Former San Marino/Temple City coach Mike Mooney pleads guilty to grand theft embezzlement on Tuesday … San Marino Tribune NOT vindicated …

Here’s the story from the Pasadena Star-News website.

Former San Marino High School football coach Mike Mooney pleaded guilty to one count of grand theft embezzlement Tuesday for stealing $20,000 from the funds from the school booster clubs, officials said.

Mooney was sentenced to one year of probation and 20 days of community service, said Sandi Gibbons, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman.

Mooney had originally pleaded not guilty to the charge in December.

The theft took place during a two-year period 2008 to 2010.

Mooney’s connections to San Marino High football stretch back to the 1990s. He began his first stint as head coach in 1996, before leaving the program in 1998 to become head football coach at Temple City High School.

Mooney left Temple City in 2007 to return to San Marino, where he was given the option to both coach and work as an assistant principal, something not afforded to Mooney at Temple City High School.

Aram’s take: If you think this vindicates the San Marino Tribune for falsely reporting in a December article that Mooney would enter a guilty plea at a December hearing, you’re very, very wrong. The SM Tribune reported that Mooney would enter a SPECIFIC PLEA at a SPECIFIC HEARING on a SPECIFIC DAY. Well, THAT HEARING and THAT DAY came and Mooney DID NOT any of the things the SM Tribune said he would. He plead not guilty, as the Star-News correctly reported. What happened between then and now was probably a lot of deal making between the prosecution and defense. Mooney CHANGED his plea. When the SM Tribune wrote its original story, it cited a source. Who other than Mooney and his attorney could be a credible source? Anyway, I guess SOME of you don’t understand how the news/journalism business works. When you report that something is going to happen on a SPECIFIC DAY and it does not happen, YOU ARE WRONG. When you report something is going to happen on a specific day and it does, you are right. What happens after that can and sometimes will change. You then report on that as well. The idea is to correctly report on things EVERY STEP OF THE WAY as accurately as possible. Another case in point: my reporting on Ellis McCarthy picking Cal. My scoop was that McCarthy would pick Cal during an announcement made during the U.S. Army All-Star Game. Did he do that? Yes. There’s video and photographic proof of him picking up and putting on a Cal hat and telling an interviewer why he chose Cal. My reporting was correct. So now that McCarthy changed his mind and is headed to UCLA, does that make my reporting wrong? NOT AT ALL. I reported what would happen that specific day and at that specific time, and that’s exactly what did happen. Get it? Good.

  • just saying

    Aram – You really need to get off your high horse on this one. Not many people here want to hear about your personal vendetta against another paper. We don’t need a journalism lesson from you. The story here is about a once respected player, coach and administrator who plead guilty to a felony….don’t lose track of that. Lately on occasion you have been just like a lot of the bloggers here who use this blog as a forum to rip people and schools beyond the playing fields and courts. You wrote a recent article on why a lot of long time and respected coaches are leaving. Read what Greg Gano had to say and when you’re done read it again.

  • Relax

    Calm down Aram, and get a lady friend or hobby! You got a lot of aggression about life that spills over into your professional work. You seem to be always be bashing someone or something. Whether it’s Pomona, San Marino Tribune, Mid Valley Sports, San Dimas, or just looking to argue with bloggers. You should get yourself checked out bro! Not everything in life is an argument!

  • Paul

    Aram…. Get over it!!

  • Hypocrite


    You have a personal agenda and use the blogs and the tribune newspaper to spew your crap. You are a reporter, you report the news not make it.

    You have made so many false statements on your blogs and in the paper and never come clean, you are a hypocrite.

  • Aram

    MS, P-Town, Pomona, Hypocrite

    Unless you want to start coming with examples of my hypocrisy, then it is you sir who is spewing crap. Lemme guess, you’re gonna use something Pomona-related as your example? It must suck for you to never be able to get away with your crap on this site like you do on others.

    By the way, I missed your detailed explanation of what’s going on over at Wilson on the Mid Valley site. Is that because you flaked or because they simply didn’t post a story. You guys really do deserve each other.

    I do report the news and I do it better than just anybody around these parts.

  • Aram Fan

    Aram are you saying you’re a better reporter than Clay Powler and Pete Marshall ? How about Fred Robledo and Steve Ramirez? How lucky are we to have the best in our midst dispite the fact that Miguel Melendez actually broke the story about Mc Carthy to UCLA, lol.

    By the way, you’re better by how much? Like St. Paul to Servite or Santa Margarita to Azusa? Wow! I think in your wonder lust to beat down the San Marino and Mid Valley papers you’ve just dumped on your own co-workers. Classic Aram! You’re very entertaining when you go gangsta !!!!

  • Aram

    Oh my goodness!!! This thread is turning into an absolute DREAM. MS and FC on the same thread? Yeah, FC, in order to give you endless fodder I will say I’m better than ANYBODY in this area or the entire country you can come up with!!!

    Ken Rosenthal, couldn’t break a story to save his life in this area.

    Jay Glazer who?

    Adam Schefter what?

    None of them can touch me.

    And by the way FC, or Damien Dad, or Damien Fan, or Aram Fan, you need to step up your game. Your endless quest to get a mob against is going terribly. I know you try to jump and start the fire wherever you can, just like this particular situation, but it never goes anywhere. Better luck next time. Now go to the pharmacy and get a refill.

  • That’s Odd!


    I have no ax to grind with you, but I do feel a little embarrassed for you man. Stop all of the nonsense, and act like a professional.

  • Aram

    Since when is telling the truth not acting professionally?

    You know, it’s funny. I look at the three IP addresses of the people who posted on this thread and not surprisingly, one of them is Pomona, another is FC/Damien Dad, and the latest is the same person who told me not to ambush the San Dimas practice.

    I get it, you guys are my haters and you jump at stuff like this trying to get people on your bandwagon. It never works. We keep going in circles. I appreciate your tenacity, but it doesn’t.

    I can think of no better way to “act professional” than to keep telling the truth about you guys as long as you keep lying about me.

  • just saying

    Bitter, party of one…your table is ready.

    I think TMZ is looking for a sports guy.

  • Aram

    Actually, two weeks after leaving FOX I interviewed at TMZ and was offered a job. I turned it down just to make your day.

  • just saying

    Aram – Just having fun. Seriously you and the boys do good work in getting the word out on the SGV…but really, did we need to hear about the San Marino Trib?

  • Realist

    Fact no money was taken from any booster club it was from school asb funds,
    Shotty journalism on your part aram

  • Legend in His Own Mind

    We are soooo Lucky!

    “Oh my goodness!!! This thread is turning into an absolute DREAM. MS and FC on the same thread? Yeah, FC, in order to give you endless fodder I will say I’m better than ANYBODY in this area or the entire country you can come up with!!!”

    And that’s why he works @ the San Gabriel valley Tribune…..LOL

    Get over yourself, you sound like a 13 year old girl talking about her old best friend and what she is wearing….grow up man! It sucks that you have to belittle someone else to make yourself feel better. Like a previous poster said, “you need a girl”! But from the looks of things, that isn’t happening soon unless you have the money to pay for it by the hour!

  • Aram

    Wait up, the same guy who calls me at the office and emails me 15-page epics about his feelings is calling me at 14-year-old girl? Really? Come on, FC. You’re my biggest fan. You and Pomona. I appreciate all your hits and continued business.


    I don’t really comment but this is just very low reporting on your part aram. I read the comments on here and you sound cocky, arrogant and immature. I probably check your blog everyday, not as much as melendez but close. Now I won’t even click on “in the the huddle with aram tolegian” because I’m disgusted by the man who gets too personal with Bloggers and and other blogs. I’m very disappointed and this will be my last visit till September. I suggest others do the same.

  • Aram


    Glad to hear it. You can stay gone for all I care. I don’t put up with schizos here, so if that offends you or anybody else, then KICK ROCKS.

  • Sierra League Fan

    I have to admit that I am taken aback by this post and your attitude. I check into your blogs frequently and frankly am surprised by your attitude. I Guess I’ll just not contribute to your blogs anymore. I’m out!

  • Aram

    Ahh, that’s too bad Sierra League Fan. Your first post and it’s your exit speech. Oh well. Run along now …

  • sgvpride

    Well when the blogs gets as many hits as they have free reigns to do pretty much whatever you want. It can’t be that hard to report on what, 5-8 schools that are the favorites for the Tribune. With the occasional cinderalla stories that get some coverage. Fish Bowl USA!

  • Know Your Bloggers Jacka$$

    You are being a real jacka$$. You are driving away even some of the sensible bloggers like Sierra League Fan. Even I know that was not his first post. He posts regularly on these blogs and on fred’s. his insight into the Sierra league is usually pretty good and he is usually positive in his blogs. Oh well, I guess you know everything. Keep blasting people so it makes you feel like you are in power…lol. I have a question for you, did you even play any sports in high school? or were just the fat kid in the band?

  • Kennedy Bryant


    Everyone is SPITTING Hot fire, I think I open the wrong door. Where is the exit, is this what we have to go thru till spring ball. JEEZZZ

    For the record, I having withdrawls as well. PEACE

  • Aram

    3,512 hits yesterday alone! Where you guys at? I thought everyone left?

    Sierra League Fan had ONE POST under that IP address and it was yesterday’s goodbye speech. ONE guy using ONE of his aliases under a “hide my ass” IP address.

    It can give the impression that there’s a mass exodus, when really it’s just the same two ladies — Pomona and Damien Dad — doing their thing.

    Anyway, just like the Arroyo football team chanted from the stands during Friday’s basketball game “We love Aram! We love Aram!”

    3,512 hits!

  • People Have More Than One Computer Jacka$$!

    Are you computer illiterate. Don’t you realize people can have more than one computer in more than one location? Or do you only have 1 for the whole neighborhood to share? I write from both my home and work computers….hell, even from my cell phone if I’m bored. Ever think the dude might be bored in a hotel somewhere and decided to pop on and make a post? Get a clue clown.
    Also, you never answered my question – Did you play any sports in high school? or were you the fat kid all the jocks picked on so now you are seeking your “revenge”? Keep counting your “blog” hits because we all know you never had any “hits” on the football field. I’m not going anywhere….I’ll be your Huckleberry! (That is until you pull the little biotch card and delete my posts because your feelings got hurt)

  • Aram You Need Help


    You had approx. 40 comments all day yesterday, of which 25% (10) of them were you. Half the comments on your blogs yesterday came from this thread. You want us to believe you had 3,512 hits? You are a joke.

    All these football coaches stepping down and the number one thread on your football blog is talking crap about you, and your proud of it.

    The self proclaimed “Best Reporter in the SGV”.

  • Aram

    Comments do not equal hits. I could care less about comments. Hits are all that matters. 3,512! Looks like not even the guys who said they are leaving left.

    As always, Pomona and Damien Dad will be back. They’re addicted. Biggest Aram fans on the planet. So much so they hate themselves for it.

  • Avoiding the Question, Aram?????

    Did you play any sports in high school? You still haven’t answered my question. I am just trying to figure out if you have any personal experience in high school athletics. I don’t think chess is a CIF sport. So come on Aram…fess up did you play sports or were you the tuba player in the band???. I also like how you skirted my comments about IP addresses. You sure are looking foolish these days.

  • Aram

    Oh, I’m sorry. Wasn’t skirting anything.

    Let’s just put it this way, Cal Hi Sports Magazine was debating between putting me or Stais Boseman on the cover my senior year.

    And shouldn’t you already know that? You’re so good at doing background checks on people, I figured you wouldn’t have to ask.

    OK, my biggest fan. What’s your next question? You want to know my favorite color? My favorite radio station? Get at me!!!!

  • Aram Play Football haha!

    Aram went to Temple City High School, that maybe why he has a hard on when it comes to Coach Mooney. Let’s just say I heard he was on the football team, but the word “play” was not used. That also is the reason why he always trys to protect Coach Zavala whom got FIRED from Wilson and is now the backup LB coach over at Montobello.

  • Aram

    Hey Sierra League Fan,

    Why are you still here posting? Thought you left? Different name, same IP. Glad to have you back!

    About Mike Mooney and Temple City — He graduated three years before I got there. Never even met him until 2000. So keep scrounging and you may get it right.

    About Brian Zavala and Temple City — This is how close we were. The extent of our relationship was me loaning him my Heavy D and The Boyz cassette freshman year.

    Pick another IP address and screen name and come at me with something better than this. Try another fat joke because although that’s blatantly weak and obvious, the rest of your material is even worse.

    It’s clear you don’t have a job, so shouldn’t you be better at this with all that free time on your hands?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Sounds to me like AT is serving you all some SALTED D. with Hot Wings… He is on Fire up in here.

  • Aram Play Football haha!


    You never responded to your high school football experience. Guess I hit that one right on.

    By the way my sources are a family friend that Brian Zavala grew up with and Zavala himself. Amazing how things get twisted around over the years. According to Zavala you guys are friends from high school?

    Guess he wrong?

  • Aram

    You don’t have ANY sources. Just stop it.

  • Aram Play Football haha!

    Once again you avoid answering the questions.

    Did you play any sports in High School?

    If so what sports and did you really play?

    Is that really the best you can do,

    “You don’t have ANY sources. Just stop it.”

    Talk about weak, and you do this for a living (haha)

    I told you one of my sources, Zavala.

    The other one is a very long time friend, longer than you. O thats right you didn’t know him in high school my mistake.

    Interesting didn’t you state you played football? That would mean you played on the same football team as Zavala and you didn’t know him ok, we believe you.

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