Glendora hires Jerry Lewallen as head coach …

Glendora has hired Jerry Lewallen to be its new football coach.

Lewallen was the defensive coordinator of the Tartans freshman team last season. He was in the running to replace former varsity head coach Mark Pasquarella last year before Todd Quinsey got the job. Quinsey resigned after one season.

Lewallen is a teacher at Goddard Middle School in Glendora, so that alleviates the complication of supplying the new coach with a teaching job, which was ultimately why Quinsey left.

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  • LongTimeTartan

    It is Lewallen, Aram.

  • Great. Thank you. The point remains the same.

  • Coach Slayer

    That’s 1. This years coaching merry-go round will be dominated by intra district hires and the occasional walk -on. With the stigma of coaching while you teach somewhere else and with 0 teaching positions available, as most districts have to fill their openings with laid-off teachers, experienced coaches coming in from a different district will be rare if at all. The fact that little search was done at Glendora this time testifies to that fact. The positions that will now be at a premium will be the asst. coaches. I expect their stipends to increase as well as their prestige. Head coaches may quit to take on assts. jobs at schools where they do not teach thus reducing the stigma, increasing their stipends and reducing their stress levels. Asst coaches may very well have more power than the young inexperienced head coaches.

  • Could be good timing for Coach Lewallen when you consider Glendora may get out of the Baseline in two years and into something that fits better. If you kept the Tartans in the SGV, as they showed this year, they can hang with anyone. Just a thought …

  • LongTimeTartan

    I just figured that if you were going to report on a coach, you should at least get the spelling correct.

  • LongTimeTartan,

    OK, well I just figured that maybe my spelling error confused you to the point that you though it read “Lombardi”. I’m glad you were able to figure out who I meant by spelling it Lewellen instead of Lewallen.

  • LongTimeTartan

    You make a good point about the timing for Jerry. But, getting out of the Baseline will be tough because of the fact the a lot of schools don’t like a certain basketball coach/AP at Glendora. They will certainly try to keep him in the Baseline where he won’t win like he used to in previous leagues. If anyone is getting out of the Baseline for sure, it’s gotta be Alta Loma. Maybe they get replaced by Chino Hills. Who would replace Glendora?

  • Mike the Clone


    A Lewellen is a Lewallen no matter how you spell it as far as I’m concerned, mediocre at best!!! This is what happens with tight budgets and scrapping districts looking for cash.

    Back to the “Pasqy” days they go because that all the Lewallens know. Oh well there are some still in Glendora who are still bragging about league titles and not CIF titles and I’m sure they are popping the champagne cork tonight celebrating Glendora’s past ooppppsss grrrrhhhh or should I say present.

    Such a shame because the kids of Glendora deserve better and in these tough times you get what you pay for(or can afford)I guess you could say good ole Saint Nick gave G-High a recycled Christmas present. Gee thanks Santa!


    Mike the Clone

  • Lack luster pride of the foothills

    I guess were going back to a defense that in order to win the offense has to score more then 40.
    A defense that won’t blitz.
    DB’s that give the receiver’s a 15 yard cushion.
    Just saying.

  • BB

    finally a head coach Glendora alums LIKE and RESPECT. It’s funny how when other parents’ kids don’t get the job, it’s not a good hire.

  • Back To The Future

    I’m with MTC on this one. Glendora takes a step backwards only because the district can’t open up a position for an outsider with fresh ideas. Can you imagine luring a Maggiore, Layton, or anybody along those lines to Glendora. The job just isn’t attractive and just isn’t there without the money and new teaching position. A sad situation to say the least and a sign of the times.

  • Tartan Dad

    Glendora needs to keep coach Salazar. One of the most knowledgable coaches I have ever met. He played and coached with Steve Bogan for many years. He’s the second best DB coach in the valley next to McCutcheon.

  • G Town

    Hope the “New” Transfer rules go through. Lewellan wont be able to hire a good staff. All he knows is the old glendora football systems. No offense and Zone Defense.

  • Coach Slayer

    A problem with Tribune blogs is that no matter if Lombardi is named a head coach there are to many snakes in the grass waiting to ridicule and slander on the blogs to satisfy their own personal agenda. There is no forum for these poor guys to face their accusers and expose them for what they are. It does make a difference because if it is true What Aram says that these blogs get read around the country by scouts and others they probably give some credence to these snakes with no way to know the truth. Truth and facts are to often secondary to personal vendettas on this blog. Not just coaches but kids parents,administrators face attack with little recourse. I hope folks will show a little class and keep posts informative and positive but I doubt it.

  • My Blowhard Friend Mikey

    My blowhard friend Mikey never disappoints, NEVER! The man “get’s it” like no other. I mean who else gets a couple of Glendora Dads together and watches high school film on Saturday to show how brilliant and awesome he once was. I’d call him a douche bag but douche bags actually serve a monthly service whereas Mikey is a one note “special” tool, and always will be.

    To say Pasquerella’s three straight Sierra League titles are nothing more than AYSO “trophies” only goes to show Mikey’s need to be the one and only BMOC long after his playing days have faded from memory. Pasquerella’s two (dos) Coach Of The Year Awards don’t really tell the story do they Mikey? How about the fact that Pasky is the last “local” coach to actually beat the mighty Lancers, at home to boot, 10 years ago? Hey if it’s so easy why has it been 10 years and counting!

    Mikey must be nice to look at your son’s much decorated Glendora Lettermen jacket and giggle as he somehow finds pride in “his” team’s accomplishments and his own All League patches and 3 SL Championship pathces, heck that seems like a nice “trophy”

    Today Upland is a force and the last time Pasquerella was at the helm the GHS vs UHS games were wars,so who was coaching those games? I find it odd that Pasquerella has coached some pretty remarkable players from QBs to RBs to WRs To LBs to OL to DBs that would make any coach proud, but not my Mikey. No he has loftier goals than the NFL or the BSC…something along the lines of CIF Championship like “his” lettermen jacket has.

    Besides being an all around nice guy and universally acknowledged as a very skilled coach by area coaches and all three Tribune writers it still baffles the mind that my buddy Mikey takes the time to dump on Mark.

    Dude let it go. Count your blessings that Coach Pasquerella never once took your comments out on your kid as has been known to happen at other schools with less honorable men in charge.

    I will concede that Glendora has a wealth of potential but the problem isn’t on the field or on the sidelines or in the ADs office it’s in the stands or in those 40k trucks in the parking lots where BS kills all the hard work the “Bag Piper” Booster put in. Glendora’s a great school with infinite resource, cut a check Mikey or join the staff if it’ll help but please stop being such a blow hard!

    Here’s food for thought Mikey. After Mark left Damien we went from almost beating Harry Welch and Canyon Country in the quarters to 2-8 in two years!!! Sound familiar? I’ll concede blog personas don’t match up to real life so I’m sure you’re a great guy in person. BTW you still having those Saturday flim sessions? Now that’s rich !

    BTW, did I mention my son’s Stanford scholarship? Too bad he won’t take a Varsity jacket with him…LOL

  • Mike the Clone


    Hey My Blowhard Friend Mikey…..

    Thanks for making my point, you still don’t get it you LOSER…….

    You won a CIF title when under your boy “Pasqy” when. Ha ha ha ….Thanks man your a better spokesman for the sad state of “Bagpiper U” football than I am.

    Merry Christmas Blowhard and celebrate those Sierra league titles…….geeeeezzzz one day you’ll “get it” when your not booking time down at Le Duc’s Newport Beach vacation homes. Which I’m sure cost you a bundle to have your kid get some playing time.



  • Andrew

    MTC as far as I know nobody on the Stanford roster for this years team is from Glendora. Blowhard can correct me or clarify is statment if he would like.

  • He Blows hard

    Why would any recruit wear his high school letterman jacket on a college campus?
    The Blow Hards Kid

  • No what

    Next thing you know My Blowhard is going to claim credit for Pasqurella for Chad Jefferies going to a bowl. When all along Jefferies was attending a Chris Rix Camp.
    Yeah he blows hard and he is a hater!


    Mike Sefton aka the dumbest blowhard in the world. Thought you might want to look at this article written in 2002 while Coach Pasquerellaa was building Damien into a potential powerhouse and ranked #22 by the LA TIMES and coming off a win against Bishop Amat. Might want to consider Damien was doing damage with it’s econd string QB while future Cincinnati and Arena Football stud Nick Davila was healing. My recoleection is Chris Rix had no hand in Damien’s success.

    Damien Vies for the Spotlight
    High Schools | SOUTHERN SECTION FOOTBALL REPORT October 17, 2002|Ben Bolch | Times Staff WriterAs expected, a Catholic school team wearing solid-colored helmets offset by three white stripes is off to a tremendous start this season. It is pulling out exhilarating victories and showing that it could be a force in the Southern Section playoffs.

    Only this team plays in the Sierra League, not the Serra League, and its helmet stripes stand for faith, family and football instead of pride, poise and courage.

    Ads by Google
    Public High School Online
    Find Out if Online High School is Right for You. Accredited Schools. Online Classes
    Discover Free Public School at Home with Award-Winning Curriculum! http://www.K12.comWhile Santa Ana Mater Dei continues to pound opponents in ho-hum fashion, La Verne Damien is enjoying a renaissance after upsetting La Puente Bishop Amat and positioning itself potentially as the next Catholic school power.

    “We’re out to make a point,” Spartan linebacker John Galaz said. “We feel we should have the recognition that [Serra League schools] have. We want to show everyone that we are capable of what they are.”

    Best known recently as the school that produced Rashidi Wheeler, the Northwestern safety who collapsed and died in August 2001 while running wind sprints, Damien is putting the focus back on its program as it vies for its second section title since capturing the Southeastern Conference championship in 1977.

    The Spartans (4-1), No. 22 in The Times’ rankings, open Sierra League play Friday when they host Diamond Bar (4-1).

    Even though the Sierra League, which also includes No. 3 Chino (5-0) and No. 23 Chino Hills Ayala (4-1), is plenty tough, some observers think Damien would be a better fit in the all-Catholic Serra League.

    The enrollment at the all-boys’ school is larger than Anaheim Servite’s and comparable to that of Los Angeles Loyola and Bellflower St. John Bosco–two other Serra League schools–but its players and coaches have little desire to switch leagues for reasons that go beyond the transportation dilemma.

    “I don’t think we could be competitive in that league year in and year out,” Damien Coach Mark Pasquarella said. “We have a few teams that come through here once in a while that could play at that level. When I took this job, that was the goal–getting to the point where we could play at that level every year.”

    The Spartans might not be at that level yet, but they’re getting close. Two weeks ago they defeated Bishop Amat, then No. 15 in The Times’ rankings, after senior cornerback Dorian Greene tipped away a Lancer pass with 20 seconds remaining.

    “Beating Bishop Amat was a satisfying accomplishment,” said Father Patrick Travers, Damien’s principal. “There is an excitement on campus.”

    Part of the buzz has been generated by additional last-minute victories over Rancho Cucamonga and Claremont.

    “I would never count us out because we play with a lot of heart,” said senior Chris Powers, a two-way lineman who anchors what Pasquarella has labeled the best offensive line in his 14 years as a coach. “We stick together and play as a team.”

    Damien’s success is all the more amazing considering that starting quarterback Nick Davila was lost with a broken clavicle the second week of the season. The Spartans have won three of four games with backup Mark Belanger, who had four passes intercepted in a 19-14 loss to No. 21 Covina Charter Oak. Davila has been cleared to practice but will not play until next week at the earliest.


    Mike Sefton,

    Ian Johnson (Boise State and NFL Minnesota Vikings), Freddie Brown (Utah and Cincinnati Bengals) and Nick Davila ( Cincinatti Arizona Rattlers and 2x JC All American) were all on that team along with other future next level and D1 players. Not bad for a HC who you think can’t coach or build a program. Maybe the LA TIMES shoudl have asked you for your opinion.

    At the time THREE (3) Sierra League teams were in the LA TIMES TOP 25 with Chino(Monger) at #3, Damien at #22 and Ayala at #23so competition was a lot stiffer than it is now or ever was at Gelndora yet he was successful. Matter of fact where has Mark not been successful?

    Add beating LA TIMES #15 Bishop Amat which hasn’t been done in 10 lonnnnnnnnnnnnng years and you still say he can’t coach? I was at that game and he out coached the Bishop Amat staff and the Spartans were solid, well conditioned and mean as dirt, plus played like a “team”. Clearly Mark was the leader of that program.

    Damien made the same mitake getting rid of Pasquerella because too many Mike Sefton idiots ran the man out town only to watch his replacement take a 2-8 dump in his second year and end with an 3-7 whimper in his final year with basically the same level of size, speed and skill. Mark had how many Qbs go next level while at Glendora and Damien?

    Mike Sefton God only knows what Mark ever did to you or why you insist on crapping on the Glendora community as a whole. Dude get a life ! Talk about being a “LOSER”.

    If Mark is guilty of anything is he doesn’t like to kizz azz or tolerate fools. Still he never took it out on your son. In my book that makes him a first class individual and makes you an aHole.

  • Got It

    DO YOU “GET IT” YET? still doesn’t “get it” he went on a rant about Damien and not what Mark did at Glendora.And then goes on about STIFFER competition at Glendora. One could come to the conclusion the competition at Damien wasn’t as “stiff” or weak when Mark was there.
    Blah Blah Blah Blah same old story with these guys. Hillarious!

  • Steve S Stevenson

    I grew up with your new head coach. I played in the past on the team that tied for it all in 89. Jerry was the best football mind on the team. He could have been our running back (like he was on the GHS freshman team that lost one game and beat Damien!) Instead he dominated on D. A natural and a great person.

    Good luck Legs Luthar!

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