Source: Former Damien and Los Altos assistant coach Lee Fair named defensive coordinator at Wilson …

Former Damien and Los Altos assistant coach Lee Fair was named defensive coordinator at Wilson on Tuesday, according to a source.

Fair was most recently defensive coordinator for three seasons at Damien for head coach Greg Gano. He was let go following this past season. Prior to that, Fair was with Gano at Los Altos where he was the architect of four CIF championship-winning defenses.

Fair has prior experience at Wilson and will work under new Wildcats coach Nick Christos.

Aram’s take: Pretty nice grab for the ‘Cats. Fair has a lot of experience in The Heights. True, Damien had some costly breakdowns defensively in 2011, but Fair’s overall body of work speaks for itself.

  • Sam

    What’s going on with coaching positions at Alhambra,schurr, and Keppel

  • no-step

    The big fish is back in the little pond.

  • RenoBob

    Fair was not the problem at Damien – Gano is! Donutboy will never get it done there.

  • Valley

    Hey Aram, might want to give Higgins a call. I heard some rumors over there at $3.99 Pizza.

  • Jhykron

    “Prior experience at Wilson.”

    Yeah. A bit…

  • Coach Slayer

    schools may be waiting for March 15th. That is the deadline for teachers to decide if they are going to retire for the next term. That way it is possible a job could be offered with the HC position.

  • WTF

    The Future, Coach Christos will be replaced by Fair next year if not in the middle of this year. Why would Coach Christos take on a DC that he has no relationship with?

  • BP

    Heggins Steps Down at Baldwin Park. The Mid has the story….Come on Aram!

  • coltfan97

    If Heggins did step down that is 3 good VVL coaches resigned in the past few months!!!! This is sad to see!!!!

  • CatAlum


    Christos won’t be replaced by Fair. Wilson just finished dealing with an old fossil in Burt. You think they’re going to go through that again. If Fair doesn’t ditch the lounge chair, and get motivated, he’ll be gone after one year.

  • saladays

    I would be shocked if Christos makes it through the season. My little bird told me Fair is there to be Head Coach. This year or next. The new coach is already in hot water with the administration.

    Fair is the best man for the job.

  • just saying

    Football passed Fair up a long time ago. Gano must have kept him around because of his friendship. Fair absolutely does not relate to today’s high school kids. He was once the HC at Wilson when they had talent. It’s puzzling why he is still around.

  • Living Legend

    okay I have to set a few thing straight….one when Fair was the head coach at Wilson there was very little talent, actually to be hones I have spoken to assistant coaches on that staff and they have said that those teams may have been the most untalented teams they have ever coach on…second thing is that Fair is not there to be head coach I don’t know who your source is but I can tell you that your source is wrong.