Former San Marino/Temple City coach Mike Mooney enters not guilty plea last Thursday …

Former San Marino football coach Mike Mooney, accused of embezzling $21,000 from school booster clubs, pleaded not guilty Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Mooney, 41, is charged with grand theft, according to a Nov. 22 felony complaint against him.

Mooney became head coach in 2010 but resigned later in the year after being placed on administrative leave. He also served as head coach at Temple City, his alma mater prior to becoming an administrator/coach at San Marino.

Mooney played football at USC following a successful prep career at Temple City.

School officials also suspended Mooney from his position as assistant principal in charge of discipline and attendance.

The alleged theft took place between October 2008 and October 2010.

Mooney is due back in Los Angeles Superior Court for a hearing Jan. 17, court officials said.

Aram’s take:
In late November both the San Marino Tribune, citing nobody, and Mid Valley Sports, citing the San Marino Tribune, reported that Mooney would enter a plea deal and “plead guilty to one count of Felony-Grand Theft in regards to charges involving the San Marino Football program in 2010.” Nice reporting on both ends. The Pasadena Star-News contacted Mooney’s attorney who said Mooney would appear in court on Dec. 15, which he did and plead not guilty, thus soiling both reports. You gotta be careful where you get your news and what their agendas might be and who is feeding them the info. Which is why I said on that week’s PrepXtra Live that I would not be using the San Marino Tribune as a source for anything. This type of shoddy reporting is a problem these days because of the glut of blogs and websites and weekly papers who often have no clue about journalism or when to hit “submit” and when not to.

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  • HS fan

    Just goes to show that when you (mid valley) snooze you lose!