LOOKING BACK: Longtime bloggers will remember the buzz created on my blog in 2007 after I posted the CODY PAUL YouTube video …

It was back in 2006 that I posted a link on my blog (now Fred’s blog) about Cody Paul, aka The White Reggie Bush, aka The YouTube sensation. Well, ESPN The Magazine has done a very good article in its Jan. issue on Paul. You can read it HERE.

The bloggers back then, legends like “Mike The Clone”, “Plaid Lad” and “Dan”, had some interesting comments. The name Johnny Crespo even popped up. Remember that dude? Back then, part of the discussion was how every HS program was going to be recruiting Paul heavily. My joke was “Come to our school, Cody. I will be you some Skittles.” Anyway, I had no clue that Cody Paul wasn’t going to grow an inch since turning 9. But that’s how it happened. And now his football career is for the most part over.

  • But you sort of knew then though??

    A lot of people believed he was just gfoing to be a very good youth player and many said so.

    His team played (and beat)the Hac Hts Pop Warner Jr Midget team for the S.Cal conference championship and he scored 3 TD’s at that game.

    But you could se then that he was not going to be a HS great, just the way it looked, and people said so, just the way is was and very nice kid though, he was a head shorter than everyone then

    BTW – Paul’s team beat a team for the conf championship that year that had Faaola, Tibbs, Nelson, Schreiman, Barrientos, Vincent Silva, Henry Omana on

  • Wrong

    Incorrect, I’m almost positive that it was the HLP Peewee team that was beaten by the Los Alamitos team for the OEC Pop Warner Championship. The 2 times that the HLP Jr. Midget team made it to the OEC Championship game, they won it and went onto Florida both times.

    Fyi – Cody Paul might be a small high school player, but he was still a very good player. I saw him play on Fox Sports this year against Santa Margarita and he looked very impressive. Don’t think, just because a kid is small that he can’t compete at the high school level, because this kid can and did. I’m sure that he’s not on anybodies radar as far as scholarships go, but this kid was a heck of a high school player that would have been starting (at some position) at any high school here in the SGV.

  • Anonymous

    Pump your brakes, depending on where you want him if its RB NO he will not start at any school, now if you find somewhere on the defense or special teams then yeah i can see him starting. But lets be real the hype this kid came in with was ridiculous. (thank ARAM) IMO he did have a stellar senior senior though rushing for 1200 plus yards and 18 touchdowns. But lets look back at his junior year, now a kid coming in with that much hype should had been making shock waves across the entire south land but only rushing for 600 something yards as a junior is back up numbers and as a sophmore well that year speaks for it self i dont think he recorded any yards. Again this is solely based on the hype he received coming in. Not knocking the kid at all but when you come in with LEBRON like hype then it provides alot of pressure and too much pressure can bust a pipe. IMHO cody paul was about as average as they come and should not of had any hype behind him and i strongly doubt that he would start RB at every school in the SGV, Solomon, Frazier, Bias, Ramirez, Hart, Owens, Holmes jr, Scoby, and Moore is just a few names at different schools he would had definitely sat behind.

  • SGV Athlete

    If you read the end of the ESPN story, there is a link to his Senior Highlights. I will say that I am somewhat impressed. Do I think he will be a D-1 starter? No, but he could break the depth chart or even start at a D-1AA or D-2 school.

    Check it out:


    Read this article, you can only imaging if Vista Murrietta didint self report its violations, they would be the ones holding up the state plaque.



    I watched BRANDON STANSELL, play for Citrus College last year and stands around 5’7″ and weighs around 185lbs. Citrus had a horrible season last year, but STANSELL was probably the biggest player their! He played the running back position also and I believe he played for ROWLAND HIGH SCHOOL.Let me tell you, he took some hits that I thought he wouldn’t be getting up because of his size,but he would get up everytime and run the ball hard and as fast as he could,everytime the play was for him. He was the heart of the team! STANSELL, was given a full ride to Mississippi Valley State. So my point is, don’t let SIZE FOOL YOU!!!

    Here’s another one who’s playing for the New England Patriots, WES WALKER and the list can go on!


    OOOPS, should read 5’7″and not 57′lol…

  • ???

    I guess the blog isn’t taking the hyphen!

  • Really!!!!!!

    Indeed he would be a stater at any of the SGV area teams, if he was a starter in a PAC 5 team in Los Alamitos HS he’d be a starter on any of the teams in the area!!!!! Funny how SGV groupies think they are close to the PAC 5 teams and think it isnt much more tuff then what they play, but in essence you are not…… His size has been his neg, but he plays as if he were 6+……….

  • Compare and contrast

    If you really look at this kids senior video and the highlight cli Aram posted about Solomon – this kid is the more mpressive running back. Better breakaway speed, more elusive, up field vision. Just a better “runnng back” than Solomon showed

  • Anonymous

    Hey losers no one cares about an article all an article is, is one big opinion. Cody Paul didnt live up to hype at all and to the idiot below that talks down on SGV football just know that i personally played in the pac5 and the athletes ae average in the pac5 i went to the pac5 semi my senior year the only difference is the size of the linemen and the teaching of the QB thats it. Now if you talk about athletes by far SGV, City, and etc… has more. Cody paul did absolutely nothing his sophmore year and barely scratched the surface his junior year. i started my junior year after transferring and carried my team to the semi’s. When i did play in the SGV it was much more talent that was displayed because of the mismatch so you had to every night show what you were about it wasnt like battling in the trenches because those linemen were the same size so QB and RB as well as CB and LB had to be ready every play because it was coming your way. But again Cody Paul was nothing but hype and he would not had started over Solomon nor Scoby and etc…. and thats the truth coming from a pac5 starter.

  • Perry Mason

    Anonymous, I’m calling Bullsh8t !

    You “carried” your team to the Pac 5 semis?

    Was that before or after your NFL career?

  • Mr Butkis

    All this kids senior highlights show me is what is wrong with high school football today. It highlights poor tackling!

  • Color blind

    @ Anonymous
    In reading your 1st post, I can see where you are going with this. There is no way in the world that Cody could start over all the kids you mentioned because he’s white, right? After all its been proven over the years that no white kid can be successful caring the rock, right?? I think that, I too, would post as “Anonymous” with those types of bigoted beliefs. Don’t beat around the bush next time, just come right out and say it, nobody knows who you are. And since when does a kid have to tear it up in his Sophomore year in order to be considered good in his Senior year?

  • Jefe

    The midget had a pretty decent high school career, all things considered.

  • Dan

    Color Blind,
    You really had to stretch for that one, what makes you think Cody Paul being white had anything to do with the perspective anonymouse had on his running abilities? Maybe your a little too race sensitive yourself. So his list of RB consisted of kids who happen not to be white, the fact is, white or non white, they happen to be the best runningbacks in the SGV. This had nothing to do with race till you brought it up.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    I agree with you, Dan. But let’s not forget that he was dubbed “The White Reggie Bush” in his YouTube vids.

    But yeah, I don’t see how race plays a factor at the HS level in terms of who plays what position. Haha, in our Valley you’ve got such an amazing mix of races that eventually almost every school will have a ball carrier or a QB of just about any race. I’m still waiting for somebody to have “The Galloping Armenian” at RB!!!

  • Coach Slayer

    Not sure what the point was of this post other than hoping blog clowns come on and trash the kid like some have calling him a midgit and a failure. Remember it was his parents that posted his videos not the kid. Remember growth is far more than just increasing in height and weight. Some people got very big and still can’t do….

  • @ Anonymous

    Now that you read your post do you realize how stupid you sound trying to state there is no big differance between SGV and PAC 5, first you state they have bigger lineman, step 1, then you go on to say that there is more talent displayed because of the mismatch, so what your saying is talent playing
    sub par talent= SUPERSTAR in the SGV….. Way to state your claim….SMH

    And this isn’t about race, and 700+ yards as a spot guy as a JR isn’t bad in my book, but then againg vs SGV it would probably be 1400……

  • Dan

    Too Really!!!
    Your quote “if he was a starter in a PAC 5 team in Los Alamitos HS he’d be a starter on any of the teams in the area!!!!!”
    Ignorance is not so bliss, nothing based in facts but just your biased opinion here. Maybe he could be a starter at any SGV school but it does not necessarily mean he would at running back. He is a good running back but being a starter at Los Alamitos doesn’t automatically qualify that he would be ahead of guys like Solomon, Frazier, Moore, Hart, Scoby, Ainsworth, Bias, Victoria etc., he might give them a go for their money but you nor I really don’t know if he would beat out any of the kids mentioned above, and I’m sure I missed a few from other schools.

  • Anonymous

    Color blind
    where did color come in this at? color doesn’t matter but in my opinion he would not start at RB at every school in the SGV. NO WAY is he better bigger or faster or even shiftier then Scoby, Moore, Owens, Hart, Solomon, Frazier or Medina he would had not started at any of those schools at RB.

    To the other “Anon” Dude get real SGV, City section talent is showing all throughout college at the skill positions, NOT SO MUCH PAC5 TALENT maybe 1 or 2 QB’s good for them but look at the RB’s and CB’s and WR’s what division did they come from? ill help you either the City Section or SGV and thats a fact. Take the pac12 for instance ok pac5 got Barkeley but who’s he throwing to two Gardena Serra Mission league graduates. Or how about Oregon state who’s the captain and spokesperson for OState ill help you his name is Lance Mitchell Pasadena Muir SGV, wait there is more how about Curtis Mcneal out of VENICE or Deitrick Riley out of ST. Francis Now i can go on and on about SGV and City Sections stars at the college level that isnt a Linemen or a couple of QB’s which in my opinion the pac5 develop really well. Oh and dont say LB’s because SGV and City sections has that locked to. Now lets look at who the stars of SOCAL football this year GUESS WHAT there is a couple out of the WSGV who has been invited and will be playing on t.v Jan 7 WOW how many from the pac 5 can say they playing in that game? But hold on thats only two from the SGV what about the City Section well honestly idk how many there are but i know its more than the PAC5 where in your opinion has the best athletes LOL WHAT A FOOL.

  • Aaron

    Maurice Jones Drew…may stand 5-6 in cleats.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV3LYJJN8vk Joe


    check this out cody paul is on my football team

  • jokesters

    You guys seriously need to let go of your high school dreams and find something better to do with your time. You all sucked back in the day. Couldn’t even cut the mustard. You weren’t even has beens. You’re a bunch never was!

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