Here’s my column from the Monrovia-Covina game …

There often are plays early in a game in which one team establishes who’s boss and how it’s going to be for the rest of the night.

In Monrovia High School’s 41-27 rout of Covina on Friday, that play came from Wildcats defensive back Anthony Craft just about eight minutes into what was supposed to be a semifinals showdown but gradually turned into a laugher.

Craft lit up Covina receiver Andrew Carrillo after Carrillo caught a short pass. From that point forward it was clear who still was the boss of the division.

Carrillo’s helmet came flying off. The Wildcats’ sideline went wild.

The crowd let a loud and simultaneous “ooooh.”

The game was over right there. Sure, the score technically was 7-7, but Craft’s play established who was boss and Covina was going to have to work harder for everything it got. And if it got something, the price to pay was going to be painful.

“It scares them,” Craft said of what happens to an opposing offense when a hit like his takes place. “It frightens them. It changes the game.”

From that point the teams traded scores and the game was tied 14-14 early in the second quarter. Monrovia then went on a dominating 20-0 run that let everyone at a packed Covina District Field know the defending divisional champ was not about to be dethroned, not even by the division’s top-ranked team.

Back in September it seemed plausible somebody else could and probably would win this year’s Mid-Valley Division championship.

Things don’t feel that way anymore.

Monrovia’s amazing collection of talent gave its fans fits early in the season when the Wildcats lost three of their first four games.

But things gradually got better. Head coach Ryan Maddox and his staff never panicked. Last year was the year to learn what it takes to bring home the hardware in Week 14. This year, that knowledge was put to use and it looks like the Valley is going to see the same bottom-line results.

Maddox and his staff have been pushing all the right buttons. And they had to because simply trotting out a super recruit like Ellis McCarthy and 10 other imposing athletes wasn’t going to get it done.

The Wildcats needed a quarterback and got one when Maddox and his staff settled on junior Blake Heyworth. Look how that’s paid off.

Heyworth was stellar on Friday night in throwing for 253 yards and three touchdowns. Heyworth also proved once again he was the missing link the Wildcats’ offense needed in order to deliver on all that talent.

“Once I settled into the season, it all came together just like you saw here tonight,” Heyworth said. “I’ve never been able to throw to athletes like this. I’m putting the ball out there and they’re making awesome plays out there.”

Despite the Wildcats’ results over the past two months, some people (including this writer) needed more convincing that Monrovia was more than just a sick collection of athletes who got by simply by being bigger, faster and stronger against weaker teams.

Covina was no weakling. Monrovia quite obviously is on another level.

The swagger remains, the big plays remain and the Mid-Valley crown very likely will remain.

From Craft’s tone-setting hit to Heyworth’s cool hand, the Wildcats remain a sight to see. The Valley got to see that loud and clear on Friday, and now there’s just one more win to get before the history books see the very same thing.

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  • Kennedy Bryant

    I just want to say congratulation to Vinny Venegas, Livingston and Ainsworth, each of you represented Covina well and you young men have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of the three of you played well. I will not let my first post be boastful; its just not my style, Ill get to that later. As a dad and a former athlete/player its tough to lose when you have played your ass off and you dont come out victorious. Each of you are winners not matter what the score of the football game.
    Boys even though the score says defeat hold your heads high you gave it your best, and sometimes that all you can do. Life teaches all of us that we should never quite and at the end of the day its just a game. Each of you should learn that sometimes in live you can do everything right and the outcome isnt what you desired. I have empathy for all of you. I respect you and your team you guys never gave up and that shows me a lot about who you are and what kind of young men youll be. As a MHS Aluma I relish in victory for my alma mater but I have empathy for you in defeat. I saw your tears and felt your pain. For some of you maybe most of you youll never dawn a football uniform again.. Just never forget you gave it your best and thats all you can do. Great season Covina Colts

  • X’s and O’s


    So you mean to tell me that San Dimas and Monrovia are going to play for the 6th time in three years? I don’t care what anyone else says. San Dimas is going to destroy San Gabriel and that is not disrespectful towards San Gabriel. I’m sure as much as both programs would like to believe that the programs go them to this ponit, it is obvious that Monrovia and SD are on a different level as far as talent is concerned and need to be playing against different competition.

  • X’s and O’s

    “go them to this ponit.”

    *Got them to this point.

  • BigCat

    Maybe the two best teams in the Mid-Valley played. Covina put up a good fight, but Monrovia won easily.

    Monrovia’s recent deep playoff experience had to be a factor. Ellis McCarthy definitely was a factor. The Covina offensive line was unable to dominate the ‘Cats defensive line, as many boasted would happen. Once the ‘Cats offense got into gear, the Monrovia talent proved too much for the ‘number one ranked team’ in the Mid-Valley.

    The ‘Cats struggled early, probably because of a ‘we’re great’ arttitude. The ‘Cats are now on the prowl deep in the playoffs and, if they remain focused, the CIF championship is within reach.

    Stay focused and GO ‘CATS!

  • The U, the U

    I’m not feeling well today. I must of had to much vista M last night and I am feeling a little woozie.

  • Anonymous

    I Think that Covina fans put too much weight on comparative scoring and less weight on Scheduling and big picture preparation. They figured that playing west covina in week 0, was preparation. No way, Not even Wesco has everything clicking in week 0, but if you play them now, they are putting up 63. Monrovia is the same way. When you have a lot of pieces it takes time to put them all together. Covina played only two physical, good teams all year. West Covina and San Dimas. They did not play one passing team all year. Everyone wanted to talk about their Line, but no one ever talk about there LBs and DBs. They just did not have the Athleticism nor size to stay with Monrovia. Ainsworth, and Mason were the only guys, were as “big and good” as advertised. I think there was some exaggeration regarding how big that team was, how fast that team was, and good that team was. If Monrovia wins back to back, end of the year rankings should be…

    1. West Covina
    2. Charter Oak
    3. Monrovia
    4. Bishop Amat
    5. San Dimas

  • Anonymous

    The U, Vista was huge. The only other team with a line that Big was Santa Margarita and they are in the Pac 5 title game. I think VM is going to beat Corona Cent.

  • Mtownclown

    its clear that Monrovia is that team now that everyone hyped up at the beginning of the season As of right now Mtown is playing above XI Mid valley…SD and SG were sitting with us last night SD had too look at this game and Say “yeah this isnt the same Monrovia team from week 3” these guys are great!

  • Just sayin’

    Had a thought watching college football.

    Charter Oak = Hoston Cougars

  • Colt74

    Last night I heard people say that things happen for a reason. I don’t believe that. Things happen because they can. Nothing more, nothing less.
    I know last night hurt. Your goal fell a little short. I hurt along with you and for you on that.

    My goal did not.

    My goal was to support you, to appreciate your hard work, and to be proud of everyone that wears the Colt uniform. My goal was to be there for every game. My goal was to cheer you on and to leave the game horse from cheering. My goal was to be your biggest fan. My goal was achieved. My goal was achieved because of you.


    I thank you for letting this old colt share in your season and have many great nights under the lights watching you play. This seasons Colts raised the bar and set new school records. Next years Colts have some pretty big shoes to fill.

    Thank-you coaches and players for a great season!

  • coltfan97

    I don’t care what anybody says S.D. IS NOT better than Covina!!!!! They had a favorable CIF Bracket!!!! Tell me this what tough opponent have they played in the post season? I hope S.D. makes it to the finals then they will get squashed by Monrovia!!! Nothing against S.D. but Monrovia is just that good!!!

  • B.A.Fan and SGV Observer

    Time out, I don’t want to hi jack the thread but please keep in mind, when jotting down your end of the season 1-10, the following:
    The recently “DISPOSED” #1 was trounced by a team that just got trounced themselves…(as I eluded to on another thread). Covina, Great season, but came up short. ABSOLUTELY no way Monrovia gets #1 just for winning “that” league/division. And W.C basically falls into the same category. I must say that it speaks volumes that a 6-5 team stills makes a good point for the SGV’s overall #1. Let’s realize that IF Santa Margarita DOES win the PAC-5 Championship Title, this only strengthens Bishop Amats case? If we take out the “in their corner of the world” argument. Just an opinion and observation of current events. End of the year rankings won’t make or break any of the teams mentioned above but for bragging rights they seem to mean a whole lot. Intriguing to say the least…how will our local Prognasticators break this down and justify their picks?????

  • Observantcat


  • well

    coltfan97, really you are gna cry about your bracket!! come on now!! you lost..thats what the playoffs are about playing tough teams! you should have a better preseason next year and not have a cake one!! well you played one good team..thats all!!! so dnt come on here and cry!!!!! you did not win cif deal with it, only one team wins!!

  • coltfan97

    Hey I am not crying Covina lost to a better team!!!! I am just stating facts!!!! Remember I gave credit to Monrovia last night, they played better than Covina did!!!! I am not disputing that, I am just stating an opinion and I have seen both teams play!!!! If Monrovia is in the Mid Valley Division next year, they will win CIF next year!!!! They have a lot of Juniors on that team that play and are difference makers!!!!!

  • “STILL EMBARRASSED”- – Lou Farrar

    I’d be EMBARRASSED too!!! said:
    Realized why Lou and the Chokesters are all EMBARRASSED by that performance. Because they realize when they play good teams – THEY GET THEIR @$$3$ kicked! They need CUPCAKES to win
    WINS: #1013 Chino Hills (CA) (38-7), #1132 Santiago (Corona, CA) (63-21), #1263 Damien (La Verne, CA) (41-28), #2236 Esperanza (Anaheim, CA) (54-28), #2664 Claremont (CA) (49-12), #2888 Glendora (CA) (17-6), #3208 Roosevelt [Eleanor] (Corona, CA) (35-28), #3528 Santa Fe (Santa Fe Springs, CA) (49-0), #3625 South Hills (West Covina, CA) (63-28), #4030 Ayala [Ruben S.] (Chino Hills, CA) (62-34), LOSSES: #14 Upland (CA) (51-13), #100 Rancho Cucamonga (CA) (21-13)
    WINS: #1800 Damien (La Verne, CA) (31-17), #2551 South Hills (West Covina, CA) (34-31), #3082 Santa Fe (Santa Fe Springs, CA) (17-0), #4832 Ayala [Ruben S.] (Chino Hills, CA) (54-7), #6810 Esperanza (Anaheim, CA) (35-20), #7552 Gardena (CA) (34-7), LOSSES: #155 Vista Murrieta (Murrieta, CA) (28-7), #208 Chino Hills (CA) (29-22), #363 Rancho Cucamonga (CA) (40-28), #1262 Claremont (CA) (35-32), #1825 Glendora (CA) (28-21)
    WINS: #972 Etiwanda (CA) (27-26), #1403 California (Whittier, CA) (38-10), #1455 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (12-0), #1455 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (21-0), #1742 Damien (La Verne, CA) (23-20), #1935 West Covina (CA) (35-10), #3754 Gardena (CA) (15-14), #4189 Muir (Pasadena, CA) (20-19), #5033 Bonita (La Verne, CA) (31-0), #5785 Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, CA) (38-0), #9277 Wilson (Hacienda Heights, CA) (42-0), #9404 Diamond Bar (CA) (48-0), #10102 University (Los Angeles, CA) (43-6), LOSSES: #512 Rancho Cucamonga (CA) (35-25)
    WINS: #963 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (30-14), #963 Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA) (23-7), #1478 Rowland (Rowland Heights, CA) (33-17), #1536 Etiwanda (CA) (35-32), #2226 Crescenta Valley (La Crescenta, CA) (40-9), #2777 Damien (La Verne, CA) (42-21), #3075 Bonita (La Verne, CA) (48-10), #4518 Diamond Bar (CA) (62-13), #5973 Aliso Niguel (Aliso Viejo, CA) (30-14), #6299 Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, CA) (45-20), #7590 Bell Gardens (CA) (55-15), #8285 Pioneer (Whittier, CA) (52-28), #11087 Wilson (Hacienda Heights, CA) (42-15), LOSSES: none, TIES: #176 Rancho Cucamonga (CA) (14-14)

    THEY beat TWO teams in the top 1000 in the last FOUR YEARS!!! LOL!!!


  • COLT 76


  • Philly B

    Im glad you are now a believer Aram. I am shocked that San Dimas lost to San Gabriel…but bring on whoever, the wildcats see the promise land of another CIF Title. Lets see what the Matadors got.

    I really think San Marino exposed the saints of who they really are. A good team but not a great team

  • Cut and Paste

    Just trolling through the threads and realized that Dude must have some serious time on his hands. Even “IF” this clown is cutting and pasting all this Amat/Hagerty crap, he is still taking the time to do it!!!!

  • Sweet Lou

    I don’t care WHAT Chris Rix says, Cjarter Oaks WON COACH said, “I’m EMBARRASSED!!!”. What an @$$ kicking when your own coach is embarrassed. Because he KNOWS they’re not up to the challenge of the Inland. As Aram says, THye are NOT an INland team – and Lou knows it!!

    That’s why when they were moved INTO the division Lou whined about a double whammy and a punch to the gut and went on and on about how much bigger and better Vista Murrietta was, while “At Chino Hills, they basically said, `Fine, let’s go see if we can play with the big boys. ..We do have the smallest enrollments of any league in the division, so we’ll see what happens.” — Chino Hills athletic director Jeff Stevens.
    and at South Hills
    “At some point, it’s a compliment. Maybe it’s a bigger compliment than we deserved,…Maybe we’re wrong and they (CIF) just have a deep respect for us and how much we can do with a thousand less kids.” — South Hills coach Steve Bogan.

    Bottom line is Lou didn;t believe then and he;s EMBARRASSED now!

  • ChOak the Joke

    This is an absolute JOKE the more you even look at it.

    Amat ends season with a loss to #13 in the Nation Santa Margarita and were down 24-21 in the final quarter

    ChOak beat #1132 Santiago in the playoffs and ended there season with a running clock EMBARRASSMENT to Upland and were down 51-6 before their 1st string scored against Uplands 3rd string. EMBARRASSING. Ask Lou. Yes – that was a win against the ONE-THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SECOND ranked team. GREAT win for you. Brag about that one some more!

    Amat’s only losses were to #67 Alemany and #277 Tesoro (yes – same Tesoro that beat Servite this year)

    ChOak had losses to #155 Vista Murrieta #208 Chino Hills #363 Rancho Cucamonga #ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED SIXTY TWO Claremont AND #ONE THOUSAND EIGHT HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE Glendora
    LOL!!! are you SEIOUS?!?!?

    Amat had wins over #104 St. Bonaventure #144 Notre Dame #302 Mater Dei #345 Alemany #557 Loyola (Los Angeles, CA) and ended the season with a loss #67 Lakewood

    ChOak won the championship against Diamond Ranch who was ranked #ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE!!!!! I’m not joking!!! Does that even COUNT as a championship??? #1455???

    Amat lost by 5 in the final minute to the #15 team in the country Long Beach Pol

    ChOak won the championship against #963 Diamond Ranch – their best win of the year. In this “great” season they also had wins against#2226 Crescenta Valley #2777 Damien #3075 Bonita #4518 Diamond Bar #5973 Aliso Niguel #6299 Los Altos #7590 Bell Gardens #8285 Pioneer and #11087 Wilson
    Is that HILARIOUS or what???? They actually SCHEDULED a game against the # EIGHT THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHTY FIFTH team. Good job Grandpa Lou! Bet you beat up on your grandkids in checkers too!!!

    You are actually going to try and compare these two programs???? I think Cal Lutheran was undefeated in league this year – maybe THEY should be invited to one of the BCS bowl games

  • WINNING?!?!?!?

    Beating teams ranked #2226 , #2777 , #3075, #4518, #5973, #6299 , #7590, #8285 and #11087 is “winning”


    You have NO business talking about CUPCAKE schedules when it’s been shown ChOak wins games against the #2226 , #2777 , #3075, #4518, #5973, #6299 , #7590, #8285 and #11087 and “wins” their two “championships” against a team that was ranked #NINE HUNDRED SEVENTY THREE one year and #ONE THOUSAND FOUR.HUNDRED FIFTY FIVE!!! All this while Amat is facing teams in the playoffs in the top 75 in the country. NO COMPARISON. we have seen that EVERY time CO plays a team in the top SIX HUNDREED – – CO LOSES!!! Amat, however has MULTIPLE wins against the top 600!!!

  • please read

    can you people stop commenting on these blogs about your teams that aren’t even relevant to the column it gets really annoying to hear grown men acting like children when they both know that arguing on the internet like this won’t change the others mind this is about MONROVIA and COVINA game so if your not talking about those two teams get the F@#* out of hear you take time out of mine and other peoples life who have to sort there way through the BS of other schools drama thank you.

  • coltfan97


    Was it fun when C.O got their asses handle to them by Upland? Now that was funny, didn’t C.O quit in that game? What was the score to that game?

    BTW calpreps also had Covina beating Monrovia, so don’t trust calprep predictions!