MUST WATCH: Epic Muir video in response to the “haters” that “bring” Muir “down” …

Aram’s take: Great work putting this together by Muir boys hoops coach Dr. Gamal Smalley. My favorite part is the end when Muir player Denzel Talifero says “they bring us down.” Haha. That’s my new favorite player right there.

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  • pacific joe

    HAHAHA, i love it but hey now Aram picks Muir after he put his foot in his mouth i guess he goes by the saying if you cant beat them JOIN them. Next time Aram keep your cool and keep up the good work these videos might have Fred and Miguel laughing at you all day. And way to be the big man and post this up before Miguel or someone else did way to save face.

  • This video made my day.

    Foot in my mouth? I stand by everything I said. MOST Muir fans on these blogs start crying and claiming everyone is a hater when “they” (me or Miguel) pick against them in a game. Going into the Santa Fe game you guys were nowhere to be found on the blogs. After the game you’re all chirping about how everyone disrespected you and how could anyone pick against you. Well, I answered that. Your credibility sucks, but it’s getting better with this nice playoff run. But there’s no denying that Muir has been inconsistent. I appreciate the good Doctor Smalley posting the definition of credibility and inconsistent in the video. I’d have done it something like this:

    Credibility: Beat PHS, Beat Santa Fe, Beat D-Ranch. Living up to the talent.
    Inconsistent: Routed by Arcadia, lose to CV, beat Burroughs, Lose to Burbank. Being flagged for procedure penalties on four straight plays.

    Now you can’t have it both ways. You can’t have all this talent and brag about it, but then also get flagged on four straight plays and have a track record of not being able to string together good games. Naturally, Dr. Smalley left all that out. But I get it, he’s trying to prove a point.

    I wish Muir had more people like Dr. Smalley. Because they’d be at the top of the world in athletics if that were the case.

    I didn’t just pick Muir this week, I picked them last week, too (but admittedly that had more to do with me knowing what was going on at D-Ranch). I believe that me picking Muir over D-Ranch was in the very same show that Coach Smalley used for his video, but we won’t sweat him leaving that out.

    And Paul Revere, aka Damien Dad, aka FC, aka whatever it is this week, here’s your opening to really get certain parts of the Valley on the anti-Aram train. Go to work, my man!

  • Jefe



    At least they’re reading the blog & watching the videos, right Aram?

  • Yep, Jefe.

    And like I said earlier …

    I wish Muir had more people like Dr. Smalley. Because they’d be at the top of the world in athletics if that were the case.

    And like Fred said before …

    Muir thrives on stuff like this.

  • Joe Amat


    THIS is spectacular. Exactly what you meant when your very first words were, “This blog is my blog, this blog is your blog…” years ago.

    Absolutely no offense, but blogs are just better when there is more from the reader and less moderator. THAT was your intended purpose, and viral responses like this are awesome!

    I’d take this and run with it. Next year have a video contest (using this as an example) where schools submit there own “promo” and put ’em up there.

    On Freddie’s blog there are soccer folks begging for soccer previews. The best part about the blog is if they want one – THEY can put one up themselves!

    As MTC would have said “huge, Huge, HUGE!!!”

  • Joe Amat,

    You are exactly right. This has never been about me or Fred or Miggy or any sportswriter/blog moderator past or present. It has always been about the fans/readers. You all make everything go. I have my opinions and you have yours. And so does everybody else. I love to hear what everyone has to say. And I love passionate debate like what you and I often get into about Amat/CO/PAC-5/Aspartame/the Eurozone crisis.

    Back to Muir, did you know that there used to be a bar right up the street from Muir named “The Raw Deal”? I always found that interesting.

  • Joe Amat

    Not many things better than a good debate. About that… head over to Freddie’s blog and chime in on POY Criteria.

    I left a link I think you’ll find humorous. (but watch out for the “explicit language” 🙂

    …and I always tried to get and out of the Muir area as quick as I could. LOL!

  • Coach Smalley

    Love it or hate it, you got to admit…this blog is the hottest one around. Lol!

  • Joe Amat

    …and in all fairness to “The Raw Deal” – I’m sure it was no worse than “Hank’s” in La Puente.

  • Frank

    Great video, well done! Yet, Muir has been inconsistent.I know when they played Amat last year even though the final score was lopsided, you could see the potential that was there for them, I would love to see a return to the Muir type teams of the 80’s. Does anyone remember the drum section they used to have, it was really impressive.

  • DRanchhhh

    Wow…I thought Roddy could be Arrogant at times, so the general public says. But to put a film together of how bad you guys (Muir) beat us THIS YEAR is low-down. It’s all good bc we didnt do that you you guys when walked on ur home turf last year smacked you up side the head…or when we beat u at HOME the year prior. It’s all good! What a low blow and a lack of class. Guess you guys didnt realize that you ALSO played a Sophmore and Junior filled team in DR this year. So your time will come…Muir= Classless!

  • Sports Fan

    Too bad they make that video then they get dominated by La Serna which shows inconsistency of the Mustangs.

    Oh and Mustang pride? You mean the 30 fans that traveled to Whittier to cheer on their football team? Horrible showing of support for the team.

  • Well, there you have it.

  • keepin it real

    wow……that is all i have to say… do you go from 48-0 win one week, and 28-3 loss the next….talk about inconsistency… the guy that made the video feels like deusche right about now…..

  • Have to hear from Layton

    Aram you have to get Layton’s response to this video. I know both teams are out but want to see this Bravado vs. Bravado debate. LMAO

  • 007

    Muir is a hellova team! Great players for sure with decent coaching! Its always good to agree to disagree. Lets keep all this great Pasadena talent in Pasadena and stop letting schools like Alemany and Cathedral steal and pimp our kids into thinking that they will go pro from their school. Now on to the real topic!! The best player in the state of California and possibly the nation is Quarterback Brandon Cox of PHS.
    On a team that would not have won one game look at what he did…Lead his team to the playoffs, throw for almost 3,000 yards passing and a total of 41 touchdowns as a JUNIOR… He will be the best dual threat quarterback in the country!! Go Dogs…

  • imitation…is…the…greatest…form…of…flattery…

    gee randy…just call…and…keep…real…

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