UPDATED: Gevontray Ainsworth leaves Covina for Monrovia … Wildcats get PHS transfer, TOO! … Alemany WR/DB Jeff Farrar next?

UPDATED: Ainsworth enrolled Tuesday at Monrovia after checking out of Covina.

Gevontray Ainsworth, who rushed for 1,469 yards and nine touchdowns last season as a member of the Covina High School football team, has checked out of Covina and enrolled at Monrovia.

Ainsworth has family ties to the Duarte/Monrovia area. His dad Greg Ainsworth played at Duarte. His uncle Michael played at Monrovia.

Strangely, Monrovia beat Covina in the semifinals of last season’s Mid-Valley Division playoffs.

The Wildcats landed a transfer from Pasadena, too, but I’m not sure of his name (lotta help that is, I know).

Monrovia may be on the verge of getting another impact transfer in Alemany wide receiver/defensive back Jeff Farrar, who was a sophomore this past season and also has ties to the Monrovia area.

Aram’s take:
(It’s Christmas in Monrovia).Where to start? Does this lessen the appeal of the open Covina job for those who have applied? Does this basically answer the only concern M-Town had going into next season? I’ll answer that one: Yes. Does Ainsworth stand a shot in hell to get eligible with CIF? Well, that’s tricky. Even if a 30-day sit-out rule is proposed and passed by CIF, it won’t be in effect for kids who transferred BEFORE next season. I kinda doubt Covina will claim to CIF that this was athletically motivated, so perhaps Ainsworth won’t even have to clear that hurdle and with a valid change of residence he will be eligible to start plowing over Rio Hondo League teams. Ahh, drink it in Monrovia fans. When life is good, it’s really good. As I wrote after the San Gabriel win, the powerhouse has finally arrived. Championships and schollys, they’re an intoxicating blend.

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  • concussion-symptoms

    1st of many in the next couple of months. This does answer the Monrovia RB question if he does end up there. What does this say about this young mans character though? We just got our butts kicked by “you”, oh wait, can I go play with “you”?!?!

  • coltfan97

    Honestly I am not shocked at this!!!! Everybody knew that this would happen!!!! This is the way of High School Football right now!!!! High School Football is sounding College Football in every way imageable!!!!

  • concussion-symptoms

    I understand transfers in some cases. But this young man just played in a CIF Championship game and that is not good enough? If I am a college recruiter, do I want a kid who quits when things dont go exactly his way? Oh, we didnt win a National Championship, I am transferring to USC! Sad, very sad! This is what is wrong with CIF and their lack of control over HS athletics. This move is completely athletically motivated and if I was an admin at Covina, I would absolutely NOT approve it. Granted, not that it matters cuz he will have a change of address, so it is going to be up to CIF to do NOTHING like they always do.

    CIF – you need to make a point and not let this young man play next year!

  • concussion-symptoms

    and yes I know it was not a CIF Championship game, I was simply trying to make a point.

  • New York

    Kim Ainsworth and Mike Ainsworth both have their names engraved on Monrovia’s MVP trophy. Greg probably would have if he had attended MHS as well.

    If Geovantray comes to MHS with the right attitude, I am sure he will be a starter somewhere, whether that is running back or some other position. Can he play defensive end? It would be nice having an Ainsworth on the roster.

    As far as character….come one now. His coach just left and things are uncertain. It’s not as if he is transferring to West Covina, the other team that Covina lost to. He has deep family ties to Monrovia.

  • concussion-symptoms

    If he wanted to go to Monrovia because of his family ties there, why wait until your Senior year? That is what I am saying. Why not go after his freshman year or even all 4 years?

  • New York

    Maybe they took a tour of campus and was impressed with our new science building. I have no idea. I don’t know the kid personally. Why dont you go ask him, rather than attacking his character on a public message board. Maybe he had a loyalty to Coach Thomas who just resigned.

  • Coach Slayer

    Does winning with players and transfers from all over the place equate to a satisfying community accomplishment that the town can relish? Does LaVerne Lutheran basketball represent the city of Laverne? I don’t think so. What these programs represent are themselves only and their blog cheerleaders.

  • concussion-symptoms

    Not attacking sir, I dont know him. Simply questioning motives and my hate for the system. He might be a wonderful young man, I just have questions, am I not allowed to have questions without it being an attack?

  • New York

    You did not simply ask about his motives. You slanderously suggested several false anecdotes AND you proposed accompanying punishments by the CIF. Your spite is what got my attention, not your innocent curiosity.

  • concussion-symptoms

    CIF doing their job and my attacking a young man are TWO different things. Yes, CIF needs to either let players transfer wherever they want or they need to enforce “their” rules. He can avoid all of this by staying at the school that has got him where he is right now.

    And what did I say was so “false”? My only quotes about him were, “What does this say about this young mans character though? We just got our butts kicked by “you”, oh wait, can I go play with “you”?!?!” and “If I am a college recruiter, do I want a kid who quits when things dont go exactly his way? Oh, we didnt win a National Championship, I am transferring to USC! Sad, very sad!” Neither of which were in the least slanderous, both are accurate (if he does end up at Monrovia at least). It is amazing how things make people upset when they are true. Did he leave his old team for the possibility of playing for the team that defeated them in the playoffs? I am sure that his teammates that he is abandoning feel the same way you do and think that he should go to Monrovia to continue the family legacy.

    Get over it NY, in life, when you do something “questionable” you are going to be “questioned” plain and simple, whether you are 18 or 48, that is the way it is. I can question why he is leaving Covina and I can question his motives. None of that means that I think he is a bad person, it might mean he is not an optimal teammate, but that is not for me to say, maybe we should ask the returning players at Covina?

    With that, I am done with you cause I frankly don’t care where this young man plays.

  • coltfan97
  • Kan B’alam Son Of Pakal

    What a minute now, Not one person has took into consideration that Coach Thomas bailed right after his all star senior class. I am sure if he had tons of talent coming up, he would still be there. My guess is there is nothing coming up the pipe, and Covina is going to have a losing season next year. He was counting on winning CIF, and attracting talent to his program, and it did not happen. People don’t see nothing wrong with CO getting everyone’s talent, Or South Hills when they were good. That might be the reason why Thomas did not schedule any big time preseason games for the next two years. Not one coach inside of the program wants the job. No one knows who the coach is going to be. Spring ball is just a few months away, No QB,and with a brand new offense in place and no talent, thomas has left the program is a bad spot. If you have no head coach you have no program. For all his family knows, the new coach could be terrible. By that time, it’s to late to transfer. Sorry but If he is not happy there, he should leave. He is not a sophomore, he is a senior, and when your coach retires right before your last year, one may feel let down or left in the cold. Either way, he is only doing what everyone else is. I can down the list several programs in the SGv loaded with transfers. Monrovia may get 1 or 2 every 3 or 4 years. Stop hating on the kid for making the best decision for his future. At Monrovia, with the same numbers he had this year, he is sure to get a full ride. Heck Covina did not even showcase the kid and he still had good numbers. Monrovia has built great contacts over the past 5 seasons under Maddox and with Ellis, G5, and Craft. The Pac 12 is on that campus. Stop hating SGV. If it was your kid, you would do what’s best for them. Whomever has or will transfer to Covina, you all would be happy to take them in. Monrovia has had to watch CO win back to back titles with 6 of ours kids all starters, so we no pitty when we get one or own back. You had our Lambo and didn’t do anything with it, it was just a loaner, and we want him back, and we will show you how to drive it. It’s really suck having to watch Gevontray Lose with covina against all his Dhawks teammates. He Should have 2 rings. However at least he will get one…3peat is in effect. Take that to the bank!

  • Colt74

    I don’t think that Gevontray, or his dad need to answer to me, you, or anyone else.
    Gevontray and his dad gave of their time and sweat to the COLTS and to that I am extremely grateful. Now this young man needs to do what is best for him. I wish him and his family only the best that life has to offer.

  • XXX

    What I find so funny about this is this kid lives in the Monrovia area, according to family. They planned on transferring to Monrovia months ago. Way before the rumors started on the blogs. Now if he moved to the Monrovia area during this school year this would be a simple address change, right?

  • Reasons

    If the reason for the move is financial, proximity, even finishing with guys u grew up with, then go for it.

    But if it is to try to get additional exposure for the next level it is not needed. If you r good enough the colleges will notice, Nelson is a good example, he had numerous offers and wilson won only 6 games in 4 years

  • coltfan97

    Kan B’alam Son Of Pakal your an idiot if you think Coach Thomas left for that reason!!!! You don’t even know the man!!!! Coach Thomas nis a great man and coach and has always been their for the players! So stop spreading LIES about a person you don’t knowe!!!!!

  • Kan B’alam

    You don’t know who I know. LOl. Let me be “best some heads”. If coach Thomas Won CIF,Kept Ainsworth, got a few transfer from a successful title run, would he have stepped down? I don’t think so. Stop it. he knew he has no chance of winning the VVL, and Midvalley. I did not say that Thomas was a bad guy, I am just saying he is taking a break from a dying program and rather spend time with his family. It’s the same with Urban Myer. He is right back coaching. When Thomas gets right opp, he will be right back coaching(Mark My words, Thomas will end up at a school with talent).

  • coltfan97

    Kan B’alam it’s obvious that you don’t know Coach Thomas!!! He has been at Covina for twenty years either as a coach or a head coach! By the way he has had some bad years before!!!! Covina might have a down year, but that is not the reason why he resigned!!!!

    Kan B’alam can say the samething on why Coach Bogan resigned??

  • BigCat

    Lemme see if I got this right. There’s gonna be another Monrovia kid back in town and playing for the ‘Cats in 2012. And, people are unhappy about it? The same people better get some anti-depressants. Likely there will be more Monrovia kids, who were playing for private schools, back with the ‘Cats, given the current economy.
    GO ‘CATS!

  • MonroVian

    Wow all I can say is Welcome, welcome and welcome again!!! Next years MonroVia team is going to be LUDICROUS to the 100th power! I looked up this kid Jeff Farrar and he is a Athlete if I’ve ever seen one. I sure hope he ends up at the Town!!!! If all this is true, and with all the other talent Monrovia has in the freshman class coming in and what they already have on the shelves, I see a three, four and five peat! And you can start the Hating……………………………………………………………………Now!
    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • no brains at all son of tupac shakur

    Coach T is leaving to see his own son play football. I think that’s a good reason. As for Ainsworth, let him go. There is nothing wrong with a kid playing for a better team. I just left my job for a better one…thats life!

  • kan B

    Coach T is young, a good coach, and with Charter Oak around the corner, put together some nice runs. He took that program as far is it can go. 20 years is nothing for a coach. That is proving my point precisely. It’s hard to stay at a single school for 20 years. He is not retiring, He is still the AD, and I am sure he will get a AD and Head Coaching job at a good school w/ a talent pool. A prize you bull like that is not ready to be put to pasture.

  • MonroVian

    Holy Crap, it keeps getting better and better! Who is the Pasadena guy? Who is it Who, who, who???????????? Please someone tell!….

  • I hear he’s a receiver/defensive back. That’s all I’ve heard.

    Again — championships and schollys. That’s what the players want these days and that’s where they go. That just so happens to be what the fans want, too. Fourteen games and a freak like Big Ellis running around on Friday nights.

    Only two schools that I know of are doing it right now — M-Town and WestCo.

  • MonroVian

    Thanks Aram, you are right, it is Christmas in MTown… We’ll anyway im sure you will update again when more info is available. Keep up the good work Aram.
    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • urUneducated

    If you are trying to sell that championships and scholarships come together, you are not only uneducated, but you are giving your “readers” the wrong information, the 2 are completely different. If you can play, it doesnt matter where you are at. In fact it actually helps some of these boys who dont win a whole lot of games but play in “tougher” divisions, good stats vs better talent. I think what Monrovia is doing is great, but just like CO, what happens when they get moved out of their division and stop winning there championships. Are we then all okay if these boys who transfered in – transfer back out?

  • Anonymous

    Funniest part of the article is that if Jeff farrar transfer to Monrovia that would be 3 different high scholls in his 3 years of high school, why is he moving around so much idk but that dont look good at all, Oh and Jeff is from pasadena, his ties with Monrovia may be that he has family that live in Monrovia. But the guy that M-town is getting from Pasadena is pretty good i doubt he goes over there and start but he’ll definitely play. Good Luck M-town with all the talent lets just hope your coach wont look like Eric spoelstra or Andy Reid at the end of the season.

  • Riddle me this

    if championship = scholarships maybe sgvscoutingguru can tell us who got more kids scholarships to the next level – Crespi, who didn’t even make the playoffs 2 of the last 3 years or Monrovia who has championships 2 of the last 3 years? If you’re borderline – where are they more likely to find and sign you?

  • ConcuSSionSymptomS

    Let me say this, I do with these young men all of the best. It seems my hate for the current CIF mess spilled over to them and that is not fair to them. So I retract anything that I may have said that might be deemed negative towards them.

    Here is my point, HS sports are turning into something that has completely lost sight of what HS sports are supposed to be. Not one of the post on this thread had mention ACADEMICS once, and isnt that what we are supposed to be worried about with our children?

    So again, I wish M-Town the best of luck on another Championship run and I wish those players all the best on getting to the next level.

  • New York

    Transfers are not always a turn-key solution for winning championships. Sometimes the transfer student does not acclimate. Transfers sometimes do not fully understand the importance of a certain rivalry. Plus, a core group of players can become disgruntled or the timing can get thrown off if a 4-year kid loses his spot in the lineup.

    If too many kids without family ties transfer in, then it really would not be Monrovia anymore. The good news is that Monrovia won with local talent. Our success is not dependent on transfer talent. Toward the end of our run in the late ’90s we had a couple stars enroll who really were not our guys. They ended up transfering to another WSGV school their senior year and got D-1 scholarships.

    The key is to do everything the right way. There are always right and wrong ways to do things. I think Coach Maddox managed the Heyworth transfer pretty well. Maybe Frazier’s inherent leadership skills also made things go smoothly. I don’t know. I wasnt there. However, things clearly ended well.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    I can only hope that the kids that qualify and transfer in understand that the grass isnt always greener. Its green until you flip it over and find out its really brown. One should never assume or think that talent alone will afford you anything at Monrovia High. Be careful when you choose your new team mates as the core guys on that team Bryant, Craft, Frazier and Walsh are the senior leadership @ MHS and they will not tolerate anything less than TEAM FIRST. These four young men know how to win and each transfer will have to fall in line with the way they win at M-Town. The talent at MHS is deep but the experience and understanding of what is expected of you trumps talent.

    I can tell you that no one is going to come in unchallenged. You will have to earn a spot on that team. More importantly your Dads will need to fall in line with how winners win @ MHS. No one is going to listen to anyone complaining about the coaching or the lack of playing time. The MHS coaches have favor right now as they have won Back-2-Back CIF Titles.

    Please note: COACH BITCHING isnt allowed, so come correct or dont come at all. Coach Maddox, Davis, and Shue are teaching life lessons not just football, and that is the coaching philosophy period. The football program is an extension of the CLASSROOM @ MHS. The Class of 2013 is Ryan Maddoxs first graduating class and I know that 5 guys on the team will be going on to schools such as Harvard, Yale, Stanford Northwestern UCLA,CAL and Vanderbilt academics are stressed as well as athletics.


    All of the fore mentioned should all be going somewhere in 2013 not just because they can play football but they can also compete in the classroom. So good luck and as I have said COME CORRECT OR DONT COME AT ALL

  • Dr. How Can I Apply at Monrovia

    Yesiree, Monrovia is a real academic haven. How can I get in? I can see it now-all student/athletes with high academic standards and wishing to go to the IVY League schools of their choice..apply at Monrovia High.
    Right! Give me a break.

  • I did not say that CHAMPIONSHIPS = SCHOLARSHIPS. I said that kids want to play for schools who are winning championships and getting kids out on scholarships. Monrovia and West Covina are doing that.

    This is a VERY SIMPLE FORMULA that only the guys at the very top of this game understand. Kids want to be on championship teams and play in the biggest games and be playing in Week 14 (or now 15 and 16). They also want to get a ride somewhere. Just because you win a championship doesn’t mean five guys go D-1 that February. But, as you saw with Charter Oak in 2008 and 2009 and West Covina and M-Town the past two years, they can sometimes go hand in hand.

    And then you have the fans. Think back to what made Amat so epic back in the 90s. Championships and freaks running around the fields on Friday nights — Fields, Sermons, Russell, Wilson. And so on. So what if some of those teams didn’t win titles, they had amazing recruits that garnered the program a TON of attention, just like Ellis McCarthy did this past year. And now others who think they might be the next Big Ellis (at their respective position) are flocking there. Same with West Covina. I’m pretty sure Noodles wants to be the next Solomon or Thurmond or Wallace.

    I’m pretty sure Scoby wants to be the next Muema and on it goes.

    No, having a team of great recruits doesn’t guarantee a title. Nor does winning a title guarantee that FIVE guys sign on Feb. 1 … but it gives the program THE JUICE.

    Right now, West Covina and Monrovia HAVE THE JUICE.

    (By the way, about Farrar, his daddy played at M-Town, I believe and he’s looking like a done deal from what I hear)

  • Knock it Off

    “Now im warning you if you speak of my kid Mason Bryant without basis in facts your ass is mine.” We got a thug on the blog! Bryant, do you and your son a favor and act like an adult. As much as you post on here seems like you need a job too.

  • Just a Question

    I don’t really understand this. If these players have “Monrovia Ties”, why is it they didn’t go to Monrovia in the first place? If the family ties to a HS are so important, why would you start at an opposing school?

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Let me be clear as I dont want you or anyone to take my prior post in the wrong way. When I said your ass is mine I mean to say that I will defend my kid on this blog.NOT resort to physical violence. So please dont bug Aram about threats and attacks on your person. I mean that your ass is mine in a literary since. Ok GEEZE. These Correction and Retractions can be a pain. Just as Petros and Mad Money Smith LOL.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Knock:

    Do yourself a favor stop holding mirror to your face. The only way you know I post here is you look for post. LOL

  • Knock

    Do yourself a favor and stop embarrassing your son on the blog! Do us a favor and get a JOB, so we don’t have to support you anymore. Set a good example for your boy.

  • Kennedy Bryant


    Let me just say this too you.

    1)IP Address
    2)Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
    3)Last 3 years Fed and State Tax returns.
    5)Top Performer
    6)Subpoena power.
    Ill let you figure out the rest literary speaking of course. By the way good luck with gathering all of your documentation and remember the term EMBARASS.

  • Uh Oh!!!!

    Well that does not sound fun at all…

  • Knock


    You win!!!! Enjoy the blog brother!!

  • coltfan97

    Yes he has family ties that went to Monrovia, but that was his uncle!!! Why doesn’t he go to Duarte where his dad went??? He has better family ties there because it is his dad!!!! I might sound bitter but somebody has to say this is totally an “atheletic motivated move” and you can’t tell me different!!! Monrovia was looking for a running back and they got it!!!! These are the times right now in high school football, but it doesn’t make it right!!!!

  • MonroVian

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha @ Kennedy Bryant. Bro, I come on these blogs not only for news on my beloved Wildcats but to also read your brilliant comments and comebacks. You never seem to disappoint!!!! Your son Mason is a delight to watch on the field and I can hardly wait to see your other son Myles play ball at MonroVia. I was also very fortunate to have your wife as a teacher while she was at Santa Fe. Actually when I was in her class she was pregnant with Mason and he was born soon after. I really want to commend you two as parents and for being influential and involved in the molding of other brilliant young men and woman in the city of MonroVia. Your dedication is greatly admired and appreciated.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Colt74

    Kennedy Bryant,
    Are you again ( Mid Valley Sports ) really threatening someone with an IRS audit?

    You are pathetic. And I mean that in the most caring sense.

  • New York

    PLEASE write a feature on Diamond Ranch. If it is true that this year they have football players going to play at Harvard, Columbia, West Point, Naval Academy, Oregon St, etc. then they have a formula that many schools should copy. That yield is on par with top private schools. I once coached at a prep school in New York that charges $40K/yr tuition. Parents there expect those kind of results.

    Whether it is the entire DR community or just Coach Layton, someone there has really raised the bar and should be commended AND then replicated.

  • Red Leader

    Seriously, who gives a crap if it’s athletically motivated or not? How does that affect anybody’s personal life where any kid goes, except for the kid himself and his family? And FYI, Monrovia would have been fine at the RB position next year, but this does help.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Thanks for the kind words MonroVian,

    and @ Knock, no hard feelings just never go personal about me or my son or the MHS Wildcats that I love so much. Clarifying personal, that is when someone is speaking half truths and lies or just trying to spew hate and venom with now basis in facts or reality. I love the back and forth with all of you and I also love the passion others have for their alumni, however if you take it to a personal level suffer the consequences. Holla Back

  • They are Called Rules

    Because there are rules Red Leader, Rules. And whether you like them or agree with them, we must teach our children to follow them. Because they don’t figure into your day to day life has zero bearing on whether they need to be followed. Things happen everyday that are against the law/rules that don’t have any direct effect on your personal life, does this mean those people should not be heal accountable? But I guess that is why all of these players are coming home, because most young people will find the path of least resistance if that is what they are taught to do. I find it pretty sad myself.

    Now in this case, I am not sure it is going to matter because he will have a change of residence.

  • coltfan97

    Red Leader we should have recruiting trips in high school just like college!!!! Wait a minute we should have free agency just like the NFL!!! IT DOESN’T MALKE IT RIGHT!!!

  • MonroVian

    “I might sound bitter” Did you mean I am very bitter? Dude get over it and stop being a hypocrite. Let’s just say he was your son, you have the option of your school, Duarte or the other school your family has “ties” to, MonroVia. Tell me you wouldn’t send him to MonroVia??? Trust me his “ties ” are much stronger at MonroVia, with not just one but two uncles names etched on the MVP trophy! And who said Maddox and crew are going to put him in at RB. He left Covina, he is at MonroVia now and only god knows what comes next. I am very happy for the young man, he will be able to play football with some of his old Jr All American teammates.
    On the FLIPSIDE I know for a fact that Coach Thomas will hire a excellent coach to takeover what he has built over at Covina. The hometown talent is there, its just all up to the new staff to make or break the colts and build a winning, strong and competitive team.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Colt:
    Go back and cheer for your victorious Colts. And I didnt threaten anyone; pathetic is as pathetic as does. Just like the nonsense you were talking about Covina beating MHS this year now that was pathetic. I can see that you read and understand the blogs in the same manner you evaluate high school football you suck at it.

    Listen little colt or should I call you a MARE go sit on the porch if you cant handle playing with the big dogs. Everyone on here understands this is all in fun and games. However in my opinion they should call you Colt.5 because have the half the time you dont know what the heck your talking about and the other 1/2, we cant tell if you are barefoot or on horseback.
    And as for mid valley someone that knows the line of business im in made it clear that you better check yourself before you open your mouth about me. And thats some advice you might want to adhere to.

  • Colt74

    Kennedy Bryant,

    “…however if you take it to a personal level suffer the consequences.”

    Remember that statement.

    You crossed the line. Again.

    Complaint filed (saved screenshots).


    I also forwarded info to ABC7.

    Yeah dude, I’m soooo afraid of you…lol.
    Holla Back….

    This has NOTHING to do with the Colts. It has EVERYTHING to do with a microdiked loudmouth that thinks he can threaten someone. Threaten me jack-ass.

  • Colt74

    Kennedy Bryant,
    I’ll open my mouth about you and your pathetic threats any time I feel like it. What you going to do about it little man?

  • concussion-symptoms

    Come on now gentlemen, lets not get crazy! This is a blog about our opinions on HS football, its teams, its players and yes its rules. We are not going to all agree. If we have children in any of these programs and still come on these blogs, well then there is a chance that his/her name might be brought up, that is the chance we take being on a “blog”. But lets not make any of this “personal”.

    Now shake hands and be friends…

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ Colt
    You have just proven my point your and idiot and you believe everything written on the blog to be fact. I dont even work for the IRS. Seems to me youve shown everyone person who reads the blog that youre uniformed, jealous and should win the most gullible blog award hands down. Youre too stupid to realize anyone can write or say anything on the blog. Unlike you I do this for kicks, now go kick rocks or break your maiden before you try to run with a real Kentucky Derby winner. Holla Back and bask in the ambiance.

  • coltfan97

    As for being a hyprocrite well at least I know your wrong!!! I dont like “athletic motivated transfers” because it sends the wrong message to these kids!!! I didnt like it when all those kids transferred from South Hills to Charter Oak!!! Even if they transfer into Covina I dont like it!!!!

    By the way I live in West Covina and their school district, so no I would not send my kid to Monrovia!!!

  • is it true?

    is it true scoby is going to monrovia?

  • Colt74

    Kennedy Bryant,
    Why in the world would I want to kick rocks when it is so much more fun and satisfying to kick you?

    I’m not going anywhere buddy…You can bank on that.

    Who are you going to claim to be next? I know…why not try claiming to be a man instead of a little loudmouthed Biotch?


    your turn!

  • MonroVian

    colt74 you are as terrifying as a pissed off little barking rat dog. All bark no bite! You have the same affect on people as a barking rat dog also. Everyone hears you barking, everyone is annoyed by your barking and of course most importantly nobody is afraid of your barking! We all just disregard your presence and hope you just shut up and go lay down somewhere! So Shhhhhhhhhhh little doggie go bark somewhere else before you get dog whispered by a Wildcat! “Sssshhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @ colt

    Hey Im having a bbq at my house this weekend. Ill be serving salted horse meat (Colt74). You should be used to being burnt to a crisp, overcooked chewed up digested and flushed down the toilet. When you hear back from the US government or KABC make sure you tell them you were over reacting confused, misinformed and simple jealous of the Greatness of the Monrovia Dominance in the Mid-Valley and on the blogs and that your still suffering from a concussion from the beating you guys took at the hands of the IRS oops I mean Monrovia Wildcats at COVINA district field.

    Let me be the first to tell you that if you suffer one more concussion youll have to retire from the blog..

    One final question, are you done kicking rocks and basking in the ambiance.if so go play with some marbles, because youre already spinning in circles. Open you mouth a little louder I need a giggle or two

  • SGV Tax Attorney


    Not a good idea to bully others by implying that you work for the IRS, or any other agency. I’ve seen charges filed for a lot less!

  • Kennedy Bryant

    @SGV Tax attorney:

    Not a good idea for you to come on the blog and speak on what dont know. Learn how to read, and you as attorney should know you need to show cause or a preponderance of facts and that isnt here so dont threaten me and stop masquerading as SGV tax attorney.

    Now go get some clients, its tax season, this blog is not for fake tax attorneys that dont know clue about practicing law. And tell Colt you want the $20 bucks he promised you when he made the call to ask for you help.

  • Joe Amat

    New York,

    Your point about next level players and their academics is right on. Check out this list from Freddie’s blog posted by “Prep Fan” about recent college players from….WEBB

    Everett Chu 11 – Football, Pomona College
    Dana Edwards 11 – Volleyball, Rice University
    Madison Fuelling 11 – Volleyball, Haverford College
    Chris Jusuf ’11 – Football, Hamilton College
    Johnny Hernandez 11 – Football, Chapman University
    Callie Renfrew ’11 – Swimming, Wheaton College
    Lindsey Crowe ’10 – Soccer, Bryn Mawr College
    Andrew Lantz 10 – Cross Country and Track, Davidson College
    Neel Kotrappa 10 – Tennis, Claremont McKenna College
    Juli Nokleberg 10 – Fencing, United States Air Force Academy
    Chris Sazo 10 – Water Polo, Whittier College
    Jake Waas 10 – Football, UC Davis
    Charlotte Wilson ’10 – Swimming, Trinity College
    Jonathan Frisby 09 – Soccer, Lake Forest College
    Michael Gallagher ’09 – Rowing, US Naval Academy
    Rosie Lewis 09 – Track, Claremont McKenna College and Davidson College
    Bryan Yokote 09 – Baseball, Case Western Reserve University
    Christina Duron ’08 – Basketball, Swarthmore
    Kelsey Guardia ’08 – Volleyball, Bucknell University
    Andrew Kunce ’08 – Track, Tulane University
    Gabe Romero 08 – Golf, Pomona-Pitzer Colleges
    Sasha Wijeyeratne ’08 – Volleyball and Softball, Swarthmore College
    Christian Woods 08 – Swimming, Wheaton College

    Great job by the Gauls

  • Kennedy Bryant

    As you can see im tired based on my last post it appears that I cannot write a lick. Thats why I work with numbers. As Knock said earlier I need job and my welfare check is late so until tomorrow keep hammering away. By the way Colt, you know I have mad respect for you, love the back and forth.

  • MonroVian

    Hey Kennedy can I come over for the Bbq? I have a great old family recipe my Armenian friend gave me (No point intended Aram) its called colt-shish Kabob. The recipe also includes this salty colt meat you speak of. There is also colt meat jerkey, that is I hear colt74’s favorite! The Jerkey is as salted up and dried up as his comebacks are ! I think with that Colt we slaughtered in the semi finals, there should be enough meat for all our concoctions.
    Im hungry!

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Anonymous

    Kennedy Bryant
    Shut up dude who cares that you threaten people with auditing, go ahead its nothing but a tax return, go bother some poor parent who’s looking forward to their tax return and uncle toms like you wanna take it away from them. This is a sole reason why i am not a fan of Monrovia anymore you M-town fans are ridiculous and you embarrass the M-town alums. Yeah im under anonymous only because if you wanna reach me email me @ da_mane1@yahoo.com….dude stop beating on your chest as if you know everything or you run everything get out of here you live to blog, this has nothing to do with your son at all so dont throw his name in just so you can subliminally threaten someone but then back away from the threat be a man and mean what you say and say what you mean. This is a personal attack toward you only because it seems as if everyone on this blog is afraid of big bad Kennedy Bryant i mean look below you even have a cheer leader. Be a man and just talk sports and not non-sense grow up Mr. IRS or whatever you wanna go by its just sports no one attacked your son he went after your statement even though he gave you the win he actually won by having you show that you have no patience and little words on a blog makes you get personal and it also shows that when someone points out your non-sense you back in a corner and rephrase everything you say grow up dude, believe me you cant stop everyone for bad mouthing M-town you M-town fans causes others to bad mouth M-town.

  • Tom


  • coltfan97


    Maybe this is a rumor but I hear Coach Brown is the new head coach at Covina!!! Is this confirmed?

  • Colt74

    Monrovian and Kennedy:

    “You Don’t Want No Green And White”

    Maybe if you brushed your teeth? Just sayin…

    Now go put on your sons ring and letterman jacket, walk around the mall and tell everyone there what YOU did to earn either.

    At the BBQ be sure to tell everyone how great it is to leach off of the kids accomplishments too. I bet in your days you guys were the best waterboys there were. Am I right?

    This is fun!

    97…..It’s coach Brown. It’s official.

  • Colt74

    Come on dude, it’s been almost 2 hours! Who you going to claim to be next?

    A cop and threaten tickets?
    FBI agent ?
    Astronaut ?
    Queen Elizabeth’s illegitimate son ?
    Jimmy Hoffa ?

    You have “ZERO” credibility from now on.

    You are welcome.

  • COChargerfan

    Kennedy Bryant, I sure hope you are not an IRS or government official because you probably just committed a violation of USC Code 7214, specifically, (a) Unlawful acts of revenue officers or agents
    Any officer or employee of the United States acting in connection with any revenue law of the United States –
    (1) who is guilty of any extortion or willful oppression under color of law.

    The penalty is being fired, 5 years in jail and a $10K fine.

    Just sayin.

  • Kennedy,

    You can do no wrong by me after recommending Sahara on Colorado Blvd. Ask those dudes how often Daddy is in there.

  • MonroVian

    Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark.

    Shut it old man, go put on your sixth place Colts, 2011-12 football shirt and try not to break your hip when you walk around the mall. I suggest you take your care taker with you and be sure your scooter is fully charged.

    Speaking of shirts, to all MonroVia fans. If you are interested in a MonroVia Wildcats, 2011-2012 Mid Valley Div. CHAMPIONSHIP shirt. Just ask any of the CHAMPIONSHIP team members or call the

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Huskies in the House!

    Open question to any local Monrovia resident and high school football fan. You say there are so many transfer athletes that left Monrovia for years to go to schools like Charter Oak, South Hills, etc. I am curious as to exactly how many and what are their names and class graduation. I would also be interested in a historical background lesson and breakdown of numbers because just today someone was making the argument that one could debate Ainsworth may of came from Monrovia but began his career as a freshman at Covina. In a sense, doesn’t that really make him historically a Covina football player transferring to Monrovia or because he went to elementary and middle school in Monrovia his only ties are from Monrovia originally not the time and energy he invested in Covina?

    I am confused because I respect he originally is from Monrovia but you can’t discount everything he meant and did for Covina from the beginning of his freshman year. My point is aren’t we at the point that one day soon no one should or will be able to claim a kid as their own because what once was considered loyalty instead is now opportunity for student athletes throughout our Valley?

  • Kennedy Bryant


    The US Secret Service just arrested me for assault and battery they said I couldnt beat my own chest and that my son is embarrassed that im his dad. Secondly I was fired today for trying to coerce or threaten an audit of little kid who just came back from the dead. My Cat kicked Colt97 up and down the CDF and was charged with smiling too much. I hear all the haters have glass jaws. I just dont know what to say next. Ok im done for the day COLT. It was fun let me know if you need another ICE PACK for your chin I can see you were ruffed up in here today. But no need to worry youll survive.

    AT: I told you Saharas was nice.



  • Kan B’alam Son of Pakal

    Co Charger fan if you know anything about law! “Color of law.” Is not law at all. Get your Law Dictionary out. You have no Jurisdiction here. This is Wild Cat Country. The cats are hot. Co is not. If Scoby was not at Co, you all would not win league…Give us scoby back, play with at least 75% of your local kids, and let’s see how good CO really is. Then talk about Law lol. …what are you studying at night school to be a paralegal.

    Color of Law: color of law n. the appearance of an act being performed based upon legal right or enforcement of statute, when in reality no such right exists.

    Keep trucking Kennedy…Mtown has your back!

  • Passing of the MS torch

    seems like there is an heir apparent to M.S. and the initials are KB, i guess someone had to take up the mantle. Besides, Mason who???? and what’s all the stink about

  • I covered the Covina-Northview game tonight at Covina High. Who did I see sitting up in the student/football team section? Gevontray Ainsworth decked out in his back-to-back league champ t-shirt. Pretty interesting.

  • Kennedy Bryant

    Et al:
    Some of you have gone way over board. Listen let me repeat the blog is in jest I get on the blog for fun this is fun and humorous. I cannot believe the calls ive been getting you all have gotten me banned from the blog. That is just great what a joke, now I have been sent to the outter limits and cannot return. Religated to a wear a mussel over my mouth. Thanks alot. See you all in 2017 after my youngest graduates from MHS 🙁 Ever heard of linkedin

  • coltfan97

    Aram you like steering up trouble don’t you???? I like it lol!!!

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Anyone have any popcorn??? This is getting good!

  • I’m not “steering” or stirring up anything. I should be your eyes and ears and I’m just telling you what I saw. Isn’t it kinda interesting? I think so …



  • Div. 11 Monrovia…really??

    I don’t get why anyone is on Monrovia’s jock. They lost to 3-7 south hills for christ’s sake….lol. Big deal, the won division 11, one step up from 8 man football. Come play some Sierra league teams and see how real football is played. You guys would have been the last place team in the Sierra League and 2nd to last in the Baseline…..keep talking about your little title but just know Monrovia couldn’t hang with the big boys!

  • concussion-symptoms

    Oh damn!!!! Here it comes. I guess it was just a matter of time though. Get ready to pull the plug Aram, this might get ugly.

  • Haters never prosper

    Div. 11 Monrovia…really??

    Monrovia beat SH the year before, and barely lost without McCarthy and Heyworth and 3 other starters on Defense. Just because SH shouldn’t be in the inland, does not mean they are a bad team. If you put SH in the Southeast they are 8-2 and probably in the finals. News Flash, they don’t give up 84 in that game. Big Boys ? Who are the big boys in the SGV? Who has step outside the SGV, and went deep in the playoffs or won it. BA didn’t, Charter Oak Didn’t. The whole point of this thread is show that MOnrovia’s program is making Strides…is yours? Are you progressing or regressing. Monrovia is winning, and is slowly but surely moving up in Class. By time Maddox is done, Monrovia will be playing at least Div 5 Central. They will be in the Southeast soon. That’s 4 Div in just 4 short years with Maddox. What Can’t be denied is that prep Recruiting is going to be awesome for next year. Monrovia landed some key transfers as well. Our Standout’s have the grades, The staff has the Contacts(thanks to McCarthy) so they will be going somewhere. Monrovians are having so much fun , and will not let any hate ruin it. So say what you want but the cats are talking the talk and walking the walk even if it is in Div 11. Put it like this, If Covina could beat West Covina the year before and take them to over time this year, what do you think Monrovia is capable of? Now Monrovia has Covina’s best Returner, in addition to all the talent already in place, Mtown is one of the best teams around. Anyone can lose a game, but when the cats are in playoff form, they can beat anyone in the valley. Hahah haters never prosper. As long is the Conversation is about CO or BA, no one has any problems. As soon is Monrovia’s name is thrown into the mix, people start hating. Ya’ll need to stop. Monrovia is good, deal with it. #3 right now.

  • New York

    What “Big Boys” are you talking about? Amat is the only real Big Boy in the valley. The Sierra should be in the Central Division. Regarding South Hills: they are not great but look at their performance during the early part of the season: close games with Colony and West Covina and a victory over Los Osos.

    I do realize, though, As long as Monrovia is in the Mid-Valley, we need to finish 14-0 with a legitimate pre-season in order to gain respect. That’s fine. I agree. Unfortunately, we could go 14-0 with our schedule this year and still not achieve respect, because supposedly all the “upper divison” teams in our pre-season will have down years.

    I realize Ayala (our opening game) was once a powerhouse. They had their trips to the D-2 finals as well as a victory over Amat back in the mid/late ’90s, but they have not done well lately.

    The reality is that Monrovia needs to beat Charter Oak and West Covina in order to get respect on this blog. Guess what, I’m all for it. But guess what else, we will find out about Charter Oak this year when they play Amat. Is Amat gonna be down this year? Weren’t they supposedly down last time those to played? This will be little brother trying to take the ball away from big brother.

  • AMAT 73

    Although I don’t have a horse in this race , just for the hell of it WHO IS YOUR TEAM ????? . You see it’s easy to come on here and talk all that shiat when we don’t know the hole it’s coming out of so WHO IS IT ??? Might it be a team from the Sierra that you are to embarrassed to mention since you are touting the Sierra in your post ?????


    @ Div. 11 Monrovia…really??)

    You and the rest of the boys here on da blog couldnt play a down of football if your life depended on it. Who cares what Division Bishop Amat, Monrovia, Wes Co plays in, if you have watched any high school football you should know the difference in competition is about the same difference as your wood stick and a Gnat NOT MUCH I saw MHS play and WCHS and at the end of the season if they played it would have been a pickem game. Both teams couldve beaten CO or Bishop Amat and everyone knows it. Give Lil ole M-town its due their program is on the upswing. M-town should know it wont last though it never does.

    I want to tell that dumbass who goes by the name (Div. 11 Monrovia…really??) who really cares where you start the season its where you end the season just ask the NY Giants they were 8-8 and sucked when they played earlier in the season. IM JUST SAYING

  • Some great points by Angola Prison. I saw nothing this past season to tell me that M-Town (once it hit its stride) wouldn’t compete well against WestCo, Amat and CO.

  • Non Enim MCMXCV

    Amat is the only real Big Boy in the valley? Really…?

    What’s so big boy about:
    – Getting your A$$ handed to you by Servite
    – Losing in the 1st round of the playoffs (AGAIN!)
    – Playing .500 football (AGAIN!)
    – Going 1 – 5 against your division
    – Scheduling CupCakes like Garfield, Cathedral, and Venice to prop up your record
    – Finishing #20 out of a 29 teams in your division

    What’s so Big Boy about that? Hell, JSerra does that every year too! They big boys?

    C’mon NYc…!

  • AintWorth

    Can you say Canada (SH)?

    What about the Glendora kid that left for Amat?

    Gevontray “Aint Worth” Ainsworth
    This kid has the balls to wear a back to back championship t-shirt at the ball game the other night. He didn’t earn it. Why is wearing it? Shame on you Coach Maddox!

  • Observantcat

    My 2 cents, Amat is not the comparative factor they used to be in terms of team dominance they held back in their early days but they do have the most brutal schedule in the valley by far. Trying to be fair and unbiased as one can be I truly believe that Monrovia could have accomplished a few wins over Amat in the past four seasons but that will never ever be proven because we didn’t play each other. Going forward I do believe that local teams are proving to gain more ground regardless of which division they happen to be in. For example would Amat have beaten La Serna by 60 pt.s with a running clock in the 4th quarter that can all be debated by the style of each teams game and I personally dont think that Amat had that kind of offensive firepower this past season. But just the same having both West Covina and Amat at full strength I believe the score could be extremely close providing one team executes their game plan better than their opponents. Monrovia is really just waking up to their potential and will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. There are talented teams with great atheletes which feed off of each other year after year and turn into area powerhouses and there are those teams who make good runs year in and year out always on the edge of greatness who can never seem to get over that hump, Monrovia has finally gotten over that hump and is carving itself into a powerhouse that is going to eventually get challenged by teams that want to test themselves against them. We can all talk about what div. is what but remember when it comes down to ratings all you need to do is point out that just 3 years ago a team by the name of Sierra Canyon was still playing 8 man football, now its Max Prep ratings are Higher than any team in both the San Gabriel and the San Fernando Valleys.

  • MonroVian

    Hey AintWorth. Aka Window Licker!

    Aram I got this one!

    First of all Aram reported he ” Ainsworth” was at the “Covina” basketball game when he saw Ainsworth with his “Covina” football buddies with his ” Covina” league back to back shirt not a MonroVia Back to Back CIF Championship shirt you Moron! I sure hope you aren’t a MonroVia fan cuz you are wack! Matter a fact I know you aren’t a MonroVian the way you disregard Coach Maddox and his good reputation!

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • New York

    Non Enim MCMXCV,

    Maybe I should have said that Amat is the only proven “big boy.” I don’t recall the last time Amat lost to an SGV team. I am aware, though, that they have recently knocked off highly teams that were highly regarded at the time they played Amat: Orange Lutheran, St. Bonnies, etc.

    Amat might not be where they were in 1994 (I feel 1994 was far more talented than 1995), but they are still the big fish until someone beats them.

    Perhaps on an absolute basis (all teams in California), Amat has not been a “big boy” lately, but on a relative basis (SGV and nearby areas), they certainly are still a big boy. Why? Their kids are accustom to pushing themselves to compete against the best. They are undersized and outmanned in most games. They have to prepare just to not be embarrassed. I feel that their level of preparation would lead them to be the favorites against any local team in a head to head game. Plus, their coaching staff is very impressive. Coach Haggerty built Paraclete into the program that it is. He then was part of a successful JW North program. Their assistant coaches are very well pedigreed as well.

    I am by no means an Amat salesman, but I do live in reality and try to recognize good things.

    Charter Oak may have closed the gap on Amat recently, due largely to their increased strength of schedule. Preparing for and competing against fierce competition goes a long way.

    I think Monrovia has a talent pool to compete. We need to heighten our strength of schedule in order to get the most out of our guys. That could mean playing teams such as Charter Oak, West Covina, Amat, Etiwanda, St. Francis, Paso Robles, Mira Costa in the pre-seasons as well as switching leagues. In all honesty, I think a pre-season with any five of those teams would be realistic for us, especially after playing it for a few years. We need to turn back the clock at Monrovia and play some real teams.

  • Lancelot

    I understand the need to “close the gap” between Amat and the local schools and “I hear ya talkin” BUT that’s all I hear. Until I “SEE” you/them/local teams ACTUALLY get on the schedule and prove that “the gap” is closing it’s all rhetoric. Big props to c.o. for stepping up to the plate but Amat will throw’em up and in and back you off the plate just when you start to get comfortable…we can’t have the local boys digging into the box. Looking forward to a good game that will hopefully it will live up to the Hype! (I truly hope it does, it hasn’t in the past). Monrovia until you get called up to “The Show” keep applying the pine tar and oiling the Mitt, you’ll get called up or better yet….”step up” soon. Congrats, by the way, on the Title. Winning any title at any level still takes a hell of a lot of hardwork and teamwork to obtain. Props!

    And before you even reply with a bunch of “nonsense” and retread posts…..


    Men are talking in here.

  • AMAT 73

    First off let me thank Ocat and NY . Those were 2 great posts based on good honest football knowledge on AMAT and Momrovia. While there is no denying Monrovia is defintely a force to be reckoned with as they said they do have some ways , not a lot but still a ways to go and need some up scheduling . I believe none of the true AMAT Faithful or as we like to say Family has ever denied the fact of WC,CO,Monrovia, or any of the up and coming teams of the SGV to be far below AMAT in talent or capabilities.I think it’s great to see other SGV teams now being mentioned in the same circles when speaking of football in our valley.But those conversations only happen amoung us. The fact of scheduling up and playing teams of the SFV,OC,IE and other other outline areas by other SGV teams and not so much winning but playing good hard competitive football will go along way to get our valley back in all conversations of good SoCal football period .If it starts with scheduling AMAT and beating us or good hard competitve games so be it .You can ask any of the old timers on the blog about the days of WC,SH,LA,AMAT and even LP being forces and top 4-A teams and the valley was looked at as a top area in HS football . Changes in demographics , economy and all that other factors are excuses because by what I see our teams can compete . All we have to do is schedule as a whole and not just AMAT those teams from areas mentioned above . It’s one thing to beat each other up on the blog but if you go out on other blogs , other than AMAT ( not blowing our own horn ) you don’t see any other SGV teams mentioned . What should be the norm is not to have just AMAT scheduling SFV, IE or OC teams but for all our teams to schedule those teams as the norm. To me that’s how we get the SGV back in the conversation of great SoCal football. Just my opinion .

  • concussion-symptoms

    From an IE / Inland guy, I absolutely believe that Monrovia is playing some of the BEST football in the SGV, no matter what division and as they continue to perform that way, they will be moved up and gain that “respect” for playing better teams in better leagues in better divisions. But for now, they are playing the games they have and WINNING them and that is what matters.

    Keep up the hard work Monrovia and everyone else will have to take notice.

  • MonroVian

    Tomorrow if anyone is interested, Marquise Bias, Desahawn Ramirez, Kevin Spicer and another player who’s name I don’t know at the moment will be representing MonroVia in the 2011-2012 City Vs. Section All Star Football game. The game will be held at El Camino Real High School. Kick off I believe is at 1p.m. Hope to see you all there.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ”


  • New York


    A funny coincidence related to your monicker and our exchange on the other thread, my fomer college teammate has been the driving force the past several years behind increased concussion awareness.

  • concussion-symptoms

    @ New York,

    Did FRED forward my email to you?

  • New York

    not yet.

  • Angola Prison

    @ Lancelot,Amat73 and New York.. Great post

  • Non Enim MCMXCV!


    You need to “close the gap” between your mouth and Amat73s miniature manhood…! Thats right…SON!

    Until I SEE your feeble Bishop Amat football program ACTUALLY win something of significance in the PAC 5 (Not Since 1995), its all verbal diarrhea coming from your facial anus!

    I will give your little team credit for accepting the mind field challenge that is Charter Oak and Chino Hills. Those are big STEP UP games for the Lanceritos compared to the CUPCAKEs they played last year (Garfield, Cathedral and mighty Venice!!!). Lets not forget the a$$ handing that youre also going to get from Chino Hills now!!! Them boyz gonna be hongry for some Blue & Yellow!!! Looking forward to the a$$ kicking that COHS and CHHS will be handing to Hagerty and his Smurfs!!!

    Monrovia youve done well with your CIF Championships! Be Proud!!! These AMAT has beans and their Napoleonic complex are now irrelevant in the SGV!!!

    I ask you SGV…How would LickaLot know what its like to win a championship at any level? What in the hell would this Ron Jeramy fluffer boy know about hardwork and teamwork? Amats OOMPA LOOMPA squad havent won a CIF Championship Ring since 1995!!! Thats RightLickaLot! Non Enim MCMXCV! Almost 20 years AGO!!!

    In conclusion, LickaLot keep applying the pine tar on Amat73 and oiling his A**, you’ll get called up or better yet….”step up” soon.

    Congrats on the Jeremy job!!!

  • Non Enim MCMXCV

    New York

    I ask you AGAIN what has Amat done in the last 18 years to them the “big boy” of the valley?

    Perception can sometimes turn into reality and I think that myopians growing up in the 1970’s SGV point to the greatness that WAS Amat. Mighty WAS the blue and yellow. Come to the present New York. Simple look at the last 5 years and tell me what makes them the “big boy”? It’s certainly not their size…!

    Pas un champion depuis 1995, New York!!!

    Comment vous dire que? It is Fact!!!

  • New York

    I am very proud of Monrovia’s championships. I am simply acknowledging that within the past 3 years when Amat beat Orang Lutheran, when they beat Mater Dei in the playoffs, when they beat St Bonnies, that likely encouraged football fans in those respective counties to look up Amat and see that they are located in the SGV. I cant name any other victories, other than Amat victories, that might have brought attention to the SGV. All of the other recent championships came against local competition.

    My point is that Amat has actually beaten the big boys in the past few years, even if Amat has fallen short of…their own standards of Division I CIF titles.

  • MonrovianFan

    Oooh Snap! LMAO this guy Non Enim MCMXCV is too funny. LanceLot he said you azz is in your face.That’s some funny shiat.Dammm but he’s right about amat.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ”

  • MonrovianFan


    Mater Dei 4 – 6
    Orange Lutheran 6 – 4

    Olu beat Mater Dei 28 – 0

    JSerra beat Olu 31 – 14. JSerra? Who’s that?

    New York does that make JSerra the new powerhouse of the Pac 5?The problem here is that you old guys like to live in the what use to be.When Amat was great.When gas was cheap.When minimum wage was $2 bucks.We young guys live in the now.Non Enim MCMXCV is right. In the now Amat is just no good anymore period.In the now Amat cannot win anymore.Call it a cultural change.They are not the big boy anymore.We are the big boy and we have the target on our chest now.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ”

  • coltfan97

    Monrovia is a great team don’t get me wrong, but they are not PAC 5 caliber team!!! And anyone who says otherwise just doesn’t know football!!!! How would Monrovia do against the Servite’s and Santa Margarita’s of the world?? Remember BA was tied going into the fourth quarter against Santa Margarita, the team that won the Pac 5 and their bowl game!!!! BA might be having a down cycle in terms of talent at the school, but they are better than 99% of the teams in the SGV!!!!!!

  • coltfan97

    MonrovianFan OLU and Mater Dei play in the hardest league in California and possibly the nation!!! The next thing your going to say is that Long Beach Poly is not a powerhouse because they havent won a championship in the last couple of years!!!!

  • MonrovianFan


    Don’t be coming on here trying to twist my words, boy! I said that Amat is no longer the big boy in the SGV.I agree with Non Enim MCMXCV in that Amat has not done anything to deserve that title around here.As for your Covina Colts, you guys are on the same boat as Amat. No Rings Since 1995 either. Ooooh Snap!

    As for the Pac 5, maybe we need a few more years to build up to Servite and Santa Margarita, but I know for a fact that we (the SGV) could definately compete with all of these posing jokers:
    Notre Dame 6-4-0
    BISHOP AMAT 6-5-0
    Newport Harbor 5-6-0
    Woodrow Wilson 5-6-0
    Mater Dei 4-6-0
    Jordan 4-6-0
    JSerra Catholic 4-6-0
    Fountain Valley 4-6-0
    Compton 3-7-0
    Dana Hills 3-7-0
    Marina 1-8-1
    Millikan 1-9-0

    coltfan97 I would put my money on Charter Oak against any of these teams.Covina and Amat you guys need group hug.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ”

  • MonrovianFan


    BTW, do you remember that the Amat v Garfield game in 2011.The final score was only 14 – 0!What about Venice?That final score was 38 – 35.Amat lost to Venice too!These are city schools.Amat is (not might be) having a down cycle in terms of talent at the school, and they are definately worse than you want to admit SGV!!!!!!colt97 go see you pastor tomorrow morning.The truth will set you free!!!!!!

  • MonroVian

    Hahahaha Love it Monrovia fan, Yes!!!!!!
    Someone else is using my Name minus the Capital V.
    That’s All, as always……………….Hahahahahaha……..

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White ”
    Also the ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  • coltfan97

    Monrovian Fan still havent answered the question I wonder why you dodging the question? How would Monrovia do against Santa Margarita and or Servite?? I wonder why your dodging the question? By the way this conversation has nothing to do with Covina, so I dont understand why you brought them up!!!

    Finally, how many schools actually have won a CIF Football Title(s) since 1995 (SGV TEAMS ONLY)? Their is only a handful!!!

  • New York

    I would say that Amat’s 2011 results lead me to beleive that Monrovia, Charter Oak and West Covina could have achieved similar results. Charter Oak’s results in 2010 lead me to beleive that they would have performed better. Amat is the only team with major victories in recent years.

    Someone asked what Amat has done since 1995 to prove they are a big boy. Well, they have not won a Division I/Pac-5 crown, but I dont think that is the distinguishing characteristic of a “big boy.” I was referring to the fact that Amat has had some major victories in the last few years.

    In 2010 Amat was 9-2 and beat Dominguez who was 10-2 and Crespi who was 8-4 (be careful, Crespi won our division a couple times).

    In 2009 Amat was 10-2. They beat St. Bonnies who finished 11-2, Alemany who finished 10-4 (made it to the Western Finals), Notre Dame who was 9-3 and Mater Dei in the first round.

    In 2008 Amat beat Orange Lutheran who finished 10-3, which means OLU was in the Pac-5 semis. Amat lost in the first round 21-17 to Poly who ended up 14-1 that year, which means they won the Pac-5. They also beat WestCo 42-6 that year. WestCo was 10-3.

    What past do you think I live in? It would be convenient toward the real Monrovia fans for me to live in the past and point out that Alemany lost in 2009 to Mira Cost in the finals, the same team that beat Monrovia by only two TD’s in the 1997 finals even after our QB threw SIX interceptions, including a game opening pick 6.

    Maybe you glossed over my line that Amat is a PROVEN big boy. Maybe they are not a “big boy” amongst the Pac-5, but they have proven to be somewhat of a giant killer the past few years. They are certainly competitive in their Pac-5 games.

    I know in my heart of hearts that Monrovia can beat any of the local teams, BUT we need to PROVE it by scheduling and WINNING. I think we would have had our way offensively with West Covina this year once we hit our stride. Our offensive came to play in the playoffs. Ask the stud D-tackles from Pomona as well as the guys at Covina. I walked through WestCo’s players and ours on consecutive nights. Our hawgs looked taller, leaner and more athletic.

    Our next phase needs to include stacking a pre-season and coming out 4-1 or 5-0, like our 1981 team (go ahead and make your old guy remark again). No, I wasn’t on that team. But I think their pre-season was Duarte, Amat, Loyola, Pasadena and Arroyo. They might have finished 5-0 as well.

    Please stop pointing out that O-Lu and Mater Dei have weak records…Monrovia (my team) lost this year to South Hills who was 3-7. You are inviting a lot of criticism upon us.

  • New York

    Monrovia probably would have had a similar game against Santa Margarita. I think our skills matched up very well against them in passing league. My biggest concern would have been their abundance of large offensive linemen wearing us down in the second half, similar to what it sounds like happened to Amat.

  • coltfan97

    New York I think your right about the line play!!!!Santa Margarita’s offensive line average height was 6″3′ and weighed 290 pounds!!! Thats huge for a high school team!!!

    As for My Colts team in 2012 it might be a long year but I am hoping 5-5 year, and if everything goes right 2nd place in the VVL or a wildcard berth!!!

  • Bulldogs have bite

    I’ve been following along and read some very impressive posts.

    New York,

    “I think we would have had our way offensively with West Covina this year once we hit our stride. Our offensive came to play in the playoffs. Ask the stud D-tackles from Pomona as well as the guys at Covina. I walked through WestCo’s players and ours on consecutive nights. Our hawgs looked taller, leaner and more athletic.”

    FYI: Everybody’s line “looked” taller, leaner and more athletic than West Covina’s line last season. But WC’s line by the end of the season was a well oiled machine. They only averaged 6′ 230 lbs, but they are all well built physical specimen’s thanks to Maggiore’s body building class. The O-line executes each play with superior technique and precision. With the wing-t offense they do not need to hold their blocks long against bigger opponents, the wing-t gets other teams off balance and their size is neutralized by the blocking angles it creates. Our backs just need a crease and they are already putting moves on the other team’s second level defenders.

    I think Monrovia would gives us a good game, we actually have the atheletes and speed to match up well with them. You can say Monrovia would have their way offensively with WC, but WC has the ability to take the air out of the ball and take control of the clock. We also can strike fast with our stable of backs. It would be a shootout, but I like our chances of limiting Monrovia’s offensive touches with our ground game.

  • Uh listen, if you wanted to take the talent at Monrovia and move it to Amat and co-mingle the two groups, you’d find more than half of Amat’s starters out of jobs. Same with Charter Oak and West Covina. If you’re talking in terms of pure talent, Amat ranks fourth on my list behind those teams.

    I don’t care what anybody says about M-Town or WestCo’s division, if you give kids the choice of being CIF champs in a non-PAC-5 or non-Inland Division or being knocked out in the first or second round, they’re gonna take the championship at a lower division.

    I imagine it partly has something to do with the fact that when you reach Weeks 13 and (especially) 14 people are only talking about YOU.



  • New York

    In my long post, I meant to reference Charter Oak’s 2011 results led me to beleive they would have performed better on Amat’s schedule in 2011.

    Bulldog’s have bite,
    Nice post and valid point of view. You are welcome at my virtual coffee shop to talk football anytime. I specifically mentioned offensively, because I do realize WestCo was a well-oiled machine. And yes, that ball control would limit our offensive touches. The true edge I would give to WestCo at this point is WestCo’s strength of schedule and the inherent benefits that come with that.

    Monrovia has effectively run three pretty different offenses in Maddox’s four years at the helm. We ran the Wing-T his first year, a sread zone read years 2 and 3, and a spread pro-type offense with a pocket QB year 4. It takes a pretty rich talent pool to be able to successfully change things around like that. We are not the Lombardi Packers or the Temple City of the 1970’s, where the coach decided to stick to a system that suited his talent pool. Maddox has the luxury of mixing things up.

  • Lancelot

    Aram – Your opinion and you’re entitled to it but by no means does it mean you’re right. Just keep that in mind. Just because you control the board it doesn’t make your “opinion” the truth. Just Sayin. Monrovia has some players but to say half the Amat starters would lose jobs is based on what? Your being impressed with their size and how atheletic they look? I would still need to see them perform in Amats “corner of the world” before I project them as starters at Bishop Amat.

  • Lancelot

    MonroviaFan(?) or JackASS II there is no way anyone would agree with this a-hole unless he was himself under yet another of his aliases. I refuse to believe there is a second JackAss out there as big as the original. Pretty pathetic though glossing yourself with alias posts….classic.

  • LWPW

    For the first time in years I agree with Aram. Although I don’t think Aram wants to put the real spin on this. Take the Amat coaching staff and the Monrovia talent and you have a team that goes deep in the PAC5 playoffs.

    Monrovia lacks coaching

    Amat lacks talent

  • Non Enim MCMXCV!


    Until I SEE your feeble Bishop Amat football program ACTUALLY win something of significance in the PAC 5 (Not Since 1995), its all verbal diarrhea coming from your facial anus!

    New York

    Is it that hard to let go of the Typewriter, the 16 oz Schlitz can, the Bee Gees, the AMC Pacer, and the J.E.T.S.? Breaking News 01/30/2012: AMAT has NOT been a big boy in the SGV in a long long time. Not Since 1995…! Los Altos, South Hills, Charter Oak, West Covina, San Dimas, Monrovia, etc, etc, etc. “You play to Win The Game” Herm Edwards. You name recent wins, but FAIL to point the numerous big losses too…! Let it go New York. They are NOT the big boys NO MO!


    I agree with you.


    I agree with you too (except Hagerty! Remember the end of the 1st half this year. How did that coaching job go for Amat?)

    LMFAO, LickaLot! THE TRUTH HURTS Amat Blowhards…!

  • New York

    Everyone has areas for improvement, but saying that Monrovia lacks coaching is way off base. Some of Amat’s coaches have better pedigrees as former players and others are more accomplished, to date, as coaches. However, Maddox is a rising star and seems to be gaining more comfort with what his players can achieve.

    Not since 1995,
    You are moving the goal posts. What is your definition of a big dog? How can a team prove that they are a big dog? Is it now that a team has to do something BIG within the Pac-5? If that is the case, then no team within the SGV would be a big boy, right? The Amat victories that I mentioned brought attention to the SGV because they beat teams that are big outside the SGV. Losses are losses. They dont bring attention. Someone asked what Amat had done recently to show that they are a big dog. I listed several victories that I felt distinguished Amat from the rest of the valley, because I am unaware of any victories by local teams that are comparable.

    Charter Oak, West Covina and Monrovia are great teams that have not achieved big wins over big teams outside the area, have WE? I am part of Monrovia. I want us to schedule and beat big teams outside the area too. One way I feel that teams prove they are great is by beating other great teams. Often, teams need to leave the are to acheive that. Otherwise, they get branded as “great for their area.” The old CIF brackets were a better proving ground than the current regional brackets. In the days of typewriters, carbon copies and intellivision, teams had to play other good teams from other counties in order to win CIF. Maybe the game has just passed me by…I prefer relative as well as absolute standards of greatness.

    Are you a supporter of any team, or just anti-Amat?

  • Lancelot

    Multiple screen names, answering your own posts?



    It’s nice to see a knowledgable, objective, non-Amat supporter speak logical truths for a change. New York and Joe Amat are the two most intelligent bloggers we have. Listen to them!

  • AMAT 73

    How does a team go back to back championships if you lack coaching. Please expalin that one to me if you care to.
    Nice way to put it on going for a PAC-5 or Inland title or a CIF championship in a lower division. First off kind of dulls the championship if it is that easy of a slam dunk. How about asking them if that title was also a slam dunk in the Inland or PAC-5 along with those lower divisions which do you think tney would take then . That’s why those 2 divions are 1 and 2 because the road to the title is not very easy and nothing is guaranteed once those playoffs begin . You saw exactly that this past season. How many football fans had Servite and Corona Cent aleady ingraved on those trophies only for them to fall in the playoffs. I am not knocking nor putting down the great runs these teams have had winning back to back and what they accomplish but as you can see almost all are calling for them to move on to higher ground because it is just too easy for them to win in the division they are in. And isn’t really about about testing ones self or team against better competition . Maybe a jump to D-1 or 2 is to much but a move up to maybe D-3 should be on WC’s and Monrovia’s mind and I will bet you it is also on the minds of their true fans. If they keep winning titles in their respective divisions they will not mean much after a while.

  • Competitive Greatness

    Mr Tolegian, i respectfully disagree with your premise. While “I wouldn’t change anything” might be the public, cliche, sound bite, politically correct, company line – i think if you took an anonymous poll of successful athletes (scholarship or pro) a vast majority would want a crack at the teams in the higher division. This is the attitude that would make those athletes successful in the first place – chasing their personal best and willingness to take on any and all challenges – not just to take some championship because it’s ” easier”

  • Non Enim MCMXCV!

    New York

    Nobodys moving the goal post. Youre just running out of logical arguments and are now backed into a corner of denial! It was you on 01/26 that asked: What “Big Boys” are you talking about? Amat is the only real Big Boy in the valley. And I have been proving your statement wrong ever since! That Simple…!

    What is my definition of big dog – using new term because you cant confirm big boys? How can a team prove that they are a big dog? Well New York, according to the Patriots, Yankees, Lakers, Penguins, USA Mens Olympic 4×100 Freestyle Swimming Relay, Connecticut Womens Basketball, Brazil Futbol and the Chinese Table Tennis teams all agree that a “Big Dog” (any team) has to WIN in order to pound their chest and bark loudly! That team(s) has to also Win consistently over a period of time. Dont you agree New York? Dont they New York? That is a Big Boy! Right?

    On the other hand, if your definition of greatness is jumping on a bus and going down to ELAC and beating up on a rebuilding city school like Garfield, to Chinatown to smash on perrenial losers like Cathedral, or all the way to Santa Monica to beat up on a horrible team like Venice HS, then stand on top of the Monrovia hills and shout it out. BUT dont come on here and tell the SGV that Amat is the big boy (your original term) in the SGV! FACT is that Amat has not won a championship OLD BRACKET or NEW SECTIONS since 1995. You and all the Amat blow hards dont want to hear that, but that is the TRUTH! Am I wrong? I would like for you to acknowledge my questions, New York! Also, when was the last time that Amat put together 2 or 3 good years of competitive football? Never mind championships…just a competitive teams? When was that New York? Again, to be a Big Dog (your new term) you must WIN and win Consistently for a period of time. Preferably in recent years. Not 20 years ago! Cmon New York…Amat is just a Pac 5 participant and you know it! See LBJordan, JSerra, Fountain Valley, Compton, Marina, Millikan…! All Pac 5 Participants!

    The Amat Losses that I mentioned brought attention to the SGV because they got their a$$e$ handed to them by teams that are big outside the SGV. Losses are the same as Wins. They bring the same attention/embarrassment to the SGV. Go ask Orange County how much they Enjoy playing Amat! I asked you on several occasions what has Amat done recently to show that they are the big dog. I listed several FACTS (Truths!) that have diminished Amat from the rest of the valley. Your Denial/Lack of Acknowledgement of these Facts showed me and the rest of the SGV that you refuse to acknowledge the truth. That you live in the memories of the past when Pet Rocks were cool, when Platform shoes made you tall, when 3 television channels offered “All in the Family”, “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”, and “Sanford and Son” as your viewing choices. Amat is and has been irrelevant in SGV football for a long long time! You just dont want to admit it!

    Just to prove my point again, I ask you – Will Amat Win the Pac 5 in 2012? Do they even have a chance to Win the Pac 5 in 2012? Exactly…! The Truth Hurts, but New York, it is the truth and you cannot deny it (Relative and Absolute)…!

    BTW, I support all SGV Teams that Win with Honor and Integrity. Not the team that consistently losses, yet remains arrogant, belittling, and ignorant!

  • Non Enim MCMXCV!

    Competitive Greatness, I respectfully disagree with your premise. While the “We use to be great way back then” cliche, sound bite, lancer chant, Parrochial Company Line might work in La Puente – I think if you took an anonymous poll of football players, a vast majority would want an opportunity to Win! This is the attitude that would make those athletes successful in the first place. The thirst for Winning is why we play this game. This is a team sport where winning is all that matters. Participating at “any and all levels” is not the goal nor should it ever be. A Championship Trophy does not say “Winner of the Easier Division!” It merely says “Champions!” If don’t believe me just ask Gevontray Ainsworth what’s the real reason for leaving Covina and enrolling in Monrovia. Exactly…!

    And “Champions” is something that Amat hasn’t seen and won’t see for a long time…!

  • AND ???????

    And your point is ????????? What does a tool like you know about honor or integrity when you can’t even stick to one screen name and then you answer almost all of your own posts so it looks like you have a following .Why don’t you just be honest and admit you love Amat and are just hurt because you are not accepted by them . Quit wasting blog space for your own enjoyment .

  • Tool Time

    What would a TOOL like “Non”sense95 know about Honor and Integrity? So your the caped crusader here to defend the Valley from the reputation of the evil empire that is Bishop Amat? Your a joke Dude and the three words that best describe your sorry ass just happen to be the same ones used by you….Arrogant,Belittling and IGNORANT! Get A Life Loser!

  • To NotAnOriginalThoughtSince1995

    Last 4 years. 32-13. Serra League champions (4th best league in country that year) 4trips to playoffs. Eliminated by Section champions and #1 in nation Long Becah Poly, #11 in State Lakewood, and this years State Chamion Santa Margarits. Wins over Orange Lu, St Bonaventure, Mater Dei, Dominguez(twice), Venice(twice), st Paul, St Francis, Chaminade, Alemany, Loyola(twice), Crespi(3xs), Notre Dame(twice), Damien(4 times), West Covina(twice), Diamond Ranch (twice). Thats what they’ve won. And you? Or anyone else in the fish bowl for that matter?

  • New York

    Do you consider the teams from the Baseline and Sierra leagues to be Inland Division “participants” and therefore not Big Boys? They have not gotten past the semis… The Baseline got bounced from the Inland Division for a couple years. They then won the Central Division. Now they get worked in the semis after working over our very own Charter Oak, who won a very respectable league BUT not a CIF title. Amat won an incredibly respectable league two years ago, but for some reason you still dont think that is good. I do not think that Amat is an elite team within the Pac-5. However, they do own recent victories over respectable Pac-5 opponents. No other local team has done that. My criteria for Big Boy status is beating other Big Boys. It sounds like your criteria is strictly related to whether or not a team has won CIF in any division within the past couple years. So, it seems that we have different definitions and criteria of what comprises a Big Boy/Big Dog.

    I mistakenly interchanged Big Dog and Big Boy, but in my world they sorta mean the same thing. Sorry for confusing you.

  • 1995

    New York

    So whos Moving The Goal Post, now?

    Just too difficult for you to admit it. Isnt it New York? Do you see what the rest of these Amat blow hards are posting? They know Im right! They cannot contradict anything that I have stated because it is the Truth…!

    Again, to be a Big Dog you must WIN and win Consistently for a period of time. Preferably in recent years. Not 20 years ago!

    The Patriots, Yankees, Lakers, Penguins, USA Mens Olympic 4×100 Freestyle Swimming Relay, Connecticut Womens Basketball, Brazil Futbol and the Chinese Table Tennis teams are all “Big Dogs” in their sport! No one can argue that! They can pound their chest and bark loudly!

    Likewise, Los Altos, South Hills, Charter Oak, San Dimas, West Covina, and now Monovia Football too can call themselves Big Dogs in our recent history. No one can argue that! They can pound their chest and bark loudly! What has Amat done that is comparable during the same time frame? Exactly…!

    New York, when was the last time that Amat put together 2 or 3 good years of competitive football? Never mind championships…just a competitive teams? When was that New York?

    What about Long Beach Jordan, JSerra, Fountain Valley, Compton, Marina, Millikan? When were these guys Big Dogs? Exactly! You see the relative correlation?

    New York, YOU didnt answer my questions…! Will Amat Win the Pac 5 in 2012? Do they even have a chance to Win the Pac 5 in 2012?

    The Truth Hurts, but New York, it is the truth and you cannot deny it (Relative and Absolute)…! Your Denial of the Facts showed me and the rest of the SGV that you are denying the truth.

    New York, we have different definitions and criteria of what comprises a Big Boy/Big Dog, but your denial of the truth is a character flaw in your manhood!

    Amat is and has been irrelevant in SGV football for a long long time! You just dont want to admit it…!

  • 1995

    New York

    So whos Moving The Goal Post, now?

    Just too difficult for you to admit it. Isnt it New York? Do you see what the rest of these Amat blow hards are posting? They know Im right! They cannot contradict anything that I have stated because it is the Truth…!

    Again, to be a Big Dog you must WIN and win Consistently for a period of time. Preferably in recent years. Not 20 years ago!

    The Patriots, Yankees, Lakers, Penguins, USA Mens Olympic 4×100 Freestyle Swimming Relay, Connecticut Womens Basketball, Brazil Futbol and the Chinese Table Tennis teams are all “Big Dogs” in their sport! No one can argue that! They can pound their chest and bark loudly!

    Likewise, Los Altos, South Hills, Charter Oak, San Dimas, West Covina, and now Monovia Football too can call themselves Big Dogs in our recent history. No one can argue that! They can pound their chest and bark loudly! What has Amat done that is comparable during the same time frame? Exactly…!

    New York, when was the last time that Amat put together 2 or 3 good years of competitive football? Never mind championships…just a competitive teams? When was that New York?

    What about Long Beach Jordan, JSerra, Fountain Valley, Compton, Marina, Millikan? When were these guys Big Dogs? Exactly! You see the relative correlation?

    New York, YOU didnt answer my questions…! Will Amat Win the Pac 5 in 2012? Do they even have a chance to Win the Pac 5 in 2012?

    The Truth Hurts, but New York, it is the truth and you cannot deny it (Relative and Absolute)…! Your Denial of the Facts showed me and the rest of the SGV that you are denying the truth.

    New York, we have different definitions and criteria of what comprises a Big Boy/Big Dog, but your denial of the truth is a character flaw in your manhood!

    Amat is and has been irrelevant in SGV football for a long long time! You just dont want to admit it…!

  • New York

    Answer my question! Do you consider the Baseline Leage teams and Sierra League teams to be “Inland Division Participants”? None of those teams have come close to winning their divisions. Are any of them going to win the Inland this year or any time soon? Upland was supposed to be a powerhouse and they got rolled. Answer me now! Are they just “participants”?

    Personally, I think that Upland is one of the Big Boys, but I think I have a different perspective than you.


  • Joe Amat

    As I read this thread I find it funny how it seems your “big boys” become “big boys” when the other “big boys” move out of their neighborhood.

    Didn’t Charter Oak become a “big boy” when they didn’t have to deal with La Habra, El Dorado, Tranuco Hills, or Newport Harbor anymore? Or did West Covina become a “big boy” when Charter Oak and South Hills got bumped and were no longer in their way? Didn’t the Locals like Monrovia and San Dimas reqlly just become “big boys” in the Mid-Valley neighborhood when Oaks Christian, Oak Park, Nordhoff, Santa Clara, or Paraclete moved away?

    Either you’re a “big boy” or you’re not. We can’t say you’re a “big boy” one year and not the next. You don’t get “big boy” status, take a couple years off and then get it back. If you beat “big boys” (more than once) – does that elevate you to “big boy” status…or keep you there? Does the “big boy” have to be from outside your neighborhood…or can it be the one down the street?

    You might say CO was a big boy since their championship in the early 2000s. Well Amat beat them up pretty good in 04 & 05 before CO “opted out” of the contract. Were they “big boys” then? Or did they take a couple years off and then become “big boys” again in 06 & 07? Convenient. Same with West Covina. “Big boys” winning championships in 2004, 2010, and 2011? What about in between when the got swept by Amat in 2008 & 2009? Not big boys? If they really are “big boys, how about the team that beats those “big boys” in the four games by a collective score of 125-20?

    As pointed out, Amat is really the only one who has knocked off any out-of-the-area big boys over the past four years. Or decade for that matter. Even in our worst year ever, Amat beat Loyola, Rancho Cucamonga (“big boy”…or not?) and that years’ D3 champion – St Paul.

    They’ve also lost to some big boys by virtue of having far more games against that type of competition than others in the Fish Bowl. Again, as pointed out, accomplishments over the last four years makes them competitive and puts them in the team picture with the otheer “big boys”. Where they want to be – no, but in the conversation.

  • Non Enim MCMXCV!

    New York,

    So you move the Goal Post again…? Now we’re gonna compate Amat’s feeble football program to the Sierra League and the Baseline in order to define “Big Boy?” Thank you for agreeing with me. Amat is NOT the “Big Dog!” HAHAHA

    The moment that you have to consider the Sierra or the Baseline league in order to counter my FACTS you Lose because you are making point!

    Amat < Big Dog New York, as you said we have different definitions and criteria of what comprises a Big Boy/Big Dog, but your denial of the truth is a character flaw in your manhood! HAHAHA! Nice playing with you...! TOO BAD YOU AND AMAT LOSE (AGAIN!!!)...!

  • The FACTS Since 1995

    I agree with you Joe Amat 100%

    It is funny how it seems “big boys” become “big boys” when the other “big boys” move out of their neighborhood.

    The almost 20 year embarrassment that is the Bishop Amat Lancers haven’t moved. They have just been left behind…! Way behind the rest of the competition…!

    Most recently Los Altos has been successful, so has South Hills, Charter Oak, West Covina, San Dimas, and now Monrovia.

    I agree with Joe Amat: “Either you’re a “big boy” or you’re not. We can’t say you’re a “big boy” one year and not the next.” Can we (the SGV) say your a “big boy” in the SGV if you haven’t WON anything of significance for almost 20 years…? Not 1 CIF Championship!!! You be the judge. I also agree with Joe Amat that “You don’t get “big boy” status, take a couple years off and then get it back. Except Amat hasn’t been a big boy for so many years they have forgotten the definition. According you beating “big boys” (more than once) elevates you to “big boy” status. Such is the case with JSERRA who this year beat Mater Dei who then beat OLu! JSERRA is now a “big boy” in the OC. At least according to Joe Amat…!

    CO has been a big boy since their championship in the early 2000s. Like the New England Patriots or the L.A. Lakers, you will find that every “big dog” has a down cycle, reloads and comes back for the title again. As CO did in ’09 & ’10. Exactly the same with West Covina “Big boys” winning championships in 2004, 2010, and 2011. Now Monrovia is achieving the same. What Joe Amat fails to acknowledge is that Amat refused to play against the Champioship teams of Charter Oak and West Covina…! They conveniently avoided the “match up” because according to Joe Amat he’d have you believe that CO voided the contract and West Co just plain didn’t want it anymore…! HAHAHA!

    Well Joe Amat, you’ll get you chance to prove you’re wrong again this coming season when CO and Chino Hills are your “Step Up” games. There’s no hiding behind La Mirada, Cathedral, Venice, and Garfield 2012.

    Hey Joe Amat… who is They?

    You said “They’ve also lost to some big boys.” Don’t you really mean “WE?” Or, ARE YOU ONLY A LANCER WHEN YOU’RE WINNING…? Cus that ain’t happening any time soon…!

    So according to Joe Amat, the feeble Amat football program has been reduced to defining “Success” by getting to the league playoffs thru a “Coin-Flip”! Success at Amat is now losing in the 1st round of the playoffs! Getting to the dance, but actually going inside the hall and actually shaking a leg.

    Oh…How The Mighty Have Fallen…! This definition of success would never have been acceptable WAAAAAAY BAAAACK In The Day…!



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