Ellis McCarthy chooses Cal, Kevon Seymour picks USC … CONGRATS to both!!!

The decisions are made … for now … and Monrovia’s Ellis McCarthy picked Cal, as expected if you’re a reader of this blog, and Muir’s Kevon Seymour chose USC when they announced their college choices on live television during the U.S. Army All-Star Game.

Congrats to both of these kids! Pretty big-time stuff for the lil ol’ SGV.

Aram’s take: Well, it isn’t exactly breaking news when it comes to McCarthy, is it? Thank you to my sources, who as usual were spot on. Feels nice to have the HOMETOWN paper/blog beat everybody else (just don’t ask me what happened with Kevon). Anyway, it kinda reminds me of when FOX thought it was going to have Los Altos’ Brigham Harwell announce his decision on live TV and I put them in the outhouse by having it in the newspaper that morning (there were no blogs at the time). As I said before, I don’t believe anything until they actually sign on the dotted line in about three weeks. Kids are fickle. Nonetheless, hopefully this holds up for both of them.

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  • Steve Ramirez

    Two words, Aram — De’Anthony Thomas….Also, I can remember Shaun Cody giving me the same respect, telling me it was USC on Signing Day morning. I even knew before Pete Carroll.

  • Stevie R., don’t hate, congratulate.

    Have no idea what De’Anthony Thomas means.

    I will say that I called Big Bob this a.m. a half hour before the game and told him Ellis was going to Cal. Bob said I was crazy. He’s a USC fan. Somebody check on him.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    Congratulations to both of these atheletes! I look forward to rooting for them on Saturdays!


    I believe Stevie is referring to De’Anthony Thomas of Oregon, AKA the black mamba, a nickname given to him by Snoop Dogg (his Godfather) when he played in the snoop league. Thomas was all but wrapped up in a bow and penciled in to be the next Reggie Bush for the Trojans and decommitted at the last minute and went to Oregon.

  • Dan

    Being your his Uncle, is that you in the picture?

  • Steve Ramirez

    Bulldog hit it right…not hating, just agreeing that kids change their mind, using Thomas as an example. If it is Cal, I can do a sidebar on Ellis when he plays UCLA in the Rose Bowl in 2 years. I understand he is still taking visits to USC and UCLA in the next week or so.

  • Yeah, let’s re-live Mtownclown’s genius comment from Friday. Then let’s ask him “How does my reporting taste?”

    Mtownclown said:

    Lol where did this load of crap come from? Cal? Lol I’m down here in San Antonio my nephew hasn’t said anything about Cal or USC soo get ur facts STR8 His mom and I talked too him personally

  • Valley fan

    Way to make the valley proud but keep the thug stuff off national tv

  • New York

    You are absolutely correct. Verbals from students to the school mean nothing (legally). All that matters is signing the letter of intent.

  • Mtownclown

    this was a surprise too the whole family but at the end of the day when i asked him y he said usc and cal were my top two but i decided too go with the one with less drama its his choice and i stand by it either way i love my nephew hes a great kid and a good football player and rather if it was uscs ucla cal or even citrus college i would continue too support as i did since he played pop warner .o and the stupid comment about thuggish acts there was none of that DJ is the nations best OL and Ellis is the nations best DL that was at the game they were both goin at it like the best of the best do after the scuffle they both gave eachother a slap on the helmet as a show of respect.

  • Hot Shot


    Where are your sources when you need them? One head coach stepped down tonight and also announced his replacement.

    Give Fred a call if you want to know who it is, since I’m going to email him with the information.

  • Stanford Dad

    Cal is an outstanding university in so many areas it’s tough to turn down that option no matter what school is after you. Consistently ranked in the top 15 in the nation Cal offers local kids to get away from the LA scene and grow as individuals.

    My son went to USC and it has paid off in spades in all areas of his personal and professional development so I’m not a USC apologists by any stretch of teh imagination but I did find a disturbing trend for some USC athletes to lose track of why they are there, that doesn’t happen at Cal given the student body and Berkeley itself which is as anti-LA lifestyle as you can get.

    USC is a monster for So. Cal networking and has tremendous advantages however Ellis choice over Oregon is the most telling. I applaud any kid who thinks long term, and if that’swhat Ellis is doing he made a fantastic choice.

    As far as the scuffle goes I see it no differnt than what so many All Star QB deal with in games like these when they realiize EVERY BODY IS JUST AS TALENTED AS THEY ARE, LOL.

    One thing I noticed about Ellis that i liked is his body is flat out huge but not sloppy large. Clearly the kid’s baby fat days are a thing of the past and his body wil only get better. Reminds me of USC Darrel Russell without the ‘tude.

    Best of luck kid it’s be fun watching you play in the Big Game against Stanford.