McCarthy, Rivera headline several locals to make ESPN L.A. South All-Region team …

Congrats to Arroyo’s Steven Rivera, Charter Oak’s Jack Schneider, Monrovia’s Ellis McCarthy, Marquise Bias, Brett Walsh and Mason Bryant, Pomona’s Gerrard Kough, West Covina’s George Castro, Loyola’s Conrad Ukropina, San Gabriel’s Alex Villalobos, San Dimas’ Jesse Ojeda for all making the first team.

You can see the entire list by going RIGHT HERE.

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  • Bulldogs have bite


    You left out West Covina’s George Castro in your headline for making the first team offensive line. Congrats to all SGV representatives listed!

  • You right, I’m wrong. Castro is in there now. I also threw in Conrad Ukropina because I have to believe with a last name like that, he’s a San Marino kid.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    At second glance Aram,

    You also forgot Bias and Walsh of Monrovia on the 1st team. Wow a lot of M-Town representation! Way to go Wildcats! Aram just start over and put as the headline, Monrovia makes first team espn southland and some other guys lol!

    Go Bulldogs!

  • HS Football Fan

    Really? this list is a joke!!! We know that because a kid from Ganesha is on the list!! It is not how good you are, but who you know. I am sure this kid did not even make all CIF.

  • Bulldogs have bite,

    Dang it man, you’re right. That’s brutal. I’m off my game.

    HS Football,

    I think this list is heavily based on stats. The Ganesha kid had a bunch of picks. Ojeda from San Dimas had a grip of sacks. Rivera had huge yards and TDs. Walsh had tons of stats.

    It’s just yet another person’s view of things.

  • BigCat

    They left George Frazier off the list, probably because of the large number of Wildcats already on the team. Bad move.
    Go ‘Cats!

  • Happy New Years Aram

    Have a good one! You deserve it for all the hard work this year. Thanks for what you do! (and to Fred and the guys)

    What’s on the menu for New Year’s Eve? šŸ™‚

  • Pete Eckhart

    “I also threw in Conrad Ukropina because I have to believe with a last name like that, he’s a San Marino kid.”

    Is that suppose to be a knock on the demographics of the city of San Marino?

  • Pete Eckhart, Alex Trebek, Coach,

    Try again, holmes. Just like all of the other idiotic things you’ve posted on here and insinuated that I was wrong, YOU ARE AGAIN WRONG in drawing that conclusion.

    The QB of San Marino’s 1988 CIF championship team was Mark Ukropina. So when I say Conrad Ukropina is probably a San Marino kid, that’s what I’m referring to.

    Go back to the Mid Valley Snooze and stay off my blog please. You just look stupid every time you post here. I mean really, the previous thing you posted here before insinuating I was referring to San Marino’s demographics by drawing a parallel that a kid with the last name of Ukropina might be from San Marino was the following:

    San Marino Tribune this morning had a article with headline stating “Former Head Coach Mike Mooney to Plead guilty to Grand Theft”….. Will you guys write a article about it or do you still think Mike is your GOLDEN BOY?

    How did that turn out for you when he plead “NOT GUILTY”? We did write an article about our supposed “Golden Boy” … the correct one.

  • rumor mill

    monrovia to play st. francis week 5 next year?


    Read how Seymour of Muir had a hissy fit about a damn jersey number. These kids should be greatful they got chosen to play in a game like this. The best part is him saying that he will look at rosters of his choices to see if the number he wants is available…

  • The garlic added nothiong to the pizza

    Aram whatever made you delete your recent attack comments is pretty shocking considering those were your least offensive to date. Maybe you’ve got a New Year’s Resolution to finally act your age, truly inspirational. However knowing how lazy and immature you are at heart this new Aram version will only last about as long as a large Petrillo’s pizza would, not long at all.

  • I didn’t delete anything. The blog was having a technical problem and kept reverting.

    You call me lazy and the best thing you can come up with for me is a fat joke? Now that’s being lazy. A fat joke? Really? That’s all you’ve got? You’re being lazy and not trying very hard.

    Anyway, what you’re seeing is not laziness or unprofessionalism, it’s quite simply me not letting idiots be idiots without calling them on it.

  • Monrovia Hammer

    So Aram, I have not been here for a while. So the first thing I see is something about a “FAT JOKE”. I AM IN NOW.I need to stop here more. LOL.
    So my reason to stop is to check some opinions and a whole lot of slinging of crap.I like both!
    Sure, one can only make one good statement at a time. Or some can make sentences and paragraphs. Some cannot.
    I have seen both on this blog. In the end it was a good year. I can’t wait for 2012. You guys did a good job. Stay the course. Most parents will go away in a few years. LOL.
    Tell Fred to try for a week not to say “Amat”.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Going to try and stay positive,

    Looks like Big Ellis “Zeus” McCarthy was a monster 1st day of practice per this report and other inside information down at he US Army All American practice.;_ylt=AoIdUEduEWK2IWq_EeDrprhHPZB4

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Story about Seymour is incorrect, but I see some of us love to highlite the negative. Please dont be so quick too judge.

  • MonroVian

    Congratulations to MTown’s George “G5” Frazier for being invited to participate in the 2012 Army All American Combine.
    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Very nice G5….. The praise should continue but you know someone is going to be hating


    Kennedy Bryant,

    If you keep perpetuating the simple fact of hate you will attract hate. So dont even mention it. You know what they say about people who assume…

  • SGV Paper Boy

    Hammer, Don’t hurt’em!!!! Hey if Fred doesn’t mention Amat then his Blog and the Blog goes dead. This is the Blog for the “Other Schools” in the Valley or hadn’t you noticed? If people have a problem with Fred they usually lurk around The Huddle. It’s all good but surely you (and Fred) recognize what makes the money flow? You must appeal to the masses. There are only so many Newspapers that hard core Monrovia and WC fans (just an example not trying to pick a fight Kendel Brian or Dogg Fahn) can buy. Like it or not, Amat appeals to the casual, non-attached Football Fan as much or more than some of “the other schools” in the valley thus generating income, and income pays the bills.

    The aforementioned is honest and true; however, some of the names have been changed to protect the innocent ; )

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ SGV…………
    1st McCarthy now G5 Ill let the blog speak for itself. I KEEP perpetuating NOTHING HOMIE. Just ask REALIST/REALTALK/HATER.

  • WHAT THE H***




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