Bob Burt resigns as Wilson coach, assistant coach Nick Christos takes over

Bob Burt resigned Sunday as head coach of the Wilson High School football team after one season on the job.

Nick Christos, the Wildcats’ assistant head coach in charge of the offensive line, was immediately named as Burt’s replacement.

The Wildcats went 1-9 last season, winning only their final game of the season against Baldwin Park.

“What the administration asked me to do was get the thing straightened away from the standpoint of just attitude and discipline and guys getting in fights on the field and getting thrown out of the games and unsportsmanlike conduct (penalties),” Burt said. “We accomplished that. When they hired me, they had a full-time PE position and they said if you come in and do this you can bring in whoever you want to take over whenever you decide to step down.

“Nick is ready. I had him in on every administrative decision and all those things. It’s a very smooth transition. He’s a good football coach.”

Burt replaced former head coach Brian Zavala, who resigned last January amid allegations of recruiting violations and the school district hiring a private investigator to investigate his conduct. The investigation turned up no wrongdoing, Hacienda-La Puente Unified Asst. Superintendent in charge of Human Resources Rob Roberts said last January.

Burt, who was 69 when hired last March, said the team’s on-field struggles had nothing to do with his decision and has not ruled a return to coaching in some capacity this season. Burt, who is retired from teaching, lives in Hemet and made the nearly two-hour trek to Hacienda Heights daily.

“One-and-9 had absolutely nothing to do with it,” Burt said. “Anybody who knows me, knows 1-9 would make me want to come back. I’ve never had a season like that in my life. It’s not about 1-9. If that was the only thing it was about, I would still be there.

“I think I’m leaving it (the program) in good hands and good shape.”

Aram’s take: First of many … stay tuned. Anyway, I guess Burt’s one and only season in The Heights is left to the eye of the beholder. If you want to look at the fact that Wilson put a cleaner product with no ineligible players on the field this season, then you’ll call it a success. If you want to look at wins and losses, then you’ll call it a disappointment. At any rate, I don’t know how anybody looks at Wilson’s football program going forward and gets excited. I just don’t get the sense that football is a big priority to the school’s administration. Couldn’t they have put whatever supposed fire was still burning from Zavala Era out and hired a long-term coach all at the same time? Was it really necessary to turn to a guy like Burt, who is VERY RESPECTED in the coaching community, for one season? … one throwaway season. It really shouldn’t be that hard to have what the administration feels is a trustworthy coaching staff and a competitive team at the same time. It’s only difficult if you make it that way. The Wilson admin makes it that way. But the test scores are probably pretty good and the attendance numbers are solid, so you’re doing job right, right? It’s a damn shame that Kathie Wiard can’t be the principal at just about every school in the Valley.

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  • Hot Off The Press

    Since Fred gave this one to Aram, I’m not going to post the REAL details. Aram isn’t going to find out either, since there are only a couple people that really know why.

    So if you want to know what really happened wait till the Mid-Valley starts a thread on it.

    Aram, please give the Zavala thing a rest, he got FIRED. No wrong doing? He was suspended week 1, the Diamond Bar game for CIF recruiting violations. Now he is coaching over at Montebello with Pete and he is the backup linebacker coach. I understand Zavala is your buddy, but by bring this up you just cause him more grief.

  • OK, P-Town, Pomona, David Rivera, Hot off the Press,

    Run on over to the Mid and stay off my blog. If I’d have known it was this easy to get you out of here, I’d have done it WAY SOONER.

  • WilsonFan


    Are you really that clueless, I know who Pomona, P-Town and David Rivera are. I’m 100% sure these are three different people.

    That being said Pomona clearly is the insider when it comes to Wilson football. He is very good friends with half that coaching staff.

    By the way there is alot more to Bert stepping down than he wants you to believe.

  • I know, I know. Never the same person, but always the same theme.

    Anyway, kick rocks on over to the Mid. I know you’re still waiting for them to bite my story just like they did with Coach DT resigning at Covina. But I’m sure at some point this week you will get your chance to spew your crap. The only question is whether they will allow it and look like “the blog they never wanted to be” or kicksave it and remain holy.


  • Threat

    Don’t you dare threaten me like that Aram…I must press charges against you now

  • Lessons

    This is a perfect example of why you should never air your dirty laundry on these blogs! Wilson fans critisized everyone and everything about their program and look where they are! LA struggled for the last few years but kept quiet and worked hard. Just look at the changes…for the last few years Wilson fans talked sh!t about their coaches,admin. And program, and now they face reality!

  • Wildcat Alum

    Sad to see what’s happened to a once proud program. I played there during the glory days of the late 90’s and it kills me that Wilson has fallen so low. For what it’s worth, here are some observations:

    1) Wildcats need to get someone with connections to the school to take over. If they’re smart they beg Oviedo to come back and take over. They don’t need an outsider, they need someone who loves the school and the community.

    2) The Principal and administration need to throw their full support behind whoever they hire. Anything less than 100% will result in parents and players seeing cracks in the wall of authority. This = Failure!

    3) The parents/boosters at Wilson have become a cancer. Whoever takes over the head position needs to desolve the entire booster program and run everything through their ASB office. When you allow parents to have a say in how money is spent, they begin to think they deserve a say in everything else with the program.

    4) Schedule down for the next few years in your preseason so you can get some wins. I don’t care if you have to play St. Lucia’s Boarding School for the Legally Blind! You can’t go 1-9 every year and expect kids to buy into your program! Winning does wonders for confidence and confidence does wonders for winning…it’s a cycle!

    Just my two cents. Take it for what it is, the humble opinion of a once proud alum.