How the hell am I supposed to diet when this happens? FIVE GUYS opens in West Covina …


I had heard things about Five Guys so I decided to try it back in 2010 before an Amat boys hoops playoff game that I was covering in Lawndale. I did what any normal warm-blooded American male would do, I hit up Five Guys in Carson. And naturally, when I got to the game that night the first thing everyone asked me was “How was Five Guys?”.

Anyway, now there’s one in West Covina at 1455 Plaza Drive. It is open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

Aram’s take: Although I do like In-N-Out, it’s vastly overrated. I liked Five Guys the one time I had it, but even I will admit that it probably can’t be consumed as often as In-N-Out. Anyway, Fred and I (maybe Miggy and Stevie R.) will have to do some representing down there. Hope to see some of you there when we do.

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  • reader

    What’s your favorite burger?

  • TeachDGame

    OK, on your off nights from 5 Guy’s you have to hit LAZY DOG cafe next door…… place is awesome… 5 GUY’s for you…. Lazy Dog for you and your lady… hear that FredJ, no more hot dogs in the stands for your lady…

  • Aaron

    Five Guys is good, but it’s different. The Patties are thicker, you can throw whatever you want on there. When you order fries you should get the garlic and split them. They have peanuts for when you wait…the sacks of potatoes seems dumb but whatever.

    Different taste and different prices…surprisingly when they opened the Five Guys in Rancho the IN N OUT was slow the first day…and then packed the rest of the week.


    Hey Aram have you tried Jersey’Mikes’s on ROUTE 66, by Citrus College? Way better than Subway!

  • concussion-symptoms

    Ya, Jersey Mike is NICE. We have one in RC and it is delicious.

    And as far as 5 guys, IT IS NOT IN-n-OUT. Get yourself a Double-Double Animal with RAW onions and diced yellow chilis and Animal Fries and you will never go wrong!

  • IN-N-OUT is Better

    Over price five loser could never compete with in-n-out… in-n-out will always be the best.

  • About Jersey Mikes: When I was at FOX we had a bunch of dudes from Jersey in the office and we had Jersey Mikes delivered just about every Friday. I never understood what they saw in it. It was just average to me. I’ve never been a fan of Subway anyway, but I can see how if you are, Jersey Mikes would be a nice change up.

    My favorite burger right now is probably Pie N Burger in Pasadena. When I worked on the west side, I was all over The Apple Pan.

  • Can somebody tell me if this Five Guys joint is in the mall or is it off the street?

  • Five Guys Sucks @$$

    Five guys sucks. There is one near my office in Orange and I don’t understand all the hype. I’d rather have In and Out any day!

  • Hamburglar

    Apples and Oranges. Five Guys is a restuarant type burger which can be loaded w/whatever you please. In and Out is IN-N-OUT, nuff said! Sometimes you want a Double-Double Animal style and somtimes you want a bacon blue cheese with grilled onions and mushroom burger. Both very good places in their own ways. If I had to vote………IN-N-OUT all day everyday.
    Hey Aram, How about a vote box on the subject just for the heck of it?

  • Old Man and the Sea

    60’s- James charbroiled Washington&Broadway. 70’s-Hickory Hut Whittier and Durfee? 80’s-Marie Callendar cheese burger. Stinks now

  • Saturday!!

    Southern California Shootout
    At Azusa Pacific University
    Saturday, January 28, 2012

    Visitor Home

    10:30 Flintridge Prep (10-6, Div. 5aa #6) v. Alta Loma (9-11, Div 1aa NR)

    12:00 Rowland (14-7, Div 2a #15) v. Los Osos (9-13, 1aa NR)

    1:30 Bishop Amat Girls (15-6, Div 3a #1) v. Keppel Girls (17-3, Div 2aa #1)

    3:00 Chino Hills (13-6, Div 1a #4) v. Upland (14-6, Div 1aa #15)

    4:30 Glendora (16-6, Div 2a #9) v. Bloomington Christian (13-6, Div 5aa #14)

    6:00 Colony (13-6, Div 2a #7) v. Righetti (16-2, Div 2a #2)

    7:30 Damien (18-1, Div 3aaa #1) v. Etiwanda (19-1, Div 1aa #3)

    9:00 La Canada (12-7, Div 3aa #3) v. Maranatha (15-5, Div 4aa #14)

  • In-N-Out is OK. I’ll go with Norm’s (not the chain restaraunt) near Cal High. Best I’ve had.

  • saladays

    S. Ramirez,

    Norms by cal hi??? Ouch!!! if that’s the best you’ve had you need to have more. Nice people and will do in a pinch but that’s about it.


    I would normally being inclined to talk crap to you, but pie n burger and apple pan are both quality burgers. A man with such discerning taste can’t be all that bad?

    Two burgers worth having if you haven’t or even if you have;

    Master Burger in crenshaw – 1 master burger, season salt fries, and xl strawberry soda $6.00 served in a brown paper bag:)

    Oinkster in Eagle rock – happy hour special $3.99 burger and fries, belgian fries $5 for a pound, pint of beer $2 -$3. a little pricey if not happy hour.

  • Saladays,

    I’m glad your brought up Oinkster. GREAT SPOT. My mom says it’s the best burger she’s ever had. My girlfriend says the same thing. Again, I don’t get it. The one time I had the burger at Oinkster was by mistake because THEY RAN OUT of pulled pork sandwiches. Pulled pork sandwiches and of course the fries are all I get there. I didn’t understand the hype over the burger.

    Master Burger: My boy made me go there with him back in 2001. He was raving about how big the burger was. So we went. That thing is HUGE! Too huge. That was way too much meat. I haven’t been back. The fries were good, though. I just thought having such a patty made the place more gimmick than legit.

    If you guys really want to talk about the best burger I’ve had in a while, then it’s SLATER’S 50/50 in Anaheim Hills. The Signature burger is made out of 50 percent ground bacon and 50 percent ground beef. INSANE!

    I suggest you all google that place and hit it up.

    Lastly, I can’t put any stock into what Stevie R. says about burgers. I’ve been with him on burger runs and he gets his with like just ketchup and pickle. No bueno.

  • Chef Sauce

    Hey Aram check out and you can watch two local hamburger shops. One video clip is Arts Burger in El Monte and the other is The Market Grill in Monrovia. Keeping it real and simple!

  • First timer at five guys today!

    I loved it! Great service, cool atmosphere and everything. Loved being able to get anything and everything on the burger and the fries were very good. That being said, go with the small fries AND share them. All in all great experience, BUT $24.79 for my son and me to split a large fry, get two regular sodas and essentially two double doubles makes INN-N-OUT the clear cut winner when we can get almost the exact same meal for HALF the price! Great experience and I will go back, but for my money, I N O is still the undisputed champion!

  • Food critic in training

    Aram, I think your next gig after the Tribune should be a roving fast food critic much like that dude Adam Richman of Man vs. Food Nation.

  • X’s and O’s

    Five Guys- Bigger patty, delicious toppings, but a bit too expensive.

    In N Out- Animal style and a California favorite. Enough said.

    Tommy’s- You got to love that chili

    Jim’s- If you’ve never eaten a DUI from one of these places, then your missing out.

    King Taco- If you want spice, this is it.

    El Tepeyac- One of the best burritos I’ve ever had

    Oinksters- If you like pig, especially pastrami, this is the place.

    Petrillos- Something about the toppings on that pizza.

    Pick up Stixx- yeah it’s a bit too much of a chain restaurant, but I wanted to throw some Chinese food out there.

    Tempura Teryaki- Best Teryaki chicken bowls around.

    Spaghetti Eddie’s- Good food for cheap.

  • Montes to SMU is reporting today that Ajee Montes of B Amat has committed to SMU this morning, so we can add him to the list

    no news yet of solomon or moore, here is the list i have:

    Ellis McCarthy Monrovia – UCLA
    Kevon Seymour Muir – USC
    Aaron Porter La Habra – UCLA
    Tairen Owens Muir – UCLA
    Myles Carr Arcadia – Fresno St
    JR Nelson Wilson – Montana
    Sean Wale La Habra – Boise St
    Brett Bartolone La Habra – Wash St
    Taylor Lagace Arcadia – UCLA
    Ajee Montes B Amat – SMU
    Terrance Brown Los Alamitos – Northwestern
    Gerrad Kough Pomona – Colorado
    Chris Miller D Ranch – Oregon St
    Dylan Lagarde Los Alamitos – Bryant
    Andrew Fischer D Ranch – Harvard
    Keith Hawk Wilson – Yale
    Travis Talianko St Francis – San Jose St
    Nick Enriquez C Hills- Cal Poly SLO
    Blake Benjamin D Ranch Navy
    Jacob Ardron D Ranch – Columbia

  • News Please

    Not sure why a new restaurant is sports news. It’s apparent for all to see that you love restaurants. How about covering actual sports news, like Diamond Ranch Girls Soccer beating Diamond Bar 2-1 on Thursday? Max Preps ranked Diamond Bar 59th in Nation and 34th in State prior to losing. Diamond Ranch ranked 653 in Nation and 415 in State. Seems newsworthy.

  • Bulldogs have bite

    News please,

    Not sure why you would consider a “BLOG” as a primary source for sports news. Find your scores on the main page or in the paper.

    Not sure why you would be looking for “SOCCER” scores on the “FOOTBALL” blog. Go to Fred’s blog and bug him for the “sports news”.

    A blog is nothing more than the musings and opinions of it’s writer and does not necessarily have to be news worthy topics.

    A lot of these local eateries that Aram will post about from time to time also happen to be proud sponsors of the teams and schools we follow. They buy advertising in the game programs, host team meals, provide a place for team fundraisers like car washes etc….I love hearing about the hidden gems around the valley, if there is an away game in the area, it’s good to know where some good food is for a pre or post game meal.

    I’m starting to think that everytime there is a new topic on the this blog, there is always somebody criticizing no matter what the topic, and that somebody is always the same pathetic dude. lol what a sad existince….

  • I must be on the food critic blog…..

    I guess there is no “sports” news out there to report about, like maybe last minute recruiting news???? Aram, talking about hamburger places on a sports blog….dude there has got to be SOMETHING football ( or sports) related to talk about in the last 5 days. This is what the tribune pays you to do? No wonder you don’t work at FOX anymore.

  • Bulldogs Have Bite,

    You hit the nail on the head. Just expand it from “somebody” to “two somebodies” and there you have it. One of them has toured the Valley and settled in Pomona and the other claims to have ties to Damien.

    Since neither of these guys are smart enough to see the tie in between football fan and cheeseburgers, just let them be. They are my biggest fans. They hate themselves so much for it that it comes out in the form of frustration and that frustration leads to anger and schizo behavior on these blogs. Their doctors are trying to help them, but you know how that goes. The right medicine/dose will come along, but until then we must wait.

  • Don

    Tried the 5 Guys in Fullerton last summer. Good grub but $13 for a cheeseburger, fries, and a coke seemed kinda steep; nice but hey, ya know it is just a burger. The West Covina location is in the Bermuda Triangle of fast food with a Chronic Tacos and a Lee’s Sandwiches in the same nook. You can get a nice pair of Banh Mi, an amazing iced coffee and change at Lee’s for $10.

    As for Stevie, Norm’s has been feeding Whittierites for ages but really it’s just another Greek dude place. Get a much better burger at Doubles on Washington although flatlanders like me would head for a Douglas double over on the south side. In the old days, ASB near York Field was da bomb or even Rick’s for those who wouldn’t dare be seen below the Boulevard. I’m thinking that the best burger now is from G burger over by La Habra HS.

    And who mentioned Oinkster? I could go there just to drink drafts and watch people fight over the last french fry.

  • Lancelot

    I have yet to try “The Habit” burger but I hear good things, any word on their fare from discerning burger enthusiast who know?

  • Pete Dub

    Hamburger Habit is good and the price is right.
    Nogales Burgers across the street from Nogales High School, all time favorite!

  • Colt74

    All this talk about food gives me an idea to try and get a question answered…a question as old as time itself…

    Where close to COVINA/WEST COVINA can you find a really good pastrami burrito ???? critics…..I await your input….


  • Boy, if some of you can’t handle the food stuff, I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do later this week when the gambling blog debuts. Oh yes, it’s coming!

  • TeachDGame

    Oinkster —- pulled pork is mediocre, come on man, that is no “Q” joint…. now, the Pastrami there is flippin awesome…. so Aram don’t waste your time on a non-q place for pulled pork, get the ‘strami’….. and those fry’s are tasty….

    Jersey Mikes —- the one by Citrus SUCKS…. gotta hit the original one in the Area in Monrovia… for some reason, all those kids at the Citrus one’ just can’t get it done. Monrovia ‘Mikes is way better… gotta get it “Mikes Way” or no way….

    And two thumbs up if the El Tepeyac your talkin’ bout is the “real one” Manny’s on Evergreen… worth the drive to East LA baby…..

  • Chef Sauce

    The Market Grill in Monrovia has one bad burger. Check out the video on Aram you gotta check this place out!

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