Billy “The Kid” Livingston headed to Cal-Lutheran …

Covina quarterback Billy Livingston has filed his application to attend Cal-Lutheran and play quarterback for the Kingsmen.

Livingston took his official visit to Cal-Lutheran last week and roomed with former Monrovia standout QB Nick Bueno, who is now a receiver at Cal-Lu. Livingston liked what he saw and heard and decided to give it a go.

Cal-Lu was ranked No. 8 in the nation in D-3 last year. The school does not offer athletic scholarships, but through grants and aid, they can make it very doable for their athletes.

Aram’s take: Congrats to The Kid. He will have to compete with two seniors this coming season, but after that, he could become the man.

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  • M. James

    Great to hear. Once a Kingsmen, Always a Kingsmen!!!

  • Scooped


    A little late on this story. The Mid scooped you!

  • The Mid couldn’t scoop sh!t off a lawn.

    And even if they did, what would that make the score, 5,183-1?

    Getting an email from a dad or reading something on Facebook is not getting a scoop.

    This is the same Mid that was running around crying to coaches to let them break a story about a resignation because they were getting beaten senseless on things in the same backyard (El Monte) they’ve long since abandoned for places like Bonita (where they also got scooped).

    They need to stick to taking pictures of Fred’s ass and give up this facade of trying to be legit reporters.

    And even if they did somehow get lucky and break a story, nobody would know it because ya don’t hear trees that fall in a forest.

  • touchy huh?

    gee Aram, a but touchy about the mid, did someone touch a nerve, not sure who is more arrogant, ms Or aram, and if i remember, the mid was the only outfit to post nelson’s commit, and it had 30 comments and was even linked by the local papers from Montana as well as maxpreps, sometimes the trib is just crickets, crickets, crickets

  • I don’t like the Mid. Never tried to hide it. I appreciate them posting here and on Fred’s blog because it adds to our views. And I’m glad we’re a news source for them, too. I’ve had many people tell me all they do on their shows is reference stories they read here. So I’m sure even they’d admit that they’re not anything when it comes to reporting.

    Also, you’re right, I am arrogant. I am a jerk. I don’t try to hide it. I know A LOT of people do not like me. But I’m not here to make friends or to try and make the world love me. And I will take ALL of the things I am over being passive aggressive and backstabbing.

    I could care less that they posted what they read on Facebook or daddy’s emails about Livingston and Nelson. If you want to read them, be my guest. Don’t waste your time here. Get your coverage elsewhere. Please jet.

  • Emailing Daddy

    DAMMMMMM Aram- Dont get upset. We like you and your reporting. I have it on good authority that you and only you was directly emailed the information. MV got it when the kid posted his decision on where to go to school on facebook.

    BTW- the pic that you found for this article was totally amazing. Definitely not stock footage.

    Looking forward to continuing reading you in the future.

  • Coach Corona


    Congratulations! With hard work, dedication and perseverence you will be the man!!

  • ?????

    whos billy? who did he play for ? Who did they beat?

  • Let thsi be a lesson

    This kid went to all these QB camps, did not spend time with his team in the summer for what? To not sign and go to Cal Luth. Not knocking the school because anywhere our kids can play is great. I just never liked the fact that players miss important timing and team bonding in the summer. Especially this kid, with the system at Covina.

  • John Wooden

    Success is a *peace of mind*, which is a direct result of *self-satisfaction* in knowing you did *your best* to become the *best you are capable of becoming*.

    it doesn’t matter where you end up – only what you did to get there

  • thsi is no lesson

    Kid got invited to Columbia, Harvard, Boise, Davis and a host of other camps. Coach said it was ok so he did the camps.

    As it turned out, the best choice was closer to home.

    How much bonding can you do? Besides, doesnt look like the lack of bonding hurt since covina went 11-2 with losses to two CIF champs. This team had 4 years together. . . .

  • concussion-symptoms

    The people on this blog ARE CRAZY… Again you have someone coming down on a young man who has been given the opportunity to continue to play football for another 4 years! INCREDIBLE!!! This young man worked his butt off, went to camps and ultimately is going to be playing for one of the best D-III programs in the nation, oh ya, and GET AN EDUCATION!!!

    Listen you idiot, not every athlete that goes to a camp gets a scholarship. If you had any brains in your head, you would know that in today’s recruiting world, camps are the #1 way to get yourself seen. I am going to even go further and tell you that if he was at the Boise Camp, then that is probably where the coaches from Cal Lu saw him, BECAUSE THEY WERE THERE and working with the boys.

    I wish this and every young man who gets to continue to play, NO MATTER WHERE and if is not under the circumstance the YOU want him to play in.

    F*CK*NG IDIOTS!!!!

  • Aram really?

    The Mid scooped you on the new DC at La Puente. They interviewed him last night on their show. After Freedy was so quick to post that two of La Puente’s coaches had been stolen by Glendora. No follow up= Scooped by the Mid. Aram if you and Fred are true fans of high school football, then you should at least know that what they do at the Mid is good for the sport and kids, even if you feel it is not hard hitting journalism.

  • Scooped Again!

    Man Aram, why get so defensive about being scooped? You are allowed to get scooped from time to time. Coaches and players don’t win every game either. In fact sometimes you can learn more from a loss, or in your case being scooped, than you can from a win, or again in your case getting the story!

  • Kingsmen Pride

    much ado about nothing. The article is about the advancement of a high school senior and not about a scoop.

    Good luck playing at the next level, kid. Hope that National Championship the Kingsmen are hunting lands during your watch!!!!!!

  • A kid filling out an application is not a scoop. Sorry, but it’s not. But if you prefer to get your news with no fat and no salt, then head on over to the Mid.

    We wish Billy the best of luck getting into Cal-Lu and hopefully becoming the QB there some day. We’re all rooting for him.

  • Colt74

    I am a firm believer that good things should happen to good people…and the Livingston clan are good people. I wish all the luck and success to Billy and here’s hoping that Nick can get a bit of his scramble ability to rub off on him. The Kid has a great arm and the COLT record books bear that out. A little more scramble/run ability and he’s going to do extremely well at the next level. And I’ll be doing my best to get into the stands to watch it all happen.


    The CALU home field is in Thousand Oaks but most of their league are local to us. La Verne, Pomona, Claremont, Whittier, Redlands. Next year’s schedule is already up.

  • New York

    My post is a little late to the party, but I firmly beleive that when high school players attend camps at colleges it ulitimately benefits his teammates as well as himself, because he gets exposed to how things are done at the next level and then he brings some (hopefully a lot) of that back to his teammates. Everyone should raise their level of practice and play as a result.

    I was able to attend a camp at Nebraska (helmets and shoulder pads only with Tom Osborne, Charlie McBride, Boyd Epley, etc), full contact at UCLA (Donahue), and t-shirts only invitation day at USC (Robinson, Doug Smith, etc). As a lineman and team captain I soaked up all that coaching/teaching and brought it back home. My practice intensity back home increased a bunch after banging heads with players from Oklahoma, Washington, Kansas, Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, etc. That basically raised the bar for my teamates back home as well.

  • New York

    A fun thing to think about is the generation of coaches that might come out of recent recruiting classes, especially the kids who were great high school players and chose to attend one of the local colleges. If these smart, competitive ball players gain strong tutelage at a local college, then they could very likely end up as successful local coaches (if they choose to go into teaching and coaching).

  • JMO

    I heard they built a new stadium, did they upgrade or build a new one across the street?

  • Stadium

    The new stadium is across the street on the north end of the campus. Top grade field. Nice press box and offices.

    The old stadium is in a little disrepair but the old field is still nice

  • Colt74
  • Kingsmen 4life

    Former Monrovia qb, Nick Bueno really tore it up his 1st season playing slot receiver and punt/KO return. Named as SCIAC New-comer of the year. Expecting even bigger things from him next season.

  • Bonita

    Doesn’t Garrett Pendleton attend Cal Lutheran as well.

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