Congrats to the SGVN BOWLERS!!! Utah St.’s Matty Austin (Charter Oak) and Chris Harris (Duarte), Ohio’s Joe Morales (So. El Monte), San Diego St.’s Ronnie Hillman (La Habra), Adam Muema (CO), Colin Lockett (D-Bar), Chads Young and Jeffries (Glendora) …

Who says the minor bowls aren’t awesome? You’re clueless. Utah St.-Ohio was a great finish.

Much love goes out to our SGV(N) bowlers … nothing like seeing the locals in the bowl games.

All the guys I named above are former SGV(N) All-Area selections. Be proud of our kids!

Aram’s take: If I missed anyone, lemme know. And props go out to Arroyo girls hoops coach Mike Gorball, who told me Ronnie Hillman is a La Habra dude … and insisted he was when I said “no way”. Hey, I wasn’t covering these parts in ’08!

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  • FYI

    Chad Jefferies is a product of Chris Rix.

  • FYI,

    What’s your point? He and Travis Santiago were also working out with Jason David the summer before his senior year.

  • FC

    I hate to bust your noogies Aram but would have nice to actually have a pre-season and in-season or at least a season ending list of former SGV players still playing ball ANY WHERE.

    I’d heard tons of pub on LB Jo-MO when he was in high school but didn’t know where he went. Now I do.

    I know you have tons of things to do but too bad it would be nice to highlight any more games with upcoming SGV area players.

    The other night I accidently ran into Jordan Canada and his 175 lbs body doing damage for Montana. How about that Aram? All the naysayers who say area kids can’t play any where but the Pac 12 or D1 to be some one and here Canada is doing just fine.

    I know several Citrus players who earned scholarships over the years but never got any love. Tons of work to keep tabs but still doesn’t excuse the fact that there is no standing vehicle to input that info.

    I know Azusa Pride does a good job keeping us updated but there should be more info especially if bloggers what to see them play at local schools, APU, LA VERNE or the JCs. Just a thought.

    Too bad, par for the course.

  • Dont be So Touchy

    Relax Aram just pointing out something that I was familiar with and enjoyed watching him at Rix camps.
    He is a great and honerable young man.

  • bigdog

    Congrats to Graham Vickers Diamond Ranch 2009 starting for Navy at LT in the biggest college game of the year in Washington DC last Sat. Army vs Navy.Not bad for a kid from Diamond Ranch playing in the number #1 rivalry in college sports.Navy 27 Army 21.Congrats to Graham Vickers and DR you made all of us veterans proud.

  • MTC

    The San Diego State coach has no answers just look at his face. He is in like shock. The “Ragin Gagin’s” did their homework and FILM WORK big time.
    Even the announcers say he is a bonehead!!

  • Nate

    you forgot Oscar Molina! Left Tackle for Utah St and Baldwin Park kid! Kid has an NFL future!

  • Hummmmmm

    Nobody to blame except the San Diego State coaching staff for that dibacle.

  • Dan

    Aztecs blew a nice comeback with that last penalty that moved the Louisianna kicker an extra 5 yards closer, cause he barely made the kick, but it was nice to see Collin Lockett, formerly of Diamond Bar and Adam Muema formerly of Charter Oak score touchdowns in that game. Lockett had 2 TD receptions and Muema ran one in from the 5 yard line. I only saw from mid third quarter till end of game so if they did more then that I missed it.
    Aram one other kid you missed who I spotted on the San Diego state roster is Chase Price formerly of Diamond Ranch.

  • Lockett

    Lockett ended up with 3 td’s including the go ahead… too bad they lost at the end but it was a great game.

  • MTC “get’s it”, please find a cure

    MTC so many great plays by two teams slugging it out with a 50 yard field goal with no time remainingfor the WIN!!!

    Great plays by Chad Young and Adam Muema and that’s your BMOC contribution.

    If you “get it” I’m glad I don’t !

  • Tough beat for Colin Lockett. Guy looked like he was going to have the game-winning catch until that FG.

    I agree with MTC. Crap game by Rocky Long and the SDSU staff. I’ve never liked Long as a gameday coach. I know New Mexico has won like two games in the three years since he left and he did do a great job there, but when it comes to in-game stuff, he’s bad news.

    Awesome to see Young, Lockett and Muema play such big roles, though.


    Thanks for the tip on Oscar Molina. I didn’t see that. Hope he does play in the NFL.

  • Hey Aram

    Aram everyone is talking all league and I have seen some of the local papers posting them. When are you posting? I need some news my man….lets get them posted.

  • I would like to See

    I think Aram should go around and do write ups on seniors still looking for offers. First stop BA, then Move on down the line to CO, WC, and Covina. Get a nice pic, and write it up.


    Alright FC, watch MUEMA from SD,AZTECS last night. Nice game.


    How about Cid from Wescovina,from Citrus College,also RAULEY ZAROGOZA, from AZUSA,played for Citrus,currently with Delaware blue hens this season. Citrus football will have quiet a few that will be going D1,2 in the next few months.

  • New York

    Speaking of Bowls,
    Harry Welch is now 3-0 representing three different schools in state bowl games in a pretty short period of time. What are the keys to this type of success? Can any local coaches and programs emulate? Are his methods consistent with what local programs would want to emulate?

  • sgv scouting

    Aram – We have a ton of former SGV kids that are bowling this season. Here is the unofficial list

    UCLA vs Illinois Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco

    Sheldon Price – DB – Bishop Amat
    Isaiah Bowens – LB – Bishop Amat
    Todd Golper – LB – Arcadia
    Tre Hale – DL – Damien
    Cory Harkey – TE – Chino Hills
    Christopher Longo – LS – St Francis
    Brandon Sermons – S – Diamond Ranch
    Sean Sheller – OL – Walnut

    Arizona State vs Boise State Las Vegas Bowl

    Arizona State
    Karl Holmes – WR – Muir

    Boise State
    Jeff Worthy – DL – Whittier Christian

    Sun Bowl Utah vs Georgia Tech

    Siaosi Aiono – OL – South Hills
    Patrick Greene – WR – Monrovia

    Rose Bowl Oregon vs Wisconsin

    Ifo Ekpre-Olumu – DB – Chino Hills
    JR Maffie – DB – Bishop Amat

    Fiesta Bowl Stanford vs Oklahoma State

    Brent Seals – LB – Bishop Amat

    Congrats to all alumni of the SGV for a great season and good luck in your games.

  • D1-AA

    How about Jordan Canada who played for Montana in the D1-AA semifinals 26 carries for 285 yards or something like that.

  • Duarte

    Mike Harris Duarte

  • Dan

    sgv scouting,
    You still have a knack for slighting West Covina kids? You forgot Albert Cid for UCLA.