Chris Solomon 2011 HIGHLIGHT reel: I understand less and less everyday why Solo can’t be a RB in college

Aram’s take: I’m no recruiting expert, but I just don’t get why Solo isn’t being considered as a running back at the next level. I know he’s gonna sign somewhere as a defensive back, and that’s great. But I just think you’d want the ball in this kid’s hands. Anyway, look forward to Signing Day and finding out where all the Bulldogs are headed.

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  • X’s and O’s

    Wow, West Covina doesn’t sugar coat or hide much as far as what they’re going to do. They say here we come, you know what’s coming try to stop it. I wonder how many touchdowns Solomon had in his career simply on the wing-t’s old “Buck Sweep” play.

  • Dan

    I agree, he makes it look effortless, he’s got a smooth running style.

  • me neither!

    I am no genius either, but this kid can tote the rock! Not sure if he is big enough or fast enough for the next level, which might be the issue? Either way, he will be playing on Saturday from what I can see.

    I am kicking myself for not getting out to see the Bulldogs and this kid play, ever!

  • SGV Dad

    Maybe because the numbers are deceiving as WC never played any real defenses. Wake up Aram and realize that recruiters really do take a look at the opponents that these so called superstar kids play against.

    They saw that Soloman never played against anyone and that any decent rusher would have big numbers against those defenses.

    He’ll play on saturdays, but probably at Mt Sac or some school like that.

  • In the lOOP

    SGV Dad you dont have any clue at all. Soloman alreay has at least 4 or 5 different DIV 1 offers. So i’m afraid your Mt. Sac comment goes to show how much you really know about this topic. How many games did you REALLY see him play. My bet is less than one.

  • Been doing this for a while!

    1. Recruiters have a hard time with wing- T backs.
    2. He does not “run out of the screen”. Too many times people are closing as he scores.

    With that being said I think he can definitely play RB at the next level. He sort of glides like Jordan Canada but looks to be bigger. He can also catach the football like Canada. So if he wants to play TB voice that to recruiters, may have to go to a Mountain West or a lower Pac 12 like Utah.

    Aram you Fred and the whole paper do a helluva job with promoting these kids. A few recruiters have told me that they look at this stuff (not to see what is being said but to find out names that may not be on their databases)

  • Bulldogs have bite

    SGV Dud,

    You don’t know squat about what you’re talking about, so just can it. Heck, USC used Matt Kassel at tight end and he’s a starting QB in the NFL! The recruiters look at real numbers and Solomon has these numbers in spades!

    He runs a 4.53 (laser timed) 40 yard sprint, his 20 yard shuttle time is 3.97 seconds, which places him first among all safeties per ESPN recruiting. 6’1″ 191 lbs and not an ounce of fat on this kid. He outlifts most of the linemen in the weight room!

    Mt. Sac? lmao! That must be where your boy carries the water at! Chris has offers from Colorado, Arizona, Arizona State, and Nevada with more likely to come. Nevada and Colorado actually do have interest in him at the tailback posistion! Truth is, there is an abundance of recruits that can tote the rock on offense out there, but with Solo’s strength and physicality, defense suits him most and that’s what recruiters obviously see!

  • SGV Dad

    To: Bulldogs Have Bite,

    Actually my boy is a sophomore at Stanford and plays baseball. His football days ended at Damien.

    WC plays in a pretty weak league, and when these semi talented players post big numbers, it really doesn’t impress the D1 schools.

    And to “In The Loop”, let’s see what D1 school he ends up at moron.

  • SGV Dad may have 1 point

    if you look at the hilites from J Frazier on the All Area blog, they are very similar to solomons, maybe the O Line of WC and the level of competition would have made a lot of runners look really good

    and Solomon has people like Coach Cabral from Colorado and Coach Ward from nevada stopping by, and they are looking at him as defense, or at least that’s what both coaches mentioned to JR about solomon on their visits to Wilson, interesting they would say that to him

  • The Stanford Baseball Roster

    SGV Dad,
    You might want to give Mark Marquess at Stanford a call. It appears that your son is missing from the 2012 Stanford Baseball roster. Probably a clerical oversight, I’m sure. No player from Damien listed, no one from the San Gabriel Valley for that matter.


    SGV DAD? are you kidding us, that is by far the most stupidest post yet! You see folks when he said DAMIEN, well there’s your ANSWER!ARROGANT, CRY BABIES, SNOTTY,UPPITY and KNOW IT ALL of nothing. (your sons playing day’s at damien??? hahahaha..;OOOH EXCUSE US… WHY THE HATE MORON!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Std dad,

    what’s your boys name? so we can speculate why he did not get a D1 football scholarship or a pro baseball contract. Again you know squat about anything. I guess the Seattle Seahawks should kick Walter Thurmond off the team because he played in a weak league for WC. Somebody call UCLA and tell them their starting guard Albert Cid needs to be cut because his hs team plays nobody. And what does it matter which school Solomon ends up playing for. He has offers already from D1 schools to play football, which is more than your imaginary little bench warmer at Stanford ever got.


    BULLDOG, that’s funny! STD DAD, HAHAHAHA… What’s funny, here’s a team that just won back to back CIF titles and you get these clowns making these RIDICULOUS COMMENTS!



    This is coming from a non West Covina fan, JUST SAY’IN

  • The Stanford Baseball Roster

    Correction and Retraction:
    SGV Dad,
    My humble apologies, it appears we do have representation from the San Gabriel Valley. La Canada and Pasadena are well represented. La Verne is not doing so well……….

  • Dan

    SGV Dad = Clueless
    your not even worth a responce

  • talent evaluation

    Chris is a exceptional back and DB. I think he may need to work on flexibility. He will need that so he can run lower, and cut out of his breaks sharper. But you can see he has speed and the turn over is there. He also can catch. If he wants to play DB, he can go wherever he wants. If he wants to play RB, then he needs to choose wisely. If his school of choice runs the spread or is a passing school, he may not want to go there. if they school is a down hill running school, that would be Ideal for his attributes. He is not a scat back, Like say a Tarien Owens or Deshawn Ramirez. He is a big punishing back with speed. I would not be too concerned about him coming from the wing, bc he looked really good coming out of the I formation. He Is good between the tackles and runs through arm tackles. He actually does not look as good coming out of the wing back spot. By time he gets to college he could be 6’2 215…Who knows LB? However after watching this kid run all year..I changed my opinion. He should play RB on the next level..he reminds me of Mathews from Fresno state, who now starts for the San Diego chargers. Well there is no way this kid is jc material lol.

  • A “REAL” Stanford Dad

    Now suddenly every one has a kid at Stanford, lol Are people that stupid!And suddenly every hater is from Damien, again stupidity abounds!

    When some one calls a Stanford student a waterboy you obviously don’t know squat about Stanford which is equal to any Ivy League school and judged by world class standards where graduation rates are in the 90s and “acceptance rates, based on a world wide world wide applicant pool,is 7%…yes 7% !

    I’ve seen West Covina and wish any student well so I’ll say this….any thing s possible. Let the kid, any kid, figure it out on his own. At every level “picks/recruits” don’t pan out but when you get to college based on academic scholarships rarely do they mirror the “almost” levels of athletes at the next level.

    Here’s my football opinion on Solomon’s highlight film…I thought McBride’s film at LA looked more spectacular. For me RB are unique but very few run like Solomon and succeed but they do, Eric Dickerson comes to mind and he did just fine.

    The one think I will say is this, from my experience,I can’t remember a RB who was switched to DB and been successful. Maybe i’m mistaken but teh way I see it is if you don’t hav ethe hipos for RB how do you have them for DB? On the other hand I do know plenty of DB who have made their careers at RB after switching or playing both.

    Basedon similar SGV backs where does Soloman rate?

    Eric Benenimey? Ian Johnson? Any one want to take a stab at that?

  • Dan

    @ “talent evaluation”
    Your post was on the money, he is an excellent downhill runner. Solomon would fit well at that type of school. I’ve had similar thoughts whenever I would see them use him out of the I or the power I, he looks good from those formations. With his size and speed, the I formation allows him to hit the hole with a head of steam, as you said he runs through arm tackles and is a natural between the tackles. The wing formation is a slow developing offense at times, he usually has to run horizontal as the blocking developes before he cuts up a vertical lane, so less of a chance to get a head of steam going although the great thing about the wing was that we could get all three of our backs in the game at the same time, where as with the I formation it was one or the other plus the fullback.

  • I know Solo is being recruited as a defensive player, but the point of my post was that I’m surprised nobody wants him as a RB. I’m proud of him either way, I just think he could play RB at the next level. I get that it’s probably easier to project him as a safety.

    I get that RB recruits are kinda like QB recruits in that if they don’t fit a certain mold, they don’t get looks. But everything I’ve heard about Solo’s work ethic is just amazing.

    The only way he’s playing at Mt. SAC on Saturdays is if his grades/scores don’t come through.

    And to whomever said they know college recruiters read these blogs, thank you. I know the same thing. Have heard it first hand and heard it from others as well. I said that very thing a couple weeks ago and some people tripped out. I disagree that they don’t read what’s being said. I think that’s impossible and I’ve heard they find it VERY ENTERTAINING.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    There’s GREAT entertainment value in here. For every cogent “talent evaluation” breakdown with some good “meat” in the post, there’s 20 posts rife with drivel(at best) from the girls at Amat.

    flamesuit = ON

  • Best of luck to Solomon, prove every one wrong!

    “If” Solomon is being recruited as a “safety” that would be interesting based on his film where he’s an arm “reach out” tackler when given time to decide. As ANY one who’s played Safety can tell you arm tacklers need no apply. John Lynch, Steve Atwater and Ed Reed come to mind. As far as Solomon playing against quick slots or tall 6’4″ 220 WRs that’s where he’ll be a project because he doesn’t do that in his film highlights or maybe someone can point out where he did, I might have missed some. My surprise is why he hasn’t been used as a WR/SLot where I think he is better suited based on his vision for “space”. Solomon might be a project for three reasons I can think of at the next level. He lacks “cuts” but can learn them, he lacks a low violent style that all next level backs have and he doesn’t use his physicality to impose his will on games other than his speed which is impressive.

    In short he’s not Jay Anderson (as a DB), not Jalen Moore ( a true RB workhorse) and not Ian Johnson (shifty yet powerful) or Adam Muema ( a great stop/start and go back with open field power). Maybe he’s better when he competes at camps against better talent and score off the charts numbers, who knows.

    Drew Brees, Maurice Jones Drew and Cam Newton were all can’t make it players who were evalutated by true professionals and THEY got it wrong so all Solomon has to do is use the naysayers comments as fuel.

    Good luck kid, I thought Mark Mendrun should have played some slot “HIS” senior season at Damien and every one thought I was nuts. When he got to USD, guess where they wanted to play him…YUP!!!! ‘the slot’ and not QB, LOL.

  • Talent Evaluation

    The only way you can WR at 220lbs is if you are 6’3 – 6’5. Solomon is a RB/FS. No High school player has “complete” Game. Just because you are great, does not mean you can’t get better. I talked about his Offensive attributes now lets talk defense. As I watch Solomon, on tape on defense, he does arm tackle from time to time. He also goes for the legs a little too often. But the one thing you can say is that he is always in position to make a play. He is always hustling to the ball. He has great instincts, and if he picks off the ball, his RB skills kick in, and he can go yard. These are things that college coaches love to see. He is in the top 95% in Size speed Combo at the DB position. What More could you ask for. We would have loved to have him at M-town. You can improve on tackling with practice in College. Since He went both ways, I think that takes it’s toll. You have not seen this kid focus all of his energies and technique to one side of the ball. With 2.5 hrs of practice in high school, and 3 days of practice between games, players don’t get a chance to perfect their game. In College you have 1-2 hr film talk sessions, 3 hr Practices and you practice 5 days before the Saturday game. Once he locks in on a position, He should be a good player. I say he should redshirt, and figure that out. But He is physical enough to play right away on special teams. They are going to work him out, and he will be a specimen. That 4.5 will be a 4.4-4.3. His hips and footwork will be intact. Either way the kid has a bright future. He is one of the several players in the Valley, where you just can’t hate on his game. You can critique, but I saw him live and stood next to him on field level, He is a legit as we have had. I was at the la serna game…A man playing among boys, Just like Ellis McCarthy.

  • Coach Slayer

    I’ve enjoyed watching Solomon play the last 2 years. Several things stand out for me. Durability is one. He came back from a severe ankle injury quickly. Only he knows if he was full strength the rest of the season but I would think a two way player like he was had lingering ankle issues all season. Numbers is number 2. With W.C. playing such a dominating type of ball and with Frasier and Salgado needing their touches as well and blow outs every Friday night his numbers could have been much much bigger no problem. There is no doubt he was they guy that drove WC’s bus and I’am curious what W.C. will look like next year without him.

  • Something for the Naysayers!

    An article written by a highly credited scout on the running backs after the LA Nike Camp at USC this past summer.

    Running backs

    – Encino (Calif.) Crespi running back Terry Williams seemed to be all over the field. Every time a running back was making a play, Williams was seemingly the culprit. The 2012 prospect is a quick back that has a lot of versatility, can catch the ball, accelerates well and plays with energy.

    – The MVP of the running backs was a prospect that may project as a fullback on the next level. Jahleel Pinner stands at 6-0, 225 pounds with a great frame and a powerful build. But a camp setting isnt made for a bruising back and that still didnt stop Pinner from standing out. He showed good straight-line speed. He caught the ball well and really demonstrated a complete tool-set. Pinner is the type of back that could be a great fullback but still line up in one-back formations and carry the football.

    – Contrary to Pinner, Jamaal Williams out of Fontana (Calif.) Summit looks as though he could be either a running back or a slot receiver. He is a tall back that really did everything well on Sunday. He caught the ball naturally, looked great in space and even showed toughness in the pass blocking drills. Surprisingly, Williams has no offers to date but expect that to change. His film is solid and his performance on Sunday looked elite.

    – Keep an eye on Chris Solomon out of West Covina, Calif. The kid is a competitor and was an impact player on Sunday. He was working out at running back but is being recruited by most schools as a safety. He has great size, hes tough and hes a versatile, natural athlete. Hes the type of player that just does a lot of things well and dont be surprised if his stock soars over the course of the summer.

  • coltfan97

    I have to say this, Mt Sac. is a great football tradition just ask Antonio Pierce!!!! There is nothing wrong playing at Mt Sac a lot of local talent plays there!

    As for Solomon he is a great athlete and leader which goes a long way!!!! People may say he to small or too short well all I have to say is Darren Spoirles!!! Look how well he is doing!!!! You don’t put up the numbers Solomon has over the last two years without talent!


    The kid can flat out play the game. But the thing I take notice to is that he has a few great runs in their making the jukes, cuts and breaking tackles but I think he isn’t being recruited for RB is that most of his runs are seen with amazing blocking by the o-line and he breaks before anyone can see who has the ball because of all the smoke and mirrors caused by the wing-t. He will definitely will be seen playing on Saturdays. Defensively he seems like he knows where to be to make the right play. Just I am not sure how his coverage skills are because all his defensive highlights are him making tackles which is great of course. Another thing not to knock his ability to play the game. How great is the talent he is playing? Does it seem like he is just superior to everyone else on that field? Or they are just that bad?
    I know he was injured in the Covina game but He didn’t play against Loyola which is by far the best team they played all season. So it is hard to get that full judgement when he never played against the best defense he would have faced.

  • JMO


    Is it true that Bogan stepped down?

  • JMO,

    Not true. Talked to him this morning. If something happens at South Hills or anywhere else, I or Fred will let all of you know as soon as we find out.

  • Have U Noticed

    OK we get a Solomon hilite reel from the SGVT, fine, earlier in the year we got headlines when Colorado offered solomon,fine, but when Kough from Pomona actually signed with Colorado, there was nothing, absoluetly nothing, check the archives

    why isnt there a front page article thisweek with hilites of Jalen Moore, or Sir Darius for everyone to observe, i didnt see a front page hilite reel of Steven Rivera, or last year of Chad Jefferies,yet we get a lot of info about where Livingston may or may not go for the next level

    there definitely is some ‘media favorites’ going around

    wait for the spring and you will start to see the next favorite, Kurt Scooby, which is fine, nothing against the guy, but the SGVT will start early to prop up their favorites for next year

  • JMO


    Keep your ears open because I heard last night from a
    very reliable source over there.

  • anonymous1

    SGV Dad may have 1 point…hit the nail on the head.

    That OL at WestCo is extremely good executing the blocking scheme, look at how many times Soloman and Frazier aren’t touched until the second level. Besides, running backs are a dime a dozen, good DB’s over 6 foot are an extremely hot commodity and a lot harder to find – ask any college coach or recruiter.

  • Does he run track?

    Does Solomon run track?

    Most DB and Running Backs do but I never heard any Track news from Solomon.

    Any one know what his Track times are?

    BTW Maurice Jones Drew and Justin Fargas were high school track beast.

  • track? and solomon

    good question,

    saw him run at the SGV track championships, dont remember if it was soph or frosh year in the 300m hurdles, i do remember Nelson winning it way out in front (Fisher wasnt there that day) and Bias coming in second that year

    but episports will have all of the stats if you subscribe to it and they have electronic times for the big meets

  • Where Did Colt 74 Go?


    Then, there is:
    Covina who chokes on the big one, but still thinks they’re relevant! LMFAO…! Where’s Colt74 to collect his a$$ handing?

    Pomona – you’re the new broad in town and need to give it up to get respect from SD and Covina!

    But the worst has got to be Aram’s Bishop Amat Lancers! Hey Amat, can you at least be competitive next year? 6 – 5…HAHAHAHA!

    34 hits, Aram?

  • I know what happen to covina By Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    You can’t Fault Covina, they bought into a lot of bad information throughout the yea, creating a “False” Sense of how good they really were. Once the Media Consensus(Tribune, Star News, Midvalley sports,and La times)proclaimed them as the “Favorites” It was over at that Point. Then CIF made them the 1# seed in the playoffs, the pressure became too great! They started off great, they played a injured Wesco team, competed and almost won. Things were looking up in Covina, because everyone knew wesco was going to be good. So we Assume Covina was going to be good, and they were, but how good was the question. Next They played, Gladstone, Walnut and El Monte. They won all those games in stellar Fashion. Instead of being concerned with getting better, they were Feeling themselves, and the Media Consensus kept pouring it on. Those are teams in which the great “Big Bob” Called “Baby ball”. There was no way covina could actually gauge how good they were, and there was really no way to “Get Better” in those games. After that, Covina rolled into Rolled into league. A close win against Pomona should have been a red flag,(Both teams had key injuries) but the colts marched on in bliss. Next They play San Dimas for the league title. SD was a team living off hype after beating Monrovia early (with 5 Defensive key players out.) They beat them handily, but they did not pay attention to San Dimas’s ability to get behind their DB’s. After that it was easy street. The Colts by this time had the “Big” head. Reporters were getting loose with the Statements like ” No one is going to beat Covina” or “Covina’s line is too big and physical”. The Colts marched on into the playoffs, still playing “Baby Ball”. Waltzing past SEM and Alhambra( a team South Pas beat). They were on a roll. Ever since last season covina was screaming…We beat Wesco, and next year was going to be the year. Well Next year came soon enough. They were taunting saying they want the champs, they can beat Monrovia, San Dimas beat Monrovia and we beat San Dimas. Finally they got there shot at the Defending Champs.And they got them at CDF. After comparing their playoff road, and Monrovia’s playoff road, the Colts finally saw how bright the lights get in the “Big game” against a top team. All of sudden, it was clear for everyone to see in pregame, that Monrovia was a lot bigger, then the Colts thought or saw on film. Everything looks good on, but when you see Ellis, in person and G5 in person, you realize, this ain’t “Gladstone”. Then all the swagger disappears. The Colts had two big time athletes in Ainsworth and Mason, but that was not enough. Monrovia had far more play makers. After the First Exchange of td’s to feel each other out, the colts started to feel the big hits. Ellis floors one of their starting lineman. Craft knocks off Carillo’s helmet, and that was it. The Cats began to pick apart the smaller and slower Defensive back 7 of the Colts. The Colt’s with all their hype ran into a green brick wall. The whole Valley witness this. Covina was not a elite team, or football program. After all, those 18 starters are graduating now, the Colt nation now realizes they are now back to how it was, losing to Azusa, or Maranatha in the first round or Second if their fortunate. Actually the whole VVL is going to be down with the exception of San Dimas. I hope Fan Attendance Doesn’t go down. Bye Bye Covina, We are going to miss you.

    2012 prediction: 6-4 Covina 3rd place in VVL, First Round loss to Alhambra.

    2012 Prediction: Monrovia 14-0, 13-1 1st place RHL Midvalley Champs, Div III State Bowl Watch List.

  • Steve Ramirez

    Just to echo what Colt74 said, Mt. San Antonio College is not your average junior college football team. In some ways, it’s the ticket to FBS. Coach Jastrab’s program averages sending 9-10 kids a season to FBS schools and about 20-25 to four-year schools overall.


    I know what happen to covina By Kan B’alam Son of Pakal said”.

    FINALLY SOMEBODY SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT! Nice write up and you hit that right on the NAIL. I guess COVINA is speechless…


  • Bulldogs have bite

    After watching Chris Solomon’s and Jimmy Frazier’s highlight films. Only one head of the three headed monster that was the Bulldog’s backfield was yet to be heard from. With the help of West Covina’s superb offensive line, Frazier and Solomon danced their way into the endzone and into the school’s record books! Let us not forget the efforts of the fullback who helped clear the way for many of those great runs. And broke off a few of his own and doin the dirty work of running right up the gut to soften defenses. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the A-Train, Aaron Salgado’s junior year 2011 highlight film.

    And if you want some defense… school record holder for tackles in a season (165), and 1st team All Area San Gabriel Valley Tribune linebacker, Dorrin Turner!

    Enjoy everyone! And go Bulldogs!

  • CoViNa

    Kan B’alam Son of Pakal,

    I would have to agree with most of your post. The only thing I disagree with is the Colts record next year. Dont underestimate what the Colts have in the reserve tank. There are still some damn good football players left in the program. Next years senior class were league champs as freshman, next years junior class were league champs as freshman. The J.V. teams have been pretty good the last couple years. The coaching staff for the most part will be the same except for the Head man, Coach Thomas. Do I think they have enough to beat Monrovia, NO, but when you put a bunch of 15, 16, 17 yr olds together on the football on a friday night, anything can happen. Do I think the Colts have enough to win a league title next year, “YES”, to win a C.I.F. title, only if Monrovia gets moved out to another division with the Rio Hondo league. And as far as the scheduling goes, what else can they do except play the teams that are put in front of them. They renewed with West Co for next yr. El Monte will be decent next year, Gladstone does not want to play anymore, and they shouldve never been on the schedule to begin with, I agree with u there. And Walnut and Covina have a little rivalry going.

    All props go out to Monrovia and West Covina, the 2 losses that Covina had. Congrats on your C.I.F. titles. both are outstanding teams and better than Covina.

  • I know what happen to covina By Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    Covina, I know covina has some players. However they just don’t have players like “Ainsworth” and “Mason”. Continually coming up through the program. Those guys just walk into the program and save the day somewhat. You may find another Venegas(who is very good) or Padilla(who is very good). That’s just not enough. Right now Charter Oak is getting all of the talent in that area, but even they are not gettting transfers. Teams like West Co and Monrovia, just have talent coming in every year. Both of their jr all american teams were in the Finals this season. The teams which represent 6-8 grade players. The kids coming out of west co, and duarte hawks are big, fast, and somewhat look like and play like the players at the high school and they can’t wait to get up there, so they too can win CIF. I am not underestimating Covina, just saying, what type of players will they win with next season? Covina losses to Wesco, Walnut, San Dimas, and BP next Season. I got respect for Covina, they play hard, and they don’t quit. However when the chips are down their bloggers disappear, With the exception of Coltfan97, and Covina. That’s if you are not Colt 74. Now that the season is over, and people’s hearts have healed we can have a open discussion about what teams really were this season. We should go down the list. Aram should have threads regarding all of the interesting stories on teams on both sides of the valley. What we thought they would be, when they got better or worse, and what they turned out to be at the end. I like when the Grades Come Out. I’ll just start with The Fighting Monrovia Wildcats and The dominating West Covina Bulldogs. I like call them Sister/Brother Programs, do to the closeness of the Coaches, and they had nearly identical Success on the field.

    Monrovia/Grade A- : It’s very hard to win back to back. Now that they really are on the map there is no reason why they should not be 14-0 and be the areas first team to reach a state bowl. I would like to see Monrovia open the season in the same fashion they close the season. In order to get a A+, the cats will have to go to state. Winning the Midvalley is no longer enough. Monrovia won’t need to change much with all the D1 talent coming back. They will just need to develop the Week to week Focus, of a power house school. Still a Great job.

    West Covina/Grade A : It’s also very hard to win back to back. Now that West Covina has dominated lower level football. It is time for them to step up and play even better teams. In order for them to go to state, they would need a brutal preseason schedule, beating at least 1 upper Div power, and they have to beat Covina by at least 3 scores, and would need to be in a higher div. The bulldogs are on their Way, The competition they played this season was not good enough for them to receive a A+. Now that Noodles is running the ship, Wesco may want to modify that offense to the spread, with Salgado as the lead back. If you think they were explosive this year, wait until they can throw it as well. They have a Dual threat Talent. Antonio Hull to Deshawn Love will ring loud in the stadium next year. Still Great Job

  • CoViNa

    Kan B’alam Son of Pakal,

    I am one to call a spade a spade, IMO Covina did underachieve with all the hype they got this year, anything less than a championship was not enough.
    Ainsworth is only a junior and will be back next year.
    That alone puts Covina back in the running for a league title. And believe me, they have some young men coming back. Granted, you cannot Replace a Vinegas, but to flip that script, now they will have to disperse the ball around to more players, and not rely solely on Vinny to make the big play like they did so much this year. Now the coaches will have to coach and not rely solely on play making abilities. J. Padilla is a stud, and they have plenty of LB’S coming back next yr, plus a very solid kid coming back home from South Hills that will help tremendously. The cupboard is not bare by all means. IMO league title again and for years to come will be Covina and San dimas. 2 solid teams that will battle it out. Walnut will not beat Covina, and neither will B.P.

    But you are right, Monrovia and WC are on a different level right now.


    Son of PAKAI, what about the AZUSA RAIDER PROGRAM, which is a FINE PROGRAM! CoViNa, must say this and gotta give to you for being honest!

  • CoViNa

    Aztec Pride,

    I must say, I enjoy reading your post. U are very passionate about your Aztecs and that is Awesome.
    The Covina Vikings also have a great program, and everytime I am around the track during football season, I see quite a few of the H.S. coaches also coaching the Youth teams as well. This is very encouraging, knowing most of these kids will be future Colts. From what I hear the freshman class next year is going to be very good. And if Im correct I think the Vikings had 3 or 4 teams in the semifinals this year.

  • Anonymous

    The problem is that he runs out of a “WING T OFFENSE” which only about 2 D1 schools actually runs that offense. In the past “WING T” running backs didnt do so well out of a traditional style offense. “Wing T” running backs usually isnt really fast. because of the misdirection and the defense having everyone in the box makes the RB looks as if he is blowing by defenders when in all aspects he is only about 3 to 4 yards into the defense but the defense is about 2 yards in the backfield looking for someone to hit because of the linemen crashing down and pulling letting players through only to be fooled by the misdirection. So once the RB gets by the first wave which is about 9 players of the defense if you look closely he is only about 3 yards past the line of scrimmage with only 2 men to beat, unlike when other running backs in a traditional style has to find a way to get by the LB that didnt bite and rush in due to a linemen leaving and making that LB believe he’s in there with no problem. Or having to use his lateral movement constantly once he hits the hole or plowing through a number of defenders. Im not saying that Solomon cant do that but coming from a “Wing T” offense turns a lot of D1 coaches heads. IMHO Solomon can play RB at the next level but it will be a complete different type of game for him and we all know that in college if you dont perform up to par or better its rare that the coach would give you time because you have other RB’s who know how to actually gain yards the hard way then a way when confusing the defense constantly.

  • Dave

    There is no question that Solomon is a good player and West Covina had a great team this season. I’m not saying that Solomon can’t be a D1 player, but do keep in mind that of the 14 games West Covina played this year I believe only 2 of the games were against upper division teams. One was a loss to Loyola 35-7 and the other was a 20-19 win over a 3-7 Glendora team that missed a very make-able field goal at the end of the game. Maxpreps doesn’t list Solomon’s stats for those two games so I’m not sure how well he did in those games. Either way I wish the kid good luck in the future and congratulate West Covina for an outstanding season.


    Thanks for the complement CoViNa!

    Usually I dont get that on here to often, if you know what I mean! I read Son of PakiS post this morning and read yours and must say both post were done with Class! Ill say this; Covina has nothing to be ashamed of for what theyve accomplished ! Anytime a program can do what Covina did this year is remarkable! Yes they were selected #1 seed in the Mid Valley, but so was AZUSA last year and looked what happened to them, were ousted in the first round and Covina went much deeper. What my point has been on this blog has been, heres a team that I can remember playing Monrovia in the playoffs back in 2006, losing 56-8 and couldnt even win their league. But a lot has changed since Coach Scherf took over the program. AZUSA has been making major progress since 2006, heck I can remember they couldnt even get by their rival Gladstone and now look it.
    AZUSA has won the League four years running now, gone to the playoffs and actually won several of them. AZUSAS playoff game against San Dimas was a great game, which AZUSA should have won. If Reed, doesnt fumble near the five yard line, AZUSA goes up 30-22 with minutes left in the game. Well the opposite happens and SD wins 30-23. AZUSA would have been playing San Gabriel, and who knows could have been playing Monrovia! Well you know you cant change history and Monrovia is the Mid Valley Champions. Dont get all twisted now folks and Im not saying AZUSA would have won Monrovia, or Covina, what Im trying to convey is, heres a team from the Montview League that had a chance to play these teams now, as before would probably only dream of playing them! Maybe we should have done what excoach Schuster from AZUSA, and gone to Monrovia. LOL J/K!
    Ill get off the topic of that and changed it over to POP WARNER FOOTBALL… I see ARAM put up that article this morning about the Cody kid, and also was reading about a kid from Lakewood, playing POP Warner that was paralyzed playing in a championship game. CoViNa, youre right about that, most of these kids start off by playing pop warner football, and I do take this league very serious. Remember back in 2003 the AZUSA Raiders playing the Covina Viking, West Covina Bruins and Glendora Tartans and these games were just as intense as HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL!

    AZTEC PRIDE lives walking distant from Citrus College and the sweet MEMORIES, so remember SGV fans, enjoy the years watching the GAME because they go by quick! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!

    Not disrespecting the Solomon article!!!

  • Breaking News***

    Don’t say I didn’t tell you!

    Just heard tonight that Bishop Amat has lost 3 guys to Charter Oak and they will be registering at COHS on Tuesday morning! The poor get poorer and the rich get richer!

    Aram, you should call Hagerty asap!

  • Kan B’alam Son Pakal

    This is a hot rumor. Why are players jumping ship at Bishop? I guess playing in the Pac 5 is not a honor, if your not winning that is. Well if the serra gets dropped to a lower Division, Damien will be the catholic school playing in the highest div in the SGV. Talk about a swing in recruiting. Why not go to CO it’s free. Well Bishop nation, please come on here and straighten this out before not since 1995 comes on here and does it for you all. You can’t afford to be losing linemen in droves.

  • Hey Aztec Pride, be the pulse

    we have seen your postings about Citrus and local talent, with APU moving to NCAA Div 2, we need someone to ‘check the pulse’ next year of the APU program, and its really close to Citrus, any volunteers??




    Here’s one more thing you didn’t know about APU!!!They were voted to have the BEST LOOKING COLLEGE GIRLS in the nation and I’m being serious here!!! WHO KNEW. LOL….

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