UPDATED: Kurt Scoby rumors: Transferring to Amat? Staying at Charter Oak? What’s going on here???

The Kurt Scoby rumors are flying at full force AGAIN. Listen, he’s a great kid with tons of upside, but it’s getting ridiculous for me to chase leads on a sophomore. But that’s part of the job, sadly.


11:53 a.m.: Word from Charter Oak is that Scoby is staying put. Hopefully that’s the end of that.


9:10 a.m.: From what I’m able to gather, Scoby is still enrolled at CO. Carry on with your days.

Here’s what happened on Monday:

10:31 a.m.: Aram arrives at the Tribune only to be greeted in the parking lot by a non-reporter co-worker who tells him “Hey, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you and Fred all weekend. Charter Oak has some stud running back who transferred to Bishop Amat.”

10:32 a.m.: Aram, still in a fog, says “Scoby? Is his name Scoby?” And the unidentified non-reporter co-worker says “That’s his name. I heard from a guy who trains him at Bulldog Gym in Glendora that he’s going to Bishop Amat. Done deal.”

10:33 a.m.: Steve Ramirez lets myself and the unidentified non-reporter co-worker in the backdoor and in the process asks what the commotion is about.

10:33 1/2 a.m: Aram tells Stevie R. what the unidentified non-reporter co-worker told me, to which Stevie R. kinda pauses to process what he just heard before acting like he heard nothing at all and returning to his desk. OK, fine.

11 a.m.: Unidentified non-reporter co-worker pops by Aram’s desk and AGAIN says what he heard and to trust him. Which I respectfully cannot do.

11:01 a.m.: I text Charter Oak offensive coordinator Dom Farrar with what I heard from the unidentified non-reporter co-worker and I’m still waiting for a reply … which could mean it’s true, but it could also mean that all the CO coaches are sick of answering about these rumors.

6:30 p.m.: Aram checks his work email and there’s an email from a known-blogger who has ZERO relation to the unidentified non-reporter co-worker and it says the same thing — Scoby to Amat.

6:31 p.m.: Aram sees a second email from the same known-blogger, who again is not the unidentified non-reporter co-worker, and it says something to the effect that Scoby is not going to Amat, but he’s out of CO.

6:40 p.m.: Aram calls Amat coach Steve Hagerty and interrupts his home life (not a good thing if you’re me) and Hagerty says Scoby is not Amat and that this is the first he’s heard of such a thing.

Aram’s take: So there you have it. I’m pretty sick of the Scoby rumors right now. I’ve heard everything from him going to Monrovia (during last season) to now him going to Amat. I don’t have a Facebook account (I’m 36), so I don’t know about all the rumors that fly about Scoby there, but I hear they’re pretty spectacular. Don’t get me wrong. The kid is great. He’s very entertaining and I like talking to him. And of course he’s great on the field. But this whole transfer/rumor stuff is getting old. I’m sure some of you have heard a lot of these rumors and probably more, so perhaps this is nothing new.

  • What I Heard

    According to Mid Vally News….Mooney to Charter Oak and Scoby to San Marino….

    Film at 11….

    Come on Aram..you KNOW that made you laugh….

  • TO BAD

    He’s going to leave a stud line that gained an Amat stud in Hauser when he will have about 200 hundred more carries without Santiago. If he leaves he’ll miss next year and get screwed by CIF.

  • SGV Football Fan

    It is a shame that high school football has come to this. Jumping from school to school just trying to find a better situation for yourself. How about teach your kid about loyalty and to finish what you start…..

  • fb102

    SGV Football Fan,

    Pot meet Kettle….CO has been FEASTING on OTHER school’s players FOREVER. Trophay Brothers, Aikens recently from Amat…..

    What goes around comes around….

    Kids and families are gonna do what’s ‘best’ for themselves not any bloggers….

  • What I Heard

    I see that Jostens is now making a 4 part class ring. 1 part for each school you attend….

  • the unknown source

    Don’t mind my name but I’m 99.9% sure scoby is headed to monrovia because I heard him and his workout partner talking about it today at bulldog gym

  • SGV parent

    SH to hire coach today!

  • scooby dooby doo, where are YOU?

    OK, probably true, kid has always been about himself, so Aram, when are you gonna redo the Top 25 for next year (yah, early, worthless I know, but what the heck, gotta get some blog hits)

    Fer sure, CO with NO Scoby is CO no on top ! They return a bunch of athletes, but with no QB (of course, still waiting for that transfer to happen) and no Scoby, those very good athletes are not gonna cut it. Even with just Scooby Dooby Dooooo they were going to be semi one dimensional anyway (ahem, pending any top QB from another school who can throw the ball bobo’s way).

    Damn, ain’t Karma a bi#$h. funny, CIF approves any transfer and it will further emphasize the crud in the process, wasn’t living in district anyway, “moving” to another cus’ of familia sitch, yowza

  • Amat cant happen

    wont happen: I think there is a test you have to pass to get into AMAT it doesnt matter how fast you can run or how much juice you take and grow over night. From what I have heard there is no way he would be able to go where they focus on academics so maybe he should just stay at CO unless he enrolled in KUMON 🙁

  • season is over now

    get a new ride : i think now that the football season is over the coaches probably got tired of driving 80 miles a day to pick him up and take him home, so now that hes not needed on the field they cut him lose but keep in mind he still has 2 more years to go. Yes that means he maybe could try out 2 more teams before he graduates. LMFAO Yes coaches that means get him a ride and take his test for him and hes yours.

  • OldMan in Chino

    Last season when I questioned the severity of the injuries to Scoby reported by “Big Lou” following their rout of Chino Hills, I was strongly chastised for having the nerve to in any way cast doubt on the honesty of this young man. I will not question his integrity at this time however if it is true that he is leaving CO and enrolling at Amat I must wonder out loud why. Is it for a better level of academics in hopes of improving his ability to gain an academic scholorship to his college of choice or is it to improve his marketability to college recruiters? Once again I truly hope that these rumors are unfounded and that he is in deed remaining at CO. Many times the players who jump from school to school in hopes of catching the eye of college recruiters wind up looking like unreliable individuals who are only looking out for themselves and have little to no committment to their team and team mates.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    Old Man in Chino,

    He was legitimately injured the previous week vs. Damien. Our Fred Robledo was there and saw it. That was not made up at all.

  • MonroVian

    Wow……Great to know, the kid needed to stay at CO. He is a huge part of their O.
    Having a kid like him will only make the teammates around him better. Plus the kid is fun to watch!

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Blue By You

    Amat already has a runningback(s). I doubt he wants to come to Amat and roll the dice. Three youngmen have been waiting in the chamber and it’s their turn to move into the RB roll at AMAT. Scooby will have an uphill battle based on that alone:HOWEVER, if he can beat them out by performance, then the reigns are his to hold. Doubt it though.

  • OldMan in Chino

    Once again I was not questioning his injuries and/or his ability to play. In context if Scoby is a man of integrity and is willing to play despite being injured; I am only wondering if the reports are true about him transferring to Amat, the question I am posing is why. You responded to my post about the severity of his injuries following the CO/CHHS game by stating that “Big Lou” is famous for shading the truth about the health of his players to gain a psychological edge. Players learn from their leaders, if a program is run on falsehoods and situational ethics then it is not surprising that should the reports of Scoby enrolling at Amat be true that he may have learned that “the ends justify the means” from his leader and that he may be worried about the ability of CO to field a dominant team given the QB position is in flux and they are waiting for a transfer to arrive to fill that position. Once again I am not questioning the integrity of this young man; only the reason he sees fit to leave a “private school program in a public school setting” (Aram’s description of CO) to enroll in another private school program should he truly be leaving CO to enroll at Amat.

  • Frank

    He is going to Monrovia. Which is next to his home town Duarte. Cif should only allow eligibility at Duarte High.
    He will now join a team that is in a much weaker division. Which will make him look better. Amat has too much Competition at the RB spot right now.
    Also he did not want to play for Co since they are a downward program. The humiliation of losing to Amat will be like the Upland game. He didn’t want to go through that again.

  • concussion-symptoms

    I think the whole thing is sad. Instead of having athletes transfer to schools who play in the PAC-5 (D1) and/or Inland (D2), they are transferring to play in the Mid-Valley (D11) where they get to beat on teams who are almost 8 man… This young man needs to stay at CO and FINISH WHAT HE STARTED!

  • scooby dooby doo, where are YOU?

    Too da#$ funny, same ol story. Scoby talkin’ smack. Easy to believe he is in bulldog getting “pumped” talkin smack to his liftin buddies about “I’m outa CO” goin to Monrovia and win me da ring. Ask anyone who has played with him or kids on the field against him. Always talkin smack. So not hard to c how it started. Now how will Big Lou n dom tak it?

  • Observantcat

    That says more about Monrovia being a small town that really produces top notch talent in football. This kid has played with these guys since the age of 8 and then was pond off to a school that needs his talent in order to survive. Monrovia is just a team on a mission no matter who or where they play. The kids have nothing to do with the scheduling of games not do they have any say as to what Div. they are put in. Bottom line is maybe they are too talented for most of the schools in the area but time will define where they may end up. Having a strong community of support of your program will bring back many players who were swayed into believing that the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. Remember it wasn’t too long ago that Monrovia had 5 of its starters transfer to Charter Oaks to win back to back championship seasons. The most important issue surrounding these types of transfers is that its starting to become somewhat of an auction at the JAA level now. The Duarte hawks program is spitting out some of the most talented atheletes this side of the 605 and schools from as far as Loyola are aware of the talent and realize in that in order to bring that kind of talent to their school they must start in at the Jr. high level. If Scoby ends up at MHS he would fit right in where he should have probably started in the first place.

  • concussion-symptoms

    @ ObserCat,

    I am not putting this on Monrovia, they play where they play and that is the way it is. I am putting it on these young men who start their HS years at one school and because it is too hard to win there, the move to where it isn’t. Monrovia will only get better and better, that is GREAT for then and the community.

  • Frred Fan

    “I think there is a test you have to pass to get into AMAT it doesnt matter how fast you can run or how much juice you take and grow over night. From what I have heard there is no way he would be able to go where they focus on academics”

    Nice theory, not true. Stop assuming things you know nothing about. AMAT is a football/athletics first school. Has been for 50 years. AMAT is not a strong academic school.

    Just ask Jay Anderson.

  • Blue By You

    @Fred Fan – What a totally assinine comment. Jay Anderson is doing very well at Nevada Reno and chances are also VERY GOOD that the preparation he recieved at Bishop Amat High School had a big hand in his academic success there also. J.Anderson is just fine and really needs no mention of his personal life or past by any of you Trolls on this Blog. Get your own lives or better yet drop your own kids name on the blog nation and let us dissect him on the board. Get a life.

  • Frank(insense)…

    Frank, lets see, he is not going to Amat, at least this hour, but I don’t think it was because of competition at RB. Who else is crowding the backfield for the boys in blue???

    Blue vs Scoby – your kidding right, Scoby faster, Scoby stronger, etc.

    Alcantara vs Scoby – here’s a matchup. Strength =, Speed might be Alcantara, ??? Alcantara’s knee healthy???

    Who else is in the stable?

  • AMAT 73

    frank II ,
    Seems as if your are trolling for some info on our running backs. You state the obvious players so it shows you know nothing of the program. Speaking of programs wait until next season , buy one and see our running backs .
    frred fan,
    Don’t you recall JA stopped playing football for the purpose of spending more time on academics and baseball to work towards a scholarship. It worked as he got the ride . Some kids can handle the rigors of holding a GPA and playing multiple sports and some can’t and at least JA knew his limits and by your post we know yours .
    As for the Scoby RUMOR , it’s just that a rumor period . Kids will be kids and who knows maybe he said it to see all the old men of blog light up their keyboards commenting on what and why and how come.Maybe we ‘ve all been had by this young man . And yes he would have to test to attend AMAT as to know what his curricular should be and where he stands as far as credited classes he had at CO .

  • Blue By You

    First of all I think Blue matches up w/Scoby better than you give him credit for. Plus, Blue has already gotten experience running the rock in Pac5 play, Scoby will find the landscape a bit different in Amat’s world. The yardage is a bit tougher to rack up on Friday nights. Last I checked Alcantara was a db and isn’t even a rb or even on Amat’s offense for that matter. Amat backfield is just fine. Wouldn’t mind seeing the kid throw his hat in the ring though, could only be good for Amat but I just don’t see it happening.

  • CO Football Dad

    Has anyone thought of talking to Scoby or his parent instead of running a muck with all these unfounded rumors? Go to the sources that’s the only way you’ll get the truth. Not to mention, stop slandering Scoby on here especially if you don’t know him. I can see a lot of you don’t know anything. No one is driving 80 miles anywhere Scoby is local. I know the kid and his parent he is LOYAL to a fault. CO is NOT and I repeat NOT LOYAL to him at all. The Farrar’s don’t care about anything or anyone they only want to win football games. It’s ok for them to get TRANSFERS IN but GOD FORBID a kid wants to TRANSFER OUT. Then the FIGHT begins. Lou & Dom say they care about the kids nothing but LIES they only care about winning football games that’s why they fight every kid that wants to leave. If they care about kids so much leave them and their families a lone sign off and let them go. The Farrar’s track record speaks for itself. The Farrar’s are SELFISH they would rather FORCE a kid to stay at CO and be MISERABLE just to play for them then to let a kid go. CIF needs to look into the ethics of the Farrar’s.

  • Setting the record straight.

    It’s Funny how Monrovia/Duarte/Pasadena names always comes up in a disrespectful manner, specifically pointing out what Division these schools plays in. What’s funny is that it seems like east valley teams always have someone from that area(or Somewhere else) playing a serious roll in that schools success. I am not blaming those schools for accepting those transfers. They wanted to leave so be it. However, If you “live by the tranfers, you die by the Transfer”. It’s a swinging gate, as happily as you accept the transfers, you should be ok with them leaving. That’s not the case in the SGV. Bishop, and Charter Oak have made a living scouting, recruiting, and pulling talented kids from other areas. Now that schools, like West Co and Monrovia are winning and have attracted the attention of college scouts, players are not feeling the urge to transfer to these schools, and if they are there now, they are feeling the urge to transfer out of the schools. These are the places where everyone told them, that they had a better shot at a D1 Scholarship and or CIF titles. When the coaches and programs can’t deliver, this is what happens. These Stigmas have to be dispelled. No one should be promising kids anything but a chance to play football. The players that you see sign tomorrow, handle themselves well in the classroom and on the field. They would have the same offers if they went to anywhere. Jr Nelson at Wilson showed us that. Jaylen Moore was at bishop and will be playing in the same conference as Neslon. 2 years ago everyone swore he would sign at a bigger program just because of the “BA” status. Maybe that is where his talent took him. Is that such a bad thing? Ask yourself this, Would Charter Oak have been successful if they just played with Covina Kids? Would Bishop Be successful, if they played with just kids from La Puente?? Nope. Kids come from all over go to these places, in hope of gaining a scholarship and winning big. If Academics was so important, then when did Bishops top lineman transfer to CO? Now the guy he came to block for may be going to where he just left from. This is Crazy!!! Why do so many kids from OLu, Bishop, Alemany and other schools leave that top notch education, to get more playing time? It’s not about the Academics and we all know it. Fyi, D Ranch yeah “Pomona” Has Kids going to Harvard and Columbia, and Pac 12. So this whole Nonsense about Private, Pac 5, or transferring 3 times is hogwash. If the kid is smart He will get the grades, ace the Act/Sat, and go on about his merry way. Whenever we talk negative about a kid transferring, we must also factor in, that these are just kids. They have Parents, coaches, and respected adults advising them and steering them along in their teenage lives. Some get good advice and some get bad advice. I can’t stand when people come on here and bad mouth a teenager for transfering. Messing up or getting in trouble is one thing, but a kid getting bad or good advice about their path in life is another. Where ever Scoby ends up, he will be a good player, that team will want him, and he should attract the attention of college coaches, Whether it is at Charter Oak, Bishop Amat Or Monrovia/Duarte(where he should have been in the first place). That goes for all of the top players in the area. In the last two years BA, CO and SH have been the headlines of transfer talk, it’s a shame to see these programs dirty laundry aired all the time. People have transferred between the three like no one’s business. Yet, none of them have got out of the first round. It’s becoming more clear, that without the transfers these teams are average or below average in the respective divisions and going nowhere. Soon their coaches will want out. Bogan’s out, and How long will big lou, or Hagerty stay at these schools if they are losing in the first round every year, and losing big? Is it about developing young men or winning games? Time will tell. When the questioning starts surfacing regarding why these coaches are not winning, you hear everything but the truth, they are not getting those transfers in. Once parents realize, you can’t run from competition, there is talent in every division. College coaches recruit individuals not teams. If your kid is good and has grades, they will find him. Man, the Pacific league was on fire this year, and that’s D7 The Midvalley Had the Area’s top Recruit and that’s D11. All Lower Division. There are tons of lower division kids, who are good, but they just don’t have the grades, therefore they are not being recruited. There are tons of upper division school kids at good academic schools, who have the grades, but don’t have the talent applicable to the next level, not even D2. There is no method to the madness, in recruiting. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Soon, People will appreciate the job and hard work, Schools like West covina, Monrovia, Duarte, Azusa, Arroyo, San Gabriel or even San Dimas, and all the lower division schools are doing to catch up to some of larger, and more storied programs. It’s not easy to turn programs around. It’s happening right in front of our eyes here in the SGV, and some people just don’t like. I say stay where you are, work hard, and good things will happen. I am not against transferring, but it’s not going to make a big difference, if you are good as they say or you think you are.

  • Sato

    Word out of Claremont at Iron Works gym is that Scoby is going to San Dimas High. He will get 40 carries a game and get over 5,000 yards rushing!!

  • Blue by You —- carry the rock?

    Courtesy of Maxpreps (and they look up to date)
    Dionza Blue Stats
    Date Result Opponent Car Yds Avg Long TD
    Totals 5 16 3.2 6 1
    2-Sep W 14-0 Garfield 0 0 0 0
    9-Sep L 14-49 Servite 0 0 0 0
    16-Sep W 49-13 La Mirada 1 3 3 3 1
    23-Sep W 28-7 Damien 3 11 3.67 6 0
    30-Sep W 56-7 Cathedral 0 0 0 0
    6-Oct W 38-35 Venice 1 2 2 2 0
    14-Oct L 21-26 Alemany 0 0 0 0
    21-Oct W 28-14 Crespi 0 0 0 0
    28-Oct L 3-14 Loyola 0 0 0 0
    4-Nov L 12-17 Notre Dame 0 0 0 0
    18-Nov L 21-45 Santa Margarita 0 0 0 0

    Care to rephrase the PAC-5 EXPERIENCE ???? Come on now. Good kid, but let’s not overstate the experience please…

  • Setting the record straight.

    Sato Naw, Midvalley painted is Green and White right now.

  • D-Mo

    CO Dad, how about you stop slandering? WTH? For you to say that the coaches at CO don’t care about the players is plain ridiculous. Why would you say that?
    Of course winning is the objective of the game, and they are pretty good in that dept, but that isn’t all they are about at Charter Oak.
    Are you upset that they didn’t ask you to help? or that your “all everything” kid had to sit the bench behind some stud sophomore?

  • Blue By You

    Exactly how many times did Scoby carry the ball vs. Pac5 competition? I didn’t see his stats? Can you please post’em? There were not a lot of carries for Blue but it was more than Scoby got and experience goes a long way. So does preparation for next year when you know how tough it is to get yards against good teams. Not trying to get in a pissing match…just saying.

  • Blue by You —- carry the rock?

    Ahh man I’m just messing with you – the reality is vs Pac-5 looks like Blue (0) vs Scoby (0) on Friday Nights as you have said is all that matters.

    I’m just pushin your buttons cuz you brought up your boy Blue’s “experience” vs Pac-5. Honestly, he is a tough defensive dude, but has not proved it on the other side of the ball “at that level” either.

    By the way, I do think he is a very good player and I likes him, yes, I have seen him play in person multiple times. Yes I have seen Scoby play in person several times. Would be 2 very outstanding running backs to have on any teams backfield.

    So no pissin match brutho, just makin sure the facts are straight though for all the other unedumicated bloggers. Peace !

  • This is Crazy

    This blog is driving me crazy. You guys give too much press to these kids when they are at winning schools and threaten to transfer. You talk down about them when they talk about transferring. Dont get me wrong, I think it is wrong and they should not be allowed to do it. My bitch is that you guys dont give any press or credit to the studs that have chosen to attend the school where they live even if that school has not been that competative in the past. These players stick it out even though other coaches have tried to attract them away.

    I know there are other players around the SGV that are worthy of a little press. Example, Ayala’s QB Brian Meyette and RB Jordan Robinson. These guys could transfer to another school where they would get recognition for their talent however they decided to show dedication to their own team. How about doing a story on these guys. I know there are alot more talented players out there who have decided to ride their high school football careers out where they are supposed to attend school; look for them and do that story.

    It would be easy to transfer to a school where you will get noticed by recruitors but they haven’t. How about doing a story like that and ignore stories like this where all they are looking for is the HYPE

  • Know your Amat history

    setting the record straight – how can you call yourself a true san gabriel valley residents and know nothing about amat football. first off if you know how it goes at amat for a rb you know that it doesnt matter who you are you have to wait your turn. in some instances like in jalen moores case he was able to play because JA decided to stop football his senior season to focus on grades. if this doesnt happen moore waits his turn until his senior season. just check out his max prep stats for 09-10 when JA was the starting rb ( 10 carries – 33 yards). Amat is a real school with a real history they dont promise you to start just because you are a pop warner hero. and trust me when i tell you this . if scoby comes to Amat he WILL NOT just walk in there like he king kong and start. nothing against scoby he is a tremendous athlete and a good kid but it doesnt work that way at amat. never has and never will. ive been around a long time and ive yet to see a rb walk in first year and start rb. especially in a hagerty system. secondly you cant count blue out. he hasnt been given a chance to even play rb yet but his freshman year and you seen what he did to the pac 5 as a freshman. if not check out his freshman highlights. for two years blue has been a db and he was one of the best in the serra league. just ask his coaches who watched him for 3 years as he was groomed in the lancer program. these are the same coaches that have faith that he can be the starting rb next year. he is bigger and stronger and faster than he was when he was a freshman. we all know that for a small back playing against servite ,crespi, nd, loyola and the pac 5 in the playoffs is alot to handle when week end and week out you play against the best in the nation. furthermore look at the past amat rb’s that played only there senior season for amat . almost all of them played divsion 1 football when they left amat. set the record straight – do your homework on amat!!!! if hagerty and the whole amat coaching staff who are all cif winners and nfl pro athletes think that blue is ready then he’s ready.or maybe you wont think that cause i bet your just a blogger that lays on couch all day eating cheetos and mickey d’s all day. and you know nuthing about high school football. go watch a real program and stop looking at maxpreps all season long with no game watching experience


    CO Football Dad,

    Your a punk b!tch for that fake post and you know for a fact that your not a real CO parent. Your post is the complete opposite of my experience with the Farrar’s!


    You need to shut the comments down on this thread like you did the Myles Carr Thread. You cannot allow these so called adults and drive by posters to demoralize this kid anymore than they already have.

  • Setting the record straight

    Know your Amat History …what are talking about. I was specifically talking about Amat Pulling it’s talent from surrounding Areas, instead of the kids in the local community. How many players at Amat have La Puente Addresses? Amat had two D1 rides this year, so did muir, so did Arcadia, So Did Monrovia. None of the BA players went Pac 12 or BCS conference. Just stop it. I don’t want to hear that Pac 5 stuff. I did not speculate on whether Scoby will start at amat, I don’t even think he is going there. However if he was, he would be getting run at RB no matter who’s there. He was All Cif in the Inland as a tenth grader. Besides there were several backs in the Valley who could and would split time with anyone at Amat. Just stop putting Amat on the pedestal. The program has history, but the Recent History has not been so good. You BA fans are making yourselves look really bad with statements like this…

    “Amat is a real school(so all the other SGV schools are Fake?) with a “real history”(How about Recent history) they dont promise you to start just because you are a pop warner hero. and trust me when i tell you this .”

    I have seen Amat/Alemany coaches at every Duarte Hawks/Pasadena panther/Trojan/ West Covina playoff game, including this year JAA Midget championship”. I spoke to one of them personally. They wanted Scoby in the 8th grade and they will take him now. Put it like this, If Amat was not at those JAA games where would their talent come from? Last Time I check, La Puente and Bassett high are not good at all, But the Private school down the street in the same city is top notch/Pac 5 etc/storied a real school!…. Keep Flashing your “Pac 5 membership card”. It’s like the out of shape guy with a 24 hr fitness membership card but never goes to the gym vs the guy down the street, who pumps up in his garage. The lower level schools are doing just that, working with what they have. You all won’t go to Pac 5 dance and you know it. You have know one else to blame but yourselves for being so arrrogant. The SGV wants their players back lol.

  • Random Guy

    I have a family member attending Charter Oak and in fact Scoby transferred out. He believes he transferred to Monrovia but I would not trust the rumors of high school teens. But Scoby is in fact out of Charter Oak.

  • JMO

    CO DAD,

    Why does Big Lou have a refridge in the coaches office full of food for the kids that can’t afford to eat during the day you DICK! Why are Big Lou and Dom working the phones right now trying to get their kids placed in the proper schools you tool! It is very obvious that your punk ASS got yours kicked this year by CO DOUCHE. Donavin Washington, Khari Garcia, Todd Green and not to mention Aaren Vaughns could be the man at just about every school to carry the rock in the SGV and wait……wait….. they all play at CO.

  • Amat Dad

    To Frred Fan:

    You truly are a moron. Amat is a very good academic school. My three kids can attest to that fact. My eldest is a junior at Cal, maintains a 3.5 or better GPA. My daughter is a freshman at USC, and a 4.0 student. My youngest is a junior at Amat and maintains a 3.6 at Amat. They all played multiple sports at Amat, and all started as seniors. My youngest started on the JV fotball team, and suited up with varsity this last season, and will compete to start next season on varsity. I sent them to Amat for academics first, knowing that Amat excelled in sports. Amat has been a great experience for them, and for my wife and I. I am greatful that the school has done a great job in preparing my children for their college education, and for life as a whole.

  • Jastrab

    Setting the record straight,

    Some of Amat’s greatest players were raised in La Puente and Valinda…Taylor’s, Tanner, Brown’s, Fisher’s, Dirk Adams, Fields, Fletcher and the list goes on and on…these guys grew up a mile or less from the campus.

    Also, Amat arguably gets its football players from a closer proximity than any large private football program.


  • Frank

    @ Frank(insense)
    Don’t compare Scooby and Blue. Scooby is faster and stronger, but you obviusly don’t know the Amat program. If you did you would know that Blue willnot be the RB next year. He will stay in the position he has been playing for the last two years. Amat has other Rb’s, Its funny how people throw names around on here like they really know amats program. The names you used shows you don’t know the program.
    Scooby is going to Monrovia, and they will look good as long as they stay away from any higher competition.

  • http://www.hudl.com/athlete/381746/kurt-scoby MonroVian
  • Observantcat

    Frank, the same can be said for Amat. No pun intended. I get the impression that better than is somehow instilled in some of your thinking. I will just remain a Monrovia fan and go for the gold where ever it is. You guys will probably have your hands full over at CO without Scoby in their backfield. My bet is that Monrovia could and would beat any team that Amat beats.

  • Setting the record straight

    Jastrab ok what about the hundreds of other players over the 50 years, including the other 80 people on the roster this season…Don’t come on here with that mess. Amat’s program life blood is recruiting everyone else’s talent. There is no dancing around that. I am not saying it’s Illegal or foul. “Live by the transfers(out of area players) Die by the transfers(of players back to their areas). I bet Blue and whomever else is good on Bishop’s team is from La puente? Right…

  • Frank

    @ observentcat
    I have a lot of love for Monrovia, but the facts are facts. You think you could beat anyone Amat plays. Monrovia needs to worry about beating weak teams like Arcadia first. I can tell you right now you guys would not be able to beat a Serra team. I will give you La Mirada and probably Charter Oak this comming year but not last years. Monrovia is very good for the level it plays in. but as soon as they go up one level they struggle. Thats just the truth. I continue to wish Monrovia well as I know many players over there. But stay within reality!

  • Observantcat

    Frank, not to be funny but I still say If Amat can beat Serra, Monrovia can do the same. We match up much better than Amat, especially at the skill positions and on the defense. Now some will still try and say that the coaching ghost will haunt teams like Monrovia but I have full confidence in Maddox and his staff. Every team has a reality check at some point or another but this year I will put my money on the Cats to play at another level and land another Championship with several of the players going to great colleges by either their athletic ability or by their academic achievements. Scholars and Ballers MHS 2012

  • FredJ

    As much as I like him, this is what Observant Cat does, he becomes delusional in the off season. We had this conversation before 2011 when he said Monrovia could beat Amat. Then he went quiet while they lost to Arcadia, San Dimas and South Hills. Then Monrovia did what everyone expected them to do, go unbeaten in the easy Rio Hondo League and win their second straight D-10 title. Now he’s back to talking how they can beat anyone again. The previous commenter was right, beat Arcadia first. They lost to the team that West Covina dropped 84 on.

  • Cats couldnt cut it

    NotSoObservantCat-i think Frankie was talking about teams in the Serra LEAGUE not Serra High School. i agree with Frank – I don’t see this years ‘Cats beating Cespi or being within 5 to ND or Alemany much less shutting out Loyola in the second half in a game that was 7-3 when Ruiz went down.
    But since you bring up Serra Hig hSchool…ND beat up on them this year and ND didn’t even make the playoffs. Amat beats serra by 2 TDs.

  • MonroVian

    Hey fred, the team that beat Arcadia was La Mirada, La Mirada didn’t loose to West Covina by that score, it was La Serna that got 84 put on them.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Loaded

    The reason why Monrovia can’t beat Amat or those type of teams, is the Same Reason, that CO Can’t beat upland or Rancho and BA can’t win in the Pac Five. They just don’t play enough tough games. However for Monrovia, other schools have players who would normally go there. Once Monrovia starts scheduling up and is comfortable playing at that level, they can beat those teams. The Talent is there to do it. The Facilities are there to do it. The Coaching staff is there to do it. OH lets say “if” Last years team had Ainsworth, Scoby, Canada, Farrar, along with Frazier, McCarthy, Ramirez, Bias, Craft, Bryant, Williams, Heyworth etc. Bishop nor CO beats that team. Well Next years team is going to be loaded in this fashion. In the years to come all of the Mtown kids will play together. Observant is letting the “Cat” Out the bag too early. When those big games are scheduled, we will see. Mtown has two signing tomorrow, and possibly 4-5 next year, and another Espn 150 kid. The bean stalk started from just one little seed…Monrovia is growing and growing!

  • Frank

    Yes I was talking about the Serra League.
    Now, Monrovia is an improving program. But that success is due to Duarte kids going to Monrovia, because of its closeness, and their(Monrovia) recent success. So again another school benefiting from Duarte talent. So someone mentioned if all that talent stayed at home, then Duarte high and not Monrovia would be the benefactor.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    To all my Monrovia honks,

    Remember that the more you win, the more you move (up). That can take the starch out of everything. Just ask South Hills.

    The same teams (Gladstone and El Monte) Big Bob called “baby ball” actually play in YOUR CURRENT DIVISION.

    To everyone else,

    Please stop lumping CO in with M-Town and West Covina when you compare to Amat. I really don’t think CO would have an “Oh sh!t” moment when it saw 75 Lancers come out of the locker room. But I do think teams like WestCo and M-Town who aren’t necessarily used to seeing a huge roster and the big following that an Amat can bring would be a little shell shocked.

    CO has now played Upland and Rancho and Vista Murrieta and Chino Hills, so they’ve seen big rosters and big followings. Doesn’t effect them as much anymore.

  • fb102

    Setting the record straight and others,

    It’s NOT just athletes that come to Amat from cities as far as Chino Hills, Rancho Cucamonga…..

    A majority of Amat’s ENTIRE student body[then/now] come from from cities near and FAR from La Puente for various reasons.

    The legacies alone pull in quite a few students, not just athletes.

    Amat gets the ‘reputation’ of recruiting in part because Amat has no attendance boundries. Amat can admit any STUDENT that applies if the student qualifies and can pay the tuition.

    I am NOT writing that there is NO recruiting going on, BUT some STUDENTS/Athletes choose Amat for their own personal reasons other than sports. No one FORCES a student(s) to attend Amat.

  • New York

    Monrovia still has a lot to PROVE. See the Ainsworth thread regarding PROVING things. We need to run the table this year, including convincing wins over St. Francis and the rest of the pre-season in order to earn full respect. Otherwise, we just leave ourselves open to criticisms from the peanut gallery.

    The delusion comes in you not recognizing that we also beat three other league champs: Paramount, Whittier Christian, Covina and San Gabriel. So, as hard as I am on my alma mater, I still recognize that we truly did righted the ship and were not simply fluffed by the Rio Hondo League, as you always suggest.

    The reason things on here get so heated, is because few teams have victories that PROVE anything. The “upper” teams in the valley have surely LOST to some impressive opponents…but the victories really aren’t there, except thost by Amat that I mentioned o nthe other thread. So, lack of proof leaves everything up to those of us chimbing in when we can….

  • New York

    That weak Arcadia team’s QB is going to Fresno State and Wide Receiver/Safety going to UCLA. Those two guys hooked up on a last minute slant and burned us for the win. We still had not chosen a QB. Anyway, FS to UCLA connection for the win. Who’s going where from the East? Right. Weak.

  • comedian

    meyett & robinson story: hahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhaahaahhaahhahahahahahahahahahaahahah , the end of story .

  • I’ll Give You Robinson…..

    This is crazy,

    ” Example, Ayala’s QB Brian Meyette and RB Jordan Robinson. These guys could transfer to another school where they would get recognition for their talent however they decided to show dedication to their own team.”

    Meyette???? are you serious dude? He was not very good. I know he was only a sophomore. He couldn’t do crap vs. other JV teams let alone against varsity teams when he was called up. Robinson on the other hand is a very talented athlete. Ayala coaches were foolish not to give that kid 30 touches per game. In my opinion, he was way better than Canada from South Hills. The rest of the Sierra league hopes that Meyette is Ayala’s QB of the future….lol. here were his stats against the top 3 teams in League

    Chino Hills – 3/8 42 yards i garbage time TD 1 int….sacked 5 times
    Charter Oak – 3/6 42 yards sacked 4 times
    Damien – 16/26 175 yds 1 td 3 int sacked 4 times

    Hmmm, I wouldn’t go so far as to say he’d go to another school and get recognition. I would agree that Robinson would.

  • setting the record straight.

    New York, way to hit the home run. Frank. Duarte has also received players from Monrovia as well. That is why I always Say Monrovia/Duarte. It Really Depends on which school is good, and where the mass of kids are going. Plus the kids Move back and forth between the cities. There is a lot of grey area when it comes to who’s a true Monrovian or Duarte kid. One year they live in Monrovia, the next in Duarte, then Back to Monrovia.


    I understand, that students choose Amat for their own reasons. However, when it comes to transfer news. Charter Oak, Bishop Amat, and South Hills name’s always surface, Just go back in the last 3 years on this blog. I know bishop is going to attract good student athletes, however, it’s the 3-4 Super athletes, Like a Daylon McCutcheon or Ralph Brown, or Kory Minor, that Bishop is not getting anymore. These kids are deciding stay Local in the SGV. I don’t think it’s fluke that, as the SGV kids stay local, and programs explode(Monrovia, West Covina etc…etc…) It makes it very difficult for BA to get the 3-4 guys they need to get back to the top level of D1 football. As long as the lower Division schools keep getting better, Win Titles, and produce Scholarships, those players are going to go there. When these schools move up in class, that’s going to be even more of a reason to stay home. That’s what I am saying. I think it’s a good thing. Everyone is always saying Bishop is the only school, and there is no good Football played in the SGV.
    Well if the other schools pick the slack and get better that statement will change. We need Bishop to go to semis’ in Pac 5 or better, We need Charter oak to Semis in the Inland, We need St Francis to go deep in the western. We need West covina and Monrovia in the Central, and La Habra is handling theirs. Rio Hondo prep is doing their thing. Then we can Say SGV Football is kicking butt all across the board.

  • zone,power.counter!

    Scooby should go to south hills! south hills is the only school that still has the qb underneath the center to handoff the ball 30 times a game especially with a line like they have! That would be fun to see!

  • Frank

    @ setting the record straight
    I know the monrovia/duarte area very well. And yes, kids have at times gone to either school and still do. But if we want to get technical there are school districts with actual lines on a map.
    Please tell me what kids move between the cities every year. I dont know any who move all the time. There are kids who may live in say Duarte for several years and then move to Monrovia and then because they have made friends in Duarte will stay at Duarte schools, or vice versa M0nrovia schools. But I dont know any kids moving constatly each year. What Parent would do that?

    New York, just becuase Arcadia has a Qb and WR going to top school doesn’t mean they are a good team. A football team especially needs a lot of talent and depthto be good. Two D1 players are not going to get it done. But congratulations to them. Good luck to Monrovia with the Addition of Scooby I’m sure they will tear their division apart.

  • Angola Prison

    Im so sick and tired of the same old rhetoric about Bishop Amat all of you bloggers get sucked in about Amat this and Amat that. Lets give BA some credit back in the day Amat was great program and had some pretty good players from Pat Haden and John McKay to D. McCutchen and others. But as of right now and this moment in time Bishops Amats football program is IRRELEVANT. I dont care what Fred or any other BA homer says. All of you BA homers can bask in the glory of Amat and you should. However you have to be honest with yourself no one other than you really cares what Amat is doing because we all know the facts suggests support the notion youre a has been program. Based on the simple facts a number of surrounding programs have passed Amat bye.

    Who cares if you think Amat is the top dog in the SGV we all know it isnt true. The Amat football has turned into the Norte Dame of High School trying live on what you once did. Many of the surrounding high schools such as Monrovia, WC, CO, Upland, Vista Murrieta, Corona Centennial, programs have passed you bye and youre still trying to convince everyone that youre still great. Face it YOUR NOT and as of right now youre a HAS BEEN and an ALSO RAN. Do us all a favor and focus your time and energy and figuring out how to get Amat back to its glory days and get off the blog.

    You and all of your fans with rose colored glasses fans should apply for some football welfare because youre really in need of some assistance. Maybe you and the 4 horsemen can commiserate together. But get the hell off the blog. I saw Amat play this season and im telling you this Amat wouldnt beat any of the 11 CIF Champions this year including Rio Hondo Prep. Your program is on the decline based on a number reason and many of those reasons were listed here. You all remind me of an old Rottweiler with not teeth nobody is afraid of you so keep barking Michael Myers but Halloween is over. Get ready to join the following. You all were once very good

    St. Paul
    Pius X
    Mary Star of the Sea
    Bishop Amat

  • Go back to your Angola Prison

    Last 4 years. 32-13. Serra League champions (4th best league in country that year) 4trips to playoffs. Eliminated by Section champions and #1 in nation Long Beach Poly, #11 in State Lakewood, and this years State Chamion Santa Margarits. Wins over Orange Lu, St Bonaventure, Mater Dei, Dominguez(twice), Venice(twice), St Paul, St Francis, Chaminade, Alemany, Loyola(twice), Crespi(3xs), Notre Dame(twice), Damien(4 times), West Covina(twice), Diamond Ranch (twice). Thats what they’ve won. And you? Or anyone else in the fish bowl for that matter?
    Who else has ANY of RELEVANCE outside the SGV during that time? Just beacuse you beat teams IN the SGV doesn’t make you relevant, otherwise Amat is MORE than relevant since they are twentysomething and one recently against area teams. If thats only who you have to beat for a title – that’s relevant? To who? You? Wherre? Here? Relevance is relative. Ask 1000 random high school football fans around the country who knows Bishop Amat, West Covina, or Monrovia and, sorry to say, we ALL know who wins that poll.
    Is CO’s championship “relevant”? Amat beat the same team they beat in the finals both years. One win can’t be relevant without the other. Amat swept West Covina – but WC is relevant and Amats not? Monrovia loses to Arcadia, San Dimas, and South Hills – and they’re relevant? Arcadia lost to La Mirada and Amat could have picked the score against them.
    Maybe you can soend some time in your cell coming up with a definition of “relevant”!

  • Observantcat

    Ask the Scouts who’s name has comes up the most in the past 5 seasons?… Monrovia or Amat? Dont get me wrong Amat has had a great history, but so has schools such as St. Paul, Temple City, West Torrance.. Etc…. but this is NOW! So put away the blue and gold pom poms and break out the Rings then you’ll get my attention,

  • Cats out of the bag

    Still pretty confident that if you told a random recruiter who was not after a particular kid that he could go to ONE football game and he had to blindly choose whether to go to an Amat game or a Monrovia game that the recruiter would go to the Amat game. Heres one for you. Even when Monrovias at its best ever – and Amat is “irrelevant” in your eyes, Match this list from Amats media guide with Monrovia kids who were playing college football last year

  • AMAT 73

    That’s your view and that’s ok but if you read a few other than AMAT posters some see it different .Now has anyone really looked at why these players are leaving a school . And it seems to be fine with a many bloggers and Aram. In no way am I putting down any of the young men who transfer but to me it say a lot about their character or commitment to finishing a job when the going gets tough. Now Scoby was at one of programs that is considered one of tops in the valley. D-2 plenty of eyes on them and he was the featured back . They made the second round and although they lost they went further than last year. Now he leaves to a D-11( totally surprised they are that level ) at a school stacked with talent and looks like they will 3peat. Why not stay at CO and help take them to the title instead of leaving for what looks like a sure thing .Just think what is going to happen when the Monrovias or WCs of the SGV moved up and fail to continue their winning ways because they are beasts at their level but at a higher level who knows. We will see when Monrovia plays St Francis some what and we can look at WC’s play against Loyola , and yes they did have injuries, but those injuries didn’t affect them against their peers as it did against Loyola . Will we see the El Montes or Bassetts or Workmans start to have the winning programs because they are left to toil in lower divisions and players will chose them because it is an easier road to a title and that title will get them the looks to lead to a D-1 scholarship . When CO starts to lose top notch players it kind of makes you wonder doesn’t it ????? My post has nothing to do with these players going to or not going to AMAT because we get ours either because they want to play for AMAT or as someone mentioned legacies as in the Shays , Alcanteras , Juarezs , Prietos and so forth . For set the record we do draw from all of the SGV as we are a private and in the ESGV it’s AMAT or Damien when looking for a Catholic school. As Jastrab pointed out many come from the local area and by the way West Covina is just across the street from AMAT so many of those you are thinking of could be in AMAT’s district so to speak . Next time you take in a home game at AMAT buy a program and see for yourself the local Catholic feeder schools and public JR Highs our team is made up from .

  • Angola Prison

    As I have said you and Charlie Weis can talk about being 10-3 and almost beating USC and Almost winning in this game and almost winning in that game. YOUR PROGRAM is IRRELEVANT and even Stevie Wonder can see that. Amat is an has been wanna be.

    You know Bishop Amat reminds me a lot of Mike Tyson, used to be great but he is irrelevant now just like BISHOP AMAT, way passed his prime and delusional. Furthermore I dont see good athletes trying to go there. Ellis McCarthy Parents pleaded with him not to go there looks like they were right. You dont have ask anyone in the country you can asked the kids that live right here. Ask a kid to choose Bishop Amat or CO Wes Co or MHS. I can guarantee a 100% of the kids wouldnt choose Amat. Because they want to win and Amat isnt winning see ya Amat. Your top dog status has been revoked. You guys over at Amat have been eating rocks because all hes teeth are gone and no one fears its bite

  • Lancelot

    Angola, my friend, it is obvious that you’re going a little stir crazy due to your time in solitary confinement. Monrovia pulls out a good year in a Division that is scored bigger than my shoe size and your all about trashing my school? Take an honest moment and really look at what you are saying and then look at the whole picture, league, scores vs. competition played, etc, etc. Never mind it really doesn’t matter….. Tell ya what? I’m gonna put some money on your books, send you a carton of smokes, a box of Hersey’s and a soap on a rope. Hopefully this will occupy your time and save us from your pent up ahhhh, musings on the Blog? Stay strong Homie!
    I wonder when Monrovia will make the call to Amat for scheduling? Apparently The young Cat is still afraid of the Old Dog on the Porch?

  • Blue and Gold

    @Angola Prison I bet if you got in the ring w/Mike Tyson today, he would still KNOCK YOUR AZZ OUT!!!

  • Angola Prison

    None of your comments answer the question at hand. You can talk about my solitary confinement, my commissary; putting money on my books it doesnt change the fact that your football program is IRRELEVANT. And when you play CO next year Farrar is going take that so called top dog for walk, neuter him, make him sit on his hind tail and watch his !@#$% get man handled like a Michael Vick pit bull.

  • Lancelot

    Don’t think that’s going to happen but you have a right to dream. BTW, how does it feel to live through the expectations of others?

  • Go back to your Angola Prison said:

    Inmatke – you chose not to address ONE thing I wrote, other than it doesn’t matter what 1000s say as long as knuckleheads that live in the SGV like you who think there is nothing outside the fish bowl. you’re up

  • Lancelot

    Angola, re-read your post and what exactly was your question? Other than your frustration over the fact that Amat gets too much attention, credit and publicity, I couldn’t find one? Sounds like you’re a little green with envy my friend?

  • JMO

    Thanks Angola,

    You just had to turn this into an Amat-CO thing, break out the popcorn Aram your going to get what you wanted.

  • MonroVian

    @ Angola. I see you bro… That Vick comment was commedy!!! hahaha
    Now about Scoby, im glad he is staying put, good for him. Im sure his teammates and local fans will be grateful he stayed a Charger.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • Angola Prison

    @ Lancealot:

    Similar to the fantasy land you Amat folks live in. Its very satisfying but you already knew that. Just like Notre Dame playing cupcakes instead of who they used schedule when they were great and now Amat is doing the exact same thing. Back in the day the Great Amat would have never played GARFIELD or CATHERAL. OMG just like ND playing San Diego state your or the brink of being like Mary Star of the Sea, just admit it your program is on a respirator with no insurance and CIF is about to plug the plug. IRRELEVANT

  • AMAT 73

    As I said earlier that your view and that’s ok. How many times do you need to see it in print to believe it yourself because you aren’t convincing anyone else . Well maybe 1995 ( you aren’t him in disguise are you )sees it your way but not too many more. If you have to take the time to write about us being irrelevent then just by that we are relevent are we not ?????? As far as your CO prediction , the game is scheduled so let’s just wait and see what happens , talk is cheap but the game is for real .

  • Lancelot

    Angola, starting to recognize your writing style buddy…no more play time for you. OUT!

  • Angola Prison

    @ Lancealot and 73

    Bishop Amat has gone from Great, to Good, to Not So Good, to a Flash in the Pan, to Mediocre, to lousy and, NOW IRRELEVANT. Take off the Pat Haden Lettersmans jacket and face it youre not that good anymore and everyone else is KYA (Kicking Your!@#). You remind me of a little kid who used to be the fasted kid in the school and now you just cannot accept the fact that what you were able to do in the 8th grade isnt good enough anymore.

  • go back to Angola Prison

    Now since i know you’re lurking – respond:
    Not Pat Haden era – Last 4 years. 32-13. Serra League champions (4th best league in country that year) 4trips to playoffs. Eliminated by Section champions and #1 in nation Long Beach Poly, #11 in State Lakewood, and this years State Chamion Santa Margarits. Wins over Orange Lu, St Bonaventure, Mater Dei, Dominguez(twice), Venice(twice), St Paul, St Francis, Chaminade, Alemany, Loyola(twice), Crespi(3xs), Notre Dame(twice), Damien(4 times), West Covina(twice), Diamond Ranch (twice). Thats what they’ve won. And you? Or anyone else in the fish bowl for that matter?
    Who else has ANY of RELEVANCE outside the SGV during that time? Just beacuse you beat teams IN the SGV doesn’t make you relevant, otherwise Amat is MORE than relevant since they are twentysomething and one recently against area teams. If thats only who you have to beat for a title – that’s relevant? To who? You? Wherre? Here? Relevance is relative. Ask 1000 random high school football fans around the country who knows Bishop Amat, West Covina, or Monrovia and, sorry to say, we ALL know who wins that poll.
    Is CO’s championship “relevant”? Amat beat the same team they beat in the finals both years. One win can’t be relevant without the other. Amat swept West Covina – but WC is relevant and Amats not? Monrovia loses to Arcadia, San Dimas, and South Hills – and they’re relevant? Arcadia lost to La Mirada and Amat could have picked the score against them.
    Maybe you can spend some time in your cell coming up with a definition of “relevant”!

  • Angola Prison

    Come on Lancealot you know I love Amat…. do take away my pocket money Hakeem….. Stole that one from Coming to America.

  • Angola Prison

    To all Amat Fans,

    Truth Hurts dont it….The should call you all the Golden Domers of HS football

  • Go back to Angola prison

    Knew you didn’t have the balls to address any of that. They castrate you in prison too?

  • Angola Prison

    All that None Pat Haden era stuffs sounds a lot like Charlie Weis begging to keep his job before they fired him at ND. Losing to an eventual champion and beating teams that lost to another team means NOTHING. It doesnt change the fact that Amat is Overrated and irrelevant. Sounds a lot like Larry Smith

  • AMAT 73

    What you fail to see is what you are trying to convince us of is just as irrelevent to us as what we say is to you .Let’s quit wasting blog space with this shiat because others have wasted enough during their rants and raves against AMAT and it really leads nowhere .You can’t back up what you say with any truths and yes we have played schools like Cathedral and Garfield in the past. You’re just not aware of past history and only riding the coattails of a certain blogger who’s fight you seem to be continuing . Funny but I don’t see any other SGV schools playing a Cathedral or Garfield , why are they too small time for them to consider don’t want to risk losing to them . Who else beside WC has played a PAC-5 school in the SGV even one of participants as the saying goes on this blog. It’s easy for you to throw darts at AMAT , why, because we do play tough schools and in the PAC-5 and we haven’t won a title .If we don’t measure up to your standards so be it and just leave it at that. By the way I don’t need Haden’s letterman jacket as I have my own . Now for the blogs sake change the subject or try answering a football question such as the one I posed as the players changing schools to lower division schools only to win titles and supposedly getting that coveted D-1 scholly. What are your thoughts on that if you can for a minute get AMAT out of your mind.

  • Good company

    Lets get on the other blogs and call out Edison, Los Alamitos, St Paul, Colony, and Orange Lutheran for scheduling Garfield too. Maybe drop a note to Sondheimer because Dorsey played them. Truth is Garfield would be on of the top teams in the SGV and would kick the crap out of teams like La Serna or San Gabriel too.

  • Angola Prison

    Honestly I was just bored today and the blog wasnt saying much. I just love picking fights with the M-town and Amat folks no one else has any passion. As for NLI day I love it Im happy for every kid that earned a scholly. Fulfilling that dreams is fantastic reality and I truly wish every kid the very best. I hope they all graduate first and foremost and I hope they play on TV so I can watch them. I love SC but I also love the PAC 12. Fight On for Ole SC.

    Tomorrow I pick a fight with M-town folks those homers are as bad as Amats. Until then Amat is still Overrated and On the Decline. Anyone seen Paul Revere

  • This is Crazy

    @I’ll Give You Robinson…..

    OK, I agree about Meyette. He’s young and have a lot to learn but I think the potential is there. I just think we can get off the Scoby bashing band wagon and give some love to the athletes in the SGV that are not at the caliber schools like Amat and CO. I know there has to be more athletes like Robinson who are just as talented and should get a little credit by Fred and Aram.

    I hear Robinson is getting looks from UCLA not sure how many other schools. I give him his props for staying put.

  • MonroVian

    Wow is he gone, is he staying! I believe Arams source but dang it I keep hearing otherwise! Only time will tell I guess.

    ” You Don’t Want No Green And White “

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/sgvfootball Aram

    The school (Charter Oak) said today that Scoby is still enrolled and is staying a Charger.

  • 1995

    New York

    As I said earlier on the other Post, So whos Moving The Goal Post, now?

    Just too difficult for you to admit it. Isnt it New York? Do you see what the rest of these Amat blow hards are posting? They know Im right! They cannot contradict anything that I have stated because it is the Truth…!

    Again, to be a Big Dog you must WIN and win Consistently for a period of time. Preferably in recent years. Not 20 years ago!

    The Patriots, Yankees, Lakers, Penguins, USA Mens Olympic 4×100 Freestyle Swimming Relay, Connecticut Womens Basketball, Brazil Futbol and the Chinese Table Tennis teams are all “Big Dogs” in their sport! No one can argue that! They can pound their chest and bark loudly!

    Likewise, Los Altos, South Hills, Charter Oak, San Dimas, West Covina, and now Monovia Football too can call themselves Big Dogs in our recent history. No one can argue that! They can pound their chest and bark loudly! What has Amat done that is comparable during the same time frame? Exactly…!

    New York, when was the last time that Amat put together 2 or 3 good years of competitive football? Never mind championships…just a competitive teams? When was that New York?

    What about Long Beach Jordan, JSerra, Fountain Valley, Compton, Marina, Millikan? When were these guys Big Dogs? Exactly! You see the relative correlation?

    New York, YOU didnt answer my questions…! Will Amat Win the Pac 5 in 2012? Do they even have a chance to Win the Pac 5 in 2012?

    The Truth Hurts, but New York, it is the truth and you cannot deny it (Relative and Absolute)…! Your Denial of the Facts showed me and the rest of the SGV that you are denying the truth.

    New York, we have different definitions and criteria of what comprises a Big Boy/Big Dog, but your denial of the truth is a character flaw in your manhood!

    Amat is and has been irrelevant in SGV football for a long long time! You just dont want to admit it…!


  • Hindi isang CIF kampeon Dahil 1995

    Sumasang-ayon ako sa Angola Bilangguan.

    Amat sucks at magpatuloy upang sumipsip para sa maraming mga taon na dumating.

    Lancers ay Pac 5 kalahok.Wala pa …!

    Walang CIF Ring para sa iyo! LMFAO…!

  • Got CIF Championship Ring…?


    What Mrs.DoubtFire73 fails to see is that it is the only dumb a$$ along with LickaLot trying to convince themselves that Amat is still relevent to the SGV. These Blow Hards can’t stand the idea that everybody driving down the street flips them off everytime we see a stupid yellow A sticker on their chevy rear window. They can’t back up anything they say because they have been a regular loser for the last 17 years. 1st round of the playoffs, Lakewood, Teroso, Santa Margarita, etc, etc. They have to schedule CupCakes like Cathedral, Venice, and Garfield in order to prop up their overall record. Imagine what their record is going to be in 2012 now that they have scheduled Step Up games against Charter Oak and Chino Hills? They may only win 2 or 3 all season…! Who else among the “elite” SGV schools has Failed in the same way Amat has Failed for such a long long time…? Exactly! It’s easy to throw darts at AMAT, why, because they suck, they play a terrible style of football, and the coaching staff always screws it up right before half time…! Amat just doesn’t measure up to our CIF Championship standards in the SGV anymore. By the way MrsLickaLot don’t need Haden’s letterman jacket, he has his own from his JV Cheerleading team back in the day! Now for the blogs sake change the subject or have New York answer a football question such as the ones I posed to him directly. What are your thoughts on that if you can for a minute get AMAT out of your mind?

  • New York

    If our economy ever has a real recovery and our real employment numbers go back to the levels of 2004, 2005, and 2006, do you think these blogs will quiet down a bit? lol.

    Mr. 1995,
    YOU moved the goalposts and trapped yourself. You are now calling for a competitive team. Competitive against whom??? Their division? Amat has made the Pac-5 playoffs a four (4) years in a row. That suggests they have finished in the top 16 of the Pac-5 the past four years. That sounds “competitive.” Along the way, Amat has beaten every local team that it has played. They have proven that they can beat the local teams who have scheduled them as well as enough teams in the Serra league to be able to make the playoffs every year under Coach Haggerty.

    Again, I don’t think Amat will win the Pac-5 anytime soon, but I don’t think that a team needs to win the Pac-5 in order to be considered a Big Boy in football.

    I do think that some “Amat-affiliated” bloggers spew non-sense. However, I don’t want to start pointing fingers in that direction. Plenty of “Monrovia-affiliated” bloggers spew lots of embarrassing nonsense as well. That’s part of what makes this blog fun. A bunch of people and come on here and voice their opinions and move along.

    Have a great day.

  • Lancelot

    New York, don’t waste time responding to this schizo, he usually answers himself or agrees with himself under a different screen names anyway. Ha, Ha, Ha…classic DarthNonsenseLecheroAngola,etc,etc1995.

  • From the Horse

    Scoby has been hanging out with Jalen Moore. I will just say he was saying something different then what the Charter Oak School Office is saying. He will be leaving either to Monrovia or Bishop Amat. However, the writing is on the wall where he will be attending next year.

  • Mr. Ed

    If he goes he will be sitting out next year.

  • Frank

    So many people claiming how irrelevant Amat is only proves their Relevance. the best way to get rid of an annoying barking dog is to ignore it. Truth be told Amat has dominated the SGV for some time now. Destroying every team it faces, yes they do need to win a PAC-5 championship. Amat is in a no win situation, if they make playoffs and lose in the toughest division they get ragged on. If they were to drop down even one division they would win a championship, but then everyone would put them down for winning at a lower division.

  • Frank is High!!!

    ‘ If they (AMAT) were to drop down even one division they would win a championship, but then everyone would put them down for winning at a lower division.”

    You honestly think Amat would have won the Inland division or the Northern division?? What are you smokin’ dude? The inland division was stronger than the pac 5 this year (based on head to head match ups between ranked teams) and Amat finished tied for last in their league, got blasted by their only other regular season opponent from D. 3 or higher, and lost in the first round of the playoffs….again. So keep spouting the “we could have, we would have, we should have…crap”. The fact is Amat doesn’t belong in the pac 5 and wouldn’t even be a factor in the Inland division playoffs.

  • Angola Prison

    Angola is none of those clowns, and NY know it…

  • AMAT 73

    Quasimoto or whatever you are using today ,
    Looks like you are taking one hell of a biatch slapping from New York , you know Yankee style clap, oh I mean slap 3 times, ha ha ha ha ha . You have truely become the King of Fools thus earning the Quasimoto name . How about some waaaaterrrrrrrr . By the way I am the one who made the lettermans jacket comment not Lancelot , fool.

  • From another thread

    Joe Amat said:
    As I read this thread I find it funny how it seems your “big boys” become “big boys” when the other “big boys” move out of their neighborhood.

    Didn’t Charter Oak become a “big boy” when they didn’t have to deal with La Habra, El Dorado, Tranuco Hills, or Newport Harbor anymore? Or did West Covina become a “big boy” when Charter Oak and South Hills got bumped and were no longer in their way? Didn’t the Locals like Monrovia and San Dimas really just become “big boys” in the Mid-Valley neighborhood when Oaks Christian, Oak Park, Nordhoff, Santa Clara, or Paraclete moved away?

    Either you’re a “big boy” or you’re not. We can’t say you’re a “big boy” one year and not the next. You don’t get “big boy” status, take a couple years off and then get it back. If you beat “big boys” (more than once) – does that elevate you to “big boy” status…or keep you there? Does the “big boy” have to be from outside your neighborhood…or can it be the one down the street?

    You might say CO was a big boy since their championship in the early 2000s. Well Amat beat them up pretty good in 04 & 05 before CO “opted out” of the contract. Were they “big boys” then? Or did they take a couple years off and then become “big boys” again in 06 & 07? Convenient. Same with West Covina. “Big boys” winning championships in 2004, 2010, and 2011? What about in between when the got swept by Amat in 2008 & 2009? Not big boys? If they really are “big boys, how about the team that beats those “big boys” in the four games by a collective score of 125-20?

    As pointed out, Amat is really the only one who has knocked off any out-of-the-area big boys over the past four years. Or decade for that matter. Even in our worst year ever, Amat beat Loyola, Rancho Cucamonga (“big boy”…or not?) and that years’ D3 champion – St Paul.

    They’ve also lost to some big boys by virtue of having far more games against that type of competition than others in the Fish Bowl. Again, as pointed out, accomplishments over the last four years makes them competitive and puts them in the team picture with the otheer “big boys”. Where they want to be – no, but in the conversation.
    February 2, 2012 9:57 AM

  • Hindi isang CIF kampeon Dahil 1995

    New York,

    So you move the Goal Post again…? Now we’re gonna compate Amat’s feeble football program to the Sierra League and the Baseline in order to define “Big Boy?” Thank you for agreeing with me. Amat is NOT the “Big Dog!” HAHAHA

    The moment that you have to consider the Sierra or the Baseline league in order to counter my FACTS you Lose because you are making point!

    Amat < Big Dog New York, as you said we have different definitions and criteria of what comprises a Big Boy/Big Dog, but your denial of the truth is a character flaw in your manhood! HAHAHA! Nice playing with you...! TOO BAD YOU AND AMAT LOST (AGAIN!!!)...!

  • The FACTS Since 1995

    I agree with you Joe Amat 100%

    It is funny how it seems “big boys” become “big boys” when the other “big boys” move out of their neighborhood.

    The almost 20 year embarrassment that is the Bishop Amat Lancers haven’t moved. They have just been left behind…! Way behind the rest of the competition…!

    Most recently Los Altos has been successful, so has South Hills, Charter Oak, West Covina, San Dimas, and now Monrovia.

    I agree with Joe Amat: “Either you’re a “big boy” or you’re not. We can’t say you’re a “big boy” one year and not the next.” Can we (the SGV) say your a “big boy” in the SGV if you haven’t WON anything of significance for almost 20 years…? Not 1 CIF Championship!!! You be the judge. I also agree with Joe Amat that “You don’t get “big boy” status, take a couple years off and then get it back. Except Amat hasn’t been a big boy for so many years they have forgotten the definition. According you beating “big boys” (more than once) elevates you to “big boy” status. Such is the case with JSERRA who this year beat Mater Dei who then beat OLu! JSERRA is now a “big boy” in the OC. At least according to Joe Amat…!

    CO has been a big boy since their championship in the early 2000s. Like the New England Patriots or the L.A. Lakers, you will find that every “big dog” has a down cycle, reloads and comes back for the title again. As CO did in ’09 & ’10. Exactly the same with West Covina “Big boys” winning championships in 2004, 2010, and 2011. Now Monrovia is achieving the same. What Joe Amat fails to acknowledge is that Amat refused to play against the Champioship teams of Charter Oak and West Covina…! They conveniently avoided the “match up” because according to Joe Amat he’d have you believe that CO voided the contract and West Co just plain didn’t want it anymore…! HAHAHA!

    Well Joe Amat, you’ll get you chance to prove you’re wrong again this coming season when CO and Chino Hills are your “Step Up” games. There’s no hiding behind La Mirada, Cathedral, Venice, and Garfield 2012.

    Hey Joe Amat… who is They?

    You said “They’ve also lost to some big boys.” Don’t you really mean “WE?” Or, ARE YOU ONLY A LANCER WHEN YOU’RE WINNING…? Cus that ain’t happening any time soon…!

    So according to Joe Amat, the feeble Amat football program has been reduced to defining “Success” by getting to the league playoffs thru a “Coin-Flip”! Success at Amat is now losing in the 1st round of the playoffs! Getting to the dance, but actually going inside the hall and actually shaking a leg.

    Oh…How The Mighty Have Fallen…! This definition of success would never have been acceptable WAAAAAAY BAAAACK In The Day…!



  • Hindi isang CIF kampeon Dahil 1995

    Mrs Newt Gingrich73

    Are you on speaking terms with my again…?

    Well hell…I’ll be your Huckleberry! But your male Biaatch (err Sir LickaLot! Hah!) is gonna slap you around like a cheap male hooker on Melrose Ave…!

    Before you start creaming on your tigrito thong panties about New York’s feeble argument about Amat being a “big boy” you might want to re-read his last post. And I quote “I don’t think Amat will win the Pac-5 anytime soon”

    He then says, “I don’t think that a team needs to win the Pac-5 in order to be considered a Big Boy in football.” HAHAHAHA! Where’s Herm Edwards when you need him…?

    They why in the hell would you strap-it on on Friday nights…! For shiaaats and giggles!

    Amat and Obama redifining Success and the US economy!


    Not A Champion Since 1995…AM I WRONG? EXACTLY…!

  • Hindi isang CIF kampeon Dahil 1995

    Mrs Newt Gingrich73

    Are you on speaking terms with me again…?

    Well hell…I’ll be your Huckleberry! But your male Biaatch (err Sir LickaLot! Hah!) is gonna slap you around like a cheap male hooker on Melrose Ave…!

    Before you start creaming on your tigrito thong panties about New York’s feeble argument about Amat being a “big boy” you might want to re-read his last post. And I quote “I don’t think Amat will win the Pac-5 anytime soon”

    He then says, “I don’t think that a team needs to win the Pac-5 in order to be considered a Big Boy in football.” HAHAHAHA! Where’s Herm Edwards when you need him…?

    They why in the hell would you strap-it on on Friday nights…! For shiaaats and giggles!

    Amat and Obama redifining Success and the US economy!


    Not A Champion Since 1995…AM I WRONG? EXACTLY…!

  • NOT A Big Boy

    Amat was not able to win more than 1 game in the PAC5 in 2011. Their record was 1 – 5 in 2011. Moreover the Serra league is a shell of what they once were back in the early 2000s. Last year 3 laughable teams (Amat included) had to flip a coin to decide who would be the lamb that would be fed to Santa Margarita.

    Amat 1 – 5 in the PAC5 = NOT a big boy.

  • Got CIF Championship Ring…?

    Hey New York…

    The Buffalo BILLS and the Minesota VIKINGS called say that they AGREE 100% with your “Big Boy” reasoning also…!


    Have A NICE day, NY!!! 🙂

  • div11 is 8man

    please bring your “big dog” definition to the ie and play upland, rancho, redland east valley, norco, cc, vista murrieta, chino hills, or any other team who made the inland playoffs last year and your cif run would have ended very early. winning in a division that fields 45 man rosters does not make you a “big dog”, it makes u a winner and that is it. you will not be a “big dog” until you start beat 90 man rosters year in and year out. i have no problem with you being proud of your victories, because you should be. but please leave the chest beating to vm, cc, servite, santa marijuana and those other teams who play the best year in and year out. in fact, i think cc is looking for an early game this year, maybe monrovia should pick up the phone!

  • Beatdown

    LOL! Ouch – monrovia was beat down right there. Truth is monrovia wouldn’t be able to field a team the next week after playing CC. I rememberine year that happened to Wilson when they tried to play Amat, they lost so many guys they shot their wad and lost like 4 in a row

  • AMAT 73

    Guess I am if you are answering to my post to Quasimoto King of Fools .Beside I wasn’t talking to you as much as I was telling you Quasi how NY was biatch slapping ( you know Yankee style ) your azz . Village idiot or Quasimoto either way you are simply a fool .

  • Hindi isang CIF kampeon Dahil 1995

    div11 is 8man

    The only reason for us to go to the IE is pick up some of the really good crack you guys sell out there near Norco…! Slam….!

    Oh yeah…I almost forgot. You guys grow some really beaffy Chivos too. Those we buy in Riverside near CC and VM for the Biria parties we do here in the SGV.

    Go get your teeth fixed, 8man. That Halitosis smell is killing your cows…!

    See you in 2012, little man!

  • MrsDoubtFire73

    A simple fool I may be. But the FACT remains that Amat is NOT A Champion…! HAHAHAHA…! And won’t be for a long long long time to come…!

    Now go back to spooning with your male partner (errr LickaLot)!

    Not Since 1995…!


  • Lancelot

    How Pathetic…..I am truly embarrassed for you little Jack Ass. Nobody will play with you so you post and answer yourself all day. And why are all of your wisecracks Homophobic rants? Still over compensating I see. Go back and read your drivel, you really are trying (very hard) to convince someone of something (maybe yourself)??? Oh what a lonely little Jack Ass, has to make up friends to play with. Still on the outside looking in. Ha, Ha, Ha…….

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    @ I’ll give you Robinson

    You did fail to mention Meyette made All-Sierra League 2nd Team in your detailed statistical breakdown of his SOPHOMORE Varsity season… Some of the other coaches in the league must’ve seen something… Not too many sophs on that list… Just sayin’…

    Say what you want about him, but I doubt very seriously you’re going to read about him anywhere transferring so he can get his. He must be dedicated to that program, to not transfer after Inglima was :cough: transferred :cough: says at least a little about his dedication to Ayala. I’d be willing to bet Chino Hills wouldn’t turn him away if he showed up on their doorstep.

  • SGV

    Kurt Scooby is going to Duarte Falcons for his Junior year.

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    He’s at St Paul, so what.