Say it isn’t so, La Serna! Playing Westlake and Corona Centennial this coming season? STEVIE R. PUTS OUT THE FIRE ON HIS BLOG (THANK GOD!) …

UPDATE: Stevie R. spoke to Coach Beltran and got the Lancers’ schedule clarified. Check it!

UPDATED: Tell me this is a joke. Tell me it cannot be true that a team that just gave up 84 points in the Southeast Division championship against West Covina has put Westlake and Corona Centennial Norco on next year’s nonleague schedule.

BY THE WAY: A commenter named “Steely Don” on Stevie R.’s blog had the comment of the young year so far about this item …

Steely Don said:

It’s the STADIUM, guys: after seeing what an awesome experience everyone had at the championship game, those D-1 teams are LINING UP for the chance to play on Hawes St.


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  • Just Saying

    You can’t knock a school for trying Aram. It is mighty ambitious of La Serna. Their football program has improved over the last few years, but not like that!! Just because you schedule big boy football, doesnt mean you can play big boy football. Geez why would Westlake or Centennial agree to that in the first place and weaken their strength of schedule? Secondly, that is one hell of a bus ride from Westlake to LS (or vice versa) during friday afternoon rush hour on the 101fwy. Not worth it at all for any team. One one hand La Serna will learn how to take a beating (again) and on the second hand Westlake and Centennial can give their second/third string some reps. Good luck La Serna.Seriously.

  • Only half, Aram…Guru was wrong about CC, but right about Westlake…got it from Coach Beltran:

  • Someone who knows

    It looks like Arcadia will host Rio Hondo Prep for 0 week next year.

    Ought to be an interesting matchup.

  • New York

    Playing Week Zero is new for Arcadia. Looks like they want to get a jump on St. Francis.

  • Another one

    How about Muir’s 2012 schedule:

    Week 0: Upland
    Week 1: Alemany
    Week 2: Rancho Cucamonga

  • Dan

    Just checked max preps, next years junior class for La Serna was 10 and 0 as freshmen [the freshman “A” team] They had several blowout wins and even had a 28 to 14 win over the La Habra Freshman team.
    Exposing good players like these kids to teams like Westlake and Norco could pay dividends come playoff
    time and especially in the year after next season when this group of kids will be seniors.
    I say good luck to these kids, if they can be competitive for at least a half then it’s a good day.

  • BraveDad

    Although Steely Dons comment is funny, it would be even funnier if it were accurate. Norco and Westlake are not D1 teams. But again, still funny

  • AMAT 73

    Why knock a team for scheduling up . They are doing it for a reason and maybe getting 84 points hung on them is a good enough reason to face better teams in preseason. I wish some of the teams on our side of the hill would do the same.

  • BraveDad

    @Amat 73,

    Could not agree more. To be the best you have to prepare by playing the best in non-league. So what LS is diong is the right thing to do: “what does not kill you only makes you stronger.”

  • Stir Stick

    As pointed out on another thread, It’s good to schedule tough games but not if the price of “scheduling up” comes at the health of your team. Muir will be very lucky to escape that three game murderers row without damage. Props for the three game gauntlet and Good Luck Mustangs! Who else do the Mustangs play?

  • just sayin’

    So should we be slamming Westlake and/or Norco for scheduling “down”? If anyone here thinks La Serna would beat Garfield or Venice you are off your rocker and La Mirada shut out La Serna 31-0. Heck, even a healthy Cathedral beats La Serna. Think not? Cathedral beat Pasadena 21-13. PHS – who beat La Serna- drops 50+ on CalHi in a playoff win. And La Serna is in the Southeast Final? That may be even worse than Diamond Ranch as back-to-back finalists. But Amat gets grief over playing “cupcakes”? Sounds like the Southeast is full of “cupcakes”

  • Dan

    Just saying, actually Pasadena didn’t beat La Serna cause they didn’t play last season, also I didn’t see anything about Cathedral last year that would convince me they would beat La Serna, heck they barely beat Pasadena. Agree with you about Venice and Garfield though, I think they both would have beat La Serna, but it seems like La Serna caught fire at playoff time
    so maybe the games would have been close.
    Give props to La Serna, they had a suprising playoff run, I didn’t see them beating teams like Mayfair, Muir and Los Altos. The 28 to 3 Muir score was suprising.

  • Fly on the Wall

    There was a reported Scoby sighting on the Amat campus this week. Wow! Someone’s a little more serious about stepping into J. Moores cleats than most think. Not an easy task but that would be great news for the Amat team/staff/fans. Looked like a good strong running back against C.O.s opponents.

  • WTF

    Aram, You can never knock a team that wants to compete against the better teams. What does a team learn from playing a weaker team for example Bassitt? I will tell you nothing. The way you think Aram is why the SGV has such bad football. Look at Charter Choke they are finally moving up. They will eventually start to win if the coaching staff is good. Way to go la serna

  • coltfan97

    WTF,I have a question why aren’t you bashing Westlake or Norco for scheduling La Serna, especially if Westlake is placed in the PAC 5 which is rumored to be? Scheduling La Serna does not help those two teams! By the WTF, IF YOU DONT LIKE SGV FOOTBALL DONT GO TO THE GAMES OR COME ON THESE BLOGS!!!!

  • JMO


    You sound like someone who got their A$$ kicked by Charter Choke.

  • The Chef

    What kind of coach schedules one of the best teams in the entire nation last year after being so badly humiliated in the CIF Finals? Well I believe that this is the kind of Coach that wants to win and win big at all cost. After back to back seasons of being near the big dance then at the dance and kicked, I think Beltran is going to challenge this group of players early and often so that they do not get intimidated by any team in the Finals. He is taking a gamble after the humiliation last year but he is the kind of Coach and the kind of person that has NO back up in him. He is willing to put his reputation on te line for the benefit of his team. I for one am all in favor of having a Coach like that work with my son. Mr. Beltran and LSHS Lancers Football Team, I will stand with you win or lose because the only shame in life is being too scared to try. And do not let any pin-head tell you different. As for you Aram, if you would have had the guts to play football in high school, perhaps you wouldn’t have to learn this lesson from a group of kids.

  • The Chef


    First read the following story from your sister paper

    This is the man that Coach Beltran calls his Coaching inspiration.

    Hopefully, you will someday overcome your emotional issues and come to the realization that high school athletics is much more about wins and losses. It is what the young men learn from the wins and losses and their courage to compete against their fears and doubts to become stronger men in athletics and in life. If you realized what the true point of sport is, you would refrain from your snide and presumptuous comments about a coachs judgment.

  • coltfan97

    If I was La Serna I would schedule those games too!!!! My question is this why would Westlake or Norco play La Serna????? IT DOES NOT HELP THOSE TWO TEAMS IN THE LONG RUN!!!! La Serna I give you credit for scheduling up!!!!

  • Whittier Area Fan

    Never been a La Serna fan. Probably my least favorite team in the area. And that PA announcer for La Serna? The worst and most annoying in California.

    But I have to give them big time props for scheduling up like this.

    La Serna is a better football team than they are getting credit for…..oh man…that hurt to say that! LOL!

    I think that blow-out loss against WC was a fluke. 10 times out of 10 WC wins but not like that.

    La Serna will not beat Norco or Westlake but will stay within 3 TD’s.

  • Cox gets offer

    Brandon Cox of Pasadena receives offer from Univ of Arizona. He is the top QB in there Board. Congrats to the kid he is the best QB SGV.

  • boomer mcgee

    Muir will get crushed in their preseason and in the Pacific league…for those in the know at Muir you know exactly why…

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