Charter Oak 2011 highlights … and there were many …

Aram’s take: I still haven’t heard that a QB has shown up on Big Lou’s doorstep to throw the ball to guys like Bobo and Vaughns. And hand off to Scoby. But I’m sure it’s coming …

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  • Lancelot

    You’re probably right on target there Mr. Aram. “Someone” (probably from Monrovia or Pasadena) will show up to sling the rock for c.o. You know? It kinda seems that you are to c.o. as Fred is to Bishop Amat???? It’s all good though. Keep it up guys because despite the Nay-sayers, this stuff is entertaining at the very least.

  • Wow

    The way Charter Oak takes the field is too bada$$!

  • cMoney

    This video is amazing. The plays were great, but the editing was superb to say the least. Very impressive.

  • Cofootball12

    Their is a qb already in the bag, you will find out soon enough Aram.

  • D-Mo

    That someone is already at CO, Lancelot. I have a feeling 2012 will be another season for the record books. Can’t wait for the highlight reel!

  • Dan

    Nice video, great athletes, Scoby and Vaughns being only sophomores is impressive. If it’s true about a good qb coming in CO should have another fine season or two coming up.

  • X’s and O’s

    Showing up on his doorstep??? Why can’t they coach up the players that they already have?

  • OldMan in Chino

    IS CO incapable of having good teams without transfers? So the local talent is that bad?

  • Old Man in Chino,

    I guess some of us need to stop kidding ourselves. CO is a private school football program at a public school. When a program has shown the ability to attract players from outside its district, then it’s private school program. I doubt anybody at CO would deny that.

    Kids in the Valley want to go play for Big Lou just like they do the big-name coaches at the top private schools.

  • C.O. Supporter

    As long as the qb next year is not that kid that was the qb on the jv team last year everything will be ok. The kid was no good under presure, fumbled like he ate kfc before each game and ran the ball like he was a tug boat tugging a battle ship behind him. I HOPE that’s not the kid you speak of when you say he is already at the school.

  • OldMan in Chino


    If “Big Lou” is such a great coach, how did he fall into disfavor with the Thorapy family? I am hearing that the youngest Thorapy boy will be competing for the starting QB position next season at Chino Hills High School. Also how does “Big Lou” handle the complaints from those players/parents who have dedicated themselves to his program only to be supplanted by a “recruited” player from out of the District?

  • Suspect

    As long as CO in the inland Division they won’t make it past the 1 or 2nd Round. I don’t care if Joe Montana was the signal Caller. They won’t have a Santiago again for some time to come. When they do Blog it. But then again, they could get out the 2nd round his whole career. What would really suck is if CO beats Bishop next year, then losses in the first round in the inland again. How long are we going to ride this CO Train. They are just about dead, if they don’t find a QB. Scoby and Bobo or not, they don’t win the Sierra. Tell me I am wrong?

  • 91107

    I’ve have posted on here to ask around about the ’09 freshman QB…I guarantee he will be the QB for next year…he put up numbers & started at another position this year…he is an athlete…

  • JMO


    Donavin Washington
    Bryce Bobo
    Brian Mcintyre
    Luis Cordova
    Jack Schneider K
    Kurt Scoby
    Eric Ortiz
    Matt Cisneros
    Aaren Vaughns
    Kevin Choplick
    Khari Garcia
    Jose Bonilla
    Eric Prevost
    Dominick Marchese
    Alex Haston
    and a 6’3″ 250 kid from Amat benching 400lbs
    These are the returning starters from last year,
    sucks to be who?

  • CO Hater

    Sucks to be you; because, no matter who you have or how well you do in your weak league, your gonna get creamed and “embarrassed” when you face real competition. AGAIN!

  • JMO

    CO Hater,

    Nice drivebye little girl, must of got jobbed by CO because you never even told who your school is. Let me guess, Upland or Rancho.

  • AMAT 73

    Fun being at the top isn’t it ??? . It looks like the potshots are flying early towards you guys. Is that big kid Hauser by the way . Good pick up on CO’s part and looks like you are not losing that much to graduation other than Santiago which is huge. Get used to asking what school all the haters back because that is the one point they all fail to admit to. Good luck on the search for the next Santiago and can’t wait for the big game next season.


    AMAT 73,

    My man, this is going to be great for the next two years! I say we start an early petition and lobby for the game to be played at the biggest stadium in the SGV and I dont mean the Rosebowl.

  • suspect

    Lets be Honest, it does not matter where the haters come from or what school they rep. Attack and respond to their comments. The bottom line is, Charter Oak, and Bishop Amat will not go further than the 1st or maybe 2nd round in their divisions. It’s seriously time to think about moving these two schools down a division or two. Bishop to the western and Charter Oak into a newly revised central division with West Covina, as a addition to their league. If you all want to lose in your divisions for the next twenty years stay where you are. Maybe they should have a San Gabriel Valley league in the Central with

    Charter Oak
    West Covina
    Chino Hills
    San Dimas

    There is nothing you can say to convince anyone CO or BA are winning Anything next Season. Sorry Folks Truth is truth.

  • JMO

    I don’t what happened with him over there and he’s not telling which tells you a ton about his character. He is doing great and don’t know if I’ll ever see another Santiago in my lifetime.

  • just askin’

    suspect – is that how you “win”? By moving down until you can beat someone or waiting until the better teams move up? That’s “winning”? Not in my book

  • AMAT 73

    Maybe MSAC would be the ideal place for this one. Also either a Thursday or Saturday night to open it up for all the SGV to see.
    JMO ,
    He’s a Lancer and would expect nothing less of him , as I said , you got a good one . Hope he has a great career at CO and finds what he’s looking for there .
    suspect ,
    Just for the sake of argument , why don’t you tell us who you root for on Friday nights if you care to . Doubt it but worth a shot . Easy for you to take shots at us when you don’t have the guts to let us know where the fodder is coming from . How do you expect us to take you serious when you can’t even post who you back. Maybe to embarrassing for you to admit .

  • AMAT 73,

    I would agree with you on site change and even moving it to Thursday or Saturday. But neither school is gonna give up ANY part of the gate to rent out a bigger site.

  • Anonymous

    check out SG WR Alex Villalobos’s highlight film (the plays that led to his all-state numbers).

  • AMAT 73

    I know times are tough but maybe the Trib could get behind this game . Make it something like the old Times charity game only high school and give some money to local needs such as homeless shelters ??? You know every year there will be two teams the valley begs to see head to head . Next year WC vs Monrovia . There will always be 2 teams we would go out and see battle.It would take some hard work but I am sure the valley would embrace it .

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