Recruiting updates … COACHES, drop me a line …

The responses to Wednesday’s article that provided a recruiting update on some of the players in the area was outstanding.

One coach in the area said that a college recruiter/assistant coach told him that a group of recruiters/coaches got off the plane at LAX on Wednesday morning and saw my story on Fred’s blog and immediately started making calls.

That’s great news!

As I’ve told all of you before, you would be astonished by some of the major names in college and pro sports who have told me they read these SGVN blogs. Astonished! But don’t be. They like it, too.

Say what you want about the blogs, but they are undeniably great exposure for our SGV/Whittier athletes.

So, I am now asking all coaches or even readers to contact me either via email ( or thru comments on this blog about players being recruited in ALL OF OUR COVERAGE AREAS (Star-News, Trib and Whittier) and I will certainly be writing more stories like that and possibly even get the opinions of some scouting services.

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  • Patting your own back, eh Aram?

    Way to pat your own back guy…lol. I do say that your blogs are entertaining. Kind of like reading the National Enquirer, lots of fluff pieces that bring out lots of non truths and opinions from the readers. I will say that you do a much better job that the folks at the Daily Bulletin. I don’t think D. 1 coaches are not going to alter their recruiting efforts based on your blog though. I can see the recruiters for USC going to Lane Kiffen and saying “We need to recruit this kid from Bishop Amat because this Aram guy’s blog said he’s the real deal”….lol

  • Next level

    Aram I wrote about this yesterday. Here is what I wrote;

    “I will say this where you play matters, but not as much as it use to. Back in the day, getting seen was the hardest thing. No maxpreps, no epsn preps, no SGV-Pasadena blog. Being at a big time program meant being seen. Now days, you can be seen, followed and recruited with the click of a mouse. Football is football, whether you are playing for Rio hondo prep or Bishop Amat, If a kid has good size and can play, that’s all it takes.”

    I keep telling people, The coaches are reading the papers, and blogs now. It’s a easy way to cut down travel time. Open the blogs, see who is good, and stop by the school. That’s what they are doing.

  • What?

    If your blog helps one kid get some exposure that he may not have recieved without it, It’s a good thing. Thanks to all of you guys for getting our kids from the SGV and whittier area out ther so they can be noticed

  • just wondering

    when will all area teams and all cif/league teams be posted?

  • I NEVER said a coach made a recruiting decision based on the blogs or something I said. I just simply said many of them are reading. The blogs are a very simple way to keep up with what’s going on in this area. You don’t have to dig too far to get an understanding of what’s taking place on the SGV football scene.

    Heck, many of my boys at FOX read it and get a major kick out of it. They find it hilarious that an area many of them have only driven past on the freeway on their way to Vegas or Big Bear or Arrowhead has such rabid fans.

  • Colt74

    I agree with what what? said. If just ONE ( 1 ) Coach or recruiter/scout reads the blogs and then goes back over his notes to see if he has a kid listed to look at then the blog has done far more than it was intended as.
    EVERY kid out there deserves all the help they can get.

  • just wondering: some teams are already out

    know for a fact that the VVL League and Mid Valley All CIF teams are done

  • just wondering: some teams are already out

    know for a fact that the VVL League and Mid Valley All CIF teams are done

  • Tbe Big Issue


    Many local coaches have a trust issue with you. You burned many good relationships with the Tribune, don’t think that phone will be ringing off the hook.

    Do you have a hormone imbalance?

  • M-town has talent!

    Monrovia was not just Ellis McCarthy, he just brought all the scouts there. While they were there they saw a lot of other D1 talent. Mtown has seniors being looked at and jrs as well. We are proud to announce,
    Monrovia Jr’s Anthony Craft, and George Frazier have received their First Scholarship Offers Both From San Jose State. These are just the first Of many more offers. After Summer Camps they should come Rolling In. We have a few More jrs getting interest from D1 Schools as well, but won’t drop names until offers are officially made. Maddox and Staff are doing their jobs. Let’s go m-town! Midvalley just dropped the Story today.

  • Honest Question

    Aram, I’ll bite.

    Which “recruited” player has your “influence”(in whatever manifestation you care to conclude) made the least bit of difference with any “credible” school (or whatever imginary entity you care to reference) which eventually “signed” (or offered to walk on, or whatever marginal measurable conversation) said player benefitted from. Seeing that the SGV GURU is on “SPEED DIAL” are you saying the GURU is slipping?

    Matter of fact I don’t EVER recall any conversations on line where any parent, player or coach thanked the blog for their “shout outs”.

    So far I’ve heard “buzz” on players from time to time only to READ where bloggers routinely shot said player down in any way shape of form. That must be why so many parents have come on here to say “LEAVE THEIR KID’S NAMES OFF THE BLOG”.

    Not giving you a hard time just trying to give you all the credit you deserve.


    Aram keep doing what you do. Any publicity our boys get is a good thing.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Et al;

    Trust me when I say this you’d be very surprised at who read these blogs as it relates to football players in the entire SGV. You dont who is related to whom or what ties a kids family has ties to. Just a thought.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    This Monrovia Wildcat homer is rooting for any kid who gets a scholarship not matter what highschool he attended. I could careless if he attended Amat, South Hills, Covina,Pomona, Arcadia etc. It’s very difficult to get a scholarship and we all should be rooting for each of these young mens continued success. CONGRATS to any of you signing a NLI on Feb 1st 2012. Remember if you get there finish, being homesick is natural, but no reason to come home. Good Luck

  • Credibility

    Agree people would be surprised who reads this blog. You would also be surprised to hear some of their comments. Knowledge of the game at the coaching and media level is the biggest issue in the SGV. The media (ARAM and Fred) protray average coaches as great coaches. The best athletics in the SGV is a popularity contest.

    Fred and Aram have their favorite teams and players end of story, you don’t make that pre-season list forget it.

    Credibility is lacking big time in the SGV. Aram likes to throw out that Fox Sports card, he was a joke over their and the only.thing that has changed is the SGV will put up with it, something Fox Sports didn’t

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Umm not quit sure I agree with that, this is all subjective and opinions very from person to person and reporter to reporter. I know you dont believe everything you read. Gotta take what is written here with grain of SALT.

  • just sayin’

    Florida State Championship pregame talk. Listen to whats said and contrast to the pregame video posted from the Arroyo locker room a while back. These guys a in. STATE championship game.

    THIS is winning.

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