Charter Oak QB Travis Santiago commits to APU …

Tribune Offensive Player of the Year Travis Santiago signed with APU on Friday.

The Charter Oak quarterback is going to also play baseball for the Cougars. Santiago threw for 3,251 yards and 27 touchdowns. He also ran for 552 yards and 11 scores.

Aram’s take: Atta boy, Travis! Now we’re talking! Get me Rivera to APU and I will be on Clound Nine. Anyway, Santiago playing in the SGV’s backyard is going to be a treat. I’ve got a feeling he’s going to do some serious damage at APU.

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  • OldMan in Chino

    Congrats to Travis. May he succeed and grow both athletically and spiritually in a fine institution of higher learning with a strong sports program.

  • Dan

    With Travis and the other local kids on the team, looking forward to a Saturday night game or two next year.
    Congratulations to Travis, and all the local kids going to the next level.

  • Whittier Dad

    Just wondering, where is APU ? Can someone tell me where this college is. I saw CO play against CH last year, and although I thought he was small, I thought Santiago was a very good player. Good luck at APU.

  • old guy 1

    Congratulations, what a great fit! Great kid with a lot of upswing, APU will benefit him as well. A win-win situation.

  • OldMan in Chino

    To Whittier Dad:

    Azusa Pacific University (APU) is in Azuza north of the 210 freeway. Near Citrus College in Glendora. Big sign for both can be seen on the 210.

  • coltfan97

    IMO APU is going to benefit for going into Division 2 as they will get there fair share of the local high school talent!!! We see here with Santiago great choice and a great school!!

  • just askin’

    Can someone that REALLY understands NAIA and the NCAA explain why you think D2 is better than NAiA for them? They now have far more restrictions on scholarships than before and more rules to follow. IMO they had it much easier in NAIA and, especially in other sports, had a great conference in the GSAC

  • Just askin: The move was made, because the athletic program as a whole had outgrown the NAIA, winning the NAIA Director’s Cup, which goes to the top athletic program in the country, each out of the last six years. Yes, the restrictions are stricter in the NCAA, which is why it’s a three-year process, but it will allow them to recruit a higher-class athlete program wide. As AD Gary Pine said when he announced the move, he envisions a time when APU has a ton of Brian Clay’s and Christian Okoye on campus, not just one a decade or so. Football, wise, it allows them to join a conference for the first time in history. The draw back initially of course is APU won’t be eligible for postseason in any sport until the 2015-16 athletic year. But overall its a move they had to make as the school continues to grow.

  • Don’ t see it

    Steve, do you really think thats so? How many “world-class athletes” are in the CCAA, which is one of the better D2 conferences around? I don’t see D2 as being that big of a draw. As it is they’ve been able to recruit a higher caliber athlete than D2 Cal Poly Pomona.

  • Saint Fan

    Any news on Dillon Corona from SD I watched him play a couple times this year and curious to know if he is college bound??

  • Overall, DII is better than NAIA, just like overall NAIA is better than DIII. Yes, in some sports, APU is already at the DII level, in others its not, and by moving up to DII as a whole, it will draw a better class of athlete. A DII-caliber football player from the area before was more likely to go out of state to a DII school than stay home at APU. Now, they can get those athletes. But it should be noted that since DII is overall at a higher-caliber than NAIA, it gives APU a chance to challenge itself again. It’s clear they already dominated NAIA, so now the goal is to do the same in DII.

  • bigdog

    Another great recruiting job buy big Lou and his staff. WOW APU. LOL. CO is doing nothing for there kids to get to the next level. SADDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Don’t believe the hype.

    This goes to show you Recruiters Recruit players not Teams. It does not matter if you play Pac 5, inland or South East midvalley. Almost All of the Lower Division SGV players went Big time. The upper Div players went well…we all know. I am not saying this to belittle the kids rides, however a lot of bloggers are always ragging on the little guys from the SGV. They say there are no players, no comp, etc…Well I beg to differ. Parents keep your kids where they are, and if they are good, they will get a ride. You don’t have to Go to CO or BA. It does not increase your chances of going anywhere. That’s all hype created by those who remain to be named.

    Lower Division players Divisions 6-11

    Ellis McCarthy-UCLA
    Kevon Seymour-USC
    Tarien Owens-UCLA
    Jared Kough- Colorado
    Luke Williams- UC Davis
    Myles Carr-Fresno State
    Chris Solomon-Nevada
    Chris Miller -Oregon State
    Adrew Fisher-Harvard
    Nick Enriquez Cal Poly SLO
    Jr Nelson-Montana
    Aaron Porter – UCLA
    Sean Wale – Boise St
    Brett Bartelone Wazzu

    Divisions 1-6
    Travis Tailanko SJSU
    Chris Gilchrist FIU
    Jaylen Moore Eastern Washington
    Ajee Montes SMU
    Travis Santiago APU???

  • just askin

    Hype Master – can you list the high schools those kids came from for us?

  • Don’t believe the hype-

    Posted Jan 31 2012 by Bishop Amat fan “Ilogical” regarding the realignment…The nerve, the language… This is why. Folks.

    Illogical said:
    Heres whats funy about this thread and bozos like Amat Nation (pretending to be someone from Amat – but we know who it is). First, we want to move teams who do well in league (Charter Oak, South Hills,) out and put them in tougher leagues. Then schools like West Covina are left with no peers to compete with. Then, we want to take leagues who do well – and move them up to tougher divisions. THEN, once we have all the tougher teams in tough leagues and tougher divisions we want to complain that someone doesn’t make the playoffs or do well in them (think South Hills, Crespi, Notre Dame, Orange Lutheran) all while claimng superiority for someone like Mnrovia or West Covina – who play no one along the way to their little local championship without ever facing someone from out of the area. Yet those formerly mentioned teams would kick all of their tails. Freakin’ South Hills beat Monrovia. loyola waxed West Covina and if not for an injury – who knows how Amat does in that 14-3 game (or in either of their 5 pt losses in league. Without those we could be talking about League Champs 2/3 years and playing for the 3rd on the last week. But we dismiss Monrovias loss to South Hills and West Covinas drubbing to Loyola because of injuries. It would make NO sense to move Amat or their league down. This year Notre Dame didn’t make the playoffs and destroyed the Westerrn #1 seed (Serra) Mater Dei has beat Centennial a couple times the last 5 seasons – and they struggle in the Pac 5. When Amat was aweful (3-7) they beat the Western champions. These teams are in the Pac 5 for a reason – they are better. Period.

    I just saying…Southeast and Midvalley Fans get crapped on all year by the BA and Co Bloggers. Well the proof is in the pudding when you look at the overall Success of the players from the lower Divisions. Most went to the playoffs,Won titles, and Got Full rides to top notch Colleges, and Guess what they were lower Division and public schools… SGV Middle Class Parents Save your tuition Money and gas money driving your kid crosstown. You have been bammboozled, hoodwinked, took to the cleaners, shafted Etc… This prove you can stay local, win, and go to the Ivy League, from your local School. All of the Comments about…Well you know what those people said, from those certain schools, about well the Monrovia’s, Muir, WestCo, AKA Fish Bowlers. I don’t hear them talking On FEB 1

    Lower Division players Divisions 6-11

    MOnrovia/ Ellis McCarthy-UCLA
    Muir/ Kevon Seymour-USC
    Arcadia/ Taylor-UCLA
    Muir/ Tarien Owens-UCLA
    Pomona/Jared Kough- Colorad
    Monrovia/Luke Williams- UC Davis
    Arcadia/Myles Carr-Fresno State
    West Covina/Chris Solomon-Nevada
    D Ranch/Chris Miller -Oregon State
    D Ranch/Adrew Fisher-Harvard
    D ranch/Nick Enriquez Cal Poly SLO
    Wilson/Jr Nelson-Montana
    La Habra/Aaron Porter – UCLA
    La Habra/ Sean Wale – Boise St
    La Habra/Brett Bartelone Wazzu

    Divisions 1-6
    St Franics/Travis Tailanko SJSU
    Charter Oak/Chris Gilchrist FIU
    Bishop Amat/jaylen Moore Eastern Washington
    Bishop Amat/Ajee Montes SMU
    Charter Oak/Travis Santiago APU???
    Charter Oak/Jonothan Thropay Apu
    St Francis/Christian Gravbac San Diego
    **Charter Oak has some lineman going to D3’s I think. Don’t want to leave anyone out.**

  • Wait-what?

    So wait – out of the six or so schools that play top level football out of the SGV you listed 5 scholarships. And out of the other 30+ schools in the SGV you listed 15. Seems like those percentages still go to playing at the higher level – don’t they?

  • just askin

    Hype Master – so what about the “illogical” post was not true? Sounds 100% right on to me

  • Don’t believe the hype-

    Yeah right, Oh so now you all are saying that The Southeast and Southern are considered “Higher Level”. Back in Sept West Covina was a fishbowl school, and La Habra was Ducking BA. You people need to stop. Just Face it, the landscape is changing. BA in 2012- is a Western Division type school averaging 1-2 football scholarships a year, and no player on the BA was Good enough to Go BCS nor get into a Ivy league School. I’d say, Illogical is illogical. Allemany is the only school in the Serra, that has made any noise in the Pac 5 in the last 5 years. Crespi did one year, Notre Dame Never, Bishop Amat 19 years and counting. You try to bring up Mater Dei’s slump, but they just won, Div1 baseball, and A state championship in D1 Basketball, which Amat doesn’t compete in D1 in any other sport. Everyone else has did nothing. It’s going to be sad day in lancerville, when CIF strikes down the verdict of Western Div 4. Also, in Charter Oak Land when they get dropped into the Central or Southeast. The Real Embarrassment of the SGV is not the Small Lower level Schools, It’s CO getting destroyed on national tv, and Bishop Amat, getting Destroyed by servite, and SM. Deal with it.

  • Ignorance is not so bliss

    FYI – SMU is in Confence-USA which is a BCS confence. C-USA was 4-1 in BCS bowl games. Houston beat Penn St, Marshall beat Fllorida International, Southern Miss beat Nevada, and SMU beat Pitt. maybe Gilchrest and Soloman can do something about those results.

  • Ignorance: I think you are confusing Football Bowl Subdivision with Bowl Championship Series. Conference USA is NOT a BCS conference, but a FBS conference. There are presently six BCS conferences (meaning the conference champion gets an auto pick to a BCS bowl game, Rose, Orange, Sugar, Fiesta): Pac-12, Big Ten (which has 12 schools), Big 12 (which has 10), Southeastern, Atlantic Coast and Big East (although it could lose that status by 2014).

  • JMO

    Don’t hype,

    I’m sure you were a D1 all American back in your day DOUCHE BAG! Let’s get together at El Loco in Covina and you can get me a carne asada burrito after i kick your ASS!


    You guys are leaving out the players at La Mirada that signed
    Spencer Fox South Dakota
    Devon Hall North Dakota
    Jesse Gonzalez Western New Mexico

  • MO MOney…MO MOney

    NCAA = More money because of deeper pockets.

    All NCAA schools: D1, D1AA, D2 And D3 all share in the money that the NCAA collects from the events held under their jurisdiction.

    NAIA is small time compared to NCAA.

    Go back East or the MidWest, every college is an NCAA school. Its the quality of the athlete and quality of the competition. Division 3 Football is miles ahead of NAIA and that’s just one sport.

    Its all about the money. Also, rememeber that APU makes you pray. Its not optional!

  • Aaron

    Division III is much less competitive than NAIA, Division II is a step up. And Division III schools are Academic institutions.

  • Don’t Believe the hype

    JMO, I am not belittling any rides. I am saying that BA and CO, have a superiority complex in the SGV. That can’t be denied. CUSA in not a bcs. playing at the next level is playing at the next level. All of the players who signed are great players.

    bcs Automatic Conferences
    Atlantic Coast Conference (Orange Bowl)
    Big 12 Conference (Fiesta Bowl)
    Big East Conference (not tied to any specific BCS bowl)
    Big Ten Conference (Rose Bowl)
    Pacific-12 Conference (Rose Bowl)
    Southeastern Conference (Sugar Bowl)

  • Joe


    Congrats on your decision to play at the next level. Good luck to you in your new adventures in Life, sports and the classroom. It has been fun watching you play for so many years locally in the SGV.

    I would also like to coungratulate all of the student athletes for receiving recognition for the hardwork in the class room and on their fields of choice.

    We all know that since they were young people thay had a dream and for those who were fortunate enough to be recognized CONGRATULATIONS!!!

  • AyalaBulldogFan

    Man, some of you peeps are something else. You guys are slamming Travis for selecting APU, well, he gets to keep strapping thiose cleats on for a little while longer. How many of his team mates and fello Sierra Leaguers have strapped on cleats for the last time… EVER? Probably 99% of them.

    Salute the kid for a job well done, salute him for getting it done on the field AND the classroom so his parents don’t have to mortgage the house and raid the retirement fund so he can further his education.

  • PB

    NAIA is equivalent to D3(NCAA).

  • Mo Money…Mo Money

    Aaron & PB,

    To correct the error of your ways. Here are the facts:

    NAIA has 82 football programs nationally with schools like Azusa Pacific, Briar Cliff, Edward Waters, Peru State and Valley City State. No major television contract, not even regional television, and sponsorships from any of the athletic wear companies like Nike, Addidas, etc.

    NCAA DIII has over 230 football programs nationally with famous Academic Institutions like Williams College, Amherst College, Carnegie Mellon, Chicago, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, Washington & Jefferson, and Academic/Football powerhouses like Mount Union and UW-Whitewater. Out of the 236 DIII football programs, 19 percent of the institutions are public and 81 percent of the institutions are private.

    NCAA DIII has a national television contact with ESPN/ABC as well as many regional channels. They are sponsored by Nike, UnderArmour, Reebok, and Addidas. And I said before, DIII has the funding from the NCAA that all divisions share into.

    Competition? Well, put it this way, on a good day Azusa Pacific, Briar Cliff, Edward Waters, Peru State or Valley City State would be lucky just to score a field goal against schools like UW-Whitewater or Mount Union. This is not even close! APU will become an NCAA DII school soon and in a few years, they’ll be able to tell you what big difference being part of the NCAA will be.

  • Aaron

    So wait…you’re telling me that Whitewater and Mount Union are better than USD…right.

  • Joe Amat


    The University of San Diego is in the FCS Divisin 1 Pioneer League – and has been since NINETEEN-NINETY TWO!
    It’s things like this that hurts your posts here. Stay up on it buddy!

    The previous poster is 100% correct. Football programs like Mt Union, Whitewater, even Williams and other DIIIs are better than the NAIA football programs. And your statement that DIIIs are “academic institutions” is based on our local schools and some generalizations.

    There are many DIIIs (a couple local) that if you can afford tuition and don’t need aid – you’re getting in. However, they boost their academic reputation because of their association with Pomona, Oxy, Cal Tech, etc.

    I did not neglect to mention Claremont McKenna, but chose not to based on their very recent SATcheating scandal.,0,1118583.story

    Not good.

  • Mo Money…Mo Money


    Joe Amat is correct on USD, and yes, the football programs at Whitewater and Mount Union (both DIII) are better than USD (DIAA). You’re not going too find many people to argue against that statement. Hell, CLu is building something pretty special out there in Thousand Oaks too. They just don’t have the same academic clout as all the previously mentioned schools (including USD – a damm good school!).

    Its all about the Money. Who has it and who doesn’t!

  • Aaron

    Ignorance must be bliss because you cats sure are happy.

  • NCAA Clearinhouse..

    So if APU is going D2 next year, doesn’t that mean for first time their incoming athletes will have to be cleared through the NCAA Clearinghouse for initial Freshman eligibility?…… issues?

  • Why?

    @ Mo money
    regarding your statement that Mt Union and Whitewater are better football programs then USD, exactly what is your statement based on? Have either one of these teams played and beaten USD? Have they played and beaten common opponents of USD? I find it hard to believe that a school that offers zero athletic scholarships could consistently beat a D1-A school that offers 65 football scholarships.

  • Joe Amat

    Why? First, as a member of the Pioneer League they, along with the Ivys, do NOT offer athletic scholarships. While FCS schools MAY offer up to 63 as a max scholly limit, there is no minimum as there is in FBS schools. USD offers athletic grant in aid to other sports, but has chosen not to in football. THAT is a great equalizer right there.

    Actually there are probably several common opponents over the years. As a comparative example, USD is 21-22 all time vs Azusa Pacific and 9-11 vs Cal Lutheran. They have played numerous SCIAC schools since they became DIAA and have lost some of those. None of those two teams compare to Mt Union or Whitewater, who have met in the DIIi finals something like each of the last 7 years.

    Any more questions?

  • Why?

    @ Joe Amat
    Question, Why would USD and the entire Pioneer League choose to play in D1-AA if they don’t want to offer the allowable scholarships? Why would they not choose to move down to DIII where they would be on equal footing with the rest of the teams in their chosen division? How could they ever hope to compete with teams in their own division like Cal Poly SLO, Montana, Eastern Washington, etc, with such a self imposed handicap?

  • Aaron

    Man, I’d have to go to Afghanistan to get as good of hash you’re smoking joe.

  • Joe Amat


    Since they are D1 in all other sports maybe they just wanted the “prestige”. Thats not uncommon at all. uC Davis, Humbolt, and that league was non scholarhsip D2 for many years and when UC San Diego made the jump from D3 to D2 they still don’t initially offer scholarships. We all know the Ivys and Patriot Leagues long time stance on athletic scholarships, yet they still choose to compete at the adivision 1 level. i would guess there are a majority of schools, when given the option, that give less than the maximum # of scholarships allowable.

  • Joe Amat

    100a% accurate. look it up. What do you disagree with?

  • Aaron

    That Wisconsin Whitewater and Mount Union are better than the Torreros. Sorry, but having had friends that played for USD they do receive financial aid, but that’s because they recruit good students. A lot of that aid is dependent upon those student-athletes maintaining the academic performance as well as the athletic performance.

    Since Division III has no athletic scholarships to give all of their aid is based on Academic performance and need as determined by FAFSA.

    The Ivy and the SWAC do not participate in the I-AA playoffs. The Pioneer League can accept an at-large berth, they’ve pretty much been in flux with their membership so once Mercer and Stetson come on the NCAA may award an auto berth.

    If you had something like North Alabama is better than PFL teams…well I might be inclined to believe that since well…almost the entire roster is full of former I-A kids.

  • Joe Amat


    You really need to get out more.

    Wisconsin-Whitewater. State school. 12,000 Students. < $7K tuition/room/board. No athletic scholarships. Need based/merit aid. Perrennial championship game participants. USD. Private school. 8,000 students. >$49,000 tuition/room/board. No athletic scholarships. Need based/merit aid. Non-automatic bid conference.

    Not too hard to figure who has the recruiting advantage between the two. And Mt Union is probably better.

    Mount Union’s win-loss record since 2000

    55, 54
    The Raiders hold the NCAA’s two longest consecutive college football win streaks — 55 from 2000-2003 and 54 from 1996-99.

    Mount Union’s record in the NCAA Playoffs

    game regular season win streak for Mount Union dating back to a 21-14 loss to Ohio Northern in Alliance on Oct. 22, 2005.

    The Raiders 10 National Championships (1993, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2006, 2008) are a record for college football teams in a playoff format. Notre Dame has the most college football titles (11) for teams playing in a non-playoff format.

    Mount Union has made 15 trips to the Stagg Bowl. All since 1993

    Mount Union has an all-time record of 699-381-38 in 114 years of football. Which is second in Division III only in wins to Wittenberg (707). A total of 19 college football programs have over 700 wins.

    USD claim to football fame is…Jim Harbaugh used to coach there?

  • Aaron

    Trust me when I say I get out plenty.

  • Mo Money…Mo Money!


    Your last posting leads me to believe that Joe Amat has completely convinced you of the facts. That was very impressive Joe Amat. I was not aware that USD has a losing record of 9 – 11 against Cal Lutheran (DIII). Aaron, this does not mean that USD sucks as a school. In fact it is a fine Catholic University. But the USD football record speaks for itself. Cal Lutheran wouldn’t even cross the 50 yard line against the Mount Union Raiders.

    Congratulations Joe Amat!

  • Aaron

    Everyone has their own opinion…I do not subscribe to his Twitter so I wouldn’t know if he espouses it there.



    When: February 25, 2012

    Time: Sign in starts at 5:30 pm in front of Hall of Champion (West Campus- Felix Center)

    Contact: RSVP by contacting our football office at 626-815-3211

    Who: Current High School Juniors(class of 2013) and Guests

    The only Division 2 program in Southern California serving a population footprint of over 20 million people

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