GAME CHANGER: CIF considering new rule that would make ALL transfers sit out ONLY 30 DAYS!!!! …

CIF State officials are working on a potential proposal that would do away with the controversial “athletically motivated” transfer rule and replace it with a one-size-fits-all rule that would force transfers to sit out 30 CALENDAR DAYS at their new schools before becoming eligible.

The new rule would extend across all sports and all levels. Example: Johnny Gun plays QB for Los Altos in Week 0, then daddy gets sour about the play calling and decides Johnny Gun is transferring to Charter Oak, Johnny Gun would be eligible to play for Charter Oak after sitting out 30 days.

This concept is not even a proposal yet, nor is it on any council agenda. But state officials are looking at the possibility of making this a proposal, according to CIF-Southern Section spokesperson Thom Simmons.

“The sections would have to vote on it, first of all, and then after that it would have to be voted on at the state level,” Simmons said.

The 30-day ineligibility would be no matter what, regardless of whether the transfer was deemed to be athletically motivated or due to reasonable circumstances. The new rule would likely be in place for the 2012-13 school year.

Aram’s take: It’s not quite “let them transfer wherever they want and play right away”, but it’s damn close … and I’LL TAKE IT!!! Keep in mind that this is in its infancy stages, but given the strong desire section-wide to get rid of the “athletically motivated” rule, I expect this to catch fire and fly through once it’s officially proposed. The buzz about this is already out there. Some athletic directors have already heard about it about it. I’m trying to get a better understanding of whether kids who are already ruled ineligible for a portion of next school year are going to be immediately eligible or whether their ineligibility sentence will remain the same, think Andrew Hauser, formerly of Bishop Amat and currently at Charter Oak. He would still have to wait until his ineligibility sentence is up, according to what I’ve been told. DRINK IT IN, LADIES AND GENTS. This is a GAME CHANGER!

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All-CIF teams released: Amat blanked in PAC-5!? Charter Oak gets FIVE guys (two sophs!!!) on the Inland first team in another Big Lou Coup. Ellis McCarthy snubbed in Mid-Valley??? LET’S BREAK IT DOWN!!!! …

The CIF-Southern Section released its All-CIF teams on Tuesday. The All-CIF teams are picked by the coaches that make up the respective divisions.

You can see them HERE.

And now for some REACTION:

PAC-5: NOBODY FROM AMAT? Uh, yeah. It’s true. Somebody check on Freddie for me. He must be beside himself. A lot of you were probably surprised that Amat only got one player (Jalen Moore) on our All-Area first team. Well, this kinda shows you why. Am I surprised Moore, who led the division in rushing for most of the season, wasn’t on the first team? Yes. But I don’t know who you take off to put him on. This is probably a sign of the times at Amat. Humbling and concerning, to say the least.

Inland: Charter Oak has FIVE, count ‘em FIVE guys on the first team!!!! TWO OF THEM ARE SOPHOMORES!!!! Big Lou has pulled off All-CIF coups in the past, but this one might be his best yet. It helps to have a coach lobbying hard for you (hint, hint). Congrats to Travis Santiago, Kurt Scoby, Chris Gilchrist, Eric Pervost and Aaren Vaughns. Congrats also go out to Naim Colbert and Nick Enriquez from Chino Hills.

Mid-Valley: Tribune Player of the Year Steven Rivera (Arroyo) takes home Offensive Player of the Year honors. M-Town’s Brett Walsh is the Defensive Player of the Year. M-Town’s Ryan Maddox was the Coach of the Year. OK, so you’re probably wondering how Ellis McCarthy wasn’t the Defensive Player of the Year. Well, from what I hear he wasn’t nominated. This is yet another reminder that McCarthy’s prowess belongs to the eye of the beholder. Some say he didn’t dominate enough. Fair argument. Some say his mere presence took away half the field. People ran away from him. People rolled away from his side. Fair enough. We’ve all got our opinions. Monrovia had a whopping 10 players on the first team, beside Walsh up top as Defensive Player of the Year.

Southeast: WestCo dominated. No shock. Chris Solomon is the Offensive Player of the Year. Dorrin Turner is the Defensive Player of the Year. Mike Maggiore is the Coach of the Year. When it comes to postseason honors, you really could take your pick of which West Covina player would be Player of the Year on offense and defense, and which players are merely first team. At the Trib, we say Justen Meaders is the Defensive Player of the Year. If you want to argue it’s Dorrin Turner, I can see your point. Hell, if you wanted to say the Solomon was the Tribune Player of the Year again this year, I can see that point, too. Six Bulldogs made the first team.

Southwest: Congrats to Aaron Porter being named the Defensive Player of the Year. No, La Habra didn’t win the division, but the Highlanders did well getting seven guys on the first team. Kinda odd how the Southwest does it. Porter made it as linebacker and running back and was the Defensive Player of the Year. Impressive and interesting.

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Former San Marino/Temple City coach Mike Mooney pleads guilty to grand theft embezzlement on Tuesday … San Marino Tribune NOT vindicated …

Here’s the story from the Pasadena Star-News website.

Former San Marino High School football coach Mike Mooney pleaded guilty to one count of grand theft embezzlement Tuesday for stealing $20,000 from the funds from the school booster clubs, officials said.

Mooney was sentenced to one year of probation and 20 days of community service, said Sandi Gibbons, Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office spokeswoman.

Mooney had originally pleaded not guilty to the charge in December.

The theft took place during a two-year period 2008 to 2010.

Mooney’s connections to San Marino High football stretch back to the 1990s. He began his first stint as head coach in 1996, before leaving the program in 1998 to become head football coach at Temple City High School.

Mooney left Temple City in 2007 to return to San Marino, where he was given the option to both coach and work as an assistant principal, something not afforded to Mooney at Temple City High School.

Aram’s take: If you think this vindicates the San Marino Tribune for falsely reporting in a December article that Mooney would enter a guilty plea at a December hearing, you’re very, very wrong. The SM Tribune reported that Mooney would enter a SPECIFIC PLEA at a SPECIFIC HEARING on a SPECIFIC DAY. Well, THAT HEARING and THAT DAY came and Mooney DID NOT any of the things the SM Tribune said he would. He plead not guilty, as the Star-News correctly reported. What happened between then and now was probably a lot of deal making between the prosecution and defense. Mooney CHANGED his plea. When the SM Tribune wrote its original story, it cited a source. Who other than Mooney and his attorney could be a credible source? Anyway, I guess SOME of you don’t understand how the news/journalism business works. When you report that something is going to happen on a SPECIFIC DAY and it does not happen, YOU ARE WRONG. When you report something is going to happen on a specific day and it does, you are right. What happens after that can and sometimes will change. You then report on that as well. The idea is to correctly report on things EVERY STEP OF THE WAY as accurately as possible. Another case in point: my reporting on Ellis McCarthy picking Cal. My scoop was that McCarthy would pick Cal during an announcement made during the U.S. Army All-Star Game. Did he do that? Yes. There’s video and photographic proof of him picking up and putting on a Cal hat and telling an interviewer why he chose Cal. My reporting was correct. So now that McCarthy changed his mind and is headed to UCLA, does that make my reporting wrong? NOT AT ALL. I reported what would happen that specific day and at that specific time, and that’s exactly what did happen. Get it? Good.

WALK THIS WAY: Covina’s next head coach likely to be a walk-on after Coach Kevin Glaspy (and others) turn down chance to be Darryl Thomas’ replacement …

Covina has flown its open varsity football head coach position effective immediately after an internal search turned up nothing.

Longtime Colts head coach Darryl Thomas resigned last week after a strong 15-year run. The school turned to a number of on-campus coaches to see if they’d be interested, but all supposedly turned them down.

Kevin Glaspy, the school’s athletic director and track and field coach, was thought to be the front runner. Glaspy was also a longtime assistant football coach in the program. But Glaspy put out a statement on Tuesday saying he wasn’t interested.

“I will not be taking the head football position at Covina High or apply for it,” Glaspy’s statement said. “I currently enjoy my role on campus as a teacher, coach, and athletic director and would like to continue it as is. I feel confident that our school will attract a more than qualified coach that can continue to keep our program headed in the right direction.”

The school put out the following statement on Tuesday about the open position: Covina High School will be accepting applicants for its head varsity football coaching postion effective immediately. Interested applicants can contact CHS Athletics at 626 974-6033 or email Athletic Director Darryl Thomas at Interested applicants will have until Friday, January 27th to submit their intent to apply. As of now, the position is open as a walk-on assignment.

Aram’s take: I’m not saying Covina won’t be able to hire a quality name with only a walk-on position available, but it’s kind of sad to see such a good program having to go the walk-on rout. Sadly, this will happen more and more. Covina’s hiring panel, though, wow. Mark Pasquarella, Coach DT … pretty good.

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D-Line coach Tosh Lupoi leaves Cal for Washington … Does that mean Big Ellis McCarthy is back in play?

Tosh Lupoi, who was instrumental in getting Monrovia standout defensive lineman Ellis McCarthy to verbally commit to Cal during last weekend’s U.S. Army All-Star Game, has left Cal to become the defensive line coach at Washington.

With this development, McCarthy’s verbal commitment to Cal looks like it might be a soft verbal and you can bet the usual suspects, USC and Oregon will begin to swarm. And who knows, maybe McCarthy goes further north to Seattle with Lupoi.

Stay tuned, the recruiting race for Big Ellis may soon heat up again.

Source: Covina job is Kevin Glaspy’s if he wants it … if not, former Walnut standout QB Daniel Al-Gattas very interested …

Covina track coach Kevin Glaspy is said to be deciding whether to succeed Darryl Thomas as Covina varsity football head coach, according to a source. His decision could be known as early as today, the source said.

If Glaspy decides against it, former Walnut standout quarterback and current Mt. SAC offensive coordinator Daniel Al-Gattas is very interested in the position.

Al-Gattas graduated from Walnut in 2003. He led the Mustangs to the 2002 CIF-SS Division VII championship game where the Mustangs lost to South Hills. Al-Gattas was named MVP of the division that season.

After high school he played at Colorado St. for one season, then went to Mt. SAC before playing at UCLA. If Al-Gattas were to be hired at Covina, he said he’s confident he would produce an excellent coaching staff.

“We would have something that would be pretty strong,” Al-Gattas said. “I could bring some guys who played at UCLA and some former All-Valley guys at Walnut.

“I could put a staff together in a few hours. I would just invite everybody to Applebees in Walnut and say ‘Are we going to do this or what?’”

Aram’s take:
Going from Coach DT to Coach KG would be a seamless transition for me. Glaspy, like Thomas, knows the kinds of kids Covina gets and how to handle them. Glaspy is well-liked all over and was an assistant on Thomas’ staff for several years. If he says no, and Al-Gattas eventually gets the job (no lock, it would be flown), then what a treat that would be also. My best memory of Al-Gattas is the last-second TD drive he led for the East team in the 2003 Hall of Fame All-Star Game. Still the best Hall of Fame Game I’ve ever seen. Covina is sitting very pretty. And that’s bad news for any school out there who thought some of that Viking talent may be coming their way with Thomas gone.