D-Line coach Tosh Lupoi leaves Cal for Washington … Does that mean Big Ellis McCarthy is back in play?

Tosh Lupoi, who was instrumental in getting Monrovia standout defensive lineman Ellis McCarthy to verbally commit to Cal during last weekend’s U.S. Army All-Star Game, has left Cal to become the defensive line coach at Washington.

With this development, McCarthy’s verbal commitment to Cal looks like it might be a soft verbal and you can bet the usual suspects, USC and Oregon will begin to swarm. And who knows, maybe McCarthy goes further north to Seattle with Lupoi.

Stay tuned, the recruiting race for Big Ellis may soon heat up again.

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  • Shocked!!

    I am no football pro but how or why does this happen. You can’t tell me this guy didn’t know he was out looking for a different position at the very least! How does anyone let a young kid make such a HUGE decision regarding his entire future based on what to me is nothing short of a lie!!?? Didn’t Ellis even say the coaching staff was a major part of his decision? If this coach is a devious as this seems to imply that he is, I certainly hope that this kid realizes this man cant be trusted and doesn’t follow him across the street much less to a college.

  • Spike Lee

    It was said that If a coach promises you a starting job, you can not trust him. This Validates that statement. Not only did Coach Tosh know he was leaving, so did Tedford and staff. You can no longer trust people who would not put that on the table prior to a kid going on national TV. Tosh is leaving Cal because Tedford is on his last leg at that school. I am speculating, but Tedford may be gone after next season along with his staff. Coach Tosh would have more stability with Sarkisian at Washington. Bloggers spoke about this right after Ellis said “Cal”. The best thing about this story is Coach Tosh Bailed before the signing date, because he has to solidify his line recruits for Washington. My guess is Ellis should sign with USC. They have a stable coaching staff, winning/NFL player producing tradition, and are in the hunt for a national title. With Hard work Ellis can work himself into the rotation. Everything happens for a reason. Ellis should take these next two weeks to evaluate his choice again. We would love to see him, play in LA. Mtown needs another USC Rep for 2012.

  • New York

    I believe Ellis cited “Coach Tosh” as a major reason he wanted to attend Cal during his nationally televised interview during the Army All-Star game..

    Assistant coaching turnover is very common. Assistant coaches typically have only one-year contracts. Coaching is a profession that requires a person to be incredibly opportunistic in order to advance. Read “I Love Football” written by John Grueden in order to get a glimpse into the profession. I’m sure that Tosh’s ability to land Shaq Thompson and Ellis McCarthy went much further in his interview process with Washington than any type of X’s and O’s knowledge he possesses. Too bad for Cal he left before signing day.


    As for the recruits, this is just a reminder that coaches come and go and students really need to make their decisions with a longer term and broader point of view. Where will you be most successful during the next four years setting yourself up for the next 60 years? Some people will be doctors and lawyers, others will play in the NFL, maybe for just a couple years or maybe for 10-15 years. What will they do once football is finished? Who will they work for, work with, invest alongside, etc?

  • Mtownclown

    Lol into rotation ? USC coaches coach O and coach pola have been calling our phones and coming by our houses all week USC wants ellis BADDDDDDDDD! infact the only team that wasnt putting ellis in their starting line up was Oregon in San antonio the USC coaches were in tears that ellis committed too Cal coach O tells us Ellis will be in USC’s starting Rotation if he decides too goto there ellis didnt choose cal because that was the only place that was giving him a start the whole Pac 12 was except oregon .Ellis was and Still is USC’s MUST HAVE!its funny because when we went too the games he got invited too by USC just walking up the Usc fans already know who Ellis McCarthy is

  • Nate

    You guys need to be a little more realistic. There is no way that any coach, at any school told him that he “was guaranteed a starting job”! That just doesn’t happen. They may have told him, “he would have a chance to start”, but no one promises that. The kid has great size and pretty good athletic ability, but needs a lot of work. What he is guaranteed to get at whatever school he choses is very good coaching…something that will help him tremendously! Because he is still very much a work in progress. I wish him the best and hope he does chose the right fit for him!

  • New York

    Maybe Ellis wanted to get far enough away from home as well…USC’s biggest hindrance to landing Ellis might be Ellis’s concern that people close to him will show up and embarrass him in college. I hope people leave him alone to grow up and be his own person, even if he changes his mind and goes to USC.

  • Mtownclown

    if you think thats why he wanted to go away from home you know NOTHING about Ellis McCarthy. you may not know but i know the real reason he didnt choose SC in the first place and it had Nothing to do with “the people that are close to him”

  • Coach Fan


    Seriously you’re calling YOURSELF a CLOWN? Dude STFU ! Do you relative a favor and just STFU ! Let the kid and his parents make their decision with out you dropping “notes” to us that u;yimately will embarrass every one connected to the process.

    I’m sure recruiters have to deal with name dropping hanger oners like you and in USC’s current situation that’s teh last thing they need. So plese STFU !

    As far as walking away from Cal because of a DL coach is crazy considering the academic side of Cal, top 10 in the country. Maybe it’s time for Mc Carthy to get away and grow his mind to match his body.

  • Mtownclown

    you STFU what do you know???nott a damn thing soo you shut ur mouth your an idiot you dont know me ….

  • ???

    I hope Ellis makes the right decision. He Has told people he wants to avoid USC because he doesn’t like the coaches, but it seems like these coaches are doing a lot to try to get this guy more than other colleges. If Ellis wants to be close to his family, win national championships, and go to the NFL USc would be the perfect fit. He said he talked to a USC player that really talked bad about USC and said the coaches are no good, but this was player who talked Ellis was the player that talked to TMZ drunk saying they were all paid and did steroids at USC which is ludicrous. Then this player got mad saying the coaches tried to pull his scholarship when the coaches gave him a suspension and they still didn’t pull his scholarship. I hope Ellis doesn’t base his decision off Marc Tyler’s opinion of USC and he knows all the facts and it’s a great university. These coaches aren’t bad guys and they are some of the best in the business.Whatever Ellis does I wish all the best and I know he will do great wherever he goes.

  • ???

    I hope Ellis makes the right decision. He Has told people he wants to avoid USC because he doesn’t like the coaches, but it seems like these coaches are doing a lot to try to get this guy more than other colleges. If Ellis wants to be close to his family, win national championships, and go to the NFL USc would be the perfect fit. He said he talked to a USC player that really talked bad about USC and said the coaches are no good, but this was player who talked Ellis was the player that talked to TMZ drunk saying they were all paid and did steroids at USC which is ludicrous. Then this player got mad saying the coaches tried to pull his scholarship when the coaches gave him a suspension and they still didn’t pull his scholarship. I hope Ellis doesn’t base his decision off Marc Tyler’s opinion of USC and he knows all the facts and it’s a great university. These coaches aren’t bad guys and they are some of the best in the business.Whatever Ellis does I wish all the best and I know he will do great wherever he goes.

  • Mtownclown

    @ ??? .well said ….

  • Coaches Coach

    Tosh Lupoi is just as slimmy as Ed Orgeron! I know for a fact! They’re no different. Win at all cost! Damm the education and the future of the athlete!

    I would stay at Cal where Ellis can earn an education that he will be able to apply when his playing days are over…!

    A Cal degree will get you a lot farther in life than a SC degree ever will! Unless Dick’s Sporting Goods saleman is your future.

  • MonroVian

    Ellis to UCLA??? I like that better than Cal, would LOVE to see USC but UCLA will do. I Can’t wait untill the first of the month (In My Bone Thugs Voice)

  • sgv scouting

    Great job by Miguel Melendez in getting the scoop that has been confirmed by yours truly through three different sources at UCLA that Ellis McCarthy has given a verbal commitment to UCLA this evening…

  • spike lee

    Before we talk about starting, the first thing any player should be concerned with is making it through your last semester of Academics In high school. You don’t want to blow any core classes. Yes this has happened to good students also. After that then it’s your passing your first Semester of College Academics, UCLA, USC, or Cal, are not schools for dummies. I don’t know what kind of student Ellis is. Different schools have different academic work loads. You are going to have to make the grades. We know, Everyone wants Ellis bad. Ellis will have to work into the rotation or starting lineup no matter where he goes. Let’s be real, it is a lot easier to start at UCLA or CAL right now vs Starting at USC. I do believe ellis could start anywhere he goes, but he still has to work for it. Ellis’s number one concern will be getting in shape. For those who seen Ellis play 4 years, we know how good he is. We also know he get’s tired too. It’s a lot easier to be a “Bust” then it is to go in and start 3-4 years, and go to the NFL. Are you in the top 1%? Time will tell. As a Student athlete you have to be disciplined and serious to play in the Same city you grew up in. There is a lot of support, but there is a a lot of distractions that come with the territory. You will have hometown groupies, wanting to hang all time, showing up at your pad. Sometimes it’s not what you do, but its what your entourage does. When you are as big as Ellis, people are always watching. If he is lucky to get a NFL shot, his behavior is going to come into play as well. Judging from the US Army game, he has to work on his temper. Ellis if you fight someone, you are going to kill them, walk away man. I hope Big Ellis keeps a low profile, Hits the books, and spends the majority of his time in the weight room, training facility and film room. Just because you play locally, doesn’t mean you have to be seen all the time. Watch them ladies man. They can be a lot of trouble, find a good girl lol. It will be nice, to see him on FSPWest frequently. All In all Happy to see the kid going UCLA, I love USC though. No matter where you go “Do the right things”, and you will be sucessful(Degree, NFL,). Do the wrong things and you will be back at home. We’ve seen that happen too.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    As I read thru most of the non-sense here on this blog I really wonder if any of you really know what Ellis McCarthy is truly going through, most of you if not all you DO NOT. Im not going to personally attack anyone here so if you feel like this is pointed at you its not however you should examine your position on this youngs mans life. So you should only speak on what you know.

    Have any of you ever been recruited to play DI football? Do you really understand the level of competition on recruiting from school to school, and what goes into making players decide where to go PLAY football? For every one of you who believe that Ellis should choose CAL/UCLA/USC/LSU or Timbuktu stop for a moment and set aside your personal bias and really ponder what is best for this 18 year old young man.

    Perception, Perception, Perception. I heard some say Ellis shouldnt go to USC because its in the Ghetto.

    Footnote: Billionaires send their kids to that school and if its good enough for Billionaires them its good enough for all of use.

    I heard some say that Ellis shouldnt go to CAL because of the rigors of the school and that it maybe too difficult there.

    Footnote: If Chuck Muncie and Marshawn Lynch can make it thru CAL then Ellis surely can.

    Dont let false perception cloud your judgment. I read here on the blog that Ellis doesnt want to be perceived as just some dumb football player and the perception is that UCLA and CAL offer him a better education than USC or Oregon. Well that may be true to some and not to others and that debate could go on for days. But going to a CAL or UCLA doesnt change anything about how anyone will perceive you. You can dress like rapper, drive a car like a rapper go to the same places rappers go and buy VIBE magazine.it doesnt make you a RAPPER, you are what you are. When you are 65 and 325 lbs most people dont see you as a Quantum Physicist even if you graduated from MIT or CAL TECH its sad but true. The first question out of most peoples mouths directed at you is where did you play football or did you play football or what team do you play for. The question surely will not be can you tell me how many A.Us. (Astronomical Units) the sun is from the earth.

    Footnote: The answer is 1 AU which is equals to 93,000,000 miles which is the distance between earth and the sun. Just adding a little humor.

    Listen people Ellis saw up close and got his first taste of what the business of college football was like yesterday when the coach who had been recruiting him and telling him about how great CAL is and that CAL is the place to be and you will love being here at CAL and we are building something for the future here at CAL. Well I guess Tosh couldnt believe any more of his own BULL CRAP and basically bolted for a better job @ UW. That is the nature of college football it isnt about you the player its about what you can give. And please dont give me that crap about getting free education; its hard work. It is tough enough to graduate from any college without playing any sport but to have to work 50 hours a week on the field and in the gym sure as hell isnt free and damn sure isnt easy. Universities arent in the business of given away free anything, its a business and the football player is the ROI.

    There is no loyalty to any football player once you sign the NLI. One of the major reasons players never make it thru college is that they have been misguided and havent been properly informed on the expectations of DI football player. Most of the money making DI schools dont give Rats!@# about you getting an education. Oh yeah they say all of the right things when recruiter/salesman is sitting in your living room but you can bet your last dollar that if you want to take 18 units during the fall they will try and encourage you to take 12-15 units. And furthermore for most athletes if you try and dedicate yourself too much to the class room theyll tell you not committed to the PROGRAM.

    Listen that is the sad reality of DI football and most of you dont understand that because you never had to do it. So Ellis if you want to get an EDUCATION and PLAY FOOTBALL please consider the list of schools that you should consider to further your education and allow you to play football. Each of these schools is more concerned about your education:


    Ellis if you want to PLAY FOOTBALL and get and EDUCATION please see the list below, pay close attention to the order. Play Football or Education


    I say it is better to be in classroom of 50-70 rather than 400-500 youll get better opportunities to see your professors one on one rather than hear the lecture of a TA. Having been around you for that past four years, I know that no matter where you attend college you will do what ever it takes to graduate and I know that is a goal of yours. I just felt compelled to give you my insight to all of this.

    In all honesty a degree from CAL/UCLA/USC doesnt really matter you are being rewarded for being a football player who has earned the right to get a FANTASTIC education. This is your life Ellis and dont be guilted by me, your mom, your dad, your uncle or anyone its a difficult choice so choose wisely. Please know this no matter where you choose I will support you and will be there for advice if you ever need it. As I have told you many times I’m not going to sugar coat it and keep it real with you and give you all of the knowledge I have as it relates to you and playing football at the next level. ELLIS YOU DONT OWE anyone anything. This is your life. Your Coach, Your Friend, Your Supporter.

    Kennedy Bryant

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