D-9 (Tesoro, La Habra) and D-10 (Crespi, Lompoc, Sant Monica) those years were tougher than the D-7 that than the San Antonio was playing. Maybe Aram would have been on the Monrovia bandwagon or the Pacific League band wagon if we or they had been playing in the D-7 division back then.

    Anyway, my point is that I think Aram is no fan of the OC and has written about SGV vs OC in the past.

  • Aram


    No need to remind Paul Revere (his latest incarnation) of things I wrote in the past. He was reading these blogs back then and posting under his different names and talking trash about me and trying to drum up anti-Aram sentiments anytime he thought there was an opening to get a mob going against me because of something I said or wrote. He even went so far as to call me a “gacho” to my ex-girlfriend. So incredibly lame. Again, he’s not a legit Monrovia fan. Monrovia is just his latest issue/incarnation. He is trying to get all you Monrovia bloggers to hate me further by twisting anything I say into being anti-Monrovia. It’s his latest cause.

    I’m not anti-Monrovia at all. It’s just that I need more convincing than beating the RHL, Pomona and Whittier Christian (the worst WC team of the past three years) to get me believing again. Why is that? Because I’m not a fan. I understand fans get pumped when their team strings some wins together (see Notre Dame in coll foots), but I’m more objective than that.

    He’s on Fred’s blog posting under the thread for the PrepXtra Live replay talking about how I’m lazy and how I’ve ruined the show and something about seven years ago and blah blah blah. Unfortunately, Fred is corresponding with him because he has no clue this is the same old retread who does this all the time.

    Next week or next month or next year, it will be something else. Just look for the “…” or references to Salesian or Damien or now Monrovia and you will catch on quick.

  • New York

    I’m glad I don’t know what that word means. Maybe he is not the old teammate I was thinking of.

  • Monrovia Hammer


    Also, I would like to say: That someone on the staff would like to wear Covinas ass for a hat!

  • Paul revere

    Well Ny, I don’t know about back then. I know recently…The SGV Was Ram sacked By Upland, Rancho, Norco, and Pac 5 OC people. They said some really nasty things. They Pissed off a lot of people. I am over it now. Well it’s #1 Covina (11-1) vs #4 Monrovia (9-3)… so fans get out to there at CDF at 7pm, Everyone is going to be there, it’s going to be a good one, the winner punches it’s ticket!

  • Lancelot

    Real Quick, does anybody else thik that Upland will have their hands full with Vista Murrietta besides me? VM looks just as solid as Upland but I think their defense is gonna be a “tad” better than The U. Any thoughts? I think it’s going to be a real good game. Who do our local “Pundits” have?

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