GAME CHANGER: CIF considering new rule that would make ALL transfers sit out ONLY 30 DAYS!!!! …

CIF State officials are working on a potential proposal that would do away with the controversial “athletically motivated” transfer rule and replace it with a one-size-fits-all rule that would force transfers to sit out 30 CALENDAR DAYS at their new schools before becoming eligible.

The new rule would extend across all sports and all levels. Example: Johnny Gun plays QB for Los Altos in Week 0, then daddy gets sour about the play calling and decides Johnny Gun is transferring to Charter Oak, Johnny Gun would be eligible to play for Charter Oak after sitting out 30 days.

This concept is not even a proposal yet, nor is it on any council agenda. But state officials are looking at the possibility of making this a proposal, according to CIF-Southern Section spokesperson Thom Simmons.

“The sections would have to vote on it, first of all, and then after that it would have to be voted on at the state level,” Simmons said.

The 30-day ineligibility would be no matter what, regardless of whether the transfer was deemed to be athletically motivated or due to reasonable circumstances. The new rule would likely be in place for the 2012-13 school year.

Aram’s take: It’s not quite “let them transfer wherever they want and play right away”, but it’s damn close … and I’LL TAKE IT!!! Keep in mind that this is in its infancy stages, but given the strong desire section-wide to get rid of the “athletically motivated” rule, I expect this to catch fire and fly through once it’s officially proposed. The buzz about this is already out there. Some athletic directors have already heard about it about it. I’m trying to get a better understanding of whether kids who are already ruled ineligible for a portion of next school year are going to be immediately eligible or whether their ineligibility sentence will remain the same, think Andrew Hauser, formerly of Bishop Amat and currently at Charter Oak. He would still have to wait until his ineligibility sentence is up, according to what I’ve been told. DRINK IT IN, LADIES AND GENTS. This is a GAME CHANGER!

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  • Woah

    There go the floodgates.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    I’ve always thought a kid should not have to sit out a year for transferring. That’s a pretty harsh rule. Say a kid comes to a school as a freshman because a coach that runs a system that compliments his skillset is there. The kid gets there, goes through a season then the coach leaves, gets fired, burned out, etc… Now a the new coach changes the whole O/D scheme and the the kid is left out in the cold. That’s not right, especially considering employment in California is “at will”. School of attendance should be “at will” as well. It migh be a great tool for parents to get their kids a better education along the way. Pretty sure the kids from LA that go to Corona Centennial are getting a MUCH better quality education not to mention being part of a top notch athletic program.

    Just sayin’ …

  • Big-Big-Big-Mistake

    This will be the biggest mistake ever made by CIF. You think coaches are leaving is droves now? wait for this rule to be in effect for a couple of years when the parents of star players are running each and every athletic program in the valley. This will lead to the complete demise of CIF football as we know it today. Every competitive sporting league (NFL, NCAA, NBA, NHL, MLB, etc) all have rules to restrict the movement of their players from team to team in order to obtain a competitive balance. With this rule change you can forget competitive balance being an objective in high school sports ever again. “Think Miami Heat on steroids”

  • just sayin’

    AyalaBulldogFan – under your hypothetical that kid would already be eligible under the one transfer after your freshman year clause

  • Robert Locksley

    I think this is bad, bad, BAD!!! The small schools are gonna go under. Get ready for the super powerhouse schools. The disparity between the schools will be totally out of line and competition as we knew it will cease. The rich will get richer and the poor will get poorer, especially when it will be of no consequence to shop your little prodigy around. Plus if coach has his head where the sun don’t shine I can just pack up juniors gear and move on to the next “good fit” or “recognizes talent when he see’s it”. Think Big market teams vs. small market teams. This is bad, bad, BAD!!!

  • Guys,

    I’m sure when the fine print is added there will likely be some guidelines put in place that will limit number of times a kid can transfer overall and in a certain school year.

    But the basic premise of the rule would be to limit the sit-out period to 30 days.

  • Big-Big-Big-Mistake

    Parents already have far too much say in what goes on in high school sports these days. A rule like this is like giving the “helicopter dad / club coach dad” a “hand grenade” to demand that the coach does what he wants or he’ll take his 5-10 kids with him to the next school. There will be no such thing as a coach building a program up, when there are other coaches out there willing to promise the world to these parents in order to get them to transfer their kid or their group of kids over to another school. What ever happened to high school being about academics first and foremost?

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ Just sayin’,

    I recently read the transfer guidlines because a family friend considered a transfer after Inglima was essentially fired from Ayala. The player was not a starter but liked Inglima so playing time was not going to be an issue one way or the other. Myself, I was just curious because I’ve heard people say you can transfer pretty easily and I’ve also heard it’s hard. Being the curious soul I am, I decided to look for myself.

    Here’s a key item;
    “…If you transfer to a new school whose coach worked with your club program;
    or follow a coach from your former school, or transfer to a new school where a booster, parent, friend or staff member
    encouraged you to attend, you may not be granted transfer eligibility.”.

    That “may not” sends chills up my spine. I know people transfer all the time, I just think it should be a free for-all. It’ll be bad at first no question, but I think things will settle down after the first year or two. It will be a breeze for a coach to spot the PITA parents. “…I see this is your 3rd transfer and you’re only a Sophomore… what gives?”. The look on mommy and daddy’s face will be priceless.

    I think if the new rules fly, you’ll definitely see more one time transfers than you do now, especially late in a players career (mid – Jr. year), but if a kid that’s a reciever gets thrown into a coaching change issue and the new coach is an option guy… that kid better transfer or he’s got virtually NO chance of playing at the next level and that would be unfortunate. I say give the kids some options to pursue not only academic excellence but athletic excellence as well.


  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ Big Big Mistake,

    Nostalgia, i.e. playing for the neighborhood school went out of when the Amats, the Servites, and the Mater Dei’s started recruiting. This rule just puts public schools on a more level playing field with them… IMHO

  • Tech Support

    How long until they start forming super conferences? How long until the next big 5th grader Aram posts a highlight video of is rolling around with a shiny new bike with an Amat bumper sticker (not an Amat shot, replace it with Damien, LVL, Los Altos, whoever)?

    As somebody who has followed high school sports since he was 8 and was lucky enough to watch a number of great games over the years this kinda makes me sick to my stomach.

    I have no problem with school choice and giving your kid a better education. But make that decision when the kid starts going to high school, not during. It’s not like you can’t tell if the education at a school sucks until you get there. It’s just amazing how many parents realize they can send their kids to a better academic environment at the same time they can get more playing time or more exposure somewhere else.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ Tech Support,

    What about all the coaching turnover? Kids are (sometimes) at the mercy of a lunatic principal or AD. Ayala’s current ahem… Principal… she’s a real piece of work. Under the current guidelines athletes suffer when she goes off her meds. Is that right?

  • New York

    There could initially be a frenzy of transfers. After a while, though, good coaches would discourage new players from transferring in because too many transfers disrupts chemistry. Also, highly recruited players will learn to be cautious. Bouncing around is a red flag sometimes.

    I don’t like the idea of anyone being held captive. If players don’t want to be on a team or an employee does not want to be with a company, then they are better off elsewhere, as is the team/company.

  • As a media member, this could get downright juicy. So easy to leave and be seen right away at the new school. You could play IN the Glendora Tournament in Dec. and then be playing FOR Glendora in the playoffs in March!

    You could score a TD to beat Charter Oak in Week 0. Then be playing for Charter Oak in the playoffs!

    Make it rain, CIF!!!

  • Tech Support

    @Ayala Bulldog

    I’m not saying it doesn’t happen. No solution is perfect. It’s about which negatives you can MOST live with. I’m not going to comment on the sanity or lack thereof of the Ayala principal but I’m gonna make a broad statement and say MOST educators and high school principals are not certifiably insane.

    As for coaching changes, sorry but tough luck. I’m with the NCAA on this one. You commit to a school and not a coach. IF the coach is that important to you, then take the punishment of sitting out a year.

  • Singing In The Rain…

    Given the economy the way it is and the success of football programs like West Co and Charter Oak, I would expect an immediate exodus out of schools like Bishop Amat (where the program has basicall gone down hill) and their better players going to said public schools. Benefits: Parents save money for college, far more exposure for the kid at these schools, college recruitment, programs would get stronger, winning continues, and Education is on par with or better than Amat.

    I see no reason why a kid should be held hostage to a private school or a 1 year sentence. A kid like Hauser ought to be playing, day one! Ok, lets make him wait 30 days.

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    I do see your point Tech Support.

    Since my favorite school will NOT be the beneficiary of many if any transfers. I believe there are only a small handfull of them at the moment. Most notable the (current) soph QB Meyette. Hopefully we don’t loose too many. But not going to begrudge anyone that chooses to leave. Rather have 100% committed players than “I’d bolt the 1st chance I get”. Let ’em go. When they go to a school that has 100+ kids on the sidelines and have NO chance of playing, well… live and learn.

  • Coach Slayer

    Your team starts 0-3 why not leave for a 3-0 program. Your qb gets hurt go get another one before the playoffs.Recuiting will be rampant with craftily hidden bribes maybe. Basically the weaker teams will be like the minor leagues where you can bring up talent from these schools. There are a slew of scenarios like this. This will severly hurt football in general.

  • Prep Fan

    This proposed rule change would not allow players to play for two different teams in the same year. There are blue book rules specifically saying this is not allowed that will still be in effect should this proposal pass. Also, students would not be able to play JV while they are sitting out so this rule would cost most students over a third of their season should they use it.

    If you look closely it is not a 30 day waiting period. Students are eligible after a certain date (in October for fall sports). Should they transfer after that date they must sit out a minimum of 30 days.

    Also if this passes the free transfer after your sophomore year goes away as well. Also all rules about undue influence and following your coach would still be in effect. It is not quite the free for all Aram imagines, but it will give students more choice later in their careers to make a move for whatever reason they see fit.

    CIF is going this way because the parents want it, the California legislature basically wants it, and the schools and CIF are tired of fighting about it.

  • WTF?

    Does anybody else ever notice how Aram is always in favor of this kinda stuff? That’s because this fat slug is a non-athlete, who doesn’t know if a football is pumped or stuffed so he thinks it’s great. He obviously never learned any of the values of high school sports. Loyalty, teamwork, commitment. While I don’t disagree with some sort of transfer policy. I am shocked that CIF would approve of opening the flood gates. But I am not shocked Aram likes it because he is a self serving douche.

    Print It!

  • Bad Sign !!

    I could see some students get together to make a high school “DREAM TEAM”(you name the sport) then when the season is over go BACK to their home school to go to their prom or graduation. This is not good.

  • Handcuffing never works.

    I think that CIF should have week 0 deadline. No transfers after the first game. However, if such a rule is passed, you can kiss competitive CIF Football good bye all together. But then Again, the 2nd stringers at say a Corona Centennial or Upland, may jump ship and get More time. Those players could go across town, play and make things more interesting. Besides “Depth” is the true advantage when dealing with Powerhouse schools. They just wear you down, with back after back, D lineman after D Lineman. It’s hard to make a dream team, because the guys who transfer to winning schools, may end up on the bench. Besides, I would not want some kid coming in mid season or playoffs, if he does not know the plays or assignments and is not used to playing with the team. That’s a good way to blow a game. No one really knows how this is going to turn out. I have always been a firm believer, no use in having a kid, if he does not want to play for you. Let Him go. If he wins a title cross town, so be it, He was only going to be a cancer if he stayed. Play and win or lose with the kids who want to be there. I am tired of seeing coaches, bloggers, writers and Kids complaining about people wanting to transfer. Cif is probably tired of the hearings, all the lying families, coaches etc… I don’t think this rule would pass. There are too many cry baby’s.

  • X’s and O’s

    “As a media member, this could get downright juicy. So easy to leave and be seen right away at the new school. You could play IN the Glendora Tournament in Dec. and then be playing FOR Glendora in the playoffs in March!

    You could score a TD to beat Charter Oak in Week 0. Then be playing for Charter Oak in the playoffs!

    Make it rain, CIF!!!”

    This is not what high school athletics is supposed to be about! This does not fit the slogan of Academics, Athletics, Integrity. The fact that someone said “Make it rain CIF!!!” is God awful especially since he has influence. High school athletics is supposed to be about building solid, young men and women. I know that I wouldn’t have been able to be where I am today if it weren’t for high school sports even though I wasn’t the most athletic person in the world.

    As a society, we complain about the way professional athletes look for exposure and the “Me Me Me” attitude, but then we want to allow teenage kids (only the ones with talent) and their selfish parents dictate the rules. This is BAD not only for competitive equity, but society as a whole. It sends a very poor message

  • bigdog

    This is rediculas,doesn’t anyone care about these kids education!!!!!!! If your on the official roster at the beggining of the year or run one play and your DADDY decides to yank you then you should be sitting for one year. My son played football locally and waited his turn like you should and has done real well for himself now playing at a D-1 school. I’ve seen to many DADDY’S over the years moving there kids all over the area because they think there kid has talent and screws up there childs High School years.All there interested in is sports when they they should be focusing on there kids education and just having a great time in H.S. during this time of there life.I’ve said it before that it doesn’t matter what school your at Loyola,Mater dei,Corona Centennial or La Puente,Nogales or El Monte The recruiters will find you and check you out. They don’t care what the score is or if your on a winning team.They never look at the scoreboard.My spelling sucks.

  • Robert Locksley

    Players and parents that buy into the smoke blown up their backsides expecting a pay out on all of the promises made by coaches that they follow, deserve what they get when a coach leaves, retires or gets fired. Teach your athlete to COMPETE! Send your kid to a school let him compete and if it doesn’t go his way he has to try harder or learn a lesson in life…not everyone is going to like you as much as mommy and daddy and sometimes it takes a little longer to attain your goals. Adversity teaches you lessons in life. It may also build your resolve to succeed WITHOUT the intervention of Mom and Dad. Commitment. Anybody remember that term? How about Perseverance? In a world where everything revolves around instant gratification, we are raising a generation of “find the path of least resistance” underachievers who must be told how great they are even when they do the ordinary or routine. Some parents need to shake themselves, and hard! Is it any wonder that athletes do not “Honor” (there’s another dying term from a day gone past)their contracts anymore? I believe the rule is just fine, as a matter of fact, I think it should be more stringently enforced and transfers more thoroughly investigated. If you want to play for a particular school, go there! If you don’t like it, you have one chance to move. That’s it! If you think that “This will ultimately settle down” I completely disagree. This will just be the beginning of the end of High School Football as we knew it AND it won’t get better, it will get worse. PLUS, I thought that ulitimately, going to High School was about getting an education. Remember when kids played football for fun? Just one mans opinion.

  • prep fan

    I am actually in favor of kids being allowed to transfer to another school. Not in the same school year, but after your soph or jr season, why not? Maybe favoritism to other athletes(it does happen), maybe the athlete doesn’t fit the new scheme. Whatever the reason, let them go. Honor and commitment goes both ways. Not one sided from the athlete.

  • FredJ

    I’ve always been in favor of kids being allowed to transfer without the interference of CIF, I hope the rule is written into law by the schools. After that, it’s up to the school districts to police themselves and police transfers, the way it should be.

  • R.L.

    Favoritism, coach doesn’t like me, coach plays favorites, etc, etc….call it what you want. It’s leaving because you didn’t get what you wanted. Bad coaches weed themselves out and if you’ve done your homework, you won’t enroll there in the first place. You can always leave a place where the competition is harder and be a superstar where the competition is weaker. Just because you earn accolades and “appear” to be a super star, does not mean you are. Look at MLB draft and see how many of those “phenoms” actually make it. Most take the $200-500K and call it a career. Soooo, in summation, You don’t need open transfer rules to move to greener pastures. Just know what your getting into be for you get in it. If you did your research before going there you would already know what to expect. Most times it’s mom and dad thinking junior is better than he is and they enroll him at Santa Margarita (for example) only to find out that maybe he should have stayed local where he had may have had a chance to play from the get go!!!!

  • Colt74

    FredJ said:

    “I’ve always been in favor of kids being allowed to transfer without the interference of CIF, I hope the rule is written into law by the schools. After that, it’s up to the school districts to police themselves and police transfers, the way it should be”

    Your view backs up my view. CIF is outdated and IMHO worthless. They don’t want the headaches that come with the job, they are not consistent in their decisions, they enact rules that the refs refuse to follow ( spearing ). Etc…

    Let the Leagues/Divisions govern/police themselves. Do away with refs and let the teams call their own penalties/fouls like in pick-up ball. Let the kids transfer as many times as they want. Let them even red-shirt a year. Give them 5 years of HS eligibility so they can repeat a grade. That should make all the parents happy.

    And just think of the worthy news that my plan would create.

    I mean, HS Sports should only be about the creation of stories…

    Plus, at the same time the players stats would have a new column…transfers.

    I agree with what every person has brought up with this rule being a bad idea. This takes away any authority a coach may have had on the team and gives it 100% to the parents.

    And people already wonder why the coaches are taking the ball and going home…

  • Football Fan

    WOW!!!! This is defiantly going to change high school football!
    I hear Los Altos is having their football banquet today,
    Congrats to everyone in the program especially Dale Ziola and his seniors.

  • Amen Robert Locksely!

    I am im violent agreement with you and, of course, Colt 74 is always right on the money in my opinion even though sarcasm is tough to get out of a blog post. Also WTF, too funny! Print it!

  • Let It Rain…

    FredJ and Prep Fan, the same guy?

    Is Colt74 worried that his few above average players are gonna jump ship to West Co?

    Looks to me like the only people complaining about this “proposed change” are a few mid-valley teams and the PAC 5 team down the street!

    What’s the big deal? The kid doesn’t get to pick his family in the same way he doesn’t get to pick his HS. Why shouldn’t the kid be allowed to attend the best school available to her/him?

    If the school has an excellent academic and athletic program, then the girl/boy should be allowed to attend that school!

    The private schools are nervous because they can already see the Tuition Cash Cow mooing down the street to the good public schools.

    The lower level athletic programs are nervous because they know they will lose all their talent to schools like Charter Oak, Glendora, Bonita, San Dimas, and La Verne as a few examples.

    I say Let It Rain…! Get rid of Socialized Education! Kids will very quickly find out in College that there is no such thing as Socialized Education in College. You either have it or you don’t.

    This is America…the Land of Opportunity! Give them the choice and the opportunity! Give them the freedom to go where ever they want to go to school!

    Healthy competition will eventually shape up dragging institutions like Covina, Baldwin Park, Asuza, Nogales, Northview, and several others in the SGV!

    That’s right! I said it…and you know I’m right!

  • Colt74

    Let it rain said:
    “What’s the big deal? The kid doesn’t get to pick his family in the same way he doesn’t get to pick his HS. Why shouldn’t the kid be allowed to attend the best school available to her/him?”

    WTF???? Doesn’t get to pick his family..etc ???? Pour yourself another and explain that one…?????

    I guess the best high school changes week by week..and according to that seasons record. ??????


    Let whomever transfer wherever. Covinas few “above average” players are above average because of their skills and their hard work..not because of the name of the school. 11-2 with only a few “above average” players is a pretty good season in my book. Wouldn’t you agree Notsince???? Err..I mean Let it Rain?

  • Bottom Line

    This rule change would simply bring order to what’s already happening, namely the transfer of top talent. All parties concerned now realize that they are helpless to stop this from happening, and that they can save themselves considerable time by not pretending to make the transfers ‘fair’ or ‘reasonable’.

    From a fan’s perspective, it would be odd to cheer for a kid who played on another school’s team just a month prior, but perhaps we can cheer for our coaching staff instead, because these are the guys who bring the jocks in.

  • Prep Fan

    Again, kids CANNOT play for two teams in the same year unless there is a valid change of residence. This is currently the rule and will still be true should the proposals from CIF pass.

  • justwondering

    Its about time this is finally going to get addresed.

    How many parents and kids have been forced to lie and cheat just to get into a better situation.

    I dont think most of you posters really understand whats really been going on here for many years, its called freedom of choice, play where you want to play.

    Issue #1 kids moving to multiple schools, no school has to accept any kid, especially private high schools. Why should a school be forced to aceept a carpet bag player.

    Issue #2 kids leaving every public school, where will they go, the better schools will already be filled with talent. A kid is not going to transfer into a school as a R/B if the school already has 4 on the team.

    Issue #3 in order for the schools to stay competitive they will really have to hire decent coaches and pay them closer to what they are worth, in other words no more coach buttermakers out there.

    #4 this is the begining of the seperation between public and private leagues, soon coming our way.

    #5 the change in the demographics the region and the educational system is NOT the fault of football nor is it the fault of players or parents. Calif is in a constant change mode currently, and will be for some time.

    #6 THE CRAZY out of control ego meniacle admins who have run a muck in this valley for the past few years will notwield the same power as before. The people who have fired good coaches or hired terrible replacements will now have to answer for thier decisions and be held accountable for them.

    #7 The chicken littles out there should focus some energy on crime,illiteracy, drug use, amount of taxes,fruad in government, all sorts of other really important issue’s, why dont you focus on all the inadequit teachers or admins out there (waiting for superman) these are much bigger issues than where are kids play’s football.

    Finally a 14 year old girl can get an abortion without parents knowing, but try moving to another school to play and the whole educational system goes after you “really strange”.

  • It Rained Today…


    Did I hurt your feelings??? I just speak the truth and the truth is that Covina is not “eh hem” an Academic Institution!!! You’re pushing kids through the “system.” You know that and so does everyone else in the valley. You are who you are and if this CIF ruling does go through, you can bet that those “few talented” kids at Covina will be bolting for West Co, South Hills, or worse yet to Charter Oak (oh No!).

    You didn’t choose your family did you Colt74???

    Did your unfortunate kids choose you???


  • Lancelot

    Ruuunnnn!!!! It’s raining JACK ASSES!!!!!

  • Pas un champion depuis 1995


    Bishop Amat – Pas un champion depuis 1995!

  • Lancelot

    En Ingles Buurrrroooo!!!!!


  • Non Enim MCMXCV


    You need to “close the gap” between your mouth and Amat73s miniature manhood…! Thats right…SON!

    Until I SEE your feeble Bishop Amat football program ACTUALLY win something of significance in the PAC 5 (Not Since 1995), its all verbal diarrhea coming from your facial anus!

    I’m looking forward to the a$$ kicking that COHS and CHHS will be handing to Hagerty and his Smurfs!!!

    I ask you SGV…How would LickaLot know what its like to win a championship at any level? What in the hell would this Ron Jeramy fluffer boy know about hardwork and teamwork?

    Amats OOMPA LOOMPA Squad havent won a CIF Championship Ring since 1995!!! Thats RightLickaLot! Non Enim MCMXCV! Almost 20 years AGO!!!

    In conclusion, LickaLot keep applying the pine tar on Amat73 and oiling his A**, you’ll get called up or better yet….”step up” soon.

    Congrats on the Jeremy job!!!

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