Former D-Ranch coach Tommy Leach likely to be named new head coach at Etiwanda …

Former Diamond Ranch coach Tommy Leach, famous for inflating the Panthers schedule before leaving for Chaparral, is likely to be named the next head coach at Etiwanda, according to both the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin and Los Angeles Times.

Leach left D-Ranch for Chaparral after the 2005 season and was replaced by current head man Roddy Layton. In Layton’s first season, D-Ranch traversed a schedule set up by Leach that included games against Oaks Christian, Servite and Edison. Layton embraced the challenge publicly, but gradually lightened things up.

Meanwhile, Leach had immediate success at Chaparral.

Aram’s take: So why does this matter to you? OK, I tell you why. First off, now that it appears likely Leach will get the Etiwanda job, the coaches in this area who went for it (you know who you are and I don’t blame you a bit) now know they didn’t get it. So, they can now start planning their future at their current school. Also, Etiwanda is a powerhouse waiting to happen. I saw the Eagles win the Claremont Tournament (passing league) this past summer and was floored by the talent they have on hand. FLOORED. Looked like they had 10 Chris Gilchrists out there. Anywho, as we all saw in this year’s Inland Division playoffs (and the Baseline League for that matter), having talent means squat if you don’t have coaching. And having coaching means squat if you don’t have talent. And having good skill players means squat if you don’t have line play. And having good line play means squat if you don’t have good skill players. Basically, you need it all. Leach is a very good coach and he’s a good bet to put it all together at Etiwanda, which means the Sierra League better get ready for another hurdle to overcome it’s gonna do some damage in the postseason. If you need me, I’ll either be at the gym or the gun club.

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  • Aram…What Are You Talking About?

    Aram, Why do you mean by this?
    “which means the Sierra League better get ready for another hurdle to overcome it’s gonna do some damage in the postseason”
    Don’t you mean the Baseline league? Etiwanda is not in the Sierra league, why would the Sierra league have to worry about one small hurdle in Etiwanda compared to the rest of the “WALL” they have to climb in the Inland division playoffs?

  • Confused guy –

    Aram is refering to the fact that the Sierra sees the Baseline in the playoffs (and possibly Etiwanda). That is what this is only a small hurdle.

    The article was really about the hiring of Leach and an attempt to bash Etiwanda’s former staff for what he considers to be a poor job with a lot of talent. Etiwanda has talent for sure, but not much else in terms of well, anything.

  • Makes no sense….

    Doen’t he proof read his own work?

    What does this mean

    “…which means the Sierra League better get ready for another hurdle to overcome “IT”S” gonna do some damage in the postseason” ??????

    What’s gonna do damage???

    Why does just the Sierra have another hurdle? What about the CBL, The Big8, The southwestern league????

    Crappy article and crappy writing in my opinion.

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