Covina job search: 12-15 applicants so far … no word on names … but I keep hearing some really big names have applied …

Due to the heavy amount of emails I’m getting about the open Covina job, I would like to provide you this update.

I spoke to Coach DT (Darryl Thomas) today and he said that they have about 12-15 applications so far and that they will stop accepting applications on Friday. The interviews will start first week of February.

Thomas declined to comment about speculation that several big names have applied for the job. I don’t blame Coach DT for declining comment.

Aram’s take: Some names I’ve heard are impressive, but I’m not even sure they’re legit candidates or have applied. It’s very obvious that coaches from around the area are fond of this job. Who wouldn’t be? If you can lock up that Vikings talent, you’re in good shape to do damage in the Mid-Valley Division.

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  • Coach Slayer

    So far we have yet to see an obvious upgrade in any of the new hires and I expect the same at Covina. Leagues will be filled with untested HC’s with a unknown staff. Bonita looks like they may have done it right if a change had to be made. Same staff in place, quick hire internally to help boys make a smooth transition. You can rifle through applications but who knows how it turns out in the end. The faster you have your coach on campus the better.

  • coltfan97

    Coach Slayer you makle some valid points, but let me ask you this question! Aren’t all head coaches untested at one point in their career? Just because a head coach is untested and not proven does not mean their going to be a bad coach!!! Perfect example of that is Ryan Maddox of Monrovia! Monrovia was his first head coaching experience and look at him now!!!! I agree with you, Covina needs to hire a coach soon and make sure the staff is in place!!!!

  • big difference 2012

    Monrovia = Has players
    Covina = Has No players

    Big difference

  • coltfan97

    I don’t care what you say a team might have talent, but talent alone does not equal wins! It takes a great coach to put it all together!!! Look at Monrovia before Maddox arrived no championships, and under Maddox they have won two!!!

  • Big difference

    yeah, but Monrovia has players. What if he landed the Mountain View Job. Would he have two titles?

    Covina = has 1 player coming back. And guess where he is from?

    Sorry Colt fan, but even if they hire Lane Kiffin it would not make a difference.

    Covina will do Damage in the Midvalley, when Monrovia has moved out of the division. M town 3 peats. Sucks huh.

  • coltfan97

    Big Difference your right Covina graduates a lot of it’s players! I am not a band wagon fan, I am there for the good times and the bad times! I am not a front runner!!!

    On the other hand, stick with the subject manner it’s about COACHING AND THE COVINA YOUTH PROGRAM!!!! It’s not about the players that are their right now!!!

    By the way, their is no what if’s because it didn’t happen!! Deal with reality not what if’s!!!!

    I do agree with you that Monrovia will win the division again next year if their in the division next year!!!

  • Silence on Cameron

    I find it interesting as well as strange that Covina is moving along looking for a replacement yet its crickets over at South Hills. What’s the deal?

  • coltfan97

    Good question what is up with South Hills coaching vacancy???

    IMO South Hills is not a desirable head coaching because of the division their in!!! They should not be in the Inland Division!!!!

  • Lee Fair

    The position has been filled

  • WTF?

    Here is what I have heard regarding South Hills. They are doing internal interviews right now. Some say they are going to give it to someone inside. Others are saying it is protocal to open it up to the outside and make it a walk on spot like Covina.

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